Sunday, 30 April 2017

Faith in alternative political commentators, police corruption, Uk GE 2017

David Wilcock has made a small update.

Divine Cosmos: New Briefings on Antarctic UFO Crashes... and SF Conference This Weekend!
It is easy for us to be "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" and complain about the Alliance not doing enough.
Real people -- brave warriors -- are dying in ever-increasing numbers as this war reaches its crescendo.
They deserve our respect, honor and support.
They are putting their lives on the line while the rest of us safely argue with each other about whether they even exist, or are doing enough.
All the Cabal is doing now is trying to delay the inevitable. They know they are finished. They are just refusing to surrender until the very bitter end.
They have already thrown the timetables the Alliance had hoped to meet way off, but they can't hold on forever.
Strange formatting on Davids updates.

This is such an unusual line considering how little we actually know about this group... They are putting their lives at risk... When? Where? Why?

It seems rather like the security services argument... Do not criticise what we do or why we need all this money because you would not be able to understand it! However, it seems natural for me for people to explain the world as they see it! I sure as hell can't see what the "Alliance" is doing! Since stopping Brexit and Trump being rigged. If they stop Le Pen being rigged and GE2017 then they will have done more good things. But if they don't then they would seem to me to be a good target of criticism.

Also, David seems to make these statements but, like he said in this update, he is not giving much of an update because he was pressed for time. So it's sort of like... "Believe" this, but I will not explain to you why it is true, you should just believe it!

I believed rather unquestioningly when Benjamin Fulford said that the Canadians had escaped the reigns of Stephen Harper. But, Trudeau is a definitive globalist that has met, and has agreements with George Soros. The man is an odious human being and a lot worse than Harper. Harper took genuine Christian refugees fleeing the middle East rather than the slime that Trudeau brings in. (So when I said on facebook congradulations to Canadians for escaping Harper, this was slacktivist lefty style shite). Despite Benjamin Fulfords anger at Harper that I remember, perhaps because of his Israel connection. Harper, even if he is a globalist, would have been the better choice in my understanding.

Corruption of society:

An interview with an English ex policeman who rebelled against the corruption in his profession here is highly educating. This goes into that web of corrupt organisations and suspicious off the books activity, but basically it seems that there is a cult of multi culturalism that is starting from bureaucratic groups running 'diversity' courses using sophisticated techniques such as NLP (seriously, has anyone ever heard of something good coming from that set of techniques!?) This sounds like a bit of a paranoid joke, NLP women are brainwashing police officers, something to be laughed at but apparently, there was a woman who had to divorce her husband because he went all strange after having done a diversity course.

What happens then is that they co- opt their weird ideas of 'diversity' in order to promote based on minority status rather than meritocracy, and apparently the police unions are powerless to stop this, i.e. if someone comes to them and says someone else was promoted because they were gay/ female/ from an ethnic minority.

What doesn't make sense here is... If these people are being promoted... Why is it leading to such bad outcomes? Why does promoting gay/ ethnic minorities etc. lead to worse outcomes... I understand how promoting feminists does so, since feminists are nasty irrational human beings. But what is it about gay or ethnic minorities that makes them desired by the political establishment?

It is probably the "right kind of" gays/ ethnic minorities. The ones that believe in the supremacist cult known as diversity. Or perhaps it is simply that promoting on that basis means you are NOT promoting based on meritocracy.

UK General Election:

I have seen a few times now people saying that the Conservatives are putting forward Remain candidates in winnable seats. This is disturbing and shows a genuine danger to Brexit, and a possible plan being executed by the globalists. Hopefully though UKIP could win those.

However, I just saw a headline on the Express of Paul Nuttall being interviewed and not knowing anything about Boston. Oh how I cringe! Paul Nuttall is such a loser... He's just a loser seriously.

I don't know why the party pushed the Anti Islam angle then went against it, but it does not look good. Far more preferable if you are not going to stand up to Islam to simply not have mentioned it originally. Then I suppose Nuttall would not be able to live down standing outside a Stoke mosque saying Halal is A- OK. So the only option left is to come out anti Islam then go back on it?

I'm really hoping Le Pen will win and the effect will jump over the shores and give our politicians some stones.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Imagining a populist win.

I've talked recently about getting absorbed into watching Netflix, I wonder if part of the reason I found news articles to be getting boring is that no matter what happens, as with stocks, central banks are able to print money and keep the entire system running with no change, as with Greece.

Rather like a football game, lets imagine it is between the bulls and the bears. No matter what happens, every single game, through flagrant obvious cheating, the bulls win every single match, or at least most of them... That is the stock market now... So the 'fundamentals' such as which strikers are playing, how they are managed etc. does not matter. Watching such games over an extended period would of course be very boring and finding out the ins and outs of which striker was playing for the bears would feel very much like a waste of time... This is the stock market today.

This extends into other areas of society although it is not complete. The article I talked about recently that many companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Twitter, and possibly soon Starbucks and others. These companies are losing money in huge amounts yet their stocks are trading at billions. Twitter apparently has never made a profit! This is another example of this phenomenon and in everyday instances it seems that if there is a side that runs on lies they are given a huge boost by the mainstream simply because they run on lies.

Nevertheless, here is an interesting piece of news that will predictably change nothing:

Zerohedge: Puerto Rico Takes First Steps Toward Bankruptcy-ish Filing

Puerto Rico is a giant welfare state. Nobody works, everyone lives on welfare and anyone who tries to contribute something and start a small business is subject to penalising taxes. So much so that they don't earn much more through thousands of hours of doing this work than they do living on welfare. Of course going bankrupt is the natural end point for such a State and this has been a sticking point of the recent American budget. Democrats want the American taxpayer to bailout Puerto Rico that would lead to increase taxes, increased poverty, increased welfare, and the downward spiral continues.

Puerto Rico either has to suck off America like a parasite or adopt some right wing pro business policies. Left wingers prefer to let millions of people die than to move away from their lefty evangelism, thus, there is the problem

France and UK elections.

Nothing is moving in the UK election because May, and even I suspect UKIP, are biding their time to see how the French election works out (UKIP might have the guts to be anti Islam if Le Pen is first).

Remember how it felt with the Brexit and Trump election? That we were at least inching closer to winning and then remember how much, how incredibly the opposition moaned. The left liberal remainers really moan. Nothing is happening with Brexit, it is not happening so it is not even worth thinking about and still they are moaning... when... nothing is happening!

There is triumph at beating them but then irritation at their constant whining. It would have been more satisfying if another win could happen by the populist movements in the form of a solid movement in the direction of Brexit etc. But this does not happen. That's what would be good, a 1-2 punch. Brexit vote, then immediately article 50 then refuse to pay, then vote down the law that puts EU law above our own... I forget the name!

This next round of elections and potential wins, I wonder if this will feel more like a 1-2. Whether there will be win and then win and then win or if the whole thing will start with a little fire and then start to peter off under the weight of their whining, with lefty courts stopping electoral victories etc.

I imagine this, as a pictoral representation of how the energies are working here as the truth, the Uranian etc. energy behind Trump, Farage, Le Pen etc. Represented by a kind of silvery, mirror like object on a pedastool. Then lots of nasty lefty whiny remoaners marching against it.

