Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Spiritual laws, stupid liberals and world events.

I think I need to go through my blog posts and reference different strands of thought. Because this builds on things that I have already said but I do not immediately know how to reference it.

But before I get there, there are some other basic things I would like to explain.

The law of Free Will:

The law of free will basically states that where we have the option to behave positively, we must also have the opposite option. Sometimes, however, often on this mixed density planet, the negative basically rigs the vote so we can only have the negative, or unpolarised, this will change in time but at the moment it is happening all over the place.

This is the theory behind elections. When the negative is in control they give you two equally bad choices (Bush or Clinton!), when things get sorted out a little though, as they are, the positively polarised decision presents itself.

So, there was a time when there were three candidates, Trump, Clinton and Sanders. Trump was the positively polarised, Clinton is the negatively polarised and Sanders is the unpolarised.

In order to have Sanders we'd have to not have any polarity, everyone would have to be in a very basic animalistic place. Trump is the positively polarised and Clinton is his equally negatively polarised option.

So it was clear to me very early on that Sanders was going to be forced out. He is not positively polarised enough to have protection. Despite many other people saying differing things.

The same was true of Brexit, that there were two equally polarised votes.

There was another vote that seemed to offer two choices, Theresa May vs. Andrea Leadsom. But Andrea pulled out. The UKIP contest slipped lower and lower in polarity as options filtered out. But we are left with John Rees Evans vs. Suzanne Evans? With Paul Nuttall in the middle? Perhaps when there is no vote you get an unpolarised figure or perhaps Theresa May is Andrea Leadsoms opposite choice but Andrea chose to pull out.

The low intelligence of remainers:

These butthurt people! I am sort of studying their mindset, with my restless mind. I have come to even more of a conclusion

I have talked before about how they create an echo chamber and insist everyone is racist, therefore people do not reveal to them when they are voting for an alt right candidate and then they are incredibly shocked when they are voted down. Although I went into this in far more detail.

There is another factor of this. I have always noticed that liberals in general, my political opponents very often know almost nothing of what they are talking about. I remember talking to a Trump hating taxi driver recently who pretended to know what he was talking about when the relative depth of my knowledge was revealed in a forensic takedown of Slithery.

There are many many examples of this arrogance that liberals have and I have never, never met a liberal that I thought was well informed. When I would give them a deep fact filled explanation of why Brexit was better they would be adapting to it always. Even the ones that railed against others not knowing facts, these peoples ideas of facts would be that the bank of England said xyz on abc day. Fact finished. No depth. Like a global warming fanatic, just 'authority says so' therefore, I know more facts because I mindlessly parrot what authority says.

I have realised though this low information processing and myopic view backs up the first side of the perspective. Not only do they not know information because they push it away by declaring it racist, they are myopically focused on their own perspective. They are still talking about Brexit and do not spend time thinking about how England will link to Italy or Greece or the Netherlands. America was a big one so they know about this coming, but did not really consider the implications that Trump may win back in June.

In this political debating we have all gotten into I have noticed for a long time, that time after time the alt right know more. They are high information processing. So the alt right take in a lot of information that the liberals do not, (because it would destroy their case). Then things move on and in order to understand events you would need that background the alt right has tapped into, but there is always a handy, stupid version of events the liberals clip onto.

For instance, We hear of 'refugees'. Alt right learn that "refugees" are from all over the place, Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco etc. and that they have a lot of different agendas. Liberals do not learn this. Then the Cologne events that Liberals resist but the Alt right already have a background to understand. Then the terrorist attacks. The liberals do not put information together so when the terrorist attacks happen they are unconnected with poor refugees fleeing Syria (and nowhere else). It is just Islamophobic nonsense that is saying the "refugees" are a problem.

This sounds a level of stupidity that is difficult to believe but it does makes sense as to why liberals carry on saying this crap even in the face of overwhelming evidence (that they have not looked at!)

This process becomes that high informed alt right people end up debating with low informed liberals. Every day the alt right people read and consume more information and the liberals consume relatively little. This means that the alt right are simply not surprised when certain events happen, whereas the liberals are emotionally connected to whatever they are told. But liberals are not emotionally connected to what they are not told, because the media has no use of telling them everything.

Thus... Thus, the point of this diatribe is that... When certain events happen the liberals will be very shocked. Imagine someone who is a remainer that sees things in a myopic view. He cannot take in larger arguments because he is stupid or perhaps, to be honest, overworked, or addicted to some substance or whatever. (But lets not humanize him too much, he is a condescending person.)  He thinks all day that there is a cabal of racists out to get him, he is the worser definition of a conspiracy theorist, and his view exists in these strange walls. He talks about Brexit not being a good idea all the time... Huh, kind of sad.

He has not considered Italy or how it will effect UK because it doesn't fit his need to feel morally superior. He wants to tell the 'fascists' off here, not deal with the fact that there might be a movement against the EU in every country, because; his beliefs tell him that every single country would then also have a fascists political movement and, his logic then flags that as a conflict; because it is not intuitively true that more than 50% of every single country is fascist. That makes no sense. It is also simply not true to him that his views have lost at the ballot box because they hold no weight. Because, like the global warming example above, he does not question those views.

So he does not think of Italy, but Italy is still there. Italy offers more to the EU than the UK does. Many liberal university safe space wankers have not thought about Italy either, or lonely cat loving feminists, or Unite Against Fascism funding teachers or whoever else. But, if it were to happen, if Italy votes against the government and moves towards EU exit, there will be another shock.

... and it will be worse than Trump, because Trump was expected. It will be as unexpected as Brexit but with more potentially life changing consequences.

Let the butthurt begin!

Other tidbits of information:

Guido Fawkes annoys me a bit because the news source always seems to be too in with the Tory party, but I should get over that, they have some pretty fantastic news stories (for free no less!)


Theresa May wanted to have a deal with Merkel that EU citizens staying in the UK would be allowed to stay as long as our citizens in the EU would have the same treatment. Merkel refused. Donald Tusk has now accused Brexit voters of creating anxiety in the 3.3 million EU citizens living in the UK. 

At the Brexit referendum I was sure Britain would be reasonable, thought about in isolation there is no reason Britain should not keep the migrants that have come here. I did not realise Brits abroad could be used as a bargaining chip by the EU and the other population problems that could cause.

We are living in a time of sudden change. I would not put much past anybody at this point. When I find out about history my eyes are opened to the fact that societal change can happen very quickly, in fact hundreds of thousands of people can die from a period of relative quietness in only a few decades. The views leading to the idea that nothing will ever change have no basis. Just a lazy kind of thinking.

So perhaps, even though I did not see it coming, the EU citizens here will be sent back to their home countries. But perhaps a lot of things right now. A worldwide financial crash might dwarf such considerations... A space war and a few deaths from a fallen spacecraft? So many possibilities here, most I probably can't imagine right now, but whatever it is. Some event may happen and simply, with the ease of turning over a leaf, change the emotional context of everything we see on this planet at the moment in our day to day lives...

Just a thought!

Historical education, financial collapse and hypocrisy of the bad guys.

Historical education:

Well I'm back, and I've been getting a little education in this time:

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth about Karl Marx

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth about Gandhi

When I was young and I was looking at ways that my little self could influence the world, Gandhi was a hugely inspirational figure for me. Stefan Molyneux's video here talks about how the Indian government part funded the Gandhi biographical film. This is because governments in general like to promote pacifism and that anyone that this society promotes to be revelled at is suspect. Since that admiration has to be held up by the media, the clergy, the politicians etc. and this society is very sick indeed. Just think about how recent politicians have admired Fidel Castro, and how quickly true heroes like Joseph McCarthy are derided by the leftist establishment.

