Saturday, 31 October 2015

Another 'general'.

Turkey has it's vote on Sunday.

If Turkey chooses Erdogan at the polls this weekend, Isis will gain strength and the refugee crisis will worsen:

And more in depth:

Turkey election: Why do these polls matter and will there be another hung parliament?

The Turkish government has been known to be becoming tyrannical, notably jailing a group of teenagers who ripped up a few posters of 'President' Erdogan.

It seems lately that 'votes' are not going in favour of the cabal.

You have Portugal, whom voted for two left wing anti EU parties that have a majority, whom the President is not allowing to form a government so the right wing minority government will collapse in about nine days.

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugal's anti euro left banned from power:

Portugal risks becoming 'ungovernable' as conservative government set to collapse after just 11 days

11 days? This parliamentary vote will be at the next 'new moon' (November 11th). The election happened about four days before the full moon that means the drama over this happened over the full moon. This one matches quite well!

Then you have Poland, whom also voted for what sounds like a left wing anti austerity party that doesn't like immigration. (The irony, there are some very attractive Polish women here. A harmless comment I think that was censored from the Guardian TWICE.) This from the somewhat propaganda based Guardian:

Poland lurches to the right with election of Law and Justice party

Turkey is key to the war in Syria (and by extension the global economic game). The alliances are as follows (although if you may very well already know): United States, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, vs. Russia, Iran, Syria, and now most probably Iraq as well. The Turkish explosion of late saw many go and protest the government believing that the event was a 'false flag' so it is unlikely the Turkish regime will last this election:

Turkey bomb blasts: government blamed as thousands take to streets in Ankara:

The US is now trying to put boots on the ground in Syria for what ever reason that may be simply to save face now that the Russians are going to obliterate ISIS.

However, without Turkey as a regional ally, or any effort to 'rig the vote' or set up 'constituational' problems and we can safely assume that the fallout will make it difficult for that government to continue.

This all fits with what I have said already. We are between full moon and closing square and the event at the top of the full moon for me was the house of Lords voting down the tax credit cuts. Some writers billed this as a time when the Conservatives would suffer a backlash and just today, soon after the tax credit votes (of which that backlash against the Conservatives continues), here is yet another story:

Peers could block police powers to access internet browsing histories:

What this means is that it is HAPPENING NOW! The backlash has begun and the governments, the EU and the markets are about to fall. As I scanned Guardian for articles I also saw this story:

Greek banks must find extra EZ14bn to survive economic downturn.

... and this is not all. Deutsche bank is 6bn light. Shell have announced massive profit losses. In fact, as I wrote this I realised I need to keep better tabs on these stories!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Few Points Part 2. Global events - Astrology.

So. To summarise a previous piece, Floating city appears in China then Chinese turn up in England.

Then, something I don't believe I covered, is that after this, the floating city turns up briefly in Hastings, England.

(Again with the stupid naming):

Express: First China, now 'parallel universe floating city' appears in HASTINGS:

So, we see a pattern here, now look at this story:


To summarise, the tax credit cuts, which will effect many of the 'working poor' (oh NOW there's an outcry) in a hugely 'poverty increasing' way, has met rebellion in the house of Lords.

In England, voting starts in the House of Commons and then traditionally the House of Lords passes it through without incident.

But not this time, this time the House of Lords plans to block the motion, Cameron is apparently furious and since he controls this gig, has threatened to flood the Lords with Tories, as it is currently made up of Labour, Lib Dem and Tory. (Of which some of those Conservatives are actually against the tax credits, what he means is 'vassals')

This is a big event. This could be as big as the US debt ceiling and close down the government for some period. Of course the mainstream media is almost ignoring it.

Then we have some news from Syria. Putin/ Assad have played quite the blinder and are A) negotiating with 'terrorists' in Syria, most likely the ones US have been funding and Putin has been bombing, whom have every incentive now to switch sides. Or join ISIS, either way not being much of a threat since that is either co- operation or annhilation and no more use to the United States.

Tass: Putin convinced Assad ready for dialogue with opposition.

