Thursday, 30 June 2016

British "politics".

It's all gone mad. I'll keep it brief on British Politics:

It has been so hectic this morning everything I say will be out of date... Broadly, both mainstream political parties, the ruling party and the opposition, are having leadership quarrels.

It seems to me on a very fundamental level there is a breakdown of the old order. Benjamin Fulford writes that the top levels of power are unsure what to do, and some countries are actively making movements away from the EU since it is simply not as powerful as it was. Englands internal political strife is also met by that drunken, but somewhat inert, tyrant Juncker not really knowing what to do either.

This is important in my view:

There are lots of hidden subtleties in this chart.

We are at the end of a moon cycle. Usually this is a fairly quiet time but because the cycle itself delivered such powerful events, we are still reeling. The closing moon though is in a grand trine including Pluto, North Node, and Jupiter. this may be reflecting the current situation.

This is the new moon on July 4th and while the last one was opposing Saturn, and we now have a breaking of Saturns misdirected discipline. The next one will be opposing Pluto, which delivers news of all sorts of nastiness most people can't even imagine! (... and continues to link to current events through Jupiter - North node conjunction)

(It really is mad; new news is coming out about British politics on twitter, which I should probably have closed before writing this.)

So, these are interesting times. One last note is this:

The Economic Collapse Blog: What Is The Government Preparing For?

This made me a little down in the morning and perhaps it is that doomsday kind of thing that positively orientated messages warn us about... However, if there was a time this would happen it would be now. I am again thinking of extending my prep a little. No one really knows at the moment do they?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Keeping the faith?

Wow, I've just had a sleeping session that feels more like 'coma' than 'sleep'.

In Benjamin Fulfords most recent update, he has talked about how Deutsche bank is very close to failing so the Chinese have bailed it out.

This offers a different pattern than the one some of us were expecting. It was my understanding that an economic crash was the big thing in these events.

However, China has stopped it in this case, and it is likely that any further economic turmoil will be bailed out by China as well. For instance, Italy is now struggling with the euro.

But rather than there being an economic crash like David Wilcock was told, the game seems to be to keep the threat of economic collapse happening while the politics changes. Meaning that the overthrow is happening in a less traumatic way... (This of course assumes China et al. have this capability, and since they are allied with some powerful entities this is a good bet.)

I'll still be keeping my prep!

34 referendums have now been called within EU countries, and many of these by either the party in power or one that isn't but is very high in the polls. Italy is having economic trouble. However, will likely be solving this by coming out of the EZ by referendum rather than crashing!

In England it is looking OK. Nigel Farage and David Cameron are saying the same things. Was David Cameron never that bad? Was he just being threatened through it all? Or has he been swayed by Nigel Farage's tendency to be magnanimous in victory?

Either way, it is all looking good it just isn't looking the way I had thus far planned for it to happen. There will likely not be another economic crash!

One other point (In relation to the Chilcot enquiry out next Wednesday). I have had dreams many years ago explaining that Tony Blair is a big part of all this. He still influences the Labour party. He still goes for meetings there. After he is gone there might be some room for some real change. My local MP is a Blairite and I will vote against that man in any new General Election! As I imagine will a lot of the country.

The dream more specifically said that Tony Blair is metaphorical for the negative beings that take people off their path. As he gets arrested peoples paths will start to slip back. (Because the negative stealing resources mean they can't organically go elsewhere so people can't do their paths, also as things fix both people will get resources for doing their true path and they will not get resources for not doing so.)

Jeremy Corbyn's followers in my opinion are responding to a kind of inner survival mechanism. That some experience as libertarianism and conspiracy theory. Survival perhaps for the less aware! The emotional impact that Tony Blair had was quite awful. I remember my mother being so happy in 1997 for the election of that bastard that then went on to betray us all! He was quite charming back in the day.

My apologies for not including a few pictures and linking to a few articles here. I had forgot to set my alarm and I am rushing to get to work on time!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Why Finance is not omnipotent.

Financial manipulation.

So, I wanted to explain something about financial manipulation.

Many people in the alternative media seem to think that the stock market is so completely rigged that the 'cabal' control every move.

I do not believe this one bit, I will explain why.

Essentially, the way a democracy has worked for years, is that the government tells stupid people how to think. If people do what they are told, as they almost always have thus far, the system all works fine; the body snatcher government is elected, the rights are taken away slowly. Wahoo for the bad guys.

But if, for whatever reason something unpredictable comes along, like UKIP, then things get a bit more unpredictable and the body snatchers have to adapt, by having to conciliate a bit of truth or freedom to people. Grudgingly.

The same thing I believe happens with finance. The reason finance works like it does and doesn't do that natural thing these corrupt institutions should do in a free market (collapse) is because the government, the federal reserve or whoever, rigs it. With crude ramps, with VIX rigging etc.

But if something unpredictable comes along, they are effectively screwed!

For instance, there has been talk recently that the cabal will be trying to punish England somehow due to the rejection of the EU at the referendum. While this may be true, evidence of this is more likely to be something like the ratings agencies taking the UK down a notch. The wobbles that followed the actual referendum itself were probably to do with banks taking their own exit polls, and getting the wrong answer, believing it will be remain. Then when it was leave dumping their positions... A very hysterical and organic process which is nothing to do with manipulation and all to do with self preservation.

