Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween, conspiracy theory and the future.

Today, I've learned from the Daily Express, Helen Mirren has come out with some virtue signalling tripe, that Brexit is a 'blow to humanity'.

This is a shame, although I'm not Helen Mirrens biggest fan I do occasionally enjoy her work. The last film I saw with her was 'Eye in the Sky'. But like Robert Downey Junior, Mark Hamill, Samuel L Jackson, Adele, Patrick Stewart and no doubt others, it is time for me to boycott Helen's work as well. (European Union and Clinton the same things).

The other day an earthquake in Italy, one of many likely designed to intimidate the Italians away from having their December 4th referendum, was 6.6 on the Richter scale and has put a crack through a famous church in Italy, it's all very metaphorical.

As this video shows, there definitely is some sort of Satanic loyalty these people have and here is David Icke's take on Halloween:

I already knew that Christmas was based on some sort of human sacrifice, the Turkey being a symbolic expression of this now. I stopped eating Turkey at Christmas after that and now go with something I enjoy... Salmon!

With the Alex Jones video on vaccines, this, and certain other things Corey has said that are even worse than even paedophilia and human sacrifice. It starts to bring into focus the massive amount of change and emotional breakdown (as perspectives shift) that the world will experience when this all comes out.

Probably why they are trying so hard to prevent this happening.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The new moon, phase 2 begins.

According to this guy, the market next week will signal what the election result is going to be.

This is an interesting idea.

If, as I said in a recent post, the EU/ Globalist takeover is a re- hashing of the Nazi takeover, then it stands to reason that the response to that is similar. Britain started this off on an intellectual level. As though, in principle, a politician fought off the naysayers (shut up) and said, 'these people (globalists) are dangerous, we recognise them as such, and declare war.' Phase 1.

The Americans arrive as a bunch of good natured commandos... 'Boys lets light em up'. Phase 2 Trump election; and others, beginning perhaps with the Italians also vote out and other things, is some other groups saying 'and you have allies'; Phase 3.

The deaths of those opposing Clinton, the information from Corey on Henry Kissinger and the whole things makes it seem very genuinely like Clinton is the dark side, Trump only ever seems to do good things. A warm hearted man:

Look at their actions and not their words... I believe is a Jesus quote.

The Trump election is strategically in this 'war' very important, because unlike the Brexit vote, Trump will be in the White House everyday effecting reality. We have seen a globalist process against Brexit and we still have a globalist leader in England, either that or someone so weak it hardly matters. 

Although the Brexit vote was crucial in the social media war, in the war of emotions and words of the political pundits and mainstream media. In terms of practical on the ground realities a Trump victory is more important. Of course, had the Brexit vote gone the other way the EU would now be a force of real intimidation and more powerful, perhaps itself being able to block the Presidential vote or minimise the importance and power of America. Because it would have conferred legitimacy on the globalist agenda.

The outcome of this vote and the aftermath of the likely Trump election will be the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of something quite different. Free will decided in Britain we reject the globalists, now things have fallen back to normality slightly, the negative has regained polarity to a small extent and again, another nation and expression of humanity is going to reject them as well.

We have never seen a major Western power have a non globalist leader. Germany, France, the UK, America, Japan, and many others have always followed the globalist agenda, although they have aspects of the military and government that do not. Trump being in the White House, thought to be the most powerful office in the world. A non globalist. The world will begin to shift in all sorts of ways. Subtle and not so subtle. That are beyond our imagination at this time!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Social media and volatile news circuit.

So, I went on twitter and facebook yesterday. They were awful.

I can't believe Twitter is so bad. After being on Gab for so long, I had not noticed how positive the Gab phenomena is.

Twitter was clunky, there were posts that came into my feed that I absolutely, passionately did not care about. A hashtag something like #ThingsPeopleDontSayInHorrorMovies. Every time you RT something it summarises the post and asks you if you want to RT it. This same feature has previously blocked me RT'ing things, usually for political reasons, so it gave me an extra strong sense of frustration to see it.

It was awful in every way. Then I went on facebook and I just could not even consider putting my energy into that platform after so many people have deliberately ignored what I was saying for months on end. People on there seem happy with photos of lakes and t- shirts with cute saying on them. If that's what they want then that's what they can have! I will not interfer.

It reminds me of something said in the Law of One that people stop at whatever place, they may be very close to getting something but if they have to stop there they will stop before getting it.

Meanwhile the volatility of the news circuit proves that there has been some sort of big change behind the scene, consider:

Daily Express: 'Merkel to be replaced WITHIN A WEEK': Shock alliance could see German leader booted out

This plus the news of Hillary getting investigated again shows that something big may happen, as I summarised briefly in the last post and one before, there looks like there could also be financial volatility as well!

I also happen to love the statements of these 'migrants'. We want designer wear like Armani and Boss, and the French will not give us a big house so we want to move to England.

Well, they're not wrong!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Serious prepping blog. International politics situation.

One writer I once read, Richard Bach once said that the compulsion to write is like sitting there peacefully, and a big muscly man breaks the whole front of the house down, comes up to you, lifts you up by the scruff of the neck and says: WRITE!

That's how I feel now. I was peacefully getting ready for work tomorrow and eating soup with chopsticks. Then all of a sudden I had a thought and then thought, 'I should blog that'. Then I realised... I HAVE to blog that. An inner compulsion compels me simple as:

I believe there are forces guiding us. I thought I was not being guided particularly and perhaps I am not. Perhaps these are just the results of noticing things in a different way, but coincidentally these little incidences have made me realise how big a financial crash could be and the need to prep:

1) Water:

The plumbing went wrong in my house a few months ago. This was VERY difficult. We used more than 20 litres in two or three days. Originally I had just prepped for drinking water but then I realised:

  • Personal hygiene.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Washing clothes.
  • Possibly cooking food.

I have got around this to some extent by getting disposable plates and cutlery. The problems is very serious though.

2) Money:

My mothers card did not produce cash out of a certain cash machine with the words 'contact your bank'. This was an uncomfortable powerless feeling. Surprisingly and unnervingly so. If this happens en mass panic will very quickly ensue (in my estimation).

3) Electricity:

The lights have stopped working in the bathroom and kitchen. My thoughts have been:

A)  Wow, this light that I have on my key ring (£20 torch) really does not produce that much light although it seems to.

B) HOW LONG WILL THE BATTERIES LAST (Not long, even if it is long, the tension is uncomfortable).

I think I'll only be comfortable if I have a source that will not run out. Possibly a kinetic operated light for instance.

The global game:

I do not need to spell out the sudden surprises in international politics. Things are getting very fragile. Knowledgeable financial people are making some very disturbing noises about the bond market. That does not seem to have a solution that is positive. If bond yields are going up, investors are not buying them and new debt cannot be created. If bond yields are going down, investors are fleeing stocks for some unknown reason meaning the stock market is likely due for a sudden 'correction'.