The promotion of pacifism has also played a part in my thought process I realise. When I used to study politics there was an undertone of wanting to become a Gandhi like figure. Although that was not the only idea I considered. But a more sober consideration of politics may include the idea that societies changed when violence is used to change it.

One of Gandhi's specific weirdnesses is incest. This is one that is obviously vomit inducing.

Karl Marx as well is another one that I was rather naive about perhaps. I always thought he had good theories that were misunderstood, and in fact, when I have read any Marx I have found it bears no relation to what we are told about Marx. However, if you look into the man it is clear he lived a VERY parasitical philosophy, the intensity of that was so bad that when his father died he did not attend his funeral but did start bothering his mother for money and this was not an isolated case.

The left wing Marxist philosophy is parasitical and a theoretical endorsement of theft. Since Marx himself lived and breathed that philosophy it is clear that this is as it is meant to be, he has not been misinterpreted!

I used to think the same thing of Islam as well. But really, when you get down to it there seems to be very little instances where things are misinterpreted in such a way as the followers of the belief system and ideology are divorced completely from what the ideology originally espoused. For instance I used to think Christianity was imperialist which clearly opposes the Christian beliefs, but it was not, it was responding to Muslim aggression.

Prepping stuff:

So, I had kind of given up on any idea of a crash actually happening because the financial wizards seem to be able to resist any reality of the free market system.

I had forgotten about any financial problems for Italy for this reason. However; I have just been reminded of something. Italy contributes more to the European Union than the United Kingdom does! There is some noise being made about Italy's banks needing 'refinancing' (Bail out? Bail in?) Bail in's are a huge problem in Italy. If Renzi leaves if he loses the referendum there may be a power vacuum where no one knows what is happening with the banks.

Since Italy is a bigger market than the UK and CERTAINLY bigger than Greece, we can see why this would be a problem!

Hypocrisy of the bad guys:

I was very happy to read this article:

Russia Today: Kerry making ‘unbelievable effort’ to save Syrian rebels from Trump, Russia confirms

Kerry is phoning Russia almost everyday to try and create a cease fire agreement in order to save his 'moderate headchoppers'.

The arrogance of these guys is unbelievable. Russia and the US already had a ceasefire, then the US broke it by bombing the Syrian army in a way that gave Da'esh territory. Russia called them to the United Nations asking them why. Then the US tool the 'White Helmets' bombed an aid convoy, the US blamed it on Russia and asked them to a United Nations meeting in order to explain themselves.

After such disgusting behaviour Kerry then asks for another ceasefire? Words fail me.

This is a pattern with the negative, confronted by their own lies far too often now. For instance, Hillary Clinton stated that Donald was a threat to democracy if he didn't accept the election results and then was unable to rig the election in the way she wanted, so now is not accepting the election results. The trouble is that even a Hillary supporter will find it difficult to deny there is hypocrisy in this (where there's a will there's a way though!)

Benjamin Fulford has reported with video evidence that the cabal are trying to escape on ships and being shot down. It has gotten that bad and they have very. Nearly. Lost!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Larger views of polarity in this situation.

Yet again I probably will not push this link on facebook, twitter or Gab.

We are still waiting for something... Anything to happen!

The news is nonetheless interesting with possible movement on Brexit, and the Donald Trump recounts!

This is an attempt of the negative to gain lost polarity, if they were to fail, they would lose polarity and things might start to break up a little this time.

We are in a position in society where the free will choice is very strong. It seems to me likely that in accordance with that rule Donald Trump is as positive as Hillary Clinton is negative. So furthermore, in order for their to be a VERY POSITIVE BREAKTHROUGH there has to also be a very negative possibility. The many dreadful plans of an EU army and TTIP etc. were just coming to fruition. Now all of a sudden we are jumping over to the positive polarity.

I have written before on how there is an extra terrestrial experiment going on on this planet. I wonder if this experiment is considering the mix of polarity. I notice how peoples inner feelings are quite exquisitely manifested. In the Law of One there was a description of a previous planets growth that was set separately into positively polarised and negatively polarised or unpolarised (because there was little opportunity for negative polarisation). The positively polarised people on that planet did not know how to influence the unpolarised and negative polarity was not understood.

However, in this world, the unpolarised are getting all sorts of catalyst and subtly held feeling are being brought out into the light and shone upon for all to see. An example of mine I believe I have given previously (although I can't find it) is on an astrology forum I was once given very condescending advice about how I am below the person speaking and need to be more 'loving'. I found this hypocritical and annoying but what could I do? There was no way to push back against this in any way that would make a real difference.

Well, the people with that condescending tendency dressed up as 'love'. The people on this forum including this girl brought the Hillary lines hook, line and sinker. After committing so strongly to that and hating Trump, now they see Trump win and eventually, find out in a way they can't avoid that Hillary is a Satan worshipping psychopath! This will begin to effect this person polarity in a way that she may not experience in a positive polarised planet.

Another thing is how deeply REFINED this process seems to be getting. For instance, some people paying attention to politics might have tried to take the middle route. Firstly Bernie Sanders but he was taken out by the negative in this case, secondly... Jill Stein. If for whatever reason a woman, for instance, holds views of a feminist variety, which justifies for no good reason a dislike of Trump (perhaps) but is intelligent enough to know Hilllary is not a good person. Watching Jill become a supporter of the next nuclear holocaust might show them that when it comes to truth vs. definitive lies (i.e. global warming) there cannot be compromise. The subtle feeling that is responsible for them believing in something like feminism and ignoring evidence to the contrary, has been... punished, to be honest.

Also, as this guy from the rebel media points out. in the land of the liberals. Where dinner parties are all important, and I suspect are a large part of the resistance to Trump, that his views can't be discussed in the presence of other middle class wankers. In the land of the liberals, this is causing difficulty. People that are genuine are clashing with people who are not.

Perhaps what Liberals mean by 'tolerance' is that there used to be a time when the first followers of the alt right were considered 'eccentric'. In order to have that quaint dinner party the liberals would stay quiet and avoid discussing contentious issues with this person... But, probably always disliked those views and by extension the person with a minor version of the intensity we now see, liberals stayed quiet and their definition of tolerance is not shouting down their opponents with terms such as racist and sexist, while ignore any facts to the contrary, while they are in a position of higher power.

But like I have said before, I got taken off facebook by several liberals after Brexit, before Brexit my viewpoints were not a threat so I could be 'tolerated'. But now my views are a threat and becoming the dominant mode of political power, their 'tolerance' no longer exists because their self control has faltered.

Back to my musings before. You would think that if a person has a viewpoint of disliking anyone who does not like their counter factual views, and calling it tolerance and a virtue, and furthermore believing that it is tolerant, holding this subtly and always claiming the best definition of their own motives, that this could not be exposed; that it exists on a subtle level we cannot get to. But as things are at the moment. With this planets and all its political intrigue and many complex interconnecting factors, these things are becoming exposed, these behaviours are seeing the light of day.

On a planet that is strongly positively polarised free will is all important, but on this planet the unpolarised are getting manipulated into supporting someone like Clinton, or something like Remain. That spiritual laziness and inability to see truth is being leveraged and turned into emotionally intense viewpoints that are then being responded to.