Conservative leadership, EU referendum

Like out of a script of some sort of dark comedy, it is now clear that Boris Johnson is pro immigration... PRO IMMIGRATION. Which is no doubt why he and others are saying we will remain part of the single market.

This is utterly ridiculous, he won the referendum on the basis of stopping unskilled immigration. I suppose though, to be honest he didn't win did he? To make matters even more stupid Theresa May, who is REMAIN, is running against him on the basis he is pro immigration and she is anti... I for one prefer May!

I can't bring words at how ridiculously stupid and hypocritical this all is.

I do think the way this whole things works in the grand scheme is that people, both positive and negative are trapped in kind of immobile life situations, and given very simple choices. The people who have at least some negative leaning, people I might consider like Boris Johnson, are then trapped into doing things that are good (or perhaps saying they will do things that are good) even though they would not choose to if they had power over their situations.

Vote Leave had locked themselves into a situation where if they lost the referendum they were going to be out of a job so they went with the immigration argument even though they need butlers and reasons to pay the working class as little as possible.

Now what's happening is the EU leaders are pushing for the Conservative leadership election to be gotten on with. Perhaps that is because if they had a proper leadership election David Davis might get in?

If they have a general election, and these peoples first enemy is democracy so I doubt it... But if they did have one and it wasn't rigged. UKIP are going to wipe these people off the map.

Trying to blame Nigel Farage for the lies of vote leave wasn't going to work, people are getting wise to these peoples games.

I can't wait for the Benjamin Fulford update today. Even though he may or may not focus on the referendum. Some clarity at the moment would be good!

Lol @ Spain! They still don't have a government. No one got a majority in yesterdays election.

Brexit vote, the aftermath.

So, it all seems to be kicking off.

8 shadow ministers have been fired or have resigned from Jeremy Corbyns cabinet:

From the Telegraph:

(About ten minutes after this was published Vernon Coaker resigned! A bit later another goes. No more updates on that. It will settle later.)

This is because of the coming Chilcott enquiry. The establishment is in trouble because, if left unchecked, the Chilcott enquiry may clean out the 'Blairites' from the system and leave an actually effective democratic fighting force!:

While this guy might be in the know, it seems unlikely to me... It is also clear that Jeremy Corbyn lied about being pro EU to not give the 'Blairites' a reason to attack him. 

What will the Chilcott enquiry hold? Bin Laden's sister was, after all, killed over this!

But they are desperate, any challenge to the leadership seems unlikely with Len McClusky clearly backing up Corbyn and a popular mandate that has not changed. It seems like the same story again... The elites getting angry and uncomfortable with 'democracy'.

Here is the list of potential leaders for the Conservative party... Now I don't know how their leadership elections work, but what is exciting is if Davis was in there. If he was PM it would be complete disclosure, not partial in my estimation...

Of course, in this list it makes no sense for remain candidates to run... But... Oh well. I suspect the Conservatives don't allow their members to vote.

Nigel Farage is doing some clear strategising here. Nicola Sturgeon is trying to find a way to veto the EU referendum, because presumably Scotland wants to stay in the EU and be independent from the UK... This is strange because the EU has stated it will not accept Scotland and furthermore that Belgium and Spain will veto their applications... But the elites don't make sensible choices.

...I'm wondering how she feels about her potential chances in any coming General election. Which is being talked about but no detail as of yet... If so it is likely UKIP will soar in Scotland. In any General election after the expenses fraud and talk of postal voting. It likely wouldn't be rigged and would yield very different results!

This amount of detail is BEFORE you even get to discussion on the referendum. it is also before you get to finance. Spanish election is today!

Several countries state they want us to get on with that and so apparently do the EU? I don't know why this is but perhaps it's just organic.

The BBC is pushing the narrative of a second referendum soon and their are protests against Brexit. The petition to have a second referendum, that I think had 365k English signatures of 2.3m. That petition is now at 3.1m and the establishment has addressed that fraud by saying... We have got rid of 77k Signatures! So, they are clearly pushing that petition, that is their thing, their next plan. (Later edit, the petition was a fraud: Heatstreet: EXCLUSIVE: Brexit ‘2nd Referendum Petition’ A 4 Chan Prank: BBC Report It As Real, BBC still not reporting despite boasting from hackers.)

I have not even had chance to LOOK at the financial area despite Mondays open possibly being armageddon. Nigel Farage has been in the Daily Mail saying there will be a recession soon.

Interesting, yes! This is what we wanted change. The change is only theoretical at the moment. It happens outside real lives. But it is coming.

It's fucking coming!

Friday, 24 June 2016

On the Chilean Miners Metaphor... Feminism.

I have recently just put this together about the Chilean Miners accident metaphor I had previously talked about here, (nestled about halfway down the page!)

To expand on this, I remember that David Cameron was the person who gifted the Phoenix capsule to the rescue effort. At the time I always got confused about what that meant, since David Cameron is a paid up member of the cabal and represented them in Indonesia.

BUT, he has been the one to offer this referendum. Which might be seen as the 'capsule' almost... Even?