Anyway, I think we're all a little on edge at the moment.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Neptune, STS power games.

I talked before about the new moon coming up on the 30th of October, and how it effects my personal chart.

This personal moon cycle includes within it the likely election of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump (positive), or a conversely negatively orientated option of Hillary Clinton.

Although I did notice some aspects of the new moon in my last post on the subject, I recently looked at the chart again and noticed Neptune:

There we have the Sun and the moon becoming new at 7deg Scorpio. TRINE Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces, I did see Mercury.

I have said before, after noticing that Neptune is currently transiting over Twitters Uranus, that Neptune is where this social justice phenomena is coming from and it is also where Extra Terrestrial info is linked as well, and that info is a prerequisite to actually meeting them.

But how do these two things link? How does 'social justice' destroy Extra Terrestrial info?

Cayce used to say that Neptune was linked with the sacral chakra that I didn't initially understand. But it makes sense.

The sacral chakra is where we accept things or choose not to. The sacral is also obviously collective (i.e. collective planet). To me this is rather like two people noting there is physical chemistry between them and that this is positive or pleasurable in some way or indulging in it's negative opposite of lack of acceptance that might be called feminism or other social justice information.

Where this links to Extra Terrestrials is in two places: A) They are a part of our animalistic collective tribe even though they are 'not of this world'. And more correctly, some who identify themselves as extra terrestrial are actually from this world. Those who push hardest that they are extra terrestrial being the ones more likely of the 'breakaway civilisations'. B) If you were to accept the world as it is you might decide that Extra Terrestrials exist as self evident.

These are just guesses, working with Neptune is never easy.

Interestingly though this area does hold some interesting notes about the 'unseen realm' that Neptune seems to occupy. That if there is a chemistry between people and they decide to adopt a concept to avoid it's manifestation of affection then that is something that happens in the unseen realm. An emotional decision not directly provable. (Although usually that everyone knows).

Service to Self patterns:

During a recent blog I noted how the propaganda of Nazi Germany towards the end of the war was exactly the same as the Remain campaign (that is furthermore exactly the same as Hillary's)

A pattern I have seen consistently in life is that people are unable to really let go of things, especially where big crimes are involved, and often end up campaigning their whole lives against abuse they have suffered, a case in point might be this guy, that has worked against the Clintons for 28 years.

We know from Corey and David Wilcock that the Nazi's that escaped didn't die, they escaped and were aided by negative ET's and infested the upper echelons of the American administration. (Which is of course the same thing as the European Union administration).

Therefore, the people that initially tried to create a European superstate ruled by Germany and themselves may have been the exact ones doing it again.

This may be why the negative beings surrounding Carla did not give up. The very act of not being dominated by a negative being causes them to lose polarity and they attempt to gain that polarity again by scheming to overthrow that person. Once they have made that attempt they cannot let up.

Interesting huh!

Flat market but generally quiet news wise.

So it is about 12 days. November 9th at about the time it is now (20:00 BST) before I will definitely know the results of the US election... Exciting times.

It's getting pretty serious:

Daily Express: ‘Europe is SERIOUSLY ILL’ Deutsche Bank demands £133BILLION slush fund from EU taxpayers

So what next?:

Prepping probably, and warning others to an extent. 

I've worked around 32 hours in the past three days. My last paycheck saw me more than £100 down before I even considered any other spending so I have not been 'spreading it around' at all recently.

All is quiet on the news front though. But, new moon will be next week, Trump election the week after.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

UKIP leadership, feminism, psychic powers in societies future.

Well, things plod on.

I read a piece in Guido Fawkes the other day about a poll conducted that put Paul Nutall ahead at 42 points. Then Suzanne Evans and finally Raheem Kassam in third place. However, Breitbart went into these figures and it seems like it is just another establishment stitch up:

Breitbart London: Times Newspaper Uses Hand Selected UKIP Councillors To Boost Paul Nuttall Leadership Bid

Well you are judged by the strength of your enemies. RAHEEM IS THE MAN!

The Express did a piece on Theresa May today giving a speech to Goldman Sachs from the 'remain' perspective. This is not particularly damning in my view, because you tell those sort of rich snobs what they want to hear. But the home office suppressing reports on Muslim integration, or lack thereof is related to the government and the anti Russia hysteria is also. Theresa is looking like a bit of a globalist and perhaps the EU negotiations will go well, or perhaps they are being stalled deliberately. Us on the ground here have no way of knowing.

Yesterday, I saw this video:

This video summarises another in which a feminist investigates feminist groups and mens rights groups and slowly comes to the realisation that feminism is a hate cult (cult is actually the word she uses). She found that when she brought up issues with feminists (the example was male suicide) they would tut or roll their eyes and not care about men. However, when she brought up womens issues with mens rights groups they did have concern. 

As I was watching this the moon was precisely positioned over the North node that I thought was interesting.

It feels very true that piece of information. That there are certain women, particularly those that identify as feminists that simply do not care about what men might be feeling about one thing or another. This is why the feminists like to campaign that women should always be believed. Because they have no concern for how men might feel if they are unjustly accused!

I have talked about this before.

One last thought related to this, and if you have not seen them yet my impression is that some of these are highly amusing:

One of the points I am making is about this negative character, Darth Sidious. He seems so unbelievably indestructible as he did through the Star Wars series. He stands against Yoda and wins, he manipulates the rebels masterfully. His telekinetic powers and strength over the force is masterful.

It strikes me that there are probably negative adepts with similar powers. And positive adepts with even more in the situation we live in when you take into account the Extra terrestrial races we are in contact with at the moment.

If even ONE of these entities is exposed to the world, perhaps as a negative being going on trial. EVERYTHING will change. Or more precisely, some things will change and people who are ahead of the curve will become more powerful. But nothing ever really changes. People will still be what they are. Just now with other awarenesses and potentially powers.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Parallels between now and second world war.

I have been reading about the second world war. There are some parallels and interesting trends I thought I'd share:

A) Towards the end of the war Josef Goebbels produced a magazine called 'The New Europe', titles included:
  • Europe is fighting for unity
  • Youth ensures Europe's future
  • The economic unity of Europe
  • The New Europe, a victory over Anglo Saxon hostility.
Perhaps the Nazi's couldn't get away with writing 'the Anglo Saxon racism' on that last one!

B) When news of the concentration camps came out before the end of the war, the Germans mostly did not believe them (perhaps they thought they were "conspiracy theories".)

C) The Nazi's, the negative polarity, believed right up to the end that they had a secret death ray that would save them. The German army were told to fight to the end and many of them did. That pattern here is the negative polarity apparently does not give up in defeat. This is in contrast to how it happens in negative density according to the LoO where takeovers are simply acknowledged.

D) There was little fanfare towards the end of the war. There was no heroism. It was a dull plodding affair. Rather like now. Even though there is fanfare about Trump and things. Things definitely have the plodding aspect. We wait for the election or the Italian referendum. News on any stock crash or disclosure etc.