So you can see how spiritually advanced extra terrestrials might consider this a very valuable opportunity to understand if this environment is causing unpolarised people to more strongly polarise and possibly graduate to the next density. Rather than having to repeat experiences on another planet until they get sick of being pushed through the same old washing machine!

Friday, 25 November 2016



There will be no blog today. Although the 'diary entry' side of this is still running.

End of the moon cycle always feels like this. Nothing going on.

I have a deep problem at the moment. All these ridiculous karmic patterns that most people think of as 'real life' are trapping me as they do everyone else.

The news is the same as it always is. In fact, we have all new highs on the Dow today. Which must mean we are at a kind of 'peak fakeness'. Although perhaps if the market is rallying on real good news high markets are perhaps starting a transition out of being a symbol of falsity.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Socialist model vs democracy, finance.

Well, Venus and Pluto are conjunct, the darkest areas of the feminine mindset are coming to the surface, also, Mercury and Saturn are conjunct. Which is where all this 'media war' and "fake news" is emphasized.

Yesterday, I did something I have not done in a while. I listened to a Stefan Molyneux video. I felt bad afterward, for reasons already mentioned, but this video was nonetheless very good:

This very neatly syncs up with the next video:

Of course it emphasizes what I already know but in a freshly raw way. The first video concerns historical events where a socialist ideology was used in a society. The society took wealth from it's strong and healthy to give to what it deemed 'needy'. The strong and healthy then stopped producing wealth because... Why would they? If it's just going to be taken from them to feed others. After tens of thousands died from starvation the society went to a free market system and experienced a huge bounty such that they were able to export crops.

The second continues with a modern day example of the same phenomenon in Sweden. Where a feminist government decided to snow plow not based on what was most useful to society but based on some gender perspective. The whole country ground to a standstill and many people were wounded because of this.

*Sigh*. But we already know this. 

After the problems in Sweden rather than say... Hm... Maybe we should stop making policies when taking crack cocaine; they decided to double down on their efforts. Because, the negative polarity cannot give up, they feel a loss from that. They refuse to lose polarity.

Basically though what is happening is karma/ the free market is beginning to assert itself through these votes, but the negative forces are rallying against them. (I.e. the next moments we could get a bit of oxygen are the aforementioned UKIP leadership on November 28th. Then the 4th December votes in Italy and Austria).

I am skeptical the negative will get anywhere. The Hillbots are determined enough to overthrow Trump to commit Kanye West to a psychiatric institute, they clearly have not given up. But Trump and his crew have outsmarted these people before. Rigging the electoral college or fraudulently recounting Trump battleground states (Brussel Sprouts Grandma has turned out to be a globalist!)... Do we think this is going to work? Come on.

The financial market are looking really, really weird. The rate hike is going ahead and also, although I stated this recently, what usually heralds massive crashes seems to be happening again without consequence:

Zerohedge: Relentless Dollar Surge Continues: Asian Currencies Plunge To 7 Year Lows, Hitting Emerging Markets

The dropping of the Yuan is the big thing. When it suddenly devalued in August 2015, the whole financial system plunged for three days ending in the Americans bombing a Chinese port. But it is now happening and no one is saying anything.

If Clinton and co did manage to rig the election and get in. Then perhaps the guys in the forces opposing the cabal would just say... 'OK that's it'. Crash the markets and go and drag the bodies of the cabal members out of their shelters. I do not know how it will happen. But it is certainly a very interesting situation!

And if this crash was fairly traumatising. Perhaps it would by a similar situation to the early American colonists losing so many lives before the changed their governmental structure away from socialism.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What fate do the bad deserve?

So, interesting blog that makes good points:

The Economic Collapse Blog: We Are Being Set Up For Higher Interest Rates, A Major Recession And A Giant Stock Market Crash

If the bond yields are going up because $Trillions are selling off (usually a prequel to an economic crash). Then, surely, mathematically, interest rates should go up, buybacks and other forms of debt should reduce, the economy should mathematically crumble and stocks go down. If the stock market has any independent reality to the cabal powers, and I have to assume it does; then mathematically, it should crumble.

However, there have been a lot of indications the whole thing could crumble many times now and it has never done so.

Another thing that has interested me is this:

Infowars Youtube: Kanye West Kidnapped, Held By Government

Basically that Kanye West came out saying... 'Let's not judge Trump too harshly before he even says anything', and they sent him to the nuthouse.

This is a typical and evil abuse of power used by the left. Any criticism of their authoritarian nastiness has to be minimised, there are different ways to do this, including of course the 'racist' label. Another is to pathologise whatever the person is saying as that they are 'mad'. Playing the man rather than the ball, so to speak.

This is what they have done here and it is a pattern the world over. How many people will be revealed to have been pathologised although being quite sane once this all comes down. To me this also links to a larger problem with psychology and psychiatry as a whole. My Grandmother once went to a psychologist for stress and he told her that given the pressures she faced, the insane response would be to not be stressed. 

It goes to the ADHD phenomenon talked about in alternative health circles. That some children who are normal, energetic and healthy have bad parents that punish even minor infractions from their harsh discipline, and then when the child justly rebels, they drug them. Another one is that dyslexia is caused by too much television viewing in children and is not a real thing, it can be solved by education and interaction.

What if this goes up to even harsher apparent conditions? I once heard of a man who went on pharmaceuticals, he went to his doctor because his wife told him he was being paranoid about his fear she was having an affair... Well... you guessed it! He found out when he was actually on these drugs that she was having an affair!

What karmic reparations await these people I wonder? What fate is dark enough to meet the kind of person that would drug another human being to hide their own inadequacies!?

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Now we wait.

I've kind of shot my own blog in the face now:

(Dow 5 year, all new highs):

I talked in my last blog about nothing happening until January 20th in my last blog, and if that is the case, then there is less likely to be much I will talk about up until then!

It's not that long away!

I do also talk about some other things such as sociological trends and astrology. Which are related but not always related. I had a whole story about class difference and how the liberal left are now the middle class condescending to the rest of us... But I do not need to even bother with that. Everyone already knows.

The sun will approach my Saturn over the next few weeks so perhaps I will get some insight into what the whole Saturn thing is about having just undergone my Saturn return.

But the rest of the news at the moment is hardly surprising.

Le Pen 'shock' polling is ahead of the game!
Tony Blair and friends are making major lobbying moves to stop Brexit *shock*.
Liberal eunuchs in UKIP are actually rigging the vote via the ballot. *shock horror*. The dark side always has the same tactics.

So for now we wait!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Poverty and the grind of the unchanging.

So, first Theresa May passes this law that means the government can go through all our internet search histories and now this:

Zerohedge: British Government's "Counter-Extremist" Unit Shuts Down Milo Yiannopoulos Speech

The 'counter extremism' unit is more worried about dealing with "neo nazi's" than it is actual extremists, according to the Daily Express. A better word for the counter extremism unit might be 'thought police'.

Just as I was starting to think (about two months ago) that the government was not that bad, there is a new cut to what is euphemistically called 'benefit' but is more accurately called welfare that is just going to throw loads of people out onto the streets:

Guardian: Benefit cap will hit 116,000 of poorest families, say experts

I'm a JSA claimant: I’ve reached the point that I need help from the #foodbank. Something inside me has died

... and here's the perspective from an entertaining Jonathan Pie:

I wondered briefly while reading the Guardian article at what point the suffering stops. 

Anyway, yet again Benjamin Fulfords update was interesting. However, the fact that George Soros got assassinated doesn't effect anything does it? Because the Hillbots will get funded by someone else in his place!

