Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Migrant wars, sell off of the bond market.


I've been surprised by the news on the Express this morning. Just the other day I was reading and listening to video presentations on the fact that this new wave of migrants has created a lot of violence and rape in Sweden. With the feminists there protesting on behalf of the migrants (like I have said many times everyone seems to be sorted into their relevant groups for karma), there are now two other piece of news.

Germany is having problems with not only the migrants themselves but the logical response to refusal to police: vigilante groups going out and hunting migrants (Police data has shown that migrants committed 142,000 crimes in the first half of 2016, and that data is very underrepresented)! France is also getting absolute warzones on its streets.

Everyone is waiting for the Trump election for the next thing, but this kind of conflict shows we are now at breaking point, we are now at a point where people are in conflict with globalism. I wonder how much further it can go if at all!

Also, it looks like the American globalists are getting tetchy because the markets are selling off a little. The bond market in particular. Gregory Mannarino has the news on this and his last video was full of information! As yields rise then the new bonds issued have a higher yield, that means the old bonds with bad yields cannot get sold.

It seems highly likely that the establishment is doing all it can to prop up the market but it is still selling off. The market believes Trump will have a victory and no one wants to get caught carrying the bag when he does not expand imperial wars in order to support these markets that need fresh blood.

So here we are. It is about seven days until we know the results of the American Presidential Election. Time is ticking and, like I have said before, what seems to be a running theme at the moment is...

Things are getting very, very exciting!

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