Also, the Chilean miners were culturally very Hispanic. The referendum may, may collapse the banking system and free the Hispanic world under the EU's control.

Crazy SJW's

Well, for hours now #notmyvote has trended. A lot of Social Justice Warriors are saying that it is not their vote to leave the EU, and they are more entitled to vote than the elderly for 'reasons'; that the referendum should be overturned.

Parody? Unfortunately not... They have been endlessly vicious in expressing this perspective:

This one I find doubtful... The vote was very close and the young are statistically least likely to vote. It is not a huge leap to say they probably did not vote this election and if they had've they would've changed the vote.

And on and on, it was probably started by this chart:

This is vicious, it is nasty, because they didn't get the vote they want they're hating on the older generation essentially. They have no respect for freedom and have started a petition to re do the referendum, on top of having already tried to stop the last one happening through petition.

I've been thinking this whole thing, right back into the remain brainwashing, owes its activity to feminism. We have previously seen from Paul Joseph Watson how daycare creates the tantrum like behaviour of the Social Justice Warriors.

I wonder where the mother of these children were... They have been obviously been taught by the state to rely on the state so that's what they are doing. Rather than their biological mother. It is the woman that creates the emotional gel in the family and makes sure the young children meet up with their grandparents every so often.

But our society is disconnected, this is not happening.

So that's why we have these confused and aggressive young people. Supporting the state. Because as David Rockerfeller said directly to Alex Jones... Get the children into school earlier... Indoctrinate them!

So, the Eu ref happened!

And the synchronicities were right!

What is clear now is that:

A) Boris signed a letter backing David Cameron just before the vote, apparently he thought he was going to lose:

Daily Mirror: 86 Tory Brexit MPs sign letter saying David Cameron should remain Prime Minister - whatever EU Referendum result

Notably not on this list are the people with some backgone. I.e. David Davis, Peter Bone and Bill Cash.

B) Michael Gove (another Vote Leaver) is pushing the idea that we might not even set off article 50 for another two years. Because before then we would be engaging in bureaucracy. At which point article 50 would then take another two years. At any point we could have another referendum on the new 'terms'.

This is obviously a stitch up. I can't describe the dislike I have for Vote Leave... Obviously, their focus is not to get us to leave but to keep Farage down and that's been their only focus.

Markets fell initially, Dow is currently 384 points down and this is the FTSE:

So basically on the initial 'Oh god is it all over' the markets dumped a bit and then everybody realised nothing is actually happening. There are political movements, Cameron says he is resigning, Corbyn is having a leadership challenge. But nothing is happening on the EU ref (Corbyn may challenge that).

But essentially, all that and now it may not happen. The parliament is under no legal pressure to withdraw from the EU. It's only the will of the people after all. Many other countries are talking about having their own referendum now including Italy, most prominently.

Whatever happens next though is anyone's guess. But after the Federal Reserve said they would raise rates in December, they never did so. I suspect this is more of the same.

Personal matter:

While perusing the endless nasty young SJW's (who are taking their anger out on the elderly in a very self entitled way) I came across this:

My responses to this, in my mind not tweeted, were too dirty. Disappointing sexually, failed a level makes her a hooker etc. Because of this I am going to delete the collection of pornographic gifs I sometimes collect (which I started a few days ago). I do think the dirt from them reflects into real life and lowers my vibration.

I include this because spirituality is an important part of this blog and my life. I do believe strongly in this kind of self improvement.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

EU ref, middle of the night. Polls open in four hours.

Lightning just flashed outside. It has been doing that a while.

After one of my previous blogs entitled 'Jo Cox and the market'. Linking all these false flags with her "murder", it started raining as I was writing and thundering a few minutes later. I wondered if lightning, as a metaphor, is back?

This is from a post that came up on twitter today, it is a picture of lightning strikes, where they are tonight:

As a metaphor, that's unreal! It is separating the UK from the rest of Europe.

Make of it what you will. (Sounds like lightning just stopped as I wrote that)

It strikes me though that some of the people voting out though are simply doing it for their own reasons and are not doing it with a view based on deeper things. I just talked to someone like that on twitter, a girl who reacted negatively when I talked about feminism in a less than glowing light. (Complete with hysterical accusations (SJW's always project!), and a dislike of having facts pointed out).

This is neither here nor there. Just that, to me if we are going for full disclosure I want as many people who are really tuned in as possible. I don't want a half ran solution!

Anyway, Davey Cameron has probably had his day if the vote is leave, his autopsy has already begun:

"Anybody who has any knowledge of this debate has known for years that being in the European Union means free movement of people, and the prime minister must have known." 
"If he didn't, then frankly he's just not being very bright. It would be impossible to meet his claim. 
"He's got a track record of saying one thing, in the full knowledge that he can't or won't deliver. When's he going to stop fibbing to the British people?"
So if you consider what is likely to happen now IF leave win (I couldn't offer too much faith there because that will sting if it doesn't happen!) It will be the libertarians, what is the true right wing burrowing into the Cameron government and making them pay essentially, removing them from power.

The liberal lefts solution in dealing with such problems is to shout everyone down as racist and have the left win elections based on voting patterns which don't show up in real life. The (dysfunctional) female perspective is being forced out, and the free market is returning.