Yet again we are waiting for some obscure political rule to change so things can move on in some small way. Like some sort of purgatory. For instance, before January 20th Obama can pardon anyone who gets charged, so no one can be arrested...

I have given up expecting a crash although I am still engaged in prepping. The financial wizards seem to be able to make sure the market never crashes. It doesn't matter what happens; a global bond route, Chinese devaluation, Euro devaluation, oil oversupply or any amount of bad economic news. The market just carries on... Oblivious. For what seems like eternity.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Extra- Terrestrials, Christianity and politics.

This is all getting a little like a head f*ck.

Not only has there been a new totalitarian law passed in the UK that doesn't even have the pretence of fighting terrorism anymore. There are very convincing comparisons to Orwell, and much fiction, such as the Star Wars rebels series I am watching lays on the dystopian future fiction thick.

These are two of the three Gabs on my home page as I just opened it now:

Ronin gabs this stuff all day!

Interesting news

However, I have seen and built on some news I find interesting. 

Daily Mail: Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras

For more than a year now, one of David Wilcocks best contacts has been talking about these blue sphere beings. An extra terrestrial race that is behind many of the positive things that have been happening, and counteracts an evil extra terrestrial force exposed by David Icke.

To see this on mainstream news is a big moment.

Drink it in!

This is why the world will not become a dystopia. There are more positively polarised people on this planet than negatively polarised (See: Law of One) so the law of free will prevents this becoming a negatively polarised planet.

These forces communicate in terms of synchronicity often, a term made more common by David Wilcock. The synchronicity of Trump is that his name is 'Trump'... The negative forces are 'Trumped' at the moment! There is a non globalist in the highest office in the land.

This is also linked with my posts about lightning strikes predicting social turns of events here. I had another sense of one that I did not want to talk about. Now the lightning strikes have become so narrated by yours truly I think the idea 'up there' is that any more direct lightning strikes will violate the law of free will.

My sense, just held personally a few weeks ago, was that the next social pressure will come to the LGBT group somehow. Although, I do not particularly think this group is a massive priority for 'karma', it must be stated that according to my spiritual beliefs talked about briefly in relation to this subject here homosexuality itself is a result of an energy blockage and not a process of 'self- actualisation'.

Anyway, I thought that a few weeks ago (frustrating now I did not say it at the time) and today, I've seen two examples of how this might be playing out.

Although Mike Pence never stated that electro shock converstion therapy for gay people is somehow a good idea, the fundamentals of the Christian position that family is a man and a woman will likely be a mainstay of this administration with such people in power. Also, here is another very strong indication this will be the case in the sociological tuns of the future:

Veteran Vatican analyst John Allen noted that with his new appointments, Pope Francis had engineered a “seismic shift” in the Catholic hierarchy in the United States, and by naming just progressives, “Francis was making a statement about the direction in which he wants the American church to go.” 
For their part, the U.S. Bishops responded earlier this week by electing two staunch conservatives to the top posts in the Bishops’ Conference (USCCB). 
In what was widely viewed as pushback against the Pope’s progressive picks, the bishops chose Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston and a known conservative, as president of the USCCB. DiNardo was one of 13 cardinals to sign a letter to Pope Francis in October 2015 raising several objections about left-wing manipulation of the controversial synod on marriage and family life.
(Links removed and my emphasis).

The current pope is a disgusting human being, he has done nothing about the Christian deaths in the middle east, and even sent home a Syrian refugee when he found out he was Christian not Muslim. He deserves to be tortured for a very long time.

Just blowing off steam!

One last note is that I have witnessed what may be an 'energy blockage' that is referenced. I have noticed gay men mispercieve women. Perhaps because they idolise femininity. Lesbians idolise femininity too... We are starting to see a pattern.

As ISIS falls!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Dystopia and next new moon November 29th (UKIP leadership)!

I have had hits from all sides lately. I've been unable to re- engage with an old friend who broke contact because of political disagreement because of work on his birthday bash! Separately, I'm dealing with someone who cancels arrangements, then when you re- arrange... Cancels again; it's getting tiring dealing with them and it's probably time to no longer contact said person and subtly break contact (spoke too soon!). While money is not low it has to be watched carefully. I'm in a dispute with a prepping website I ordered from and while I solved on hurdle in my 'insomnia', getting to sleep; when I use herbs to do that I do not stay asleep. So, because I wake up early from slumber, day after day of just a few hours less than I need and I feel fairly gritty, everything aches for no particular reason.

LUCKILY though, I am working less hours than I normally do next week. So things can get better. I can buy the right food, eat well, hopefully sleep well and generally recover from... Just life really. Perhaps exercise is a good foundation at getting better sleep and good overall health.

Liberals are as confident and moral highgrounding as ever; nothing that has happened recently has effected the world in a physical way that would empower 'real people', and allow them strength that undermines the liberals whining (i.e. in the free market perhaps), and truths being revealed. I don't know about you but generally, after the election victory I don't expect that much from Trump.

But... I do expect something from the positive powers behind the scenes. The UK has shown it's true globalist colours and laid the way for the following up of the 'fake news' scandal, whereby, people who follow zerohedge and any other things that goes against the government in even a minor way, can be tracked and killed. I have seen nothing from the fictional 'empire' in star wars of this kind of Orwellian efficiency.

Zerohedge: Britain Passes The "Snooper Charter" Ending All Privacy

Liberals will probably jump for joy at this news though... Although they will not say so. Anything that makes their perceived political opponents miserable is something that makes them happy.

Perhaps my only hope is another event, turned up as a date that I did not even know about. I know about December 4th. November 29th we see the internal party election of UKIP's new leader. They have one particularly interesting candidate, Thomas- Rees- Evans. Two liberals are at the forefront of the running for the top job... But hopefully, hopefully this guy gets in. This would be an extreme surprise because no one is expecting this. A happy surprise, where liberals get that soft gooey bit of their emotions punched straight in the face!

Astrology November 29th:

I was very surprised when I checked the astrology for November 29th:

Note the Sun - moon (new moon) at 7 deg Sagittarius (top right corner). This is all becoming too much of a coincidence. Leave.EU announced their release on a full moon and although I can't remember them, I believe there are other such examples. The people pulling the strings here must have some idea of astrology.

Neptune goes direct tomorrow that will give us some kind of instinct about the next thing in the Social Justice Warrior saga. Also, extra terrestrial areas may come through... Just think how those two things could potentially collide... The millenials will jump ship the second extra terrestrials are on the agenda. Because they will want to welcome these people, and will not go along with the Hillary crews games.

For me personally the opening square here will be exactly as a new pattern is due to start up. So this is actually when the energy is going to be 'set' according to simply logic.

So to look at this then, New moon, square north node square neptune. This new energy will cause severe tension with the social justice warrior area. That is pretty much as far as I think I will go.

So yet again... We wait and see!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nothing is happening, unless you look closely!:

Firstly, for those of you who do read this kind of thing, this zerohedge update is very interesting and points again in some basic way to there being stock market volatility soon (which I would like because I think people need a bit of a 'shake up' at the moment!) The establishment way of thinking still has a lot of dominance and people believe they can be unthinkingly loyal to it and there will not be consequences, well there will... Soon!

