Sunday, 30 August 2015

Non technical summary of what may go down: (Comment on DW).

I wonder how it's going to go down. David mentioned 666 up there as preceding the market collapse and that number has been around a LOT recently.

The comment section is too short to summarise the economic moves. However, China is part of it and we don't REALLY know their intentions. They could just reverse their policies at a moments notice, I just saw an headline they are strengthening the Yuan.

It could be a black(er) Monday tomorrow. It could go through loads of ups and downs and false fixes and carry on. Who knows? 'Shemitah' might be a day to watch if the 'zombie' limps along.

USD and GBP goes down when stocks do so: i) inflation ii) supermarket closing due to revenue problems iii) 'bail ins' iv) electricity switched off to block 'data dumps' could all be a slap of cold water to those not paying attention to this area. People don't seem to take in that once the Greeks had no worries.

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