Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dream, confirming direction and.... (poss reinterpretation of dream)

(This is for my bringth blog. I will likely be expanding on the original dream on this (33Phoenix) blog)

Ending blog here... Again.

So I will have to stick to my other one.

I think that the fact I've already tied it all together with the Armstong model etc.  For all those sick of the tyranny. As things are clearly crumbling and going to continue to do so, so there is nothing wrong with me personally going with my STO path of music (listening to of Chuck Berry atm).

The people I've been talking about recently. One of the things that made me think this guy was dating the girl was when I wrote a song explaining unfavourably my experience with her and he immediately made up a bunch of lies about not doing music anymore. Essentially this person has been 'gotten to' and it is sometimes good to go through these unpleasant experience so you can see who the manipulators are and thus avoid them!

I don't fully know correctness of this dream I wasn't with the perfect diet. This is what I'm going with atm.

(After another set of dreams though, it has become obvious to me that the feeling in said dream that encouraged me to relax and play music, may have been through eating gelatine sweets. Which I have been strongly warned off via dreamstate. So may continue blog. 

Something big (negative elite downfall wise) should happen at some point, I hesitate to say though 'fairly soon'.

Perhaps I'm mixing things up though. If I'm still into the conspiracy area doesn't mean ---------. So --------!)

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