Zerohedge: Dow Suffers First Post-Trump Loss As Cratering Bond Curve Bruises Banks

I've also seen a fantastic new Alt Right commentator:

Part of the reason this womans perspective is so powerful is that she goes into detail about how the Black Lives Matter movement is not a real black empowerment movement. That real black groups have small memberships, teach people to behave properly, to speak properly and not speak like they's 'in da hooouud'; and educate themselves about what the system wants in a way that they end up seeing themselves as on the same level as white people. (We're all victims of the globalists).

Another thing she mentions is that she worked in the music industry and she saw evidence of voodoo/ black magic/ satan worship. and so when she looked up this stuff on the internet she believed it to be true. She says that these people have to stay in that space, of dark magic so have to re remind themselves of these things with weird candles and stuff like that.

How things are:

Personally I have started to repair myself a bit. I have stronger herbal tablets now for sleeping and I will try something else if they do not work. Plus, just a little bit of chi- gong. One standing meditation for ten minutes and on some amazing subtle level, I feel a lot better. 

Globally though, as the title of this article suggests, what is happening is obvious. Rather than things being in your face like they are when an election is on, a quick piece of information about the election and opposing all the games liberals play for example. Things are happening now more quietly because there is a process at work of taking all this intellectual, mind based stuff and getting to something physical.

Here is an Economist (Rothschild) writer writing an article to explain how awful it is that Putin is destroying Da'esh in Aleppo, Trump and Putin may come to agreement, and against Theresa May and Barack Obama's wishes, he may oppose additional sanctions on Russia. All you have to do when reading this article is invert it, all the things this writer says are awful, are in fact BRILLIANT;

Daily Mail: Is blitz on Aleppo the start of Putin's war to rebuild USSR? As Russian missiles rain down on besieged city - and Trump cosies up to Putin - a Kremlin expert's chilling warning

Trump has apparently gotten a 'nicely worded letter' from Putin and already had a phone call from him, so things are moving.

Here is what Trump is obviously up to, talking to knowledgeable advisers about building the wall and other immigration and terrorist related concerns:

Daily Mail: Team Trump mulls reinstating Bush-era national 'registry' of immigrants from terror-prone Muslim countries – and could go around Congress to start building border wall

UK politics:

Things are moving but UK politics looks a bit dire, UKIP seems to be a party soon to be turned into another establishment zombie party and I have no idea what Theresa May is really up to, but her treatment of Trump and her aggression towards Russia to me say that she is a card carrying globalist. She is probably doing the Brexit stuff because she is forced to by the Conservatives and the mysterious positively orientated movers and shakers, but outside of that when she gets to pursue a globalist narrative she seems to jump at the chance.

While she and the remoaners prevaricate, here is what is happening:

(When I first saw this article at around 6 o'clock it had angry and disgusting pro EU anti British posting. However, it seems like the leave voters have awoke, because now at 9:51 it is just full of leaver comments.)

Clearly, the market with a lot of workers here and not that many jobs mean that via the free market system, wages will never increase. Employers can treat their employees very badly and it does not matter if those employees leave because someone will take their place momentarily. But then again, I don't expect Theresa May to do anything about this anytime soon. Foreign born workers have almost zero concerns, they can work all day every day they have no other priorities and personal interests that are the stuff of life, they do not have family here they have to look after, and they do not join Unions.

So businesses do not have to hire the person who has personal concerns, such as a hobby that they need time for, or people with families, medical conditions. Before the crash a contract used to be set shifts, so your shifts may be Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for instance, 20 hours. Every week. This means you can go to your sculpting class on Thursday morning and kick boxing class Friday evening. But contracts are 'flexible' now, and these businesses pay people the least they can get away with. No sacrifice will be rewarded.

Also, another frustrating things that happens is for some reason this pattern empowers the assholes. The people that enjoy pushing their power around. If you have someone in power that is toxic and moves against people that are very good managers or workers, these people always seem to do OK. The more unequal a society gets the more hierarchical it gets, and the more slavishly following orders and not raising issues is rewarded, which balances the scales, in favour of those who have less experience and are stupid authoritarian managers and away from good managers.

It does look like the architect of all this stupidity is going to get it in the neck soon though, Italian referendum of 4th of December is next, along with Austrian election:


So, as we await the next move, what will likely come is that Trump, or possibly someone somewhere else like Italy or Austria, or someone somewhere else, will deliver the next battle victory to the libertarians and quite possibly the next thing will be a real PHYSICAL thing that the liberals will protest about but... What can they do? It is just 'there'. 

Rather like the left wing protest against Thatcher. It will just continue. But it will be FUN.

Actually, just one more small thing, the next thing astrologically is Neptune going direct in three days. But I don't know what that means other than it will very likely mean some action on the SJW's, because Neptune is directly about that. Twitter has Neptune over it's Uranus that is part of the astrological explanation for its current behaviour at the moment.

I have found before in astrology that we usually feel the current moment so much that we cannot imagine when the planets change, but when they do, it becomes obvious that the moment really has shifted!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Not much going on.


To get to sleep during the night I had to finish and entire bottle of wine and an array of different sleeping tablets. I have some ideas though as to other methods to get to sleep.

As a result I have comparatively little to say relative to my previous posts.

The only thing that has grabbed my attention recently is this:

Zerohedge: Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance Resulting In Death Of 4-Year-Old Girl's Father

Scary times, although it does seem rather like a dying gasp of the elite.

Small health chat.

One of the things I have mentioned on this blog before is spirituality, and admitting where I go wrong because to say I hold something as a value and then secretly not hold it is hypocrisy.

I have had two incidents that could potentially be seen as that.

One was when I got a meal I didn't ask for at a Chinese restaurant. I don't eat meat outside fish but there was something in it, probably duck. I regretted this when I'd eaten a most of the meal because of its incredibly fatty taste and don't plan to go back to eating fish anytime soon.

I also, with alcohol, had this work do where I my voice disappeared and only re- appeared after the relaxation of a glass of wine. I'm sticking to a more relaxed rule on alcohol now.

Today I am having another glass of wine because sleeping has become a serious problem. Very bad, if I don't sleep today then I am in very dodgy territory.

I plan to experiment with Valerian, but because I can't risk it not working or an unforeseen side effect tomorrow. Today I'm going to have one Nytol (two screws with your head) and a large glass of wine.

Soros and Donald Trump astrology chart.


I watched the interview with George Soros.

This discusses heavy dark issues, perhaps some that some would feel I have no place talking about, but it is just an opinion.

Soros' perspective when asked about the fact that, when he was 14 he would spend time in Nazi Germany with his father, is that if he was not doing it someone else would be, so in the end there is no effect from his actions. For this reason he is honest about the fact he does not feel guilt about these events.

It could have been worse, I don't know the real story but I've seen two other claims put forward, that he turned out Jews in to the Nazi's and that he went with his Dad to kill Jews.

Firstly, if that last claim is true, if he was trained by his father to kill other Jews, then he never really stood a chance... did he? I am inclined to agree with him that if he was not there someone else would be and I doubt very much he is particularly high in the cabal hierarchy. Despite Henry Kissinger representing the Reptilians in a meeting with Corey Goode, I doubt Kissinger is high in this hierarchy either. The negative elite are not stupid enough to think that Kissingers name wouldn't be everywhere after this meeting. It is just laughable that a speculator (Soros), however large, is the one making the decisions for the cabal.

I don't know if you see where I'm going with this, or can put together the larger connections here, but to me Soros is a non entity, and I await the time when we will meet his bosses and the bosses above those bosses. I am quite certain that once we get high enough we will start to meet people with psychic abilities.