Angela Merkel is being rejected and her motherhood pretence, and Hillary Clinton (whom Donald Trump blames almost solely for Da'esh... Interesting!) is also seeing the end of her professional days.

Things are looking up. I wonder how well I'm going to be able to sleep? Between now and when the results become known. Not likely that well. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow, and if not, I'll see you sometime after that!

Interesting also, how many other countries want their own EU referendums now... I bet they are all looking at us with the wish that we leave, so the whole disasterous thing comes down. I would hate for it to be someone else who was voting rather than me on this... It would be uncomfortable. So I do sympathise.

There is no other democratic way that change can happen until 2020 in England. So this is all to play for! Otherwise, we will be watching the EU crumble and be having nothing to do with it. An effect of circumstance, not a participant!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

EU ref -1 day 4 hours. What is likely to happen after the vote.

I've been reading around but it is not very clear at all what is actually going on with this vote. What will actually happen,

First a little humour:

This is funny, and quite true. My mother told me she was a 'chaotic neutral'. I have made very sure not to push her into any decision or even ask what she is voting, but I do as a natural outgrowth of my personality enthusiastically make the case for leaving the EU every so often, when something comes up.

Second from the bottom is quite poignant as well, 'I just want it to be over' was almost stated by someone at work. Although he has not discussed his reasons for wanting to vote remain, he is gay in the sense that he values homosexuality as a central part of his identity (not all homosexuals do, some are just people that happen to be homosexual),  his partner signed him up for registration, and he wants to get the vote over with, when he said so it made me think he is unsure of his decision and so wants to get it over with. 

There is a Spanish person at work who is leaving the country just after the referendum for two weeks, this line in the Telegraph gave me cause for pause (below), but I do not believe the immigrants who have already come here will not be allowed back in if they have lived in the country under EU rules. It is just not logical to suddenly declare people who have legally lived here illegal immigrants:

Telegraph: EU referendum: Here's what happens in the 72 hours after Britain votes to leave
Some EU citizens in the UK might consider leaving but, given that the prospects of coming back in by right are likely to be lower in the future, then the number of immediate departures might be fairly limited.
Telegraph: Three million EU citizens in the UK could be deported if Britons vote for a 'Brexit', Home Office suggests
He said: “Clearly any EU citizen that is legally here if we come out of the EU would absolutely have the right to remain here. Any other suggestion is just absurd.
“It is a scare story, full stop. It just shows how desperate the Government and the Remain campaign are.” 
Tory MP Philip Davies added:: “Nobody would ever suggest that anybody who has arrived here legally would be evicted from the country. For the Government not to make that abundantly clear is ludicrous.” 
He added: “They must know full well that they wouldn’t and couldn’t deport people who previously arrived here legally."
I suppose it is a bit of a grey area though. Obviously our society would collapse if we sent back all the foreign workers in one week or so... If someone leaves the country though are they allowed back? Or would they come under the category of a new migrant that falls under the 'Australian style points system'.

Regardless, so, the first article and one it links to here, explain that no one really knows what's going to happen on the surface, article 50 is a bit obscure and doesn't really lay out much substance of how these things go down. It is also fairly punitive and I don't think the European Union ever planned for a strong member country of theirs to leave when they were in such a (self imposed *cough* Eurozone *cough*) considerable place of weakness. There is no reason Britain has to put up with any of this crap. A piece of paper can't declare the law if you are going to leave anyway and don't have to put up with it:

So, these are some considerations here:

  • The vote is done by proportional representation. The closer the vote, (as polls suggest it will be) the longer it will take to find the result... It is predicted that the result, if clear, will come at around 3:30 - 5am. But it will not necessarily if it is closely tied. It is officially declared at 12:30pm on the 24th of June.
  • Quite quickly if it is leave, there will have to be announcements on three areas, all of which will likely be that nothing is going to change in the immediate future: British citizens living abroad, EU citizens living here and trade...
  • The markets will probably plummet in the case of leave and mildly rally in the case of remain. Zerohedge: Panicked Brits Rush To Buy Gold Bars, Stuff Them In Home Safes
  • There are differing views on David Cameron and the political situation. JP Morgan can be quoted saying: 

Zerohedge: JPMorgan Reports 3-5% Lead For "Leave" In Brexit Referendum

The day after a leave vote, the UK’s legal relationship with the EU would remain largely unchanged. But the political environment would change enormously. Our best guess is that David Cameron would resign as [P]rime minister within hours of the result being known. While he might attempt to remain in office until the Conservative party conference in October, his authority during this period will have been eroded. Boris Johnson is likely to take over as PM subject to the vagaries of the Conservative leadership election process (see below). A snap general election is possible, but in our view, unlikely. (Emphasis of line Zerohedge)
  • However, the view of a snap general election being unlikely seems not all that certain in the dialogue in British politics:
Independent: EU referendum: Jeremy Corbyn says Labour is 'very ready' for snap general election after vote