E) When the Germans lost, they did not protest. The citizens were made to watch news of the concentration camps. There was no revisionist history, such things came from outside Germany. There was just a dull acceptance.

F) Life became cheap during the end of the war. Groups of tens of thousands of people were sacrificed on a whim for virtually no reason, (this to me is similar to the 'terrorist' attacks we witness here and the endless body count of Clintons opposition such as Seth Rich. The war in Syria. The 'cabal' have already lost there is no need for these things.)

Now, we are not in the same position as the Germans were; because the weight was strongly in favour of the negative polarity. Even after the war the negative factions simply moved into a slightly different configuration and carried on with their games with the deceptive 'cold war' phenomena.

This time we may see something similar or we may see the actual shift completely away from the negative. Also, our everyday lives, although there is some censorship and some rape victims in Cologne and Sweden ignored. A lot of deaths in the Middle East. This situation is nowhere near as dire as the second world war.

This time, we can see the free market and democracy voting against the end of these tyrants:

Zerohedge: Twitter Planning To Fire Another 8% Of Workforce, "Losing Talent" Fast

Zerohedge: 14% Of Polled Wells Fargo Customers Have Decided To Leave The Bank

Monday, 24 October 2016

State of play, closing square, devaluation and personal.

As I have talked about before, we have a new moon next Sunday. When we are in the closing square of the moon cycle as we are now there is usually not much emotional excitement. However, with things as they are at the moment and a US Presidential Election in swing, there may still be interesting news such as that coming out of Wikileaks.

Read a fantastic leak the other day about Putin not doing what the Americans/ DNC want!:
Putin did not agree to anything about removing Assad and continues to bomb the people we support. We pushed the same position in 2012 (Geneva 1, which HRC knows all about) and Geneva 2 in 2014. Odds that Putin agrees to remove Assad are only slightly better than the odds the College of Cardinals chooses me to someday succeed Pope Francis.
I also read this document about sabotaging the Trumpers on social media that is endlessly funny:
The board is dark and full of losers 
The chans are a volatile source for sedimentary rage against society for one’s own personal failures. They are hot-beds of meme-innovation and can produce symbolically complex textualand sub-textual memes. Our campaign of disruption must continue. Due to the anonymousnature of the board, it is difficult to disrupt—put in context, the chans are in a permanent state of disruption.
These people they just don't get it do they? But I suppose if they 'got it' they wouldn't be campaigning for Hillary Clinton (and by dropping this meme I do not agree with that assessment of Chans):

Also, Chinese devaluation is back. But even though it is usually a massive market crashing event, the market is rallying like nothing else. While a lot of people believe it will come down eventually predicting the future at this point in time takes more energy than simply preparing for it... How serious are the Russians about nuclear war? Well I'd prefer not to know.

Finally, and yes finally, we have some information on Julian Assange, but it still seems rather cryptic.


For me personally I am thinking of other things a bit, and if I'm thinking of other things but these things (politics and attendant metaphysical concerns), if other thoughts are important enough to get in the way, then they are very important". We have a new manager at work, a workplace I have had just about enough of, and it is only fair to 'discuss' things with this new manager and give her a chance but it is time for me to at least try to move on I think, and apply for other jobs. (Even transferring would not solve this problem, the place seems to run on a model that they get you to work hard and then if you make any mistakes from being tired, or even if you make no mistakes and the customers don't communicate properly, they whine at you. No warmth or consideration just whining.).

Although I do not want to discuss these things until I go because I do not like to give the appearance I am bluffing. It's only fair to engage.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

More on feminism.

I am starting to feel a feel that is almost identical as to that I felt before the Brexit election. I remember talking to some people online, former friends, who just believed the election would go a certain way, that we would stay in the EU even though the evidence for that was sketchy.

I have written about this before, after the election I was suddenly more of a real threat so they started talking down to me and arguing. In fact, I would describe it more like having temper tantrums.

Same is true now, the anti Trumpers think they have it in the bag. It has also made me think of feminism more.

When I messaged the woman from that forum, and when I got in arguments before with them, the conversation would go in a very basic way.
  • They would say something ridiculous, unproven and accusatory, 
  • I would ask politely for a source or why they thought that, perhaps adding some of my perspective, always being jokey and pleasant.
  • They would start throwing insults and throw a few sources or insults.
  • I would disprove those. Effortlessly and quite completely.
  • They would accuse me of hate speech.
That that would actually work is ridiculous. This is what happens in feminist society, if feminists get their fragile little egos challenged they make accusations of having been persecuted or raped. 

It continued thusly:
  • The 'moderators' would tell me to stop it without being specific. Being very unspecific.
  • I would respond basically, not thoroughly.
  • They throw insults.
  • I mentioned those insults on the forum.
  • I get told I am doing hate speech.
  • To which I respond, the only hate speech in that post was the bit I quoted from you.
  • I am banned from the forum.

This goes against free will clearly, so it will inevitably lose. Love obviously respects free will less than wisdom that is the principle that is being perverted here.

There is this incredibly arrogance. That the moderator should be able to say something without any justification and have that be the law. The moderator is there to moderate which is a 'professional' duty. If I quote her it is not within the job description to accuse me of hate speech and ban me from the forum for a personal insult (as it wasn't her place to be insulting in the first place). She is using the position of power to back up her own personal preferences. Even before this time she wanted me to be quiet for expressing factual anti Hillary pro Trump views.

I always felt when I went on the forum before that there was a cold eye behind this astrology forum. A malice. I remembered being deleted before on a very personal post and being angry, no answer from the moderators or justifications. I left the forum after that one. Others on the forum also thought it was unfair and no doubt feel that now!

... and where I think this comes from, is loads of women all over the world who engage in a hatred of men that are never challenged because the society is not healthy enough. Imagine how many little nasty ways this has manifested in the world. These women advise other people sometimes... How many times have they told friends their boyfriends or husbands are useless because this is what they feel about men? How much astrology has been twisted for these peoples agenda?

When Trump wins:

Imagine the well spring of hate that is going to be pushed down on November 9th! Your hateful views are irrelevant!

Very often women seem to not understand that if they do nasty things to men the men will respond in a less than idyllic way. Not a negative way. It's just that you can't expect to be nasty to someone and get a nice response back, unless of course you are service to self and the response you get back is "fear". (Which these women are playing with).

... and they think they have the upper hand here. The feminist automatic hatred of men has been triggered with the accusations against Donald Trump. No jury or law, just what they would prefer to believe.

Because they feel it their emotion tells them other people do to. But feminists are not the majority. They can't gather that other people see things differently to them. Not just working class men, for instance, but even married middle class women that don't have a hatred towards men (the emotion for these feminists of being in a loving romantic relationship with a man is something they subconsciously cannot imagine feeling).