Imagine in that group people that you do not like. Someone that has condescended to you in loyalty to a leftist vision, or through the 'distortions' that lead to leftism. All marching towards this object, that is protected by knights; perfect tall and powerful knights.

They have emotional intensity flowing off them like an energy, perhaps with an auric pictoral link, nasty looks on their faces, scrunched up and angry. With cardboard shields, some real looking weapons, placards etc.

Then, as they are marching forward, thinking either that they are going to win or that they are morally justified in winning, and usually for leftist that seems to mean they start believing they are going to win for some reason. The sky opens and lightning comes down to that object, not one quick strike but an ongoing energy beam. this then reflects out and decimates the lefties.

Imagine it happening.

Since this is not a physical imagining but is more metaphysical, the effect might not be to kill them in any gruesome fashion, but might pass over them and transform them from self righteous anger to broken self pity.  Or spill latte's over them or there might be some bodies there. Perhaps electricity goes over all of them linking all of them then they all fall down. Perhaps the cardboard signs fall apart, releasing a dark spirit into the air that self destructs, mass exorcism?

This is a positive imagining for me! If it is now or later at some point this sort of feeling is going to happen as the self righteous left are finally broken!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Rundown of some of the apocalyptic news.

Well it's all happening, the new moon has not disappointed, (I will not be linking these articles because I have not read all the way through them but I will just summarise the titles):

Zerohedge: Trump Calls Schumer's Bluff: "If There's A Shutdown, There's A Shutdown... Democrats Would Be To Blame"

If a deal is not agreed by Friday at midnight the government will shut down on Saturday, and if it is still not resolved the markets will hit the wall Monday.

Zerohedge: Congress Refers Hillary's Private Server Company To DOJ For Prosecution
"This is atypical. There were absolutely zero negotiations, there was no willingness on their part to discuss whether any information they would provide would satisfy the committee's request. It was just the company, with council, refusing to discuss the matter.
They really think they are above the law huh?

This following one is the same old fear mongering and is one I take with more than a pinch of salt, nevertheless, here is the headline:

Zerohedge: Trump Warns There Is A Chance Of "A Major, Major Conflict" With North Korea
While emoting sympathy for Kim Jong Un's situation, President Trump told Reuters that he'd "love to solve things diplomatically," but warned that "there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea."
The UK general election is very much waiting on the French one or a deliberation of how Eurosceptic it's going to be.

Another interesting article I have just read is this one that summarises that many companies are losing money all the time but still having their stocks trade at the level of billions:

The Economic Collapse Blog: Have We Just Reached Peak Stock Market Absurdity?
But even though Netflix is losing money at a pace that is exceedingly difficult to imagine, investors absolutely love the company. 
I just checked, and at this moment Netflix has a market cap of 68.4 billion dollars. 
Sometimes I just want to scream because of the absurdity of it all. 
Companies that are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year at the peak of their popularity should not be worth billions of dollars.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Manifesto that could be from a fiction series like Fringe.

I have had this dream for a long time, it has made me uncomfortable this morning and lead for me to think of it a whole lot but it probably has a predictable message, simply that everything is as it is as I have suspected it is!

The dream is that I have signed up for classes at my sixth form centre but have forgotten they are happening, so have not turned up for class. This leads in the dream to me feeling I have lost an opportunity or in todays dream... Money! Also a general sense of stress from what to do about testing time.

Today I went through a few possible interpretations in my head, and threw out a few. Nonetheless, here are some possible interpretations:

Assuming our lives are planned by an array of positive forces that I do believe, this process has gone wrong and:

A) I missed something that was meant to happen back at A level time. (Either in terms of friendships or academic qualifications).
B) I was meant to complete my University qualification. (Stopped in second year, severe panic attacks plus I was miserable).
C) In the deeper sense of a life path to do with life work or personal connections and not related to any schooling. Since I am not with those things I am still being made to pay for them.

Although, in the strict sense, I was told I had to pay in the dream but I did not actually do it. These ideas are all unsettling. However, without the additional "payment" thing, I do believe in C anyway.

The dream did not include any future possibility of improvement. It laid the responsibility at my feet and if there are others in my life that have been very against the proper life path as I see it working out, it did not label any metaphorical sorting out of the 'other' during this dream. I had to pay because I had signed up. The school had no responsibility to make sure I had the capacity to attend and I guess, if you are the higher "positive" forces, then you are always in the stronger position and do not have to accept fault.

The whole thing seems ridiculous to me since there seems to me to have been no possibility on my behalf, despite strenuous personal effort, to correct these problems as they have arisen. This seems to me to be a normal part of any complex system i.e. a 'life path', that if things go wrong some force (you might say "karma") should be brought to bear on the people that are aggressively supporting it going wrong... and that is certainly not me.

Anyway, like I said, I am pissing into the wind here! The dream has not changed in years. I have had it repeatedly every few months for several years, even before I started University in 2011.

There are many groups of people that have entered my life and left without any discernible change or connection. It makes me wonder if something is off. (School, Sixth form, first workplace, University, Second important workplace etc.) Perhaps this is also an almost global phenomenon.

I do believe on a global level many people are off of their life path. When there are wars, or financial manipulation, paedophilia or other things Satanism in general is not part of anyone's life path. So someone could have someone in their life path and that person could die, or not be able to complete their own tasks because of personal hardship that was never meant for them and is a result of battles the negative forces have won, usually on the global level (but it always comes down to the ground, i.e. feminism).

This brings me back to the idea that to correct some of these patterns, the negative might have to be brought to task in such a way that is not easy, or harmonious etc. Perhaps a financial crash! It further, through this strange decision making process emphasizes the truth as I see it. This is because "easy" and "harmonious" are based more on our positively polarised destinies, to an extent.

This is the go to feeling of many in the new age, they believe the world is like this because the positive forces have made their personal lives like this in relation to their own seeking of polarity. But the world is full of dark aggressive forces that are not under any pains to actually respect those tendencies!

According to my metaphysical beliefs, if we are off our paths then we feel a burning inside from out third chakra, that has a good relation to stopping TV. To allow this energy to burn is to become far more determined and productive.

Interesting time in our history. Television. Bad guy monologues.

This is a facebook update from David Wilcock:

David Wilcock and Corey et al's information is becoming slightly difficult because it is so completely 'out there'. You have to have a deep foundation in things that are very unusual from a mainstream perspective in order to even understand what David is talking about. There is very little in my everyday life (except a persistent ability to see auras that appears periodically) that suggests that reality is real in a material sense, and the solid world against these strange etherial facts is very persistent.

Nevertheless David and others information is cause for hope.

End of Television:

I have very often wanted to be the kind of person that does not watch television. I tried it a few times however... In my previous life:

  • My father was very run down at the end of his life and had little other ways to connect than for us to share a film. He had very many DVD's, he used to watch one or more everyday and they ran into the thousands.
  • My cousin used to watch TV/ Movies all the time, there was also no other way to relate to him. There was just nothing else that he did with his time. He loved TV and talked about TV. If he is arranging something for his birthday it is at the I Max. There is literally nothing to talk about if you don't watch TV with him. If you play a board game he'll just put in the minimum energy until you both get bored. Telling you throughout it that he isn't really bothered playing.
  • My ex best friend used to love TV and want to make films. He used to be an artsy type that went to special cinemans.
  • Another friend of mine also has ambitions to story write and do film. However, life has gotten on top of these goals for him.
That is a lot of pressure towards compromising in the name of 'living' and watching the occasional movie. However, now:
  • My father is dead.
  • My cousin has not responded to attempts to contact him, that is rude.
  • My ex best friend is an ex best friend. For the moment at least.
  • The other friend I rarely see. I see him infrequently enough that we do not have to "find" things to do in each other company, catching up is conversation enough.
True I have lost the good parts of my relations with these people. However, due to the general stagnation of modern life the good parts had been under long term attack. If you do not act with quite a powerful amount of finesse at a high vibration it all goes wrong. 

