Thursday, 22 October 2015

Few points. Part 1.

Well, a few more readers, or at least more than back in the day, that is good, because I have a lot to say:

Firstly, a follow up from this karma thing goes like this, I will explain how people come to strange ideas (possibly) and then how life is working against them atm and will continue to:

A) Example, girl who cheats, justifies lying to her partner about it because she is 'looking after him', this 'looking after him' becomes 'left wing' and loads of other brainwashed ideas such as 'global warming'.

B) 'Rentier' individual, or someone who in general works well with the system, doesn't want to let go of creature comforts of the establishment and comfortable ways of thinking (I.e. I have stocks and stocks are not going to crash). They then end up far more establishment than if they were thinking ethically.

When the negative starts losing control and can no longer insulate people from 'karma' and 'the results of their actions'. Something like this comes up.

An example from my twitter (spelled properly and proper grammar just because):

Vote no because we are better together, the Conservatives destroy Scotlands steel industry, then Labour calls on the Scottish National Party to do something... You couldn't make this up! *

To which I replied something similar to: It was not caused directly by the Conservatives but by a deflationary spiral across multiple markets, high price of electricity (from wind power subsidies), and EU rules preventing the government from supporting these businesses.

The point I am making here is these people are so fixated on the Scotland - England dichotomy that they do not know what they are talking about and will inevitably work against their own interests. (Which is further likely related to personal ideas as summarised).

However, and to branch this out to the left in general, blinkers have been put on to reality and now it is starting to bite. The reason it is starting to bite is because it is REALITY THAT IS BITING.

This will have to be a post exclusively on this since it has gone so long.

So some ideas of the left that this steel industry collapse is pressing on summarised by some discussions I have had on this, I will try not to go too long on this since the ignorance seems to be close to infinite:

A) The Prime Minister should bring up Chinese Steel dumping:

No, he shouldn't. Because England is in debt and China is helping us out, since we are not using the money to build things because of huge bubbles everywhere. (Which government doesn't want to allow to collapse because of potential harm to them personally)

And, here is another fact completely missed by this entitled world view, the Chinese do not owe us a thing. Selfish Westerners still think we are a world power and have no idea how much we ARE NOT, how implicitly weak we are as a country atm.

B) A more general idea that market rules are irrelevant and global warming ideas have all priority:

The steel works collapsed partly because wind subsidies increasing the price of electricity and making it bankrupt. To want China to bail you out by not dumping steel but to not recognise this, is obviously arrogant.

So, what is happening is that people are meeting REALITY. Of course, a lot of what is happening atm is not karma or anything remotely fair IMO, it is infringement by the negative.

However, some of what starts to happen is karma, and what it is is reality starting to show up. Therefore, these people's lies get shown for what they are in concrete terms because there are CONSEQUENCES for the lies, in real, measurable, immediate terms.

And this is what is going to happen, when reality infringes, then people have to face things but this is OBVIOUS. Stocks... Well both them and the thoughts pro establishment thoughts connected with them are going to come under 'review'. As in my previous example with Syria (that has grown amazingly interestingly as a political issue)

*On Scots the way it was described to me was that these 'Conservative' grievances go back to Thatcher (Conservative minister from 1980's). There is a little more relevance to the comment when looked at it like that but I think it is an antiquated view, whereas the one I summarised with real cause and effect, the real reasons, will put a person in better stead.

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