It is also interesting to wonder how widespread this is. If it is in media organisations, in schools, in government. Perhaps it will be in so many places that the ideological defeat of feminism will start to make a definite change in society.

Should be interesting!

If Hillary wins America might have a military coup anyway. That is unlikely though, Trump will win.

Even though the odds on Paddy Power are 9/2. Invest £100 get £550 back!

Quick note on Global politics:

I'm wonder if the Chinese will remain irrelevant because since they have no democracy and hence no expression of the law of Free Will in their country they cannot polarise.

In fact, I am going with that.

Also read this weird article that old people in China keep going missing. It is not a nice government.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fucking SJW's

So, after my last post concerning almost exclusively ASTROLOGY, I thought I would post it onto an astrology forum I used to go on, here is what I said:
I will avoid reading any of these posts because I will avoid get into a discussion here. Since I previously had my posts deleted when I spoke in a way that opposes the current narrative. (That astrological analysis should be related to real world events) 
Anyway, I did a basic write up of the US election because I had an insight. Here it is:
My Blog: The New World: Astrology of America's POTUS election and some thoughts. 
In it I am interested in the idea of not just what happens on election day but what happens in the week approaching the election. Seems a basic piece of astrology but I did miss it. Most interestingly, the new moon preceding the election carries strong themes of the arguments that will come before it, and like Brexit election, where the full moon of a few days before seemed to me to have been when people probably made up their mind. The events before the actual election are obviously going to influence this one as well. 
Look at OCTOBER 30TH. It is a very interesting chart. For me personally it is interesting as well because Saturn Venus conjunction on 14 Sag is my Saturn and the Sun is over my natal Pluto. This is the new moon and since I am emotionally involved in the election and the themes around it this is perhaps reflected in the chart. (As one would expect it would be!) 
I also wanted to just drop a line I got from the moderator. It seems the moderators consider us (perhaps she meant me in particular?) in this particular thread of the forum to be human garbage and that we should not discuss any events of the election outside this thread:
This is from Forum Admin, that is 'female' and currently has 963 posts, with the gif comment 'Aslan Rules'. Picture of a lion:
[quote]We don't really intend to discuss with you.

As far as I remember, you tried to carry the US election theme into yet another thread. We do not tolerate that. We keep all the reactionary garbage in one heap.[/quote]
Long story short, it was 'this is an interesting astrology post' and 'this is what a moderator said, since it could be interpreted (I think correctly) as condescending to the whole thread, I just thought I would drop this in there.'

I did not expect the moderator to find this particular post for a while, and I do not know how she did. Either she got my response to her and decided to follow up what I had written or, more likely, someone from the forum complained to her... Was that someone saying... 'Hey, what the hell are you saying about us?' Probably not, they don't have that much spine. Probably someone complaining about something along the lines of 'hate speech', because they are holding a grudge, nothing in that post is 'hate speech'. (Unless you count the quoted passage by the moderator perhaps.)

The Point!

The point I am making? This makes a point about astrology in general. The input of those who are inspired by the planets is subject to being able to find manifestation in the 'real world'. Saturn of course keeps authoritarian rules in place if it is directed in that way and denies the evidence of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto so they cannot find an easy manifestation. (Complex information and truth, Extra terrestrial and other mystical experiences, and delving into the subconscious in a way that actually reveals information. For transiting Pluto this obviously means of society not the individual. For transiting Pluto this might mean institutional scandals leading to jail time.)

So in this example my astrology information can perhaps be said to be Uranian. In the larger example however, Uranus may be wikileaks. Saturn cannot completely suppress all this at the current time. What happens is Saturn shuts this information down, but then where does it go? It cannot disappear and the service to self cannot control enough power to stamp it out completely. So it remains, it grows honed and stronger.

But that is that side of it, what happens to the people who are on Saturns side or are protected by this manifestation of Saturn? Well, they are non the wiser, they do not find out perspectives that oppose the ones they currently hold. Rather like a child that grows up and is told her father does not exist. He tries to contact but is blocked by the mother.

As with Brexit!:

So, naturally, they assume they are right. Like happened with the Brexit vote. The BBC journalists didn't know anyone that opposed their point of view and a friend of mine in London I talked about was sure we were going to stay in the EU. They assume their perspective is the one held by most people because in their world... it is! This will go very strongly for the University campuses. Where even Lauren Southern was unable to find a Trump supporter.

Then what happens is reality strikes in an uncomfortable way. They are told that in the most important physical sense, in the only sense that actually matters at the end of the day, they have lost. The negative polarity does not accept loss and it cannot handle it. What happens then is those perspectives they have put at arms length, come crashing in on them. The opposing opinion was not a rag tag bunch of nobodies that nobody cares about, there are far more of them.

After the Brexit vote the liberals came out with all sorts of things to claim that the vote needed to be re- done, or a vote needed to be held in parliament, all sorts of things. With the US Presidential election, they may be able to claim vote rigging, but it is unlikely. If the vote goes to Trump, and if there is a landslide victory, then they will have lost well and truly.

Then comes the water works, the real hate speech (after the EU vote there were some very nasty things said from the Pro EU camp) the pleading, and the emotional breakdowns. It will be worse this time than the Brexit vote because the stakes are bigger and the result is far less deniable.

That is if the stock market doesn't crash first.

BTW: This is how the conversation ended over at the forum:
You most recent post was deleted because you were personally offensive.

We will ban you from the forum without further warning, if your repeat
Funny, like I've already said the only offensive part of that post was the part where I quoted her.

SJW's always lie, huh Vox?

(Later update 23:30 at night: U: Sorry, you are banned from using this forum

This is strange because I only highlighted to the woman that the only hate speech I was being accused of was her quoted post,

We'll see how things go!).

Astrology of America's POTUS election and some thoughts.

Digging deep!

Previously I might have said that there is nothing in the US election date astrology chart of November 8th.

Personally I thought it looks more like Hillary is going to win. Although in my understanding it is not for astrology to tell results like that which are the product of free will. The astrology sort of sets the stage but people still make decisions within that.

I say that because November 9th holds the moon and Neptune opposing the North Node with the rest of the chart looking fairly unfocused and scattered. The Neptune and North Node being the social justice stuff and the rest of the chart being the worlds response.

But this conclusion is a little premature. I realise that to understand the event you need to run up the days before it.

And... BOOM:

I had not noticed this is the new moon date until I posted this chart. This is BIG. BIG astrologically.

The reason things like this are coming up at the moment all over the Alt Right is the Venus and Saturn approaching conjunction with a square to the North Node... I.e. thoughts of our civilisations future!

But the conjunction of Saturn and Venus exactly over my native Saturn, to me, represent the judgement, the court case on FEMINISM. One of the patterns from third wave feminism being that women can make accusations without recrimination. This form of social control also being reflected from within mainstream media organisations.

