Thursday, 20 August 2015

The relentless past.

One of the first girls I was into came with the following story: 
  • I really liked her and asked her out.
  • She said no, but really laid on the flirting/ it could've been classed almost as stalking and I was 'whipped'.
  • I asked her out a few more times eventually getting frustrated and told her (paraphrased) to f' off
  • In my 'sense' psychically she had slept with someone else. This was apparent since there was a 'physical change' in her. 
  • She played off this immensely by having a muscly guy around and changing her clothing. It was kind of a bizarro teasing.
I have no answers on this. After this went on for a while, I got a dream that I have previously described explaining my 'past life', and she left the building. I saw her once after several days of Reiki.
Question; Would the 'service to others polarity' have created this experience for me? One targeted to re- create such painful circumstances only to reveal a past life doo- dab?
Probably not in my understanding. That's not how they role. So:
Could this have re-created something positive and gotten extra attention from the negative. (i.e. genuine past life).
... Why?
It makes no sense. Another question could be: Were the dreams a creation of blockages and are there still unmet feelings for this girl? This would make more sense soulmate wise since this girl really was obsessed with me and liked me a lot, (the feelings were mutual if 'f'd up'):
This girl was the stalker that time (about 2 years), I have been accused of the stalking this time... Is this karma?
Is this blogpost an attempt to move back into a heart chakra based neo liberalism so that I do not have to face the more recent challenge?
I have to confide, it really feels like I am being tormented or no clear reason.

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