  • In the case of an 'In' vote, Boris Johnson said it well: 'Imagine an 'in' vote, Juncker drinking champagne and Peter Mandelson saying we can join the Euro.' David Cameron will start a new reshuffle, purge his cabinet members that were leave and start with a new, more tyrannical government. The EU will talk about what's in a new budget, the Greek crisis will resume, Spains elections will kick off more austerity arguments and there will be new pain all around. I had thought to myself I could enjoy the suffering of those remainians that deserve it (which I would) but I will not be able to enjoy the suffering of the weak and infirm under this continued austerity.
  • As talked about in the last blog. There would be a legal challenge against the referendum on the basis of Purdah and direct vote rigging. UKIP would surge as a democratic force. The fight, for libertarians, would continue.
  • The establishment crap would not matter though since the financial system is on its last legs. I would expect any potential crisis to be worse with EU laws interfering with being able to respond in the right ways... It is EU laws that allow 'bail ins' for instance.
  • In the event of an out vote, the parliament may refuse to exit the EU. Like Tsipras did in Greece after the Greek people rejected the Euro recently. For some reason I can't quantify I think that would be more difficult here. Whoever is working behind the scenes against the English establishment is doing a bang up job and Britain is just not Greece. We are a more powerful country.
  • In the longer term. Probably unskilled immigration will be stopped, the financial crash will happen, we will have a huge fishing industry and things will get better. Market competition from EU taxes and various laws being removed, means that crap companies will not survive the free market will start to behave better. It is likely if we out there will be a snap election within the next 6 months in my view.

EU ref -1 days seven hours.... Will it be rigged!

One day and seven hours as I sit here and write this:

Basic rigging:

This is where we should really start:

Breitbart: Referendum May Face Legal Challenge Thanks to ‘Unconstitutional’ Voter Registration Extension
Britons had originally been given until midnight Tuesday to register to vote in the historic referendum, which takes place in two weeks’ time. But as the deadline loomed on Tuesday night the government’s online registration system crashed, leaving thousands unsure as to whether they were registered or not. 
In response the government yesterday legislated to extend the deadline until midnight tonight. 
According to co-chairman Arron Banks, that extension may leave the results of the referendum open to legal challenge. “For the Government to alter election law during an election period is absolutely unprecedented and unconstitutional,” Mr Banks said in a statement.

He cited numerous concerns including the issuing of polling cards to more than 3,000 EU citizens who have no right to vote in the referendum; Bristol City Council issuing advice on voting which depicted a pen hovering over the remain box; and the government’s infamous £9 million propaganda leaflet, among other incidents. 
“Taken together, we believe that the above constitutes a clear attempt to rig the referendum or, at a bare minimum, to load the dice, Mr Banks said. “We believe It is unconstitutional at best and have been advised that with legitimate cause we could challenge this extension. We are therefore considering all available legal options with our legal team, with a view to potentially launching a judicial review now and after the outcome of the referendum on 23rd June.”
(There is a lot more evidence now for court in the breaking of Purdah rules!)

This rigging is still apparently going on:

Real rigging:

BUT, the gold standard of rigging information is the video I talked about here:

33Phoenix: DSF report on vote rigging.

To summarise, (and I know this is a bit of a leap for some people), Andy Anderson was an electoral counting officer and he came to the conclusion, and has a lot of evidence backing this up, that MI5 were simply looking at people who would not likely vote, registering them and sending off their votes.

He also summarised how certain people announced the results beforehand and seemed to know what the vote was beforehand.

There has been none of the second one this time. Aside from perhaps the betting statistics, no one has stated for sure, that the establishment remain side is going to win.

To Andy, the measures like those to do with giving polling cards to EU migrants, and other things he summarised like stealing ballot papers, were basically distractions so people got irritated with the false trails and gave up!

However, importantly. Through Corbyns influence in the remain campaign and the campaigns determinedness to register young voters it is highly likely that MI5 could not use the same tactics. So this is a huge plus.

Additionally many disgruntled older voters will be registered as well, since they were there for 1975.

It is quite likely to me that he knows that, quite the strategist Corbyn and someone history will no doubt judge very positively (no I'm not projecting onto him, politician for decades, saw how he maneuvered out McFadden without leaving himself open to convincing attack!):

So, that's one side of it, maybe and maybe not, there are two more things I will mention. First is that in the upper reaches of society, or in both the upper levels of power and a kind of underground military strategist sense, people who know the game are working on behalf of people... I.e. there are people behind the scenes in our favour, although this is not specific to Britain it is still relevant:

Kauilipele: FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-28-16… “20160328 Khazarian Satan worshippers now exposed for all to see”
In a related move, the FBI was forced to back off its attempt to gain a back door into i-phones “due to massive opposition against invasion of privacy via phone backdoors,” Pentagon sources say. 
Pentagon control of Silicon Valley should also make it much harder to electronically rig the US presidential election. A recent string of losses by Hillary Clinton may be evidence the vote rigging is being stopped.
... and also, perhaps related to that or perhaps not... People on the ground here are very much on our side (the substance of this article is different from the title. Express like to clickbait a bit):

Daily Express: Fury as police force insists stopping EU referendum vote-rigging 'not our responsibility'
Other police forces contacted by told us they were assigning extra officers to cover polling stations and had set up dedicated anti-fraud teams to monitor this summer’s election period.