Sun in Scorpio, which is all about some darker psychological motivations (this is also over my natal Pluto.) Conjunct Mercury may mean the media and such matters. Trine Neptune which can either mean social justiceness or information that essentially leads back to extra terrestrial issues. Like hacking for instance.

Anger of the establishment (Capricorn) directed at Uranian themes, of science and revolution. 

The opening square of this incredible new moon is with the moon over Aquarius with Mars just heading into there also on November 7th. Full moon seems a bit more dull on November 14th. With the trusty Sun approaching my eighth house. November 21st closing square looks like the media will start to get some karma, with also Neptunian and collective future themes whatever they happen to be reaching a slow crescendo (long term trend). New moon on November 29th and there is still tension with this Neptunian theme.

Taken together, I wonder if this means Trump will win but the Social Justice Warrior problem, or something else of this Neptunian variety, is going to cause continual problems. The media getting some karma though would be good!

This new moon on November 29th will then be getting ready for our Italian referendum on December 4th!

One more thing. Two things I have learned from reading about World War 2: The Nazi's did not give up because they had convinced themselves of the rather stupid idea that there was a secret death ray that would save them. This is perhaps some of the thinking behind the 'scorched earth policy' the America establishment is pursuing.

Secondly, we seem to be following a pattern similar in some very rudimentary senses. Germany/ Merkel is yet again the villain of the EU, The British were the first in a basic sense to oppose the globalists with Brexit, but the Americans now involved will likely be the bigger influence over the charge against globalism. The British did not interfer with (though they did not support) the Americans successful, and strategically correct, desire to invade Germany and German territory towards the end of the war. Although technically the whole of Europe is involved this time not just factional countries.

This will be a very interesting few days for my personal chart but as I said... It is free will partly, what we make of it!

Also, I just wanted to say that this infowars interview with Nigel Farage is very good, in it Nigel Farage says the real thing that puts me in tune here. That Brexit is important because big corporates, such as pharmaceutical companies, are using the globalist model in order to stop all free market competition, by creating their own laws.

Also, it seems to me on a very basic level that there is a collective calmness at the moment because the liberals believe they are winning. That is just as it is, no comment really. We will see!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Break in spiritual practice.

One more failure of my 'spiritual practice'. Not alcohol but the other one.

Not going to post this tweet on gab or twitter but felt need to state, do not want to be a hypocrite.

It will not be bad though. Sometimes lose energy from doing this repeatedly but I know to stop now. Lost several hours today though entertaining thoughts and videos of women but this is not to happen again.

Greasing the skids.

I am exhausted to a level I have rarely felt before. A long term tiredness rather than short term.

So only a quick post today.

Firstly, market stuff is still very interesting. The Euro broke it's lower resistance as though it was not there today and the rigging has not been happening. VIX is slammed and nothings happening. Because something in the market is not working as it has for the past few years.

Secondly, I have been thinking about this whole feminist and society thing. Surely alienating male and female relationships may lead to less bonding. Feminists don't really give much when they are young for obvious reasons then they expect to have children at about 30 as though they had not been living under a deliberate hate campaign for the first section of their lives.

However, for men the trade is different. Men want women when they are younger and then their sex drive peters off as they grow older (most do anyway). Essentially, men create bonding, and start considering what women may want or not want based on their desire for sex and their biology tricking them into believing women are nice people when they may or may not be.

So if the bonding doesn't happen when younger the men will obviously display more indifference to women after they've crossed the 30 ish threshold. This is obviously why feminists like to support leftist policies and live off the state. The man who has learned to be indifferent to women now is forced to fund her lifestyle via taxation and other devices, even if he was not stupid enough to give a feminist a child.

It also makes me think of what is obvious. In the next world coming. When the 'cabal' have been jailed and such, we'll likely have an innovative free market... Will women create more networks and things? Will women grease the skids for healthy relationships to happen rather than opposing them?

Just a thought!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thinking of potential collapse.

This has come up on my reading list:

Zerohedge: Hidden Fragility - What Happens When The Electricity Is Off For Three Days?
Apart from the fuel distribution fiasco everything remained orderly, people remained calm and helpful and life went on. Strangers were a lot chattier with other strangers than usual ... which is good to see. I saw examples of shops extending 'unsecured credit' for small amounts of basic food items to people who had no cash on them and whose cards didn't work. No looting, no "Law Enforcement" out making trouble and plenty of sharing and cooperation
So, prepping for a market crash may be for about two weeks as David Wilcock initially said and that's a long time to go without electricity.

I am not nearly as prepped as I'd like to be.

But I am a little prepped, and in contrast to this, after Hurricane Katrina it took the citizens of New Orleans three days to devolve into looting and murder.

So considering both scenarios is no doubt helpful. Electricity going off is the thing to prep for IMO.

Of course the market isn't going to crash before the election and influence Hillary's chances in the negative.

Yesterday it struck me that the narrative can't move on until yesterdays debate, because everyone was waiting for that. Even the markets are involved in waiting for these political events. However, the debate itself was nuanced and lacking in spark, and things do not really feel as if they have moved on now either.

In the meantime, here is an advert that gives me thoughts of what a societal collapse might look like. Obviously, this being a Batman trailer the worst interpretation is chosen:

How it should have ended though had a great logical takedown of this movie which is probably easier to understand if you've seen it:

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Less than 20 days now.

My election countdown has 19 days, 23 hours.

The endless scandal is continuing out of American politics. Including Democrat employed personnel hiring people to protest at Trump rallies and trying to get them to provoke Trumpers.

... and other little tidbits of scandal:

Zerohedge: Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

Zerohedge: "Rigging Elections For 50 Years" - Massive Voter Fraud Exposed By Project Veritas Part 2

Also, Deutsche bank getting done in for Silver manipulation... Good stuff!

But, the really important event is the Trump election, and he's putting forward some major stuff:

Zerohedge: Trump Will Bring Obama's Half-Brother As His Guest To Tomorrow's Debate; Proposes Term Limits

Still no confirmed news on Assange though.


The piece of news I talked about yesterday, with the interview with the sex slave, I posted that on facebook and was ashamed of my facebook friends for not addressing it. 

So I deactivated my facebook.

I realise, that Gab has changed the game. I would not have had the ability to close down my facebook before because I needed the connection however small, that it gave me. Twitter doesn't give a real connection because there's too much defensiveness and arguing.

But with Gab there I can get that connection, I can go on there and completely forget about facebook, that need for connection is satisfied.

It is a small change but an important one since the people on my facebook have no other means of getting that information unless they look for it themselves. So this causes a small bit of karma. They ignored what I had to say and now I am gone!

Everyday complicity


So, we have news on Julian Assange:

Yournewswire: Fears Grow Julian Assange Was Extradited On ‘Guantanamo Express’

Somewhat disturbing, if true, and there is definitely something amiss with no word from Julian or the Ecuadorian embassy. If true, it means that a diplomatic scandal should theoretically be in the making.

