Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sun- Saturn square tomorrow.

The stock market crash is starting to happen. I mean, this is not a doomsday scenario but fact atm. The DOW is so far down it'll soon be time to rescue stocks from the sewers. (FTSE down, Crude CTD, and USD kind of normal, Gold up)...(Correction. USD is now lower than it was in it's drop that was 'rescued' by the Tianjin explosion).

BUT I also wanted to void an astrological statement I said that would indicate precisely that, here:

OK, you know that stock market crash, yeah, that thing that's been happening for a while and no one's really noticed. Well, try not noticing it now. Also, how can we function when the judicial system is wreaking havoc with our politics. It's all starting to feel more real now (21 August)

I based this on it being Jupiter - Saturn on 21st of August (I think). It's not Jupiter Saturn it's Sun Saturn and is a little different and could be the government 'disciplining' something or it could be that the 'discipline' comes from a kind of energetic force (uncontrollable and diffuse, like the stock market, expressing the 'retribution' for the 'abuse of power)

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