This has lead to a complete climbdown by the US, B) Another thing they are doing is calling an election for Assad, this effectively stops all US agendas in removing Assad, though some other allies of the US and it's Middle East representatives are trying to create trouble, it is not likely at this point:


Zerohedge: Russia/ Assad plan new elections in Syria as US, Saudi's meet Lavrov in Vienna:

Provy war no more, Qatar threatens military intervention in Syria alongside 'Turkish, Saudi brothers'

What is interesting here is that these actors are hemmed in by Foreign policy concerns as to have it look outrightly awful if they follow what their true agenda is (for the US et al.)

Tying it all together:

So tying this all into astrology, the new moon on October 13th has passed it's first square and will become a full moon on 27th October (next Tuesday). WHO KNOWS at this point what will be happening in Syria, but it is the date when Cameron will be recieving the result of the Lords vote on Monday.  So it is a firework day (The new moon started opposing Uranus, and the speed of Putins behaviour suggests my interpretation at the time was correct.)

Just to throw another thing in here wikileaks are releasing a former head of the CIA's emails. This is important. (Remember that David Wilcocks explanation of events includes data dumps at the same time as a stock crash).

In seriousness, I'm making my own decisions in that area, but DW is a trusted source. (Whom may have been manipulated I don't know).

Last point:

Where I normally talk about this area is in relation to the stock market. Consider this article:

Expert that correctly predicted market moves in July, August and September says stocks will crash in November:

So, perhaps this is right perhaps it isn't, I like the idea of it being right, it gives a good time and the guy talked about seems to know his stuff (also, that who would likely bring through accurate information on this sort of stuff synchronistically? The guy who runs a blog called 'The economic collapse blog' perhaps?

However, align this with what we know so far.

A) Potential constitutional crisis in United Kingdom and United States: (Really, the main two players in negative elite heirarcy, aside from perhaps France and Germany, main ones in market rigging terms).

B) War in Syria: that the 'cabal', the G5 nations have in every sense of the word completely lost, and which develops incredibly quickly and has any number of inevitable side effects that will crush the cabal.

C) The 'real economy' crumbling: some of this info is in Michael Snyders article above, however, this is not hard to come by. Glencore, Noble, Trafigura, British Steel works, Wal Mart, Barclays... I could go on, in fact there are many whom are far worse, however, I do not need to make this point. Suffice to say in 'real terms', in real manufacturing and finance terms, the economy is CTD. Stocks only need to catch up.

D) As previously mentioned low oil prices could collapse the US vassal Saudi Arabia, whom are waging a war in Yemen to stop the revolution from beginning.

It goes on. However, the overlying astrology and synchronicity is that the next new moon is on November 11 (11/11, no I'm not making this all up.) This October 13th date which was the date the Chilean Miners came out which I have already written on.

There is also the EU and the debt problem (I.e. Greece and any number of countries) that is not going away!

It seems likely, that it is coming... Soon!

Few points. Part 1.

Well, a few more readers, or at least more than back in the day, that is good, because I have a lot to say:

Firstly, a follow up from this karma thing goes like this, I will explain how people come to strange ideas (possibly) and then how life is working against them atm and will continue to:

A) Example, girl who cheats, justifies lying to her partner about it because she is 'looking after him', this 'looking after him' becomes 'left wing' and loads of other brainwashed ideas such as 'global warming'.

B) 'Rentier' individual, or someone who in general works well with the system, doesn't want to let go of creature comforts of the establishment and comfortable ways of thinking (I.e. I have stocks and stocks are not going to crash). They then end up far more establishment than if they were thinking ethically.

When the negative starts losing control and can no longer insulate people from 'karma' and 'the results of their actions'. Something like this comes up.

An example from my twitter (spelled properly and proper grammar just because):

Vote no because we are better together, the Conservatives destroy Scotlands steel industry, then Labour calls on the Scottish National Party to do something... You couldn't make this up! *

To which I replied something similar to: It was not caused directly by the Conservatives but by a deflationary spiral across multiple markets, high price of electricity (from wind power subsidies), and EU rules preventing the government from supporting these businesses.

The point I am making here is these people are so fixated on the Scotland - England dichotomy that they do not know what they are talking about and will inevitably work against their own interests. (Which is further likely related to personal ideas as summarised).