Most said officers held regular meetings with community leaders and had established outreach teams to alert people to their rights and urge them to report any suspicions of electoral fraud.
This kind of passion on the ground, like I guarantee is not there at the same intensity for General Elections, is the thing that the establishment cannot stop... People actually doing their jobs. Working overtime to make sure it is a fair vote:

I meet a lot of interesting people on twitter. It's not the only person who is involved with electoral proceedings!

So what he was referring to there was the electoral register used to have a lot of people on it that weren't really there. David Cameron just after the last election cleaned up this register (I was unregistered briefly because of this)... The left thought this was obviously some evil conspiracy but I don't. This government, in the last Queens speech, put forward the Minsk accords which are in my view a positive part of Russia's agenda, at this moment there are quite definitely shades of grey in the government.

So that is another way in which the government cannot rig this referendum like General Election 2015 was rigged.

No wonder the establishment is getting scared!

Finally, this is what Benjamin Fulford has to say on this:
In any case, the WDS will only respect action, not promises, by the “R&R,” and their black nobility bosses. If they steal or try to steal the British referendum, there will be consequences.
When Benjamin Fulford says 'consequences' he does not joke around. Despite being a bit of a crackpot in the past the things he talks about now are a bit more ruthless. David Wilcock and my general reading in this area puts forward a view of each of these people only being a part of the plan, and no one having the whole key. So what I am saying is someone could have already prevented election rigging on the quiet and Benjamin Fulford may just not be in touch with the specific individual who knows about that, or it may not have come up in discussion with all the other things he no doubt does in his time.

So that's it, that's what I have to say... The usual tactics cannot work for all sorts of reasons and even the establishment and the remain campaign may be happy with their tactics, the Spanish migrants will not necessarily play ball. Their country has been destroyed by the EU. The young will not necessarily either, I was on a younguns twitter the other day whom tweeted a pro EU statement and the comments were a lot of Eurosceptic younguns. (Twitter is great!)

In the General Election 2015 I was very involved, then when the vote was obviously rigged in front of my eyes I awoke from this kind of hypnosis and realised how UKIP seemed to have hinted at many of the vote rigging procedures and how in my mind, they had been basically saying it out loud. The ridiculous rigging clues are not there for this referendum though.

So I have talked about how many normal rigging mechanisms, grassroots awareness and international politics considerations may make this a reasonably fair vote...

For that reason... I can't wait!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Ignoring human suffering does not make you a 'nice person'

Eh, about to go into work and give them a piece of my mind in a little while.

Time to join a Union as well in all likelihood. Even though my manager is an honest guy, the people above him I'm not so sure of and the processes are definitely corrupt (because of cost cutting).

Regardless... This is what I wanted to talk about:

The selective compassion of Jo Cox Halifax, eleven miles from Cox’s constituency, a vulnerable underage girl had been left to fend for herself at the age of 13 after her mother died. This child ended up being preyed on by 100 Muslim males who plied her with alcohol and drugs. The girl — nominally in council care — was then passed from house to house and from town to town as far away as Manchester and London. The girl described being filmed by Muslims on a mobile phone while being orally raped. She contracted an STD.

...Nevertheless you would think this would be a issue that would enrage a feminist-minded, morally crusading MP. But no, instead of fighting to defend the White girl victims of Muslim rape gangs, female Labour MPs have preferred to defend the Muslim community and deflect any criticism. Or, like Jo Cox, they have chosen to ignore it completely. In her maiden speech, Jo Cox said that her community had been “deeply enhanced by immigration”
For it is a fact that northern female Labour MPs prefer to put their energies into endless nagging and barracking their White constituents over their hostility to the importation of foreign refugees.

I want to explain something.

When I was young my Granny (Lally) used to tell me about the suffering caused by people who ignore other peoples suffering. There was one case in England she had heard, where a pregnant woman collapsed while getting onto a bus, and when she woke up people were stepping over her to get onto that bus!

'Selective compassion' is not compassion. If you are ignoring the plight of ordinary citizens on immigration and labelling them 'racist' then you are not a nice person. People deserve to be listened to, that is the basis of compassion. If you are continuing to campaign on behalf of refugees and utterly ignoring the events of Cologne and the prospect of the new rape victims you are indirectly creating... You are NOT compassionate...

In the case of Rotherham etc. I believe the MP or politicians/ councillors/ policemen involved, whoever really was involved, should be going to jail!

If you donate to one of Jo's favourite causes the White helmets... You are NOT compassionate.

The Remain people

I was blocked after that one.

I also had a long conversation on facebook with a remainer. I went through (as explained here and here) Ukraine, Greece and Italy... I was completely ignored, not even a word on these subjects. Met eventually by the idea that EU offers visa free travel and it is very important for that reason?

Visa free travel?... I said at the time this was the argument of the mafia wife! I don't care about Africa Ukraine, Greece etc. I just don't want to have to fill in an extra form if I want to live in France! I don't think there could be a better example here!

So what happened with Jo Cox?

