Friday, 9 October 2015

What 6D wanderers are like.

So, that friend that I have had loads of very complex negative theories around, 'the priest that worships the beast' etc. I do not believe anymore he has been in a physical relationship with the aforementioned girl, (of which the main problem with this is the 'lie' resulting in energy blockage from knowing a truth and not being able to state it, and of which, there could still have been withheld truths to bring that energy blockage). Although, like he suggested to me once, I could have sensed something and mistranslated it. However, atm, the important thing is to basically let it be.

I still have an internal quest for answers.

I will explain roughly what a 6D entity is like

I will also be guessing some that I am not quite sure of, so 'pinch of salt':

A) In my opinion. They are the most variable of all the groups, even amongst those that are similar (i.e. masculine or whatever). If you compare George Galloway and Russell Brand for instance.
B) As with the aforementioned examples, they lack some of the refinement and bells and whistles the 5D have. Like Carla, their flaws seem more apparent for some reason. Possibly the need to 'refine' their 'love' with 'wisdom'.
C) In some manner, they repeat in feeling or in wisdom, the LoO books from an organic and individual perspective. 

This raises interesting question about what the LoO actually IS. I am wondering if it is a part of the entity involved somehow.

If we think of someone like Russell Brand. From the perspective of someone of 5D he makes huge strategic mistakes in what he is trying to do. But also, when you listen to him and he is talking in a very simple everyday wisdom that organically references god. I was once listening to him and he did this and for a second I got absorbed with the real energy of this and felt what a deep part of me feels like living on this planet. I became aware of a real pain.

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