However, and to branch this out to the left in general, blinkers have been put on to reality and now it is starting to bite. The reason it is starting to bite is because it is REALITY THAT IS BITING.

This will have to be a post exclusively on this since it has gone so long.

So some ideas of the left that this steel industry collapse is pressing on summarised by some discussions I have had on this, I will try not to go too long on this since the ignorance seems to be close to infinite:

A) The Prime Minister should bring up Chinese Steel dumping:

No, he shouldn't. Because England is in debt and China is helping us out, since we are not using the money to build things because of huge bubbles everywhere. (Which government doesn't want to allow to collapse because of potential harm to them personally)

And, here is another fact completely missed by this entitled world view, the Chinese do not owe us a thing. Selfish Westerners still think we are a world power and have no idea how much we ARE NOT, how implicitly weak we are as a country atm.

B) A more general idea that market rules are irrelevant and global warming ideas have all priority:

The steel works collapsed partly because wind subsidies increasing the price of electricity and making it bankrupt. To want China to bail you out by not dumping steel but to not recognise this, is obviously arrogant.

So, what is happening is that people are meeting REALITY. Of course, a lot of what is happening atm is not karma or anything remotely fair IMO, it is infringement by the negative.

However, some of what starts to happen is karma, and what it is is reality starting to show up. Therefore, these people's lies get shown for what they are in concrete terms because there are CONSEQUENCES for the lies, in real, measurable, immediate terms.

And this is what is going to happen, when reality infringes, then people have to face things but this is OBVIOUS. Stocks... Well both them and the thoughts pro establishment thoughts connected with them are going to come under 'review'. As in my previous example with Syria (that has grown amazingly interestingly as a political issue)

*On Scots the way it was described to me was that these 'Conservative' grievances go back to Thatcher (Conservative minister from 1980's). There is a little more relevance to the comment when looked at it like that but I think it is an antiquated view, whereas the one I summarised with real cause and effect, the real reasons, will put a person in better stead.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Is Christmas coming early?

With this pressure on Tories around tax credits, where holding onto the establishment line isn't being rewarded anymore I'm starting to wonder:

Is this the beginning of the return of karma?

I have noticed in my personal life this trend as well.

Think of it like this, before someone could start a conversation on Syria and the establishment clone would say that ISIS is a grave threat, but it is nothing to do with the Americans who are trying their damnedest, and that Syria is a grave problem and Assad needs to go, Russia is a tyrant, and British industry is in a temporary bear market but will recover.

And say there was a truthseeker there, trying to say that ISIS is funded by the Americans, that Assad's pipeline is wanted by the Americans which is why they started ISIS. That Assad had problems with Americans trying to support a coup etc.

But that second person could easily be written off by the establishment clone, and the group is generally against the second view.

Now however, regardless of how they scream and whine about too much 'benefits' being paid, lazy scroungers, the horrifying President Putin and Assad... Truth be told, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter, because that sort of false moral highgrounding doesn't. The good now has the greater power. Russia is gaining allies in the Middle East, wiping out ISIS and showing the Americans to not have been bombing ISIS.

Is this energetic pattern happening all round? Where the establishment is dying in the physical it's satanic strength is dying in everyday conversation?

More interesting news.

Wow, just as I have started to write this I checked the FTSE and it is taking a vertical plunge, however, is currently only down a humble 22 points.

News from the Independent:

Tories could suspend House of Lords if peers kill off tax credits

Basically it states that the House of Lords will enact an emergency stop gap and stop the cuts to tax credits, which will cause quite extreme poverty.

The English DO NOT HAVE these sorts of rebellions, and potentially this could shut down the government, or cause major difficulties, around the same time as the American government runs out of money!

Remember: There are no coincidences in politics!

This is coming on the exact Sun- moon opening square!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Here we go again!:

The New Moon opposing Uranus is not disappointing:

Express and this badly titled piece:

Did parallel universe open up? Hundreds see 'floating city' filmed in skies above China

So... A city appears in the sky above China, the video is BREATHTAKING!!!

Standard 'breakaway civilization' stuff IMO. Civilisations that broke off and formed by themselves from Mayans, Atlanteans etc. (Another 'Stargate' data point).

