Saturday, 26 November 2016

Larger views of polarity in this situation.

Yet again I probably will not push this link on facebook, twitter or Gab.

We are still waiting for something... Anything to happen!

The news is nonetheless interesting with possible movement on Brexit, and the Donald Trump recounts!

This is an attempt of the negative to gain lost polarity, if they were to fail, they would lose polarity and things might start to break up a little this time.

We are in a position in society where the free will choice is very strong. It seems to me likely that in accordance with that rule Donald Trump is as positive as Hillary Clinton is negative. So furthermore, in order for their to be a VERY POSITIVE BREAKTHROUGH there has to also be a very negative possibility. The many dreadful plans of an EU army and TTIP etc. were just coming to fruition. Now all of a sudden we are jumping over to the positive polarity.

I have written before on how there is an extra terrestrial experiment going on on this planet. I wonder if this experiment is considering the mix of polarity. I notice how peoples inner feelings are quite exquisitely manifested. In the Law of One there was a description of a previous planets growth that was set separately into positively polarised and negatively polarised or unpolarised (because there was little opportunity for negative polarisation). The positively polarised people on that planet did not know how to influence the unpolarised and negative polarity was not understood.

However, in this world, the unpolarised are getting all sorts of catalyst and subtly held feeling are being brought out into the light and shone upon for all to see. An example of mine I believe I have given previously (although I can't find it) is on an astrology forum I was once given very condescending advice about how I am below the person speaking and need to be more 'loving'. I found this hypocritical and annoying but what could I do? There was no way to push back against this in any way that would make a real difference.

Well, the people with that condescending tendency dressed up as 'love'. The people on this forum including this girl brought the Hillary lines hook, line and sinker. After committing so strongly to that and hating Trump, now they see Trump win and eventually, find out in a way they can't avoid that Hillary is a Satan worshipping psychopath! This will begin to effect this person polarity in a way that she may not experience in a positive polarised planet.

Another thing is how deeply REFINED this process seems to be getting. For instance, some people paying attention to politics might have tried to take the middle route. Firstly Bernie Sanders but he was taken out by the negative in this case, secondly... Jill Stein. If for whatever reason a woman, for instance, holds views of a feminist variety, which justifies for no good reason a dislike of Trump (perhaps) but is intelligent enough to know Hilllary is not a good person. Watching Jill become a supporter of the next nuclear holocaust might show them that when it comes to truth vs. definitive lies (i.e. global warming) there cannot be compromise. The subtle feeling that is responsible for them believing in something like feminism and ignoring evidence to the contrary, has been... punished, to be honest.

Also, as this guy from the rebel media points out. in the land of the liberals. Where dinner parties are all important, and I suspect are a large part of the resistance to Trump, that his views can't be discussed in the presence of other middle class wankers. In the land of the liberals, this is causing difficulty. People that are genuine are clashing with people who are not.

Perhaps what Liberals mean by 'tolerance' is that there used to be a time when the first followers of the alt right were considered 'eccentric'. In order to have that quaint dinner party the liberals would stay quiet and avoid discussing contentious issues with this person... But, probably always disliked those views and by extension the person with a minor version of the intensity we now see, liberals stayed quiet and their definition of tolerance is not shouting down their opponents with terms such as racist and sexist, while ignore any facts to the contrary, while they are in a position of higher power.

But like I have said before, I got taken off facebook by several liberals after Brexit, before Brexit my viewpoints were not a threat so I could be 'tolerated'. But now my views are a threat and becoming the dominant mode of political power, their 'tolerance' no longer exists because their self control has faltered.

Back to my musings before. You would think that if a person has a viewpoint of disliking anyone who does not like their counter factual views, and calling it tolerance and a virtue, and furthermore believing that it is tolerant, holding this subtly and always claiming the best definition of their own motives, that this could not be exposed; that it exists on a subtle level we cannot get to. But as things are at the moment. With this planets and all its political intrigue and many complex interconnecting factors, these things are becoming exposed, these behaviours are seeing the light of day.

On a planet that is strongly positively polarised free will is all important, but on this planet the unpolarised are getting manipulated into supporting someone like Clinton, or something like Remain. That spiritual laziness and inability to see truth is being leveraged and turned into emotionally intense viewpoints that are then being responded to.

So you can see how spiritually advanced extra terrestrials might consider this a very valuable opportunity to understand if this environment is causing unpolarised people to more strongly polarise and possibly graduate to the next density. Rather than having to repeat experiences on another planet until they get sick of being pushed through the same old washing machine!

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