Donald Trumps astrology chart:

Wow, this makes a good case for the ascendant being an important part of the chart. He has always seemed Leo, there is something Lionish or regal about him.

This chart is exactly Trump, but then that's what astrology is, explaining what is; of note:

Sun - Uranus - North node in Gemini. A communicative person who has the inner call to a complex and advanced view of truth (possibly including free market ideas). This personality will become more themselves through their lives. Personality is a big thing.,

Above trine Jupiter retrograde Libra in second house. Money making or material things being closely connected with the personality to a large expansive sense. A careful balanced nature in relation to these things.

Saturn Venus Pisces 11th house bi quintile moon Sagittarius 4th house. An ability to deal with groups of sensitive feminine personalities with an eye towards extreme discipline of this feminine instinct, such as in making sure women dress appropriately. This is linked to a homely sense of deep emotional sensitivity that enjoys the adventure. This has a meaning that goes beyond pleasure and is spiritual.

Mars- Ascendant- Leo.. An outward sense of masculinity in relation to how people see his personality, and how he makes decisions. Including a regal sense of charm.

MC Taurus earth sign. No other earth in chart without minor aspects: Earthiness comes through work but there is no grounding in the personality if there is no work. Someone who needs to work. (Further linked on a deep level (bi- quintile) to the second paragraph on Jupiter).

Pluto and it's aspects to second house planets: A deep subconscious wound that feels like a need for survival and gains emotional security through material wealth.

There are similarities with this chart and my own. Although some of it not in any solid way. Firstly the small amount of grounding possibilities, kind of like a life path planning where the person is forced to do something in that area in order to stay sane. Secondly the obvious introversion of the chart, or not so much introversion but more that some areas are sparse which leads to a focus in the areas that can be done.

Personal note:

My blogs will probably be shorter and to the point now that I am back at work. I would normally have continued here but it's time for me to shave and skip down the road to my place of employment.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Internetting Liberals, Astrology, Michael Moore, What Comes Next, Saturdays post.

Internetting liberals.

I'm getting a bit more of a 'smart' attitude to liberals now.

For one, I simply don't respond to their condescending criticism. Since they lost the American election, or perhaps just anyway, I don't see them as a threat. Not spending time on twitter helps. But perhaps its just my natural non attachment to certain things. I went out to buy a Daily Mail the other day because liberals are boycotting their advertising. When I got to the store and read the Daily Mail I found it to be fairly uninteresting, so I didn't buy it, I'm sure Daily Mail can survive a little liberal pressure, it has many readers who care not what liberals are up to.

The other day I saw something on facebook about how Trump and Nigel Farage were totalitarian fascists etc. etc. I didn't respond with an analysis of the post, like I might have normally, or perhaps an analysis would have been for a more intelligent post, I simply restrained myself and thought about it. Rather than defend Nigel Farage or explain that dictatorship is what the socialists do not the right wing, I saw this post by wikileaks:

I copied it into facebook, to a self confessed liberal what can they say? It's only function is to make them feel bad really, because they do not respond to intelligent argument, there's no point... it's like talking to a brick!

Rather than put up sensible articles about what's going on I prefer to just put up photos like this, it subtly makes the point:

This confidence may be partly because of the Trump win. As well as this I am more confident in my thinking with liberals. The astro.com I have talked about website I used to get a newsletter from, I wanted to maintain that contact because I do have an interest in that area. For some reason shortly after the Trump win I unsubscribed. This feeling has also travelled into other areas of my life that I will not be making so much effort with certain people that don't seem to give much, or anything, back.

This is one of the profound sociological changes that is no doubt happening all over the world. At what point do the liberals get to a point where they have been giving too little and taking too much and it takes a toll on them? Many of the times I have watched karma though, closely, I have found that people change their behaviour thereby voiding the karma. so in that case a lot of the time karma actually does what its meant to do!


This is the chart for now- ish:

We are at the full moon. The largest for the next thirty years or so but that's not what I wanted to talk about.

What is interesting about this chart is that if you look at the Sun at 22 degrees Scorpio and Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces you will see they are in a trine connection. Two days ago abouts that would have been exact and it was then when the world was fussing about Donald Trump and Russia. This is interesting because as I have mentioned before Chiron very, very often seems to have some sort of Russian connection.

The Conservative government of today is extremely arrogant, they show all the hallmarks of those who believe in some sort of divine right to rule. First, they insult Trump left, right and centre over twitter, and in speeches. Arrogant liberals. Then, understandably he doesn't contact them quickly and does have contact with people that he does like and who don't put him and his team down, Nigel Farage.

Rather than being apologetic at all the Conservatives then explain explicitly that Nigel Farage is nothing to do with them, i.e. someone Donald does connect with and could ease the conversation has nothing to do with them. That would be bad enough but not only that, NOT ONLY THAT, but the word is also that Theresa May should 'lessen Donald's policies' or some crap, from a superior position of wisdom obviously; and Boris Johnson is saying to Trump that 'Assad must go' (three words that immediately identify a globalist) and that Trumps ideas on Russia are no good and he should follow UK foreign policy demands.

This is only topped by Benjamin Fulfords report that Hillary cried a river when she was told she wouldn't be allowed to rig the election.

I wrote in a previous article that the negative strategy seemed to involve self destructive influencing mechanisms. Perhaps the negative polarity damages the spirit/ mind etc. to the extent that these things can't be avoided.

Anyway, back to astrology. On Russia, our 'collective wound' we had that aspect. Also, we have Sun inconjunct Uranus. Uranus is that sense of extremely technically advanced revolutionary, that sense when you look at all the different pieces of some sort of spiritual enlightenment. JJ Abrams 'Fringe' is very Uranian and Uranus things are very truthful. Uranus is often made up of loads of different small pieces of information that lead to something brilliant, like music, or astrology.

That is obviously coming through in wikileaks and the like. What is interesting is the Sun has just passed over an inconjunct. The inconjunct means that you should not connect these two things directly together otherwise you will get a sense that an incredible amount of energy has to be applied that is synonymous with a kind of sickly paranoia.

So this means that this revolutionary - Arrests or whatever should NOT be addressed or acted on at this time. At least the Sun, the 'personality' of the world does not. This is the exact thing that Trump has shown. (To be clear though arrests are more Saturnian).

In about a month I would expect things like that to move forward, when the Sun moves over Saturn and trines Uranus. The misapplied connection of this energy may be the protests we are seeing in America.

Otherwise, something else to mention. We are coming down from the full moon now so I do wonder if these protests will simply not have enough energy to continue, or continue at their same level of intensity. Especially two weeks from now in the closing square.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore to most people is exactly what he looks like, a person who gets it but prefers the money or whatever other benefit he gets from being a turncoat and fighting with the establishment.

I wonder though. I believe the reports by Svali that a lot of Illuminati stuff happens with paedophilia and mind programming and some of their operatives seem like perfectly nice people when you meet them.

Another point on the 'cabal' is that there is a time when they were two separate factions. The Rothschild and the Rockerfellas. These factions viciously warred against each other and to not understand this leads to a great confusion in the conspiracy circles. You had the Rothschilds, that used banking and socialist policies to take over everything, and the Rockerfellas, who use industry and war to take over everything.

So when you see someone like Al Gore he is from the Rothschild faction, using his global warming arguments to undermine the Bush industries oil revenue. This is also the faction Michael Moore would be a part of perhaps. If you look at his record he has been critical of the war, he campaigned on healthcare obviously to get Obama's health policies through. It is all about attacking that side.