Firstly; they are obviously often cloaked up in the sky and the cloak came down briefly. Second; I think that the Buddhist centre I used to volunteer at works with these entities, partly because I aurically saw some sort of ship outside the building. Thirdly; this was in China, which possibly/ most probably relates to this:

Britain has made 'visionary' choice to become China's best friend, says Xi

This again is hugely important for a large number of reasons;

It is unprecedented in relationship change in geo- politics. The American administration has de- facto lost power now.

It hints that when the crash happens, the Chinese might have an easier time converting the rest of the world to a gold backed Yuan currency, that further means the crash might be less unpleasant than it would be if the G5 countries went through hyperinflation. Another piece on this from about a month ago (at the previous opening moon square), specified that UK would have Yuan denominated debt on its books:

Britain to be China's 'bridge' into western markets, says George Osborne:

This is all interesting, it means the crash may be a little worse in America, whom are apparently more stubborn, than England!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dream, confirming direction and.... (poss reinterpretation of dream)

(This is for my bringth blog. I will likely be expanding on the original dream on this (33Phoenix) blog)

Ending blog here... Again.

So I will have to stick to my other one.

I think that the fact I've already tied it all together with the Armstong model etc.  For all those sick of the tyranny. As things are clearly crumbling and going to continue to do so, so there is nothing wrong with me personally going with my STO path of music (listening to of Chuck Berry atm).

The people I've been talking about recently. One of the things that made me think this guy was dating the girl was when I wrote a song explaining unfavourably my experience with her and he immediately made up a bunch of lies about not doing music anymore. Essentially this person has been 'gotten to' and it is sometimes good to go through these unpleasant experience so you can see who the manipulators are and thus avoid them!

I don't fully know correctness of this dream I wasn't with the perfect diet. This is what I'm going with atm.

(After another set of dreams though, it has become obvious to me that the feeling in said dream that encouraged me to relax and play music, may have been through eating gelatine sweets. Which I have been strongly warned off via dreamstate. So may continue blog. 

Something big (negative elite downfall wise) should happen at some point, I hesitate to say though 'fairly soon'.

Perhaps I'm mixing things up though. If I'm still into the conspiracy area doesn't mean ---------. So --------!)

Friday, 9 October 2015

Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson.

Do fifth density entities die of drug overdoses?

Or, since they have wisdom that would extend to 'splenic' sort of wisdom. Would an internal mechanism that cannot be taken over by more 'illogical' factors, have saved them from this problem?

Some interesting things about stocks:

The US dollar is going down:

WTI crude is going up:

Perhaps the reason it is being manipulated like this is partly because Saudi Arabia is basically a massive welfare state dependant on oil, and if the oil price remains low, then without a raise in prices, the Saudi population might get restless and rebel:

No more new cars or furniture, says king as oil slump forces cuts on Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is worried – and not just about its king

This is also related to stocks although I'm not PRECISELY sure how.

Perhaps currency devaluation for bad manufacturing data.
Perhaps someone has stopped liquidating.

What 6D wanderers are like.

So, that friend that I have had loads of very complex negative theories around, 'the priest that worships the beast' etc. I do not believe anymore he has been in a physical relationship with the aforementioned girl, (of which the main problem with this is the 'lie' resulting in energy blockage from knowing a truth and not being able to state it, and of which, there could still have been withheld truths to bring that energy blockage). Although, like he suggested to me once, I could have sensed something and mistranslated it. However, atm, the important thing is to basically let it be.

I still have an internal quest for answers.

I will explain roughly what a 6D entity is like

I will also be guessing some that I am not quite sure of, so 'pinch of salt':

A) In my opinion. They are the most variable of all the groups, even amongst those that are similar (i.e. masculine or whatever). If you compare George Galloway and Russell Brand for instance.
B) As with the aforementioned examples, they lack some of the refinement and bells and whistles the 5D have. Like Carla, their flaws seem more apparent for some reason. Possibly the need to 'refine' their 'love' with 'wisdom'.
C) In some manner, they repeat in feeling or in wisdom, the LoO books from an organic and individual perspective. 

This raises interesting question about what the LoO actually IS. I am wondering if it is a part of the entity involved somehow.