So, today I had a very bad dream. Very uncomfortable. Yesterday I said I was stopping Netflix but I then went and brought a season of a show that was not on Netflix and was a bit more intelligent. The unpleasantness of the dream that has followed has returned me to a long desired goal... Stopping all television!

Not documentaries... Gaia TV for example or youtube commentaries such as Stefan Molyneux, proper education! But fictional shows that go nowhere. I would after all not have lost anything from filling the time I am watching these shows with...Nothing at all!

The world and North Korea:

I have just watched a show from Stefan Molyneux and a guest regarding North Korea. It is amazing the level of tyranny of the country. Kim does not allow UN people to feed his countrymen for free because he does not want to make it seem like foreigners were more efficient than his system. While everyone is starving North Korean are not allowed to criticise the government and say that is the case on penalty of government response.

Something discussed here is how the bad guys like to admit what they are doing (about 1:01:00):
"So why do we need spies? Why do we need the CIA? Because bad guys are always telling everyone exactly what they're going to do, it's this long Bond villain monologue telling you exactly where the lasers are going to cut you're balls off, I mean it's completely ridiculous. Hitler, what's he going to do? Is it a secret?... NO! He wrote the entire thing down ahead of time; it's completely insane to think this is hard to figure out. What does Al queda want to do?... Oh, you taught us how to take down the Russians, by asymmetric warfare against an economic superpower. That's exactly what we're going to do to America, thanks for the instructions CIA. Great knowing you in Afghanistan we'll see you on 9/11.  
"Same thing with ISIS what are they trying to do, they're trying to provoke a gap in the middle of the Islamic community so that only extremists can be provoked, and there's going to be this war, they know exactly what they're doing and they keep saying exactly what they're doing. The same thing in North Koreas, it's published, it's printed, you don't need any spies, it's right there infront of you. They might as well write their manifesto in lasers on the moon. Yet we still think we need all these security agencies and spies to figure out what our enemies are doing it's like 'turn up your hearing aid guys it's being broadcast everywhere."
Benefits of not watching TV:

Since I decided not to watch TV I've been finding things to do when I normally might have turned to watch an episode of something on Google Play, I have been turning to zerohedge and instead of scrolling past the articles thinking it might be interesting but I kind of know it, the headline is kind of enough. I have been thinking how interesting those articles are!

We are about to live through one of the most interesting times of English history, definitely in the last decade, possibly a lot longer, this election is going to be epic! and I'm going to be awake for the whole thing!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to spend our time.

So, I'm just about to talk about something far more boring.

In my personal life I have had quite a lot of anxiety, stemming, mainly from some very unpleasant events in mid 2014. Since that time I have spent a lot of time hooked on the internet, mostly reading articles from zerohedge and that sort of general thing.

Eventually though, when I realised exactly how rigged the whole game currently is, when I'd done a bit of prepping and work concerns had taken precedence, while I'm waiting for elections, and when I know very well the arguments etc. I stopped being quite so interested in alternative media, however, I was now habitually on the internet a whole lot and have been spending a lot of time on Netflix.

But, this is not an intellectually satisfying use of my time. There are some series on that service I do like:

A) Jessica Jones
B) Continuum
C) 12 Monkeys
D) Helix
E) Sense 8

But apart from that, I think many of the other shows I've watched on there, including The Iron Fist and Luke Cage are a waste of my time and I need to fill my time with other things.

Martial arts has become very interesting to me lately. I also, as mentioned, like reading dystopian fiction. I have found another link in the books I am reading... Each book the main character is similar to the author and in each story it seems the character is not on the bottom rung of society but part of the monster that they are describing.

Also, Netflixing leads to a kink of relaxation but relaxation is not helpful at the moment in my view. The sense of mild anxiety I have found to be a good motivator to be more productive.

I  also think it would be intelligent to write a diary again. Even when doing nothing all day it can emphasize emotions that would not be acted upon otherwise.

Monday, 24 April 2017

US Shutdown, election rigging, sensitive psychos.

Benjamin Fulfords update has been today.

He has said two things that have stood out to me:

A) That the opposition to America are sick of them, so China and Japan will perhaps not be financing the US any further. Meaning the debt ceiling argument will lead to the shut down of the US government.

B) That a secret leadership election in a mystical negative group that is running a lot of things, and that the French elections were definitely rigged. Macron is actually very unpopular. Will he/ the establishment be allowed to steal the May 7th election?

This is all getting a little stupid. When the negative faces of against the positive in global matters (as above so below) the negative always seems to have this massive artificial advantage... In this case it is vote rigging.

There is an emotional satisfaction of finally getting liberals. It has struck me that this leads up to the top of the pole for the negative of people who believe they are kind of 'alpha males' and want to stay in control of everything, and be needed and feared by everyone.

However, whether this is felt as 'alpha maleness' is unclear. What we know about the negative is that they seem to have this romanced view of themselves as delicate misunderstood people. Paedophiles for instance complaining of being discriminated against and that they have some sort of beautiful and unique sexuality. No doubt if this is true for weirdos that brutalise very young children it is even more so for those that take those same children to torture chambers and kill them for their sexual pleasures.

When this sensitivity is pummeled on by someone like David Seaman "These sick fucking psychos!" It causes a lot of anger from those being rightfully called out on their behaviours. Going back to my comments on the negative forces artificial advantage, the negative in some ways is undeveloped like a child. When someone legitimately fights back against these people, the anger from this hyper sensitivity, plus the artificial advantage leads to them trying to punish those that rebel... Justly against them.

Nonetheless, their time will come. You cannot fight against the truth, in the end, it's still there!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

St Georges day, wage work and reason for false flags.

So, St. George's day is a mythical time when Saint George fought a dragon in Libya.

Previously, I noted the huge coincidence in migrants coming from Libya on St. Georges day, now I see what that means.

It is likely a reference to some sort of reptilian extra terrestrial St. George was fighting, The cabal likely timed the "refugee" thing for that date to twist a positive national event into a negative one on a magickal level.

Personally, as mentioned yesterday I am still feeling a really weird background feeling. Is this psychic related? Possible, if it were would that be on the international, or the more personal level? Or both?

I am not completely happy with my employment at the moment because they seem to not have any idea of the 'innocent until proven guilty' tradition of England. If you get a complaint then the company that makes it is right, regardless of if there is anything objectively wrong with the conversation.

So it is not sensible to take overtime there since clearly every conversation becomes very stressful, because if someone complains for no reason, just because they are having a bad day, then the worker will be punished and assumed to be in the wrong. I need to get on with applying for somewhere else (I find the place quite emotionally draining as well, not the work but the whole weird atmosphere, the little strange things. This is what accounts for my falling asleep at about 9pm yesterday in my opinion).