Michael Moore is a piece of slime, how can a person be as fat as him seriously? He would need to eat about five times as much as I do. What mindset is it that maintains that level of greed?

What comes next:

Gregory Mannarino has this to say:

A summary of what he says, reading between the lines a little, is now the administration isn't self destructive and incompetent, he is not sure we are heading for a mega correction crash like he was... Although, to be sure, mathematically, there is a strong case for it.

We do not know what is going to happen in the future. My hopes though for a Trump Presidency and a shift to a more libertarian free market, small government viewpoint, is that the working class will be empowered. That is the first step because once that is completed it cannot be undone. If immigration stops for instance, we start to see improvement. Once the working class are empowered the political class will be further marginalised, and things will continue in an ever stronger march towards the right people being in power (as Benjamin Fulfords full last post seemed to put forward as the plan).

I don't know where the breakthrough will come but I believe it will come somewhere. 

As another side note, a side not that seems quite eccentric here, David Wilcock once said that the negative ET's, the reptilians, had devices that prevented people being spiritually evolved through this new part of the galaxy our planet has drifted into and that there was no way to gradually switch this off, it was either off or on.

Obviously, a sudden switch off would turn a lot of people mad. 

It struck me today, they just need to build another one... The good guys, that can be turned off slowly.

Saturdays post:

As you might have surmised from my last comment there, I believe in all sorts of mystical abilities such as telepathy and other things and even that these abilities are such an integral part of life in a way they are just 'there'.

My last post on Saturday felt like it gave me back a strong energy, I do not know why or what I said, but it felt significant. Perhaps sixth density women read it and sent me back some energy I don't know. I missed a post yesterday in what must have been the only one in about a year or so! Incredible tiredness yesterday.

I had one more little insight into fifth density and sixth density and their expression of Uranus and the outer planets in general. For a fifth density entity it would seem Uranus arrives already completed like an energy. I wonder if for the sixth density entity, every little part has to be understood and analysed and the sixth density does not fall into deep Uranian energy until they are older?

I'm reading this fiction book from an author I wonder if is sixth density.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Another very new agey one. From my Bring4th blog. Sixth Density Women.

Yet again, all this light is kind of pummeling out of me. I wonder vaguely at who I am and how other people are and if any of us have the choice to be different in any fundamental way... But of course I know the answer to that... A big fat no!

The last post here concerned relating to sixth density entities; but also acts as a basic explanation of said entities, contrasting these with fifth density entities.

You may have noticed in my cases of sixth density entities I used three men and one woman, the one woman has already been identified as a sixth density entity by the Law of One material and there was not much said there. But there are other personal and professional examples of this, that I steered away from perhaps a little for free will reasons, (also momentum of the article). However, I saw a video of her today and realised that if she had read the article, and/ or have been inclined to this information it would take her all of ten seconds to realise which density she is from.

Meet, another staple of the "Alt -Right" Lauren Southern:

Perhaps this is not the best video to show of her to illustrate what I am trying to say but it is the most recent so I'll stick with this.

Opposing political ideology to Carla but we can work with that. So the first video I saw of Lauren I was still putting together my views on densities (kind of subconsciously) and she was talking about feminism and it's theories, but there was a personal element to it, she recieved a book about it in the post and deconstructed it. But the analyses didn't reference the larger picture I would normally expect.

She tends to place herself deeply in the thick of things and has come under mild physical attack.

I will expand on what she is saying in this video in a bit but there is another element here, Lauren Southern seems to attract a lot of attention to her 'attractiveness'. Even though other women are as attractive as her, with other women it often seems that men acknowledge it and keep it to themselves, but with Lauren this is not the pattern. (She is pretty buttoned up here it is not obvious).

The physicality of a fifth and sixth density entity differs, and it has taken me a while to realise, but the sacral chakra energy, the 'sexual attraction' works in a different way in both types of entities. Contrast with this girl who seems fifth density to me;

...with her, because the information is so fast you lose considerations of the attractiveness. There are other relevant fifth density entities here I further do not want to mention :(.

So if we consider what the densities are made of, what they mean and what we know of the entities. We are told in the Law of One that the fifth density entity is 'light on it's feet'. There is an incredible slenderness to the fifth density woman (who is not overweight). They also produce information/ wisdom and something about the space around them, their aura, the 'shield' so to speak discourages the outward expression of those kinds of sexual statements. 

The sixth density entity does not work with this same kind of shielding. It feels like any shield there is is more malleable, and not so much like an advanced security field (for the 5d guys!) The sixth density entity is working with both the 'love' of sixth density and the deeper form of wisdom known as 'power'.

Lauren Southern, despite her sexiness, is not as physically delicate as some women. Her body is tall and slightly imposing. This fleshy aspect is synonymous with 'love'. That is the body aspect of this. There is another aspect of this in that her sexiness is not just in her body, but has a spiritual element. That I don't quite understand so will not comment further.

Now to what Lauren was practically trying to say in this video. The internet has brought us all together. The American 'alt right' and the British were both on twitter talking about Brexit together and now are both talking about Trump together. Soon enough other countries will be involved to it's just that those two have had politically big events happen and both speak English.

Just before I came on here I went on zerohedge and saw an article summary asking 'Is there likely to be civil war here'? There are two groups. The alt right/ libertarian and the liberal left. They don't have anything in common and they really hate each other.

Well, perhaps, but more likely not. I actually work with people of all different political persuasions and because the work is hard people come together simply because they have to. England is perhaps less full on than America though, (especially with the alienating effect of mass immigration on a smaller island); America has always been more patriotic, and there is more activity and funding into what is said to be the most powerful office in the world.

But it's true that the liberals and the populist right are not friends. I have had people break contact over political issues; and, this is the rub... Most of the alt right do not give a crap about the liberals. They are tired of what they percieve to be constant whining and would celebrate with champagne the current liberal protests being shut down with deadly force.

But here is Lauren Southern trying to bridge the gap... There are also other times she has done so that have sounded less preachy. (Preachy wasn't what I first thought when I heard this video).

There is a difference to when a sixth density entity says this to when a fifth density entity does. One, that it has come from her and not a higher ideal that has been studied through wisdom and two, it just is, they are made of something different

What is to be done with these Sixth density girls? I strongly believe as I have stated here before that people should 'be' with their own densities. Even though mismatched densities might be attracted for a variety of reasons (there is less challenging relationships that way).

I'll be sure to remember that if a sixth density girl throws herself at me *sigh*. But that is slightly what I am getting at... What is to be done with female entities that turn up and are spiritually very advanced, have no idea about that, the sex drive has never been rational, are they vulnerable to being taken advantage of or are they superior to us hence always having the upper hand in actuality?

Who knows. 

I wonder, when the 'cabal' do get overthrown and the dust settles, will it be the sixth density entities that are working with them? Fifth have often seemed to me suited to leadership, it is them who direct all the fourth density entities according to the LoO.

If that were the case, it would make sense from what we know of the history of the Law of One entity prior to 1980's!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

(Soft) Power is slowly changing hands.

Previously I have written:
If you had a board meeting and you had a new CEO, who was known to be a good guy, some of the change might be subtle. Some of the changes might be that people at this meeting simply hide ideas that are psychopathic. 'I'll just put this one on the shelf'! They will take a different tack to the one they would if a sociopathic CEO was the new person. They will suggest the good ideas that help everyone more.
And sure enough little evidences of small changes are happening. Although I have previously written about some of these, I have written before about organisations who have met bad fortune going against the tide, what is becoming obvious now is that there are some that are changing their behaviours to match it:

Breitbart: Britain Warns NATO Allies to Pay Their ‘Fair Share’

(This article actually says that Britain is rejecting the EU army, but this narrative backed by the soon to be President of the United states is relevant and strengthens that argument.)