If we think of someone like Russell Brand. From the perspective of someone of 5D he makes huge strategic mistakes in what he is trying to do. But also, when you listen to him and he is talking in a very simple everyday wisdom that organically references god. I was once listening to him and he did this and for a second I got absorbed with the real energy of this and felt what a deep part of me feels like living on this planet. I became aware of a real pain.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dream pushing change of course.

Or also explaining that a change of course is inevitable.

I had a dream where I was engaging in a lot of activities that I essentially had to stop doing.

It could be a reference to my Bring4th blog. But I am not sure of that.

Regardless, it didn't say that I should do one thing over another, only that I cannot do certain things now.

So I may fall back into what I felt before was 'positively polarised'. Or I may not be able to do those activities still. I am risking intuitions coming up but... It doesn't really matter, there is no choice. Otherwise it is that old saying about 'flogging a dead horse'.

Stopping looking at markets so much? Possibly. Nothing is going on with them anyway. They are so rigged, it's the difference between reading a newspaper that is mostly propaganda and has the occasional good story, to having the management change and it is suddenly all propaganda.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

2 Things.

(I am 'unsure' about no. 1 now. I felt like I got unblocked when I discovered a lie someone told me recently, and my 'truth censor' was temporarily blocked. Who knows!)

1) In my personal life, I've come to the conclusion that the massively complex stories that have become part of my narrative which includes multiple people lying may not be true. This has probably come from A) Some peoples behaviours might be described more as 'unpolarised' and I simply don't understand that since the foundations of my thought processes and lack of certain blocking behaviour considered normal in this society, prevent me from depolarising to a massive extent. B) Snippets of information where people are witholding information but not agressively lying have been escalated when I have tried to understand them (perhaps because witholding is basically 'unpolarised'.)

This means I will possibly go over my blog and modify some posts. (That I can find. I apparently write a LOT)

I don't know where this puts my spiritual practice of music etc. I am still playing it safe so I don't get any intuitions that the world does not accept.

2) Back to the 'world event's'. It has become obvious why the 'elite' have been trying to send EMP's via Tianjin to offset China's market, I had wanted to put an image up here but could not so will on my other blog. When China closes other countries stocks go up. Since there is nothing to counteract the rigging.

Secondly. Deutsche bank, which all the alternatives know about because of its $75 trillion of derivatives, Deutsche bank is not looking too healthy. Why the US decided to 'punish' Germany by going against VW I do not know, since DB has been effected and do they not know they are on a sinking ship?

Monday, 5 October 2015

General. (General global energies.)

Benjamin Fulford has put up the beginning of an update that is a little ungrounding, not because of the content but because he seems a bit perturbed by it.

IMO this kind of thing from the cabal cannot work atm. Simply because when they were still a mysterious, utterly terrifying secretive force, when they made 'Fight Club' for instance, they were, or they seemed to be... Exactly that.

But they are not that anymore. We can see in the Armstrong model and through a thousand little impotent expressions of non- power, that even if they are still assholes, they have vastly decreased in their suave sophistication in the past few years. Those whom they had once ostrasized and silenced, are now the new 'thing in town'. Such as this '' campaign in England, it looks fantastic! It's been a while since the good guy has looked this good in a 'rolls with the establishment' kind of feel.

Elsewhere in the purely intuitive based metaphysics that has little to actually back it up, this is what I FEEL is happening in the markets. The other day the manufacturing data from America was released. Several market indices took a vertical dive down and then there was agressive panic- buying and slamming of the VIX and the DOW (still the most important one it seems to me to follow, but they do seem to all act in unison) ended on a tremendous high. It went from something like down 200 to up 200 and up 300 today!

But all is not well in the 'land of the free'. Let me take you back a little to explain why.

Again on an intuitive level, a MASSIVE feel- change during the Greek crisis was when Greece defaulted and the EU tried to just shrug it off. (Pay at the end of the month). Before that point every deadline Greece had imposed felt like knives at peoples backs, every time you thought they would default and it would be oh so chaotic, and you really felt for Greece. But afterward... The rules were suspended. To the system: The rules you taught us to follow were not true.