So I am not contributing much to the world around me, perhaps this is the reason for my bad feeling. I am working not very many hours. This feeling of being unsubstantial, not having money and having too much time on my hands that would better be spent earning money,

But to me, I have been feeling that for a while, that bad feeling from not having money basically since I started the job. This cannot be the only feeling behind this strange lightheaded empty psychicness! Like a vacuum.

I wonder if, since the rigging of the election in Holland, The alternative political movement has lost steam in a very fundamental way since then and in the place of the emptiness is a kind of vacuum. This is probably why my twitter has become very repetitive as of late.

Le Pen winning in her election today plus again in two weeks will probably reverse this like the fictional example of Benjamin Sisko releasing a Prophet back into the wormhole and re- establishing contact between positive entities and the material plane is how I see this happening! The malaise when Dukat closes the wormhole is a good metaphor for the current period!

I wonder if this latest terrorist attack a.k.a 'false flag' is that the cabal do not want the stock market to drop, as I have previously written about how these attacks are timed to change the momentum of the stock market to constant highs. The stopping of the market falling via a false flag was so important that they were willing to risk greatly aiding Le Pen in her election chances (assuming of course they don't have that covered with vote rigging.)

If you imagine the amount that the elite have in the markets. The S and P in November 2010 was at 70, now it is at 238. That means if they put in $70 million it would now be $238 million. Those millions can buy real assets! It has what has allowed these corporates to do many things that go against business interests... It's what allows them to produce propaganda.

The Remain campaign. Leftist publications such as CNN, the Washington Post and the Guardian, Youtube, Starbucks, Da'esh are all losing big bucks. Leftism is anti life and anti wealth. Without the stock market gains these companies would have to close down and without propaganda, the game is over for the cabal.

They will go to jail or worse. This is why they cannot have a stock market crash and why they will fund false flags... go to the extreme length of killing people, to stop it.

(Note, I seem to have been able to pull a better post out of the bag after having talked honestly about the work issues I normally would consider too personal for this blog. I do not believe the blog would have flowed had I not said that.)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

May, Le Pen, stocks... Same old story!

Well, it seems that May did a bit of a 180. From seeming to be a kind of saviour figure to deciding she is going to increase taxes to send abroad to places like North Korea.

The French election though is where it's at. This will likely change the narrative on the English one too.

In this current environment, it seems to me as though there is just a very strange vibe in the air, really weird, and backing up the idea of that being a legitimate psychic sense I have been seeing aura's again.

Part of my spiritual practice is to not masturbate and I did tonight during my sleep. But I decided that was down to indulging in thoughts/ fantasies of that nature just before I went to bed. (And only a small bit of physical stimulation, excited the body that finished the work in sleep!)

Here is an interesting video:

But predictions of the crash are rife all the time these days, and it never happens. I'm predicting a panic buy when Le Pen wins.

That's all I have for today. A non publish I think not much here!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Symbols to offer hope in a dark world.

Eeesh, things are not going good right now.

Yesterday, I left work early, because I intended to jobsearch, but after I did a few other things and sat down to jobsearch at 4pm. I fell asleep from 4pm - 4:30 am. Therefore I did not jobsearch.

Things feel dark. But whenever I am feeling bad about myself I am usually reminded that others have it worse. It is a symptom of the world we are living in. Considering those I am close to:

My sister, who I always thought was doing very well, is under the thumb of her mother who has grown more and more mad and eratic. I used to see her every so often but more recently I don't have the time, money or good mood (I can't do inexpensive things like go round her house because her mother is too much trouble)

My cousin refuses to see me and is quite frankly rude, he has grown very depressed and has a medical condition that is not helping.

A friend of mine I like has met a glass ceiling at his workplace, one that he has talked to other people whom have also met this. The team he is with refuse to let him be promoted to another team that pays a lot more money. He also drinks a whole hell of a lot (socially, never alone, people want to socialise with him) and gambles, but only a bit.

Another friend of mine has become a weird moral highgrouding liberal who cannot find work.

There are one or two others of these examples but you get the idea. Things are not moving forward as a society they are simply responding to the global disintegration on the global level by copying it on the social and personal level.

Symbols and politics:

It might be bad and there are only these vague symbols going against this. For instance, for me personally, Le Pen's birthday is August 5th, same as mine. June 8th is a very important date in relation to some events that were of some negativity to me a few years back and those that I hope for redress for.

I love crows, ravens, rooks etc. Partly because the Edgar Allen Poe poem 'The Raven' has me take them to be a symbol for higher positive entities. I also use Seagulls as symbolic for something else. Today, I saw a rook, quite a bit smaller than a seagull, viciously attacking the larger white bird by doing something via attaching to its back. I thought this was a good symbol. It was highly personally meaningful.


Interestingly, Gerald Coyne was suspended from the Union on the day the ballots are being counted for the Union leadership election. Now, I put up a jokey post about Gerald and it was not let through on twitter, it seems they were moderating each and every tweet, in Geralds favour, therefore, regardless of any of the arguments, I think Gerald is probably the bad guy in all this:

Although really, I would prefer that the Union was not politicised to follow a hard left agenda... Like... Oh I don't know... VENZUELA.

April 28th (Unite Election) is not that far off.

I hope you, dear reader, have things in your life that are give you cause for hope!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

This snap election is our march to victory!

This election is our march to victory!

At least that's what it seems like to me:

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Tory manifesto will guarantee end of free movement, UK to leave single market and no more meddling by Euro judges as May issues her cast-iron Brexit pledges

End of free movement! It's sounding pretty good. I don't know what it will miss out and how genuine such promises are, but if it's in the manifesto, it seems likely May will pull it off!

This will be a vote... One of the only mechanisms that seems to guarantee change in the real world! We can still read the manifesto and find out if there is any small print in these promises, for instance, does the 'end of free movement' promise include a number? Or a date? Or any specifics.

So much is still up in the air we have no idea what UKIP, Farage and Banks are still planning. If Nigel got into the House of Commons though that will be a massive aid to Brexit.

The French election is also a big deal. If Le Pen gets in it will change the whole narrative into a more eurosceptic position, four weeks before the election!

We also have,as a major event but one with a likely predictable outcome. The Unite Union leadership election. On the 28th of April.

I personally will be likely voting Conservative to outvote my local, smug arrogant remainer MP Peter Kyle. (Who still has not made a public announcement about this snap election on his social media, and whose close friend Chuka Umunna came out with some left wing butthurt the other day about how calling an election is undemocratic). I do not yet know who the local Conservative candidate will be but what to do if it is also a remainer? (Remain is 70% in my area). UKIP may be only fielding candidates against remain supporting MP's but would they even bother in Hove? 

Perhaps it will be decided by the Eurosceptics that Hove is beyond help! 

STILL can't make sense of this.

In my last post I said that I was basically overwhelmed and could not think of anything to say with the contradictory information out there.

Well, Benjamin Fulford has doubled down, he is not backing off on his side of the story between him and Wilcock!

However, now May has called an election on June 8th (a HIGHLY, HIGHLY significant date to me) there is even more to think about. But I cannot do so at the moment.

I have gridlock in my brain. If the thoughts were cars there would be complete non movement in a central junction.

Perhaps it's my bloodsugars going down because of exercise and some relevant emotional events that have also weighed on me.