Meanwhile, here is an article by an organisation that is PRETENDING to throw in the towel and stop being an asshole but in fact are not, but the fact they are under enough pressure that they have to pretend is interesting:

... despite the tacit admission of its failure to account for Trump's "stunning" victory, in the same letter Sulzberger also writes that "we believe we reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign." 
No, you did not: you were too worried about losing your advertisers who would complain loudly, and threaten to pull their revenue, if they saw even implicit criticism of Hillary Clinton, which meant non stop explicit criticism of Trump. So why bring it up? Because speaking of the all important top-line, the NYT - already suffering from a collapse in ad revenue - which plunged 18.5% in Q3, desperately needs subscribers to keep paying for its disinformation or else the very future of the NYT is in danger.
(One edit for spelling, links and emphasis removed)

What will happen I wonder when the first big media organisation starts to go under?

Reading this starts to bring me to something else I have been thinking for a while. Something that I keep ignoring as a silly idea but that keeps returning.

I have often imagined that these people know that they are the bad guys, know that they are speaking absolute crap in return for money or whatever it may be.

But the more they talk from their position, the less sure I am of that. While I have no doubt that there are some people who understand fully the real situation, there seems to be people, like the CEO of Grubhub, that genuinely believe what they are saying, consider this:

Activist post: Assad Adviser Says We Are In A Time That Will Determine The Future Of The World
In such a meeting, hegemonic, colonial, and superior attitudes are completely absent; and you start to remember how hateful the racist approach present in meetings with Westerners, which demands you to prove your innocence at every juncture, thus robbing you of your humanity and your right to be treated equal, which should have been a nonissue in the first place.
 (My emphasis).

This is from a woman dealing with people that are genuinely racist, often war criminals who worship Satan. But in a small way I have experienced this dislike.

I will explain a similar situation in my life and bring it back to the main point. Previously I have written before about my long period unemployed.

During this time I had numerous meetings with 'job advisers'. I will stress that this was not true of all the advisers, BUT, I experienced an aggressive dislike from them of me that did not seem to have a rational basis.

One time I went into the jobcenter and she was not ready so I had to wait, so I sat down, in the sofa provided where people would normally sit down while they are waiting... (?) It made the jobcenter woman annoyed though so she told me I had to go and search for jobs rather than wait. I asked her 'what? for 3 minutes.' She wanted me gone though so I went to the computers as she requested. I only just logged on and she came and took me off. The 3 minutes were up.

This sounds a small thing but there were many things that backed up that this was her mindset. Such as trying to get me to repeat a course I had already done. When I sat down her anger was simply as though she could not stand me and hated the fact that I was sitting 'anywhere'. That I even existed.

This is a strange hatred and one that has come to me from other areas.

The thing that gets me is this hatred has no function. With the Syrian woman above, if you were trying to convince her to follow your political goals... Why bother with the racism unless you ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT. Surely it would be easier to A) Charm or B) Threaten the person, rather than bother trying to tell them they are 'guilty' of anything. Simply: If you don't do 'x' I will kill your family... Simple as... not 'you're a sinful toad and must do what I say because of that'... That is a stupid and self destructive way of influencing.

This seems like a small point, that some of these people actually believe their garbage, but it is an important one... No?

To end this post, there is one other small way in which power is moving around the chessboard, the British politician that has gained incredibly in terms of influence in the Trump victory is Nigel Farage:

Daily Mail: Farage trumps Theresa: Mr Brexit discusses 'freedom and winning' with his American idol as he becomes first British politician to meet the new President-elect

...and with him,,, the man Kassam:

Things are going good... Real good!

Social media, Star Wars, history and markets.

So, despite the fact that I intended to delete both twitter and facebook originally. I had to contact some people about an issue over facebook (that may very well have been a great help to someone) and yesterday, I re- activated my twitter, because, you need a twitter account to log into periscope apparently.

When a supermarket like Tesco moves into an area, they deliberately decrease their prices so that the local businesses go bankrupt. So eventually, the only choice of the local people is to go to that supermarket.

The situation is similar with twitter and facebook, it simply provides services we can't get elsewhere and because we can communicate via facebook we don't take peoples emails anymore, or even bother keeping up to date with phone numbers for acquaintances.

Star Wars

I have finished watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and have decided, that Anakins perspective when he went over to the dark side was not completely incorrect. (Aside from the Padme stuff of course).

The Jedi are not as saintly as they appear on first glance. They are too nervous in giving the appearance of being good people than being good people. They did end up betraying people, and they were very lax in allowing the corruption to grow within the Republic. The separatists were basically the same as the Republic and both sides were being manipulated. But the Jedi continued their war without any real insight.

Plus, they were just outdone by Palpatine. The way he moved things around without ever leaving footsteps was amazing.

The Jedi were essentially at the 'beck and call' of the negative force. The folly of love. Yoda their leader was fourth density as well (all the green references).

The global game and history:

So what we have here is interesting. An interesting thought. I have previously said that the young people living here after the crash do not know what it was like when people were less down and opportunity was more as before the crash; and that this has a negative effect on them.

What is interesting though, as Lauren Southern summarises, is how the process of leftising everything happened. Through the groups of left wingers that became teachers in the past and the gradual growing of this progressive agenda.

It's just a thought but it seems, if you look at it, to be fairly deliberate. Tony Blair and the European Union conspiring to increase immigration massively in the UK while keeping that fact secret, never talking about it or pushing it a positive.

Though there is something positive. I have talked before about how things only seem to change once we have a vote. I recently found out that Turkey only abandoned the European Union and pivoted to Russia after the Brexit vote. So these votes have effects on the ground on what people do everywhere. The Trump vote with more people than the Brexit vote, and the coming Italian referendum and re- doing of the Austrian vote should influence things more.


Gregory Mannarino has been getting thousands of emails. People are worried about this bond situation but people like Gregory are keeping schtum, only giving technical information. Gregory seems split to me between his desire to help the everyday person and the considerations of being an elite trader that has close friends in the major banks.

Reading between the lines I think no one knows what's going on because it is about how the 'cabal' will react to Trump; also, they like Trump and do not want to sound the alarm, and also, they don't want to warn people off and reduce liquidity if they want to exit their own positions if they do believe it is all going to hell.

This guy summarises it well:

Zerohedge: Interview With Jim Bianco: "The Elite Opinion Does Not Count Anymore"
At this point, we just have to wait and see how the Trump presidency will impact the economy. Is he going to appoint people that he knows and punish those that weren’t with him? Or will he allow people like Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan to say: »Here’s a couple of people for some posts that might work very well.» That was the hope after Trump gave a very conciliatory acceptance speech. He didn’t come out and say: »We will build a wall and put Hillary in jail». But there is always a risk that he could fall back to that in the next couple of weeks and the markets might have a toxic reaction.
Spoken like a true elitest... It may be inconvenient for the markets if a deranged sociopath gets arrested.

We are all though doing all we can do, which is wait.

I did find out one thing though, is that some people are not worried about the US treasury bonds because the European bonds are in a worse condition and when those sell off people will be buying up the US ones.

So, Italy and Austria it is then!