And feeling wise it changed everything. It moved me and I'm sure a lot of others into a temporary 'Alice and Wonderland' feel detached from reality.

And when you detach from reality, you don't get it back.

That's the same as what it's like now. Zerohedge has humorously been following a market trader that always gets things wrong, every day he's called and the DOW has done the opposite, at least the past four occasions when I have seen it, and ZH has written more articles on him than that.

But today, it didn't work. This guy called the markets correct. That's because, when the manufacturing data was released and the riggers went ALL OUT, I summarise that 'the rules had changed'. They became really honest with themselves that they were rigging (and even some of the 'smart money' is not bothering to rig because they have taken care of their own escape plans possibly). This was a detachment from reality.

Now, if the VIX soars when it's getting pushed down and these riggers lose their money... well that will be a big day! Because it will be traumatic for them and is apparently why certain investment firms have stopped this practice.

Regardless though of stock market games, the Martin Armstrong Economic Model that I summarised before is good data wise (we are at 1989 Soviet Union point), and it makes a whole lot of sense. We are in the phase where the energy has changed and the good guys are on the up and the bad guys crumble no matter WHAT they do! 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Personal success...!

This seemed to be since I started looking at the Corey and DW info again. I had wanted to keep into the conspiracy and maintain a basically STS path (for me) to escape the eventual intuition to call the girl, but I got to the point where my brain kind of dissolved and I ended up just going back to DW etc.

But I feel good atm. The problem I talked about before that would threaten my 'survival' has gone. This might have been a small negative accompaniment to the rise in service to others vibration and the two things that have changed in relation are:

After a while of not masturbating I feel really good and am not quite so effected by the 'higher chakra' thoughts and feelings. Having a bit of lower energy to keep me busy. The secret to this is no sexual thoughts or behaviour AT ALL.

Certain discipline in certain thoughts.

Dreams guiding me to eat better, I had slipped in minor ways. For instance, soya always makes me feel stressed and I enjoyed that stress because I kind of have a bit of a stress addiction. I used to enjoy decaf soya lattes but I am stopping those now. This helps me relate to others better since the underlying stress is not a good thing. 

Closing moon square... I think we roughly say what it means now.

So, it's quite obvious, with all the news about what is going on. (It is a day off the closing square, but like Corbyn being elected as Labour party leader the day of the previous new moon, a day off some of these transits is not unexpected.)

I said that transiting Chiron opposing the sun on the new moon was going to mean one of the themes of this square would be 'media corruption', and that is an obvious part of all this.

Russia and Syria... Enough said.

But to say just a little more. ISIS could be destroyed in a matter of days not weeks. Making the false war on ISIS from the US military all the more obvious. MSM commentators are going to have as much trouble justifying that, (if they even bother), as crop circle critics have had, perhaps more. Maybe US planes were slowed from striking ISIS position because of a band of hedgehogs, all piled on top of each other and martyring themselves onto the windsheilds of upcoming planes.

There are a few other trends of less global importance. Part of the negative agenda obviously includes paedophilia, and this, as well as other issues such as nuclear weapons, has caused an outcry from all political activists over the behaviour of the BBC in this matter. Some of these people on the left, have only EVER had anything bad to say about the right wing press (BBC is known to be left), but it's too obvious now. (However, discussion especially amongst the left about the corruption of ALL MSM has been rife recently since Corbyn seemed to recieve a comical amount of abuse from the right wing papers as well)

There is also a real political party grouping in the UK behind the 'out' vote. 'Out' of the EU. This is obviously significant although I have had trouble imagining how we will get all the way until next year before the EU and it's member states go bankrupt... Belly up... And the way of the old Soviet Union. (Quite the karma, since Russia is pushing against the 'cabal')

Does this square with some of my more outlandish suggestions about October 13th new moon? It brings a different perspective to me because the new moon is an energy that is set for the whole month. Therefore, if there is truth to that Chilean miners analogy, it will take place over the whole of that moon cycle IMO.

The main thing in the next cycle is that this time the new moon is opposite URANUS. Uranus is the big 'revolution'/ technical thinking sort of planet. When it first in 2008 squared with Pluto is when we had the tension leading to the 2008 crash. And when we had the last of seven square recently between Pluto and Uranus, (the day of the re- (s)election of Netanyahu), was when the feeling of good vs. evil was at an intense crescendo IMO and experience.