The Americans cannot go into the Ecuadorian embassy and abduct a person within those grounds. This should create fallout between Ecuador and the United States, Ecuador and the UK if they were complicit; and the UK and the US if the UK was not. (Which is unlikely).

Which is probably why there is no news. It is all quiet. How long can they keep it quiet? Even infowars does not seem overly bothered! Why is wikileaks themselves not making any statements. I suppose it is possible even they do not know.

Everyday complicity and 'rape culture'.

This video explains an interesting perspective on 'rape culture'.

It explains how a woman, a personal acquaintance of this person, got drunk, slept with a guy and told everyone she was raped by him. She told everyone and even his own parents turned against him... Scum. (Mostly, I mean the parents)

Which is also shown in this article here:

Rather than take the complaint seriously, the officer told Kaitlyn’s mother that she was a known prostitute. “He told my mum to leave me to it, that I would stop when I’m ready. And he told me that they couldn’t offer protection if I gave a statement.” She doesn’t recall whether he gave a reason why.
At 16 years old Kaitlyn was evicted from the family house by her mother, who feared for her own safety and that of Kaitlyn’s younger brother. Kaitlyn moved into a youth hostel where the abuse continued.
It is amazing, there is some truth to the idea that the 'cabal' put forward that people deserve to be conquered if they make it so easy. If groups of (probably English) people defended this young girl from this sort of behaviour it would not happen. As it is even her family abandon her.

Still waiting on that karma!

Monday, 17 October 2016

The world now.

So, there is news about Assange, or rather, there is a lack of news about Assange or any confirmation that he is definitely alive after the internet was cut off and possibly the security cameras around the Equadorian embassy as well.

This could potentially lead to a massive data dump of all the data wikileaks has been holding. a 'kill switch' so to speak. That Assange has held in order to stop his own assassination.

If Assange is dead or something has happened to him, and the positive forces do not release this information immediately, then it will confirm the negative forces belief that the positive forces are gutless. Justifiably. If you say you will do something you have to do it.

Wouldn't it be exciting if it all happened now. Benjamin Fulford is relaying that these people are losing and finally getting with the program what we all know. The election of Donald Trump will be a big factor in destroying and arresting these negative individuals.

Also, Russia today have had their bank accounts frozen.

We await further news!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Spiritual practice.

So, my spiritual practice involves a few different things. Non masturbation, looking after myself, avoiding certain distractions.

Looking after myself has involved not having certain foods including alcohol. But last night I broke that.

I did this because I was at a leaving do for someone and my voice died on me, not too bad but enough to stop me comfortably speaking. I also was not saying much really. My intuition seemed to be telling me to get a glass of wine so I did (wine is the only alcohol I really enjoy). My voice came back immediately from the sense of relaxation a glass of wine can give. It was that or I would have had to leave and that would have been miserable for a leaving do for someone I liked and that I may very well never see again. Plus my work colleagues deserve some consideration :).

I have had almost zero bad effects from it. I don't know what to do in future but I retain my discomfort with alcohol and I have no need to engage in the liberal illusion for a 'life'. I.e. going out drinking with 'friends'.

Had I been able to go in the life I believe I was destined for then I may have been able to escape these problems. But this is where I am.

On the general front of 'news' we are still waiting for the Trump election. There has been nothing. Very frustratingly nothing! Nothing on Breitbart, or Zerohedge, or Daily Express. Hope itself seems to be fading while we await Trump!

Anyway, things continue as normal. Over and out!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

It's all just going to carry on.

I had the idea, which I will probably do, of dropping this on an acquiantance that teaches astrology with the words: I'm sure things will de- escalate from here on out:

Because, this is the full moon. And things definitely are not going to de- escalate. As we carry on the closing of this new moon Mars crosses Pluto and starts to head to a square with Uranus. The aggressive push continues. Saturn squared with the North node. There is a lot in these charts now and to follow.

Things have escalated to the point of becoming pretty intense. The liberal paradigm has become stretched and ridiculous. Shouting lies in the wind to the utmost extent. It's like society is dissolving.

Even the people on the right side are lying. Like the Express taking the US propaganda side on the issue of Russia. Mainstream and semi- mainstream has more problem with that than they do with Trump or Brexit.

But on the ground of course it is not dissolving. People have convinced themselves that everything is normal. That the Brexit and Trump can be dismissed with the label 'racist'. That there is no one opposing them. That they are in the majority.

I have received a message of sorts which could be interpreted as a kind of fantastic coincidence but I don't believe it is. The message may have been, most likely is, to keep prepping, and that I'm on the right track.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Trump/ Jefferson similarity and liberal politics.

I can hardly keep up at the moment.

I'd like to be able to go through the latest wikileaks data dump. The six of the Podesta emails, but of course I don't have time, and no one seems to be going through them people are already exhausted. It is not trending on gab!

I have noticed one thing interesting though:


What do you think?

Personally they seem quite similar.

I'm not good with faces, and I'm not too familiar with Trumps lifeforce, but it seems that these two are fairly alike to me.

Thomas Jeffersons famous line he penned was something like 'equality for all people'. This, along with his other life facts, put him probably at the end of fifth density, where he is 'learning' the 'Law of One'.

Trump is roughly the same level. They also share a somewhat mastery of the law (Trump claiming that he uses the bankruptcy rules greatly to his favour, and talking about laws that will charge Newspapers for printing things they know not to be true for example. Jefferson was a long term lawyer.) Both share a tendency towards a certain carnal weakness one might argue. With Jefferson sleeping with a slave girl and Trump's Lewd comments and previous adultery. (Seems as though this has improved though)

To me they seem similar.


At the moment seems to be peak liberal madness. Consider:

This conversation goes on similarly.

Liberals are always claiming they are balanced and unaffected by the results of politics. That they just want the world to stop talking about it and that they are the reasonable ones. But that is just an excuse to try and stop the conversation. When they lose they howl in all sorts of anger.

And there are twenty six days until that happens once again.

The tide is still turning, previous anti Trumper on my facebook just came out against Clinton in a big way as well:

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Market down. All sorts of revolutionary undercurrents.

DOW futures are down 99 points and the FTSE is currently down 66. Although the economic narrative will be that this Unilever problem, and problems with the pound, are driving this. It would not be happening on both these markets. It is a big downturn of all markets possibly related to Deutsche bank or the American election.

So we are back in business.

Going on Gab is like getting the inside info on a secret agent portal, not much information in comparison to a real one but the information flows freely. Consider this which I saw on their the other day:

When I was on Bring4th there was a guy there that talked about being in league with the forces that are intending to overthrow the establishment in America, he talked about common law... His model is exactly the same as this anonymous character who also talked about a week about Ted Cruz being too much of a liar before information on Ted Cruz came to the fore:

Anonymous have been a somewhat boring entity influenced by the hard left. But this is not the same and both of these potential developments have a common connection to positive elements of the American military.