To find out why she became such a slimeball. I suspect she didn't have the strength to be a good person in her personal life and that gave her no strength in her professional life... I suspected as much when I first heard of her death:

I remember my fathers funeral and death. People speak far nicer towards the dead for some reason but it is often not the truth. What do I care that she was a mother? Plenty of young women are mothers and plenty of nasty people are... Mothers in general are not that good for me anyway, as a whole women of my own age have not given me anything and I do not care about them or the survival of our species (But I do care about the victory of service to others over service to self on the global level)

I see no additional need for us as a society to protect mothers who are often feminist scumbags (who can calculatedly use human shields to effect favourable behaviour). While I see value in protecting the old and the young, not them especially!

This is her and her husband, who ruthlessly used her death as a remain tactic and was fired from a childrens charity for behaving inappropriately with the women there (now I've met enough feminist bitches for that last accusation to not have much influence if it was stated alone):

Now I don't know about you but that guy gives me the shivers!

This is the pattern of feminists. They invite the wrong kind of male attention into their lives and use it for continued fuel for their ongoing gain of power, to castrate men legally, under the guise of feminism. It is a hate religion (not counting Libertarian feminism).

This is how Sweden became such a den of feminist politics. It was joked around the time of the Assange scandal that you need a warrant from the government to have sex in Sweden. I cannot recall the exact details but it was something like, with Assange, if the girl doesn't explicitly give permission to have sex without a condom then it can be considered rape (even if she does not say no!) 

The reason Swedish feminists got so much power is that they allowed the real rape culture in the Muslim world in and rapes went up by something like 400%! It's white male culture that is blamed though.

These people will get what is coming to them, and it all starts with a 'leave the European Union' vote!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

On David Wilcocks post (June 19th):

Just read another of David Wilcocks post:

Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot! (Part II)

1201 in the hyperlink is highly relevant to me!

Anyway, regardless of that. His post at the end talked about a lot of things to do with invisible extra terrestrials battling each other!

This is interesting because of the references he made to how badly the cabal are doing and how they are redirecting forces to places like Antarctica... Will David Cameron and Nick Clegg be going there. Of course they will ... Err... No!

If the cabal could make it so, they would be these two sad sachs were staying behind to face a ridiculous pantomime trial!

Everything I say here is going to come back at me from all sorts of in the know people in some mysterious process of many thinkers I am listening to saying something that relates to it, that is probably my brain picking up on the connections of stuff I am thinking about.

What strikes me about this perspective of David Wilcocks is that the cabal are out of power. Think of how beautiful. (Truly evil but beautiful.) 9/11 was! So many facts were out there to satisfy free will but the populace at large was simply too traumatised to see them. When I was trying to heal myself from diabetes in my quote, unquote 'awakening' period (pretty stupid concept to me to be honest) the main healer there got in an argument with a woman about 9/11 in which he got to the point of repeatedly shouting; THEY BOMBED OUR COUNTRY, THEY BOMBED OUR COUNTRY, THEY BOMBED OUR COUNTRY!!! This was a HEALER. A new age person with contacts and a deeply impressive and technical energy healing system. He simply could not face it. Evil, yes, but a work of art 9/11 still was!

This was because, at this time the cabal still had resources. I do not recall when the spheres showed up but perhaps they were not very advanced in their work yet if they were active. No Pluto into Capricorn. No Chinese trade war or abduction of extra terrestrial equipment yet.

The whole thing is visualised as reminiscent of an intelligence agency, or rogue actors within, who were efficient. Who conducted meetings and planned things with viciousness, but the smoothness of films on this subject, especially when the bad guys remain largely mysterious. The researcher into sociopaths Martha Stout commented that when she saw the smoke coming from the building (which there has been pictured a satanic face coming out from it) she got a voice in her head saying... Satan laughing spreads his wings!

The aftermath was just as smooth. The war in Iraq, the impotent rage of all those that could not do anything and the continued fear of 'right wingers' resulting from this war that persists strongly to this day and has created perhaps, in part, the modern Social Justice warriors.

But, and this is a big but... What we are witnessing now is nowhere NEAR the efficiency of this system. As I have charted before, the bombs are going off all the time and are not at all as clean as they have previously been (What was that 777 point drop about?)

First lets look at this:

Of course strongly influenced by this ongoing battle with China that is the big thing here, the August crash started with a Yuan devaluation... (Also predicted this crash myself by astrology here and explained here)

From zerohedge:

So the massive deval. by China is the one that caused the August crash.

At the time, and what they are also doing now, there was a fed meeting concerning interest rates that took credit for the crash at the time that no one believed. The Federal reserve has also scheduled important discussions for around the EU referendum time to take credit for anything the market does and maintain the myth of their own omnipotence. That nothing happens without them being involved. No big moves!

So, why I am bringing this up again is that if you look at that first chart again. When the market tumbled (through no action of their own) The cabal started some fireworks in France... But... If you look at the chart it's obvious that that did absolutely nothing!!! This is not a 9/11... It is a pointless job that did not effect any of the outcome they wanted! For that they had to then go and blow up Tianjin!

While the next France one was OK, and did exactly what it should have done... I go through in the blog on this area how the Brussels attack was timed to coincide with the market being about to tumble based on some very basic dual chartwork (yes it sounds stupid... I have trouble myself believing they could be so basic!)