So with this next new moon we will see the moving forward of Uranus, unimpeded by Pluto. That's gotta be a month to remember!

The new moon is also set for Jupiter trine Pluto. So the system will be making huge announcements and making a big deal of how 'big' they are, like they perhaps are doing now. However, Uranus will continue without being effected by this.

Venus square Saturn, where real world social things will effect us in relation to feminity vulnerability and love.

One of these numbers again.

Talking to Corey on facebook recently on my view of 'densities' etc.

Just struck me that densities 6-9 = 69. Session 69 again.

Perhaps a nod to 'in negative' again, certain adaptions need to be made!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Also (and note).

I believe that the pattern I have been caught in is a very sophisticated web of lies etc.

It will take a LOT to bring it down and start making a dent in this. A lot of removal of the negative from the earth 'plane'.

And conversely, a LOT of energy being shown the 'light'.

If I fail, and there is a chance I will with some recent developments IMO. I draw some small comfort that those whom have moved against me will not escape their actions. Moreso they will not be able to if I pull through. But there will still be some residual karma if things have gone bad and they don't have to face me!

(Note: I had the value for the August low incorrect. The low is not where the day ended at 15,666 but the lowest point of the day which was 15370)

Interesting research

To basically back up a lot of what a lot of people have already been saying (About the EU etc.) Here's a famed 'cycle predictor'. Martin Armstrong:

This guy is popular because his models are apparently extremely accurate.

This cycle predicts the power of the government, and that it has just peaked. Essentially, if we were to integrate this, the fact that America's foreign policy has become a living joke is timed to the 'structure of the Universe' and now is on the decline.

Another line from Martin that perhaps explains why an 'economic crash' is necessary:

'The bulk of the people cannot be persuaded to change camps until there is a real full-blown economic implosion. This is true in all free political nations.'

To summarise, people are basically on autopilot. IMO in ALL ethical matters, until something big shakes them up!

The good guys seem to be winning.

In the Middle East at least. Putin is ACTUALLY taking military action against ISIS, rather than, like a Putin ally has claimed America was doing... Pretending.

Also, it does not look like, at this moment, the DOW will go below the 15,666 line timed at the closing quarter of the blood moon. If we look at the patterns of that, starting with the new moon (election of Corbyn), first quarter (loads of stuff), full moon (three stuck out) and now the closing moon is likely to follow on from that pattern which include the 'corruption of the media', which is always a theme atm when transiting Chiron is involved.

Nevertheless, the 'truth' is becoming more and more obvious and the release of the very bad manufacturing data, then there being a good old fashioned rally... It defies belief; surely there must be consequences of so agressively avoiding reality!?

Thursday, 1 October 2015


I have put this off today but ended up writing this nonetheless. I don't like commenting on what Corey has to say because usually it seems whatever I say correlates with the things he gets wound up about. Not always, in fact, not mostly, but a fair bit of the time.

However, I've just been communicating with a friend and ended up defending myself with LoO quotes and now my intuition is more switched on.

Perhaps you can see the problem with this in that the intuition may end in a very negative place that I have already summarised.

Regardless, this is what I thought on his last post:

That these guys under the earth, those who meet in the 'womb of isis' don't have much going for them.

Spiritually evolved: The girl lied several times when talking to Corey.
Healing: However it is used more in the sense of condescending to other who are in need of their superior 'guidance'. 
Saying 'don't judge us' while specifying how primitive they think we all are. Like for like no?
Supporting regional groups for political and bloodline affiliated goals. (Is he sure that symbol wasn't Nazi).

Also, as I have summarised I had had a lot of trouble with a girl who identified herself with both 'UFO's' for healing and the 'i' word. Whom has been outrightly cruel to me. Therefore, I don't know where they get off choosing such an 'ambassador'. (OK, tbf this is a trumped up charge since it comes with an association that may or may not be correct. But it is enough for me without evidence to the contrary)

Generally people who choose the more feminine side of spirituality from my experience think they have free license to lie.