Friday, 21 August 2015


Added onto my last post.

Every time that girl (the one in my last post) even saw me she had a choice between being compassionate for me, when I was obviously crazy about her, or continuing her 'revenge' and agressively bullying me with the help of her friend.

She, every single time, chose the latter. When I would try and talk to her it would not work.

So when, every time you deal with someone they chose the negative polarity over the positive. The only choice is to withdraw from them so they don't take the opportunity for positive polarity and shove it in your face.

Obviously though, you still have non positive feelings against this person, so if you are at a vibration where you have to express things, somehow or other, you may need/ want to express these. This is where a kind of 'problem solving' about situations comes in. Insights etc. and the campaign to change something about the situation, and stand up for yourself.

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