Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Simpler mind.

Wow, as per the blog 'right now' I'm feeling quite ill again.

Nausea is the worst bit. Regardless, not what I was going to blog about.

I wonder if people don't like the prepping mindset, for the same reason they don't look like a lot of things. A lot of people exist at a relative place where only things below a certain vibration in SOME LINKAGE are acknowledged. These things are: Naomi Clein Shock Doctrine. Man made global warming. Rejection of 5th density figures in general who are challenging the system. Some indulgent spirtuality such as the Law of Attraction (morally indulgent, not materially LoO is a 'winner and loser' mentality, people who are complaining in any way are not 'attracting well enough'), intellectual relativism (well, I will never understand, I.e. shock doctrine, desire not to look deeper) and spiritual relativism. (Things have to be balanced internally and 'let go'. Against the LoO that says if things are apparently 'let go' they are held onto to be balanced at a later date.)

Prepping, and any movement to. Is the recognition that this very vague thought process is not true, and having to face the fact that a 'negative force' is nearby somewhere. (Another form of indulgent spirituality is that there are no negative forces, therefore, anything that is done is somehow guided and part of a positive plan and doesn't need to be morally examined and corrected in any way.)

Of course when this all goes down and is revealed, those whom have assaulted the fifth density in some way, (I.e. David Wilcocks and Benjamin Fulfords detractors, members of 'Unite Against Fascism' that attacked Nigel Farage). Will basically have to admit in some way they are wrong, even if only to themselves. (But it will be incredibly obvious to everyone though.)

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