What is obvious though is that the next few months are going to be very interesting.  So much so that rather than trying to steer the conversation, direct the thought. It's going to simply be a question of going with the information as it comes out and handling it on the fly.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Still can't make sense of it all.

Well, I definitely have nothing to say now.

What could I have to say after yesterday? Plus I have been sleeping an unusual amount (perhaps subconsciously in preparation for today). With all that sleep I have not been reading or thinking about anything.

I have been getting very intense dreams all night. I have also seen a few small synchronicities recently, as in Brave New world and 'The New World' name of this blog. Plus the title came up on a Netflix season episode. I wonder if something is going to happen soon in sense of world geopolitics.

But mostly, all my discipline is going to go into having a shift at the place I am currently working. Plus other real world events today.

Chaos, just chaos.

The world is at odds now. The information coming out is vastly contradictory:

Exopolitics: Is Pentagon using MOAB bombs against Giants hidden in Afghanistan?

Benjamin Fulford: Khazarian mafia attempts to start World War 3 stopped in Syria and in North Korea

Stillness in the Storm: David Wilcock Update via Benjamin Fulford: "The intel I am receiving from various trusted sources, FWIW, is that the Alliance"

These are two alternate stories that Trump has completely turned, or that Trump is following a positive agenda that someone can only understand if they understand the secret space program information.

Youtbe, Gregory Mannarino: UPDATE: Stocks Push Higher, But THIS Needs To Happen! By Gregory Mannarino

This one shows alternately that stocks are likely to follow their usual pattern of going higher, and that the VIX, which has been a reliable indicator in the past, is showing their might be a sudden tumble.

I'm out, I hold my hands up I can't make sense of this information anymore. Tomorrow, I have loads going on. I'm doing an overtime shift with my current role, while being uncomfortable with it seeing as they don't seem to have your back when there are unreasonable complaints against you. So I need energy to navigate this strange environment and not give them any emotional hooks that might complicate my intentions. (Need to sign up to a suitable union for any longer in the job, that I expect to be about a month more).

I am navigating my relationship with this group, while trying to follow up with another job. While tomorrow going to a martial arts lesson and meeting an old friend, and also having dreams and strange health issues (oversleeping) that really would require some attention/ energy or thought of some sort. 

Too much is going on.

Time to drug myself to sleep for an early start tomorrow!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter post.

I applied again at my old workplace yesterday (I got a phone call recently from them). The same franchise but a different store. (so not one of those that exclusively hires foreigners).

I slept better than I have in months. There's just something wrong with the place I'm working at at the moment. Everything there is done indirectly so that instinctual feeling I get I cannot bring up hard evidence to justify, however, I have recently been scapegoated for a complaint a company made about me and when listening back to the call... there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Now someone might be able to make a case against me in relation to other calls (which they had offered no feedback about previously) but they cannot make the case that the call I did get a complaint for was in any way bad at all. Despite the fact they "kind of" tried to have me fired for it.

Luckily, the woman that writes the contracts wrote in a fairly long notice period even before the introductory period is finished. Probably to stop precisely that kind of thing happening.

Happy Easter:

So Happy Easter everyone. I stay away from too many deep thoughts about the deeper meaning of the Creator etc. since I seem to have observed a certain lack of justice in my personal life and with it a feeling of being 'abandoned by the creator'. If I have a life path surely if other people on my life path decide to go against it then they should be disciplined (in the larger karmic sense) or brought into conformity with it. But this does not seem to have happened, so even though I claim the protection of Christ in this dark period we are in, and I need it in order to remain sane, my faith in some ways is a little shaken.

This is one of the things I wanted to talk about today:

This is a video at a recent rally with Free Speech supporters and Anti Fa. A girl, who we are damn lucky advertised that she was going to get violent with "Neo Nazi's" on her facebook, get punched squarely in the face.

First I looked at this video and thought it was the guy who hit first.
Then someone pointed out that she had grabbed the guys neck before he hit her.
Then I realised that she did grab his neck but it was in the context of him already having forward momentum.
Now I realise she has an armouted right glove!:

I have talked about self defense in recent articles. I don't know the context of this battle and it is likely there were many aggressive women on the anti fa side plus, with masks on it can't always be obvious what gender people are. (Note the photogenicness of the guy at the back's coat clearly saying 'Jesus will judge you' as the punch lands!)

With most martial arts it is primarily defensive. It would have been more satisfying if the anti fa woman had been able to get in a real attack before she would be taken down. Of course in this case most self defense is more brutal than a sucker punch to the face. For instance, if someone moves forward and punches (Self defense designed for drunken bar fight sometimes) and you are directly in front of them if you move their punch lightly to the side you have closed the distance between yourself and them. Which means you are close to their ribs, neck and legs.

Also, any grabbing motion as long as the other person isn't too strong invites all sorts of aikido twists. I remember one move, I don't have the complete one and have not practiced it, but it involves just a small swivel of the feet when someone grabs you and their forward momentum gifts you their arm at an angle. All you need to do is grab it properly and you can twist them into a puppet.

If I were to practice anything though it would be a very underutilised move in the martial arts world... The sweep. You can place your foot just under someone elses and take them right off their feet.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is it would be good to be strategic (although I refrain from judgement of these events). In the event of a move that would gift an arm twist that completely incapacitates the attacker, as in perhaps an attempted headlock; you could grab her and make her feel it and tell her to 'go home honey'.

More on Islam:

According to this video:

The land under the Middle East and Northern Africa houses some very negative beings.

Like a tuning fork people become like those in close proximity to them.

I have previously stated that I think Muhammed was a positive being.

The environment Muhammed lived in though was likely quite a violent one. For a long while I looked at Islams history and thought that there could be no defence against the idea that he basically lead a negatively polarised group. Until I looked at the history of the land he lived in... and what I found was... Nothing!

Which is unusual. There should be something. There are loads of scholarly type people that are basically anti Islam why is there no real records of the period before Islam? These people would have dug them up. There would be pages or videos saying... "The period before Islam... Was it really a time of darkness?"

But there is not, so this seems to say to me that the psychology of the area is atypical in comparison to how we in Europe and the Americas see it. We have long historic records and culture in that period.

This is my partway explanation of the IQ difference in the area.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Making sense of the Mandela effect.

I have a plan... Good times!

Well, not that good in terms of over all life plan. But certainly a little good in terms of immediate emotional and survival concerns. Taking advantage of opportunities.

So here we go, an interesting youtube video, a strange subject that is backed up by the comment section. Something that I have not definitively experienced (perhaps 'Luke I am your father' and '...hate leads to the dark side,' both changed). These though, if they even are true do not bother me, they have no emotional charge.

Anyway, here is the video:

So lets think of it like this... I have heard a few times, mostly from the same sort of sources, that the 'cabal'... 'those-in-the-know' drop truth into movies. Stargate, Terminator, Dark Matter, many other things all have disclosure in them. Another obvious place of disclosure for me, someone who knows the ins and outs of the alternative media ideas, is Netflix. For instance, one of the things discussed by Corey and David is people that are apparently dead by some horrible accident, were actually abducted by military, and extra terrestrial groups.