Brussels attack was on the 22nd of March, see where on the chart you think that is!

I also covered the recent Jo Cox murder here:

But, what is interesting about this? Yet again, extraordinarily sloppy and last minute. Conspiracy theorists quickly drew parallels with the Murder of Anna Lindh which was UNSUCCESSFUL!!! The cover story of this guy being a super assassin makes no sense! Even less so than the Colorado shooter, at least the Colorado shooter was intelligent enough to hide things and have opinions... This guy was the sweetest thing that helped Muslims learn English, was only really into gardening and had no political opinions... There is no credibility to this story... It is the DEFINITION of sloppy work here. (Where his conversion to uber fascist factors in also makes no sense!).

(I'll leave you with Stefan Molyneux's videos about the Orlando attack)

... and why is this?

Well, simply put, they don't have the manpower, resources, and they are opposed too often to really put any finesse into these things. The Orlando shooter's wife was told by the FBI not to tell the media he was gay... How long did it take everyone to find out? (via David Icke):

Orlando Shooter's Wife: The FBI Told Me Not to Tell the Media He Was Gay

... and the point is is not just the attacks themselves, i.e. with the Orlando shooter supposedly being able to carry in so many rounds into a nightclub and keep everyone in the room as he shot them all. To kill 50 people and wound 50 more... the point is also the overlying agenda that these attacks are just not meeting. Sending a bomb or shooter places when you think the market is going to go down is not the behaviour of someone in control... It is someone that is beyond the edge of desperate.

... and it is the behaviour of people that are... Losing!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Will there be violence on a Leave vote?

The LoO stated when talking about their native population on Venus that when a certain section of the population went from a non war like situation, to actually killing people, the polarity of many of the individuals involved wasn't changed that much. (I.e. holding the negative ideas was almost as bad as actually doing the killing.)

Many times Libertarians have problems with certain things. When this happens however I never... NEVER see any bad hateful comments come from them.

What I do see though is clever put downs and personal reactions. They come from a more intellectual perspective:

However, the remainers, and those who are probably similar the SJW's are a different story:

(There was a far worse and racist one on Raheems which has since been deleted.)

In my opinion there is noticeably less vitriol and personal attack among the Brexiters. Even the 'Owen Jones is a pric' does not directly address Owen, and explains real feelings.

Perhaps these comments aren't so bad I'm not sure, they are only tweets after all. However, my concern was that the Donald Trump protesters didn't seem that bad at first, and later progressed to splitting peoples heads open with rocks and having extremely violent protests. Was Toriesoutnow comparable or was this a different group?

There is a petition up to cancel the referendum. It has 25,875 signatures as of this moment. Obviously signed by people that didn't think this through. Even if it got to 100,000 signatures this minute it would take a couple of days, until after the referendum, to have a debate on it.

The fascist kind of thinking that bans others free speech has to have it's representatives among the normal people. In Pakistan, a group of Radiohead supporters have been assaulted by Muslims who find Radiohead unIslamic presumably.

While tweets are not real behaviours, where the liberal- left find commonality with Islam is no longer in doubt in my opinion. I'm just saying, this is the intensity... Will there be violence?

Perhaps this links somehow to the feminist movement that is very inside the liberal left. And all the other individual movements that are aggressive like this (such as the anti fascist movement). Laurie Pennie is remain:

Some thoughts on this unfolding (EU ref -4 + hours)

So Thomas Mair (the shooter of Jo Cox) gave his name as 'death to traitors, freedom to Britain' or something like that.

Pure Manchurian candidate stuff. Was it deliberate that there was no evidence until now and that many Libertarians have stepped in it a little claiming there was no evidence of political involvement?

It very well might have been.

I remember clearly, just before this, a few days before, getting this uncomfortable feeling wondering what the establishment was going to pull since it seems unlikely that they were going to go quietly into the night!

When the Juncker visit was announced it didn't seem like it was good enough to me, because I looked at the date which was penned as next week, and that would be after the coming full moon which is the real date when the emotional energy will peak then run down somewhat.

Well, the cabal timed it very well. Just before the full moon when leave's momentum was really good, they pulled this... I have several thoughts now:

A) The remain camp seem to be nastier than I had first envisioned, rather like the Donald Trump protesters who started off not seeming that bad, is the second wave of these people going to be more violent?

B) This kind of thing could be used, as it has been before, to justify the vote when it is rigged.

I don't think B will happen. As I have summarised before I don't think they will be able to rig this vote.

Los 33

I have written before about many synchronicities to the Chilean Miners accident. I noticed another one recently, the Hispanic connection... It makes me wonder. The hispanic countries, especially in South America at the moment with Brazil, Venezuela and in the EU (because of the dreadful Euro!)... Seem to have been hit very hard by these events.


More on how I think the future will play out...

A lot of people at the moment are stuck in fixed behaviours. Every time certain situations come up they react in the same way and this has emotional charge. When things start to shift perhaps some things will come up to change these, change power relations and influence behaviours... This will be interesting.

Also, the Uranian influence will come through individuals. Perhaps the people most adept at undoing the damage the media have done for instance will be the media themselves when cut loose from the editorial influence of their paymasters. Imagine having a real media! (There are some who do very good work!)