It talks about creating leadership structures restricted to certain geographics and not centralised. I would like to create a group like this based on the common preparation and commitment to certain unified behaviours for the public good in the case of one or two semi likely occurrences. One being an economic crash, and two being any potential war with Russia. Russia is making preparations in this direction according to news sources.

I have no idea where to start. I may talk about it with the other prepper I know but I perhaps will not, I don't see him often.

Any efforts of outreach usually lead to the same Marxist whinos in my area, that had one of the highest remain votes in England. So who knows. These people are against anything hinting of conspiracy and not being dependent upon big Mommy government.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Markets. Big societal change.

I remember, not that long ago, when I used to pay attention to the markets every day. I was sure they were going to crash soon.

Yesterday the DOW tumbled 200 points. This is almost unheard of lately. It is not a big plunge really, August 2015 they went down 500 points in a day. But it is more than is happening lately. We are now down below our 2015 highs of 18,312.

At the moment it is 15 points up. I wonder if the markets are threatening the politicians somewhat. If you don't give us a bail in, or a bail out, or opportunity to manipulate Brexit etc. We will plunge? Americans have proven they are willing to kill Deutsche bank.

I've overspent a bit these past two weeks so will not be able to be buying for my prep. I still need some water purification stuff, such as Oasis tablets. It also means I will not be able to donate to either Gab or Raheem Kassam. The feeling of tiredness as well as not having money brings on a feeling of powerlessness when I see the stocks go down now, because I consider it highly likely sometime when they go down they will really go down.

Russia is doing yet more preparation for global war (or could this be global financial collapse?):

Daily Mail: Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war

Last time the Americans warned all American military personnel back from Turkey it wasn't long before Turkey had a "coup".

Of course in the real world things just drone along like normal.

Service to self heirarchy:

I recently read this interesting article on the way the media is run, it is a disturbing read:

Emphasis ZH:
However, Sven also describes those of his coworkers who enjoyed their job. They arrived at the office with a spring in their step, a smile snaking across their faces and a mischievous glint in their eyes. These were the “talented” favorites of the outlet’s boss—unfeeling, cold assholes who would sell their own mothers for a juicy piece of gossip that they would later smear all over the website. Whenever they got a chance to write a hit piece, spread a nasty rumor or ruin someone’s life, one could almost see them light up from within. Remember all these smug, holier-than-thou, oh-so-intellectual articles churned out by rags like Salon, Dagens Nyheter and Huffington Post? You can bet your pinky finger they were (and are) written by these people.
And although the second part of this excerpt is a little discriminatory. I think this part of the article articulates very important points. These are my emphasis:
Needless to say, the outlet’s newsroom was crammed full of women, their pet cucks and, of course, Jews. The former enjoyed absolute power regardless of their position—a simple complaint to HR was enough to fire anyone, no proof required. The cucks, represented by twig-armed, piercing-laden, wispy-bearded creatures in Che Guevara shirts, were very pleased with the way things were going, sipping lattes and snitching to HR on those who expressed ideas incompatible with the narrative. Jews were in their native element in the newsroom, doing their usual “arrogant intellectual” schtick and getting promotions out of nowhere. The majority of articles bashing natives, their culture and values came from them, as later study of the newspaper’s website showed me.
This is interesting to the idea that we are living in some sort of matriarchy. That women in these situations enjoyed ABSOLUTE POWER I think is interesting. It shows something about modern sociology. It is reflected in the Michelle Fields saga that she played the victim card with no proof and expected it to be the end of Corey Lewandowski's career.

This is true of all areas of society. Two girl in my workplace recently got in a bit of a tussle. A tussle that would not bother two men, one of them made a complaint and --> poof. Gone... Fired. I saw no evidence that the one at the other end of the complaint even had her perspective listened to. Just sent home and then fired.

The media and the people at the top of the heirarchy have created these memes that go against the grain of what is natural. Corrupt organisations work mostly through the media, in an African country, I believe Uganda, the government had become incredibly corrupt and when it failed, academics looked at how such a corrupt organisation worked.

The found that money had not been going to many areas a great deal, but where the six figure numbers had been going was the media. Bribing the media. Because that is where the power is in a society. The one channel they did not bribe, a small public service channel, aired a video of the government bribing a judge and this broadcast brought the entire government down.

There have been other governments that had secret police and were tyrannical in the extreme, brought down by an angry pitchfork mob in a matter of days. (I infuriatingly can't find this at the moment). However, it happened all in a matter of weeks. The military went over to the civilian side, the secret police could not do anything against that. The leader and his wife went on the run on Christmas Eve. The civilians broke into the secret police headquarters and read all the files. The leader and his wife were put to death the day after boxing day. Before this they would have seemed unstoppable!

So, the toxic and nasty environment explained in the article on the media, where there is no fact checking only obedience to the rich and shameless establishment. This is a massive part of the heirarchy of the negative environment we find ourselves in on earth.

Perhaps karma is not so much individual as societal! I have heard that expressed by intelligent sources more than once I believed but never quite understood it.

I have been thinking recently, wouldn't it be good if there were some sort of magic energy or entity that could go through society and simply correctly punish the right people from a truthful perspective and there could not be this abuse of power briefly. But it is a stupid idea. Because I am thinking domestically but that energy would transform the whole world very quickly.

My point is that the media is the propogator of all these weird screwing up modes of society that we experiences. As we see them decline, as perhaps with a Trump Presidency, is when we will start to see change.

Ideas of how these changes will go down.

David Wilcock once talked about how this all might go down. He said that there will be a shutdown for about three weeks and there would be violent confrontations in the streets including gun fights around places the cabal are hiding out (I remember thinking, the BBC!) When it all starts up the media will be reporting real news.

That would be a big change but what I see as more likely is that the media will just flounder and the alternative media will grow bigger. Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux (hypocrite, I found someone else censored on his forum), The Rebel etc. would grow bigger, and the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Times and the Guardian will just collapse.

Who knows? It is an interesting idea though.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A shift.

I feel that now Donald Trump has beaten Hillary in a debate the ground has shifted somewhat. People feel happy and believe in the future again.

This is my response to the Benjamin Fulford post I quoted the other day:
I wonder if it is supposedly Trump who is meant to be withdrawing from the race. But that he will not do it and is just stringing these authoritarians along. 
Remember when Trump refused to agree to the Maoists currency to gold plan? At the time most people might have thought he was nuts or self centered. But now we are suspicious of these ‘mountains of gold’ that are completely absent from historical record or even folk lore. 
It was just a power play then; and it is probably just a power play now. If this is true and Trump said he will go along with these war trials but then changes his mind and runs seriously for POTUS. Well, that would make me happy. 
It’s like the Chinese and leftist wankers like Trudeau are magnetically attracted in their big government ideals.
This is a Hillary email released in the recent batch:
And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.
Scary stuff!

The only other thing is the too- ing and fro- ing over the EU. The remainers shooting for the single market and leavers like Duncan Smith arguing them down.... Epic!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Different ways this could all go!