Obviously then, if the cabal are overthrown and there is disclosure some of these people would return. There are several Netflix shows that discuss this possibility. The Returned, the OA (returning with special abilities), Glitch, one with a child I forget the name of and Beyond, which does not see someone actually physically be taken elsewhere but the dream state becomes another relevant dimension.

AI is another important one discussed in the 4400 and Travelers.

But to take this process in the other direction. What can we glean from these Netflix shows as important ideas that might have deeper relevance... Well... Time Travel! Although it is from sci fi, time travel is discuss in intricately worked out detail in 12 monkeys. It is also discussed once casually by David who said that in these secret programs, one guy went back in time and killed his grandfather; when he returned to his time a bus wiped him out... Rather like Final Destination.

Corey Goode was subjected to a process whereby he was abducted then de aged through time travel and returned to the time he was abducted. If the cabal are using this kind of thing for Corey then they are likely using it for other purposes here on earth as well.

This is to what I attribute the 'Mandela Effect'. In the 12 monkeys there was the good and the bad group, the good group was trying to change the past where a horrible plague had almost wiped out humanity and the bad group were working it out so things did not change. Opposing the good group very effectively. In the first season they always seem ahead of the people trying to change the past.

Now, this being Netflix who knows if that is correct... Both groups are returning from the future to change things, the LoO advised the good groups are doing it and the alternative media have advised the bad are. Who is stalemating the past so the changes are not too great? It could be either side. But clearly, small changes are happening. They also seem to be restricted to brand logo's, films and famous events. All of which the negative has a big hand in... For instance, someone has mentioned the Coca Cola logo.

Why are some people effected more than others? Likely those that store their lives in their brain are getting effected and those who store it in their spirit/ soul are maintaining their original memories.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Perspective on the world.

My perspective has changed slightly.

I got picked up at work for following the rules too rigidly and not being informal enough with the customers I was talking to. This lead to thoughts on my behalf that maybe following the news during the quiet periods there was not the best thing to do. Because it is inevitably gravely serious and I have to maintain an easygoing attitude, so I just search for memes. Mostly from my favourite, demotivators! I love demotivators:

Oh my god the laughs!!!:

You can also re look at those and re- laugh as well.

There is not much going on at the moment. North Korea- China and the US are all having words with each other. Trump dropped the 'mother of all bombs'... I don't know what that means... That he's serious about fighting Da'esh perhaps, despite aiding them in Syria?

I know someone from when I was young, I went to a few classes of this instructor who is really doing very effective martial arts. I went to a class yesterday... Pricey, but it is only now I have grown older that I realise how devilishly effective this class is. Defence against a headlock that was quite devastating, lots of blocks that involved a sense of pain (very light) as muscle meets muscle, and plenty of opportunity to be a bit creative. Not static and unyielding technique.

I would feel more confident in a physical confrontation because of a one hour class. Some of the science involved in this area that involves protecting your centreline etc. It means that someone who is not as strong would likely be able to prevail in a confrontation in my opinion. Rather like how in judo (misspelt to mudo... ha ha) a small person can throw a large person right into the air with an awareness of leverage etc.

The world is in normal mode at the moment... I am a little suppressed and clamped down. I feel the world just could be so much better and I do want a kind of truth to prevail that sees those that act with impunity to have justice done back to them.

What the world will actually turn out like and what abilities might come from this, where we will all end up is a real mystery to me though.

The way forward.

On a basic level I imagine any solution will pull us into conformity with the better part of ourselves. So for me personally the solution, the movement forward often involves unusual Neptunian things (like this blog and astrology itself) and intellectual science/ politically based interests. Rather than a more dramatic idea I might imagine it would be likely that my normal astrology would push me forward along that line with other people also having that as well. (I.e. their astrology or ways of doing things).

The idea that things would massively change power wise is unlikely. However, what could happen is that information I have on events of a metaphysical/ new age area might suddenly become more relevant to the world at large which would change my every day experience.

Who knows though? this is all very abstract... Basically now we are waiting for the next new moon cycle and the French second round election.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Swamp Monsters.

This from Benjamin Fulford:

Stillness in the Storm: Benjamin Fulford Updates (3x) -- April 12th 2017: Possible False Flag on April 13th, Syria War Pre-planned, CENSORED Veterans Today Update

This involves three updates:

The first, that apparently people died to get the information out, includes 13 bloodline families that are above the Rothschilds. I tend to believe there are some people far above Soros, Kissinger and the Rothschilds et al. Whether or not it is these people or others that Benjamin Fulford has said are above such people is unknown to me. However, it seems very unlikely to me that the negative elite would have made such people basically public if they were actually making any of the decisions. (This especially applies to Kissinger).

The Veterans today update includes news that Ankara are the ones responsible for the recent Syrian false flag... Now... Whether or not this comes directly from Erdogan I cannot say. I am unsure about Erdogan, it could be that he is working against the Americans and with Russia and this was from some corrupt element in his military. Or it could be that he is working with the Americans and Saudi's. The coming referendum for Erdogan may give him more political power. Since he is Islamising Turkey, and Islam doesn't tend to be good for human rights, and is against their leader Attaturk, I tend to think he is not one of the good guys but we'll see.

The last statement is that a false flag is planned in China for April 13th. Separate from this there will be some announcement by North Korea's president on April 13th. So there might be some activity that day, but I don't think there will.

It seems that many Trump supporters are of the opinion that Trump is a good guy but just temporarily misguided by the company he keeps. To me personally, Trump has become a bad guy and is probably only limited by the usual limitations of the deep state, i.e. their opposition. He may go good again once put under pressure if Le Pen wins the election but he will not likely do before that.

Zerohedge: Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours
Blink, and you missed Trump's blistering, seamless transformation into a mainstream politician.
Of course not every one of these is a promise worth keeping but some of them are. This is another:

Zerohedge: Trump Abandons Economic Reforms To Embrace War Spending

So here I end with no real conclusion. Sun - Uranus is today, the negative is on the march. But all most of us can do is wait!

Contemplating feminism.

Probably a non publish today... (Fraction of the readers, I think they mostly come through twitter).

The inner emotional change that I get from the post yesterday was surprising. I have been told again and again via dreams to work on feminism and there seems to have been some sort of result.

However, feminism, like indirectly backstabbing women, is hard to really grip as a concept. To grip the abstract ways in which they are gaining power is not as easy as say... Islam.

Here is an article I saw today:

The Conservative Woman: Andrew Cadman: Feminist-dominated Parliamentary democracy is the enemy of social conservatism

This typifies the problem, all this talk about female voters and the philosophy of Sun Tzu.

I wonder if MGTOW makes a dent into the feminist movement, or, separately; men who are genuinely just not interested in women... Do they?

The most negative strain of Islam and feminism clearly go hand in hand what with the rape victims in Sweden being threatened against talking out by feminists. Communism, which also aligns with feminism very closely and comes under the same bracket of 'female darkness' often pairs with Islam, often promotes it, and then gets massacred by the Islamists later; with the communists having to flee. In India this has happened again, and again, and again.

This brings up an image of the negative female supporting a negative male in a kind of martyr like way. Giving herself just so the negative agenda can prevail and not looking out for herself enough to have stopped the negativity of this male being turned upon her... Leads to interesting thoughts on domestic violence.

It is all linked to the global situation and bureaucracy, but even so, singling out this particular thought process is interesting!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dystopian fiction to these days.

Another struggle at work... But what can you expect from these minimum wage jobs!

Dystopian fiction

I'm now reading 'Brave New World'. Recently I read 1984 and before that I read the Hunger games. While that is an extremely short list of fictional dystopian novels, most Netflix shows I am watching have a dystopian angle to them, with time travel for instance, so I feel I have ended up thinking of the concepts quite a bit.

Continuum's mythology was that in the future, the corporations had taken over everything, that the corporations had had to bail out the government and there was no longer any free speech. There was a lot of unpleasantness in this fictional idea including incredibly harsh penalties for people not paying/ not being able to pay, their debts.

1984 is about an extremely totalitarian government. This is a very male sort of aggression. War, rape, physical assault and stealing are all things that are done too a person. An assault on them. You are miserable and hate the establishment, brainwashed forcibly by big brother.

1984 in my view though is an accurate description of some of the dystopia we are seeing, but most of what we are seeing is more subtle than that... Perhaps that's the end goal. However, another dystopian lens is Brave New World.

In Brave New World the focus on brainwashing is far more extensively worked out. People repeat the phrases and are drugged with a marijuana like drug in order that they don't rebel in terms of thought. The population are actively brainwashed through a more feminine process, an expectation of following the social order, against the kind of independent thought that might lead to rebellion:
Pretty harmless perhaps but also pretty disquieting. That mania to start with for doing things in private. Which meant, in practice, not doing anything. For what was there that one could do in private (Apart, of course, from going to bed, but one couldn't do that all the time). Yes, what was there? Precious little.   --- P76 Vintage Huxley Penguin 2014
'I don't understand anything' she said with decision, determined to preserve her incomprehension intact. 'Nothing. Least of all,' she continued in another tone, 'why you don't take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours, you'd forget all about them. And instead of feeling miserable you'd feel jolly. So jolly,' she repeated and smiled, for all the puzzled anxiety in her eyes, with what was meant to be an inviting and voluptuous cajolery. 
He looked at her in silence, his face unresponsive and very grave - looked at her intently. After a few seconds Lenina's eyes flinched away; she uttered a nervous little laugh, tried to think of something to say and couldn't. The silence prolonged itself.  --- P79
And this from the introduction of the Vintage edition by Margaret Atwood:
The girl shedding her zippicamiknicks is Lenina Crowne, a blue eyed beauty both strangely innocent and alluringly voluptuous - or pneumatic', as her many male admirers call her. Lenina doesn't see why she shouldn't have sex with anyone she likes whenever the occasion offers, as to do so is merely polite behaviour and not to do so is selfish. The man she's trying to seduce by shedding her undergarment is John 'the savage', who's been raised far outside the 'civilized' pale on a diet of Shakespeare's chastity/ whore speeches, and Zuni cults, and self flagellation, and who believes in religion and romance, and in-suffering to be worthy of one's beloved, and who idolizes Lenina until she doffs her zippicamiknicks in such a casual and shamless fashion. 
Never were two sets of desiring genitalia so throughtly at odds. And thereby hangs Huxley's tale.
Well I don't know about that!

During casual reading and many secondhand stories I have heard all sorts of incredibly sordid tales. The ones read in magazines I think are too over- the- top to include her, and the descriptions of debauched parties are not much good either. The level of abortion was very high at my university.

But I do believe this vacant sexual promiscuousness and experimentation is a large part of the liberal brainwashing today. Huxley has captured it very well.

Relation to the real world:

This attitude, this feminine darkness that women are able to behave as debauched as they like, no responsibility in love, and no consequences. If they get in a problem with the man, the childs father it is always his fault and it is never, never, NEVER something to do with their own behaviour or a signal that they should have taken more care in choosing a partner. There are a few manifestation so this:

Comments on that video are interesting.

And, linked from another of my blog entries on feminism:

The Daily Mail: Feminised justice that will create show trials: Former criminal barrister makes the case against pre-recorded evidence at rape trials


I have some to say on karma at the moment but not on this entry. To me, karma is collective, and it is not the only significant metaphysical force that has to be considered when talking about such things. There is also polarity, awareness, and karmas relation to cause and effects.

However, it seems to me that karma is very intelligent, perfect almost, and that when it comes down to it that women like this:

A new reality will suddenly reveal itself. One that has strength and cannot be ignored.

Global game:

The reason this is important is that it seems to me there is a very relevant feminist aspect to the current situation.

Going back to what I was saying before, male negativity is that which is done to someone, usually some sort of violation. Female negativity is the sin of omission, the avoidance of responsibility, a parasitical negativity that feels like it sucks the energy out of others (perhaps via taxation) and moral highgrounding. The feminine negativity doesn't just want to do negative things it wants you to smile and say you enjoy it being done, or at least to say that it is being done to you for your own good.

Examples of this might be the Rotherham case, the sin of omission, and teachers unions allied with Antifa that influenced teachers to ignore this form of sex trafficking. False rape accusations. Rather than innocent until proven guilty it is guilty without proof with no option for proof of innocence (perhaps because the woman making the accusation "feels" you are guilty). Taking the moral highground in claiming everyone is racist in not approving of immigration no matter how badly it is effecting them.


This form of antifa grassroots negativity (rather than elite) is shown in political movements like this. That are active in society at the moment:

Guido Fawkes: Lib Dems On The March.

Of course, as I have written about previously we are in a bit of a negative state at the moment but I fully expect that to turn around. When there is a positive movement what starts is lots of elation at a vote, or positive movement leading to the full moon, then the remainers, and the whiny loser negatives start to slowly monopolise the narrative again, usually in the wind down from the full moon.

Here though we have seen another pattern. The negative has taken this news cycle and after these events happened (Trump assaulting Syria) the positive had to come up with their defense running up to the full moon. A few words by Steven Pieczenik are one example of this.

What will likely happen now is a wind down, commentary but no movement until a few days after the 25th (with the possible addition of something for the next two days, moon conjunct Uranus). Then the next cycle which will likely see Le Pen elected will start to take shape. The preparation of physical and metaphysical entities for the coming event if it is as big as I expect it to be should be obvious.

Dystopian fiction conclusion:

So, Aldous Huxley. The brainwashing to modern neo- liberal values check. People being drugged onto anti depressants... Check. It is likely that each of these books and films shows a side of these dystopian ideas but nothing, absolutely nothing comes anywhere close to the reality we are currently living in.

The evil of today is so evil. I remember contemplating negative characters in some show or other and then going back to alternative media. Compared with the clean killing of innocents, even thousands. The weirdness of mass paedophilia is not touched on in any fiction that I can think of... There is a good reason for that, people read fiction to enjoy it not to contemplate paedophilia!

The amount of people in power that are involved in this strange satanic activity. The utter unforgiving dark nature of many in government and the establishment as a whole. The fact that their activities have lead to mass rape of innocent Europeans. This staggers the contemplative capabilities in its evil and dystopian fiction is below the level of a childrens book in comparison.

- The Hunger Games had an interesting take on the anger of those in power, to punish, and the way they separated the 'Brave New World' class from the '1984' class with references to poverty and human propensity to violence. But it did not take into account that usually the evil people are the brainwashed among everyone. People were all on the same side in this book.
- Brave New World talks about brainwashing. But gone are the propensity to war of such insanely evil people in the elite of such a society.
- 1984 talked about totalitarianism. But lacked any negative use of human passion and violence.