I'm seriously starting to wonder if David Wilcock cares anymore about the whole exopolitic area. His last post was that he was happy in having been given some acting work! Perhaps acting would be a good use of his talents I don't know. But it seems strange that several months ago he was talking in detail about how important his work was, that him talking about the 'space war' is what allows certain good people down here to learn what is going on...

Then... Nothing. No updates. Oh my work is extremely important and lives depend on it... But look. THE BOOK RATINGS ARE RIGGED. OH. MY. GOD!


Regardless, who knows, perhaps the alliance against the cabal including the space war found someone else to be a go between information wise.

Anyway, we have three clear choices in front of us that may no that can kicking is getting more and more difficult.

Either, the Americans elect Trump, leading to the arrest of some of the evil doers:

And/ or... One of these banks collapses and there is a wholescale financial collapse. This is shown in Italy and Deutsche bank that collapse 3% this morning. (Deutsche bank further has three options. Bail in. Bail out or some sort of agreement with the Americans over their $10 Trillion fine).

So that is two choices. Either through elections there will be government that can handle these things and carries out arrests, or possibly through direct collapse of society that certain people then have to rise up and sort of do a 'revolution on the fly'. These are the first two.

The third, and one I think is unlikely, is this sort of idea coming from Ben Fulford:
The US Presidential election due for November 8th will be cancelled and instead there will be war crimes tribunals held, sources in both the Pentagon and the CIA say. The excuse for cancelling the election will be the resignation of one of the presidential candiates, the CIA sources say. 
Here is the raw intel from the CIA: 
“There is now a 90% probability that the elections will be postponed.”
I asked my contact in DC why? His answer was: 
“You can’t have an election with one candidate” 
I asked him which one will be removed. His reply was: 
“I am not allowed to tell you, let’s just say that Obama will make the announcement very soon.” 
The Pentagon sources, for their part, say “The 911 law will push Saudi Arabia to expose Israel, Bandar bin Sultan and the Bush cabal behind 911 and will lead to a real truth commission and a war crimes tribunal.” 
Since it is only a few weeks before the election, it will not be long before we see if these predictions come to pass.
(My Emphasis)

90% Chance the elections will be postponed.

OK, so would someone like to give me 10:1 odds on November 8th then? (jk I don't gamble).

So here we are. We are watching the next event. Will we need prep? Will we not?

Who knows. But I sure as hell don't trust these people in charge. Don't seem to have a clue what they are doing!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Where did the justice go?

The feeling that bad people will not get what's coming for them is a very bad one. When people do something deliberately cruel, messing up the lives of those people around them, or ours personally. Something innate inside wants to see some sort of blowback go to them. That those behaviours, now done and not able to be taken back, should be held up and validated. That the person involved 'did do xyz' and that because of xyz, their is retribution, and/ or justice. A real physical consequence to their actions such as jail or execution. Not an apology and an excuse for the person to be let off, perhaps to spare whatever human shield they put in the way, but a material consequence.

This cause and effect, karmic justice does not seem to be happening at the moment; more than that, with a 'conspiracy' so determined to make sure the system stays running exactly as it is, and that there is no court case for evildoers or shift of perspectives, it brings a feeling of futility because every day there is a concerted, and very successful effort to rig the markets, to influence political opinion away from the truth, and to keep material conditions in exactly the way they currently are.

Watching the markets go up on bad economic news, or clearly being rigged up on any news, for instance; is a depressing experience if you are of the opinion that A) they should fail, they deserve to fail because there is too much debt in the system and the economy is in a dreadful state and B) If and when it does fail, you might experience some sort of freedom and the suffering of you and others will stop.

So, added on to my previous point on Deutsche bank that they have absolutely nowhere to go. Either the shares fall onto insolvency. Or it is a bail in or bail out... Either of which could have a knock on effect and destroy the world economy.

I forgot, there is another option. If Deutsche bank and the Americans can convince the public that there has been some spectacular deal and all is well they could easily keep this game going for a lot longer. If the DOJ calls off the Deutsche bank fine it will all rally and everything will continue on as normal. Of course, Deutsche bank has been plummeting anyway before this $14 Billion deal; but markets at the moment are not logical like that. Any excuse and you get a rally.

It's interesting. If the stocks do continue to plummet it will be very satisfying to see policy makers being forced to act, rather than just can kicking. It is not likely they will act in my view. But eventually, this year, next year or the one after, something will change and this arrogant can kicking mentality will disappear like a fart in the wind.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Darkest before the dawn?

I think this is because I've been fighting down a bug lately. But it really seems to me that things have gotten pretty dark.

Finance is weird, emergency services are underfunded and the economy is experiencing a double whammy. Huge numbers of unemployed, not recorded as such, and underpay and understaffing at various companies.

I do not know anyone that is thriving. Granted some people are not effected negatively.

I wonder how long this onslaught can go on. Debt gets worse, and in a system like this people do not get better they get worse. They lose money, they get stressed, health deteriorates, friendships disintegrate, workplaces deteriorate. We are very far off seeing the positive effects of Brexit, since the government is not rushing to get on with it apparently. (Although Soros shorting the pound suggests they have the right enemies.)

Deutsche bank may be interesting as well.

The next big thing is the US election. Also, we have Italian referendum. Many of the apparently important events have come to nothing. Hungary's referendum on migrant quotas came to nothing, there has been no outcry or effect from that. The Yuan becoming part of the Standard Drawing Rights has come to... You guessed it... Nothing! I can imagine Trump getting elected and some neoliberal movement meaning that he is stopped from doing much and it all starts to sound like the same old story. Same with Italian referendum although that one is less likely to come to nothing, the Euro is big news.

It's all very depressing. Apart from the two votes I have outlined. The market will continue to rally no matter what.

I did find this interesting recently though. from someone on GAB, the positive forces do have power over the earth:

Flat out Constitution: Did God Protect George Washington?

Also, Infowars has information on Russian American movement towards war. This is all very serious. The US has officially accused the Russians of hacking now.

The mainstream is not doing its job by not reporting on that area.

Little things in the miasma of not very much.

This moon cycle, the opening square is over Pluto! This is on Sunday... Exciting times?

Not much seems to be happening politically. We are awaiting the next leg of Deutsche bank saga.

Someone remarked to me that at the moment nothing seems to be working properly.

However, on a personal level I got an interesting experience, waking up this morning thinking how there would never be justice against some of the people from my past there was an assortment of 'clicks' in my room. They got closer and when I lifted up my bag to see if it was an animal when the bag 'clicked' I saw the next click on the cardboard underneath. Then it seemed to go upstairs.

It made me feel that there are metaphysical concerns here. So the results will be the result of those metaphysical concerns. Not the preference of certain individuals.

Someone at work has previously been into prepping which is very interesting, might write up a quick message about what I am prepping for.

31 days until the US Presidential Election!