Real life of course marries all these ideas, and a lot more, including the massive amount of good in the world.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The non publish,

A non publish today.

Just a quick note it appears the yesterday article on Russia and Iran saying they would attack if Trump crossed 'Red lines' was actually false:

The Duran: Fake news story in mainstream AND alt-media slanders Russia and Iran

Tomorrow will be the full moon. We will see more crap likely from these events but they will at least not move further forward in the near future. Then, we have the Turkey referendum and prepare for the Le Pen new moon. Also with the Union election closing on 28th April and presumably having the results soon after.

The Chinese have apparently made concessions in order to avert a trade war with Trump (if true that is good of them, they are not without their pride the Chinese). The Russians and Iranians have remained either polite or silent about Washingtons latest warmongering. It is clear that the world considers the Americans, the very powerful and rich Americans, a legitimately loose canon.

The reason this is a non publish is that after basic statements like this I really have nowhere to go. Except to re- iterate... The Le Pen election is coming up and Benjamin Fulford will produce a blog today! Even though I don't believe some of the things that guy says (although he has been proven substantially correct on the Epstein video in all likelihood), the general feel of what Benjamin Fulford says I consider to be true.

Trump, Syrian Girl, Surprise Globalist, Dark Times!

So I have the answer I believe the explains this new Trump behaviour:

Stillness in the Storm: Benjamin Fulford -- April 8th 2017: Trump missile attack on Syria is a sign of Khazarian mafia desperation

Basically, Trump was threatened with the tape Epstein took of him raping a twelve year old girl.

The path Trump has started on is going to make all sorts of irreversible karmic dents that lead to more and more problems for him. It appears that Trump and his team consider there to be a real risk of nuclear war from these behaviours:

(This video was not on my subscriptions as I highlighted on twitter):

Now that he is using taxpayers money to fund his golf trips, he is coming away from his political stances. A small point in the midst of the death and potential death of the west, but small points of karma are still unyielding.

Many people, his intelligent supporters have now either turned against Trump, or are specifying that they don't agree with this behaviour but he is still the best option; but there are people that had committed to him like a cult:

The surprise globalist in this whole endeavor has been Maajid Nawaaz:

I have spoken positively about this guy before and thought of him as positive but I do not anymore.

Personally, I have finished watching Continuum on Netflix and I am profoundly grateful at binge watching the whole three and a half seasons in order to get through this. It has been upsetting the Trump has turned, When I stopped watching it briefly the other day I was overcome by this sense of grief, like a bottomless pit inside myself that I might fall into. After reading Benjamin Fulfords update and sleeping on this, getting involved in a tv show and mostly boycotting twitter, facebook, and youtube for a while, I feel that I have processed this event a little.

Real war:

It appears as per the Golfing video and articles like this that war is considered a legitimate possibility by many of those in power.

Anyway, 28 days for the March 7th French election... Four weeks... It'll go like a flash!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Russia... Trump... Anger.

Is Russia going to do anything or are they just bluffing? A valid question if ever there was one.

Russia is meant to have a missile defence system, a ship on the coast of Syria capable of shooting down any aircraft, they put it in after Turkey bombed their pilots.

The utter betrayal of Trump of his supporters is still something I need to process. I have not even been able to face the news despite most days previously,  almost every day in fact, having followed the news all day.

Bad times. Even when it first happened I was thinking that surely the news of why it happened behind the scenes will come out, but it won't come out yet. Or even commentary that helps us all process could come out as well.

Nothing too insightful though. Paul Joseph Watson is loudly proclaiming the reality.

And Syrian girl explaining truth.

There aren't really words here. Just waiting for Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, and to a lesser extent infowars to come out with any deeper insights on this area. The story might in fact be exactly what it looks like... Trump has switched sides!

There are some people still supporting Trump. Some 'deplorables' that have stayed the course.

We'll have more information soon enough.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Downward spiral.

Wow, things are not good.

From what I can tell, Donald Trump has turned!

I am looking at this event through the lens of this paradigm. The mythology of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and The Prophets, and the fact that the Holland election was rigged meaning the positive has less power on earth.

What happened after the events that caused such 'bad luck' in Star Trek Deep Space Nine is that Ben Sisko, the captain of Deep Space Nine goes on a break. During the middle of a war he leaves his post and for six months spends time at his fathers playing piano. Eventually he has an insight into his family history which eventually leads to him finding a solution to the problem, aiding the positive entities in such a way that the negative entities are thrown out of their foothold.

Immediately after battles in far away galaxies that the good guys are fighting, and which were not going very well suddenly get better, the tide turned. This is what I hope happens in this world after the French election. Things just coincidentally go better!

It could of course be that there is a reason for Trumps action. Perhaps it was not the same target the media and the seemingly relevant parties agree that it was.

Perhaps Ben Fulford on Monday will have some insight. Until then I suppose we sit tight while the world, from all appearances, begins spiralling into war!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Binge watching netflix while the bad guys are winning!

Well, clearly the Trump administration is having even more troubles, Kendall Jenner is being hung by the thought police, and the UK government in its infinite wisdom has decided to keep an impossibly high level of immigration for another five years. Completely destroying the job prospects of the unskilled working class.

... But, for me personally... Things are actually going quite well!

I have been binge watching a new TV series on Netflix. A white hating propagandist outlet but I literally have nothing else to do with my time... Without money that is.

One of the shows I have been watching is called Continuum. There are four seasons of it on Netflix. It is fantastic, it has a complex plot, (because my mind needs a fair bit of complexity), plenty of action, good characters etc. I am through to the second season and between that and other programmes, I have been, like I said... Binge watching.

The show has an unashamed left wing leaning. There are no positive free market based characters trying to change society in good ways. The show only has the corporations which we know are taking over the world and its opposition, who are basically terrorists. Since I have begun watching it I have felt as though the show is realist and more gritty than others, something is just more real about it, something feels as though you're watching real events.

I wonder if that is because there are numerous references right from the very beginning to the twin towers being blown up and that sets off something in our primordial mind. (There have been three skyscrapers blown up so far). Or whether there is some sort of subliminal action. Or whether something is actually being disclosed through this series. Time travel is a normal part of the story in the alternative, alternative media.

This combination, this left wing railing against the corporations, talking down about unskilled work, cool terrorists, suicide bombings, manifestos and working for the 'people'. It all seems like an advertisement to become a terrorist, I imagine this is the kind of series (with a lot of other things) could radicalise a stupid person to join Da'esh!

But for someone like me that can throw off the occasional reference to unskilled work, it is highly entertaining! (this is Netflix remember).

I did not vote for things to be so unchanging and unchallenging like this for the world. But, I have no stresses at the moment and I have slept very well, feeling very happy from binge watching continuum and other programmes. For £5.99 this month! (I will have watched all four seasons soon and that would have cost about £25 at HMV!)

Also, supplements are making me feel very healthy.

What I voted for was real social change of a kind that goes beyond our society and includes extra terrestrials etc. The fall of the Illuminati, the easy liberal multi cultural narrative changed, the stock market subjected to the free market, all the nice easy patterns that those of us who are lucky have at the moment disrupted... and real life, and truth, to commence!

But while that is not happening I guess I'll be watching Netflix.