Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Internet trolls/ Politics and robots

Not so much to say today.

I just wrote a short little comment on Benjamin Fulfords blog regarding internet trolls. I think I will excerpt it here because it is a little interesting:
Hey, actually not in response to the previous post I thought I found this interesting, which is Jordans response to the ‘Dark Journalist’. 
One of the things he says is A) People are attacking his latest project but when they do they do not mention the people on the team writing the new book that do have years of academic qualifications behind them 
B) My general point, I think this whole idea of internet trolls etc. that seems to be taking everything by storm… It just seems crazy to me. I suppose I’m not one of the people within the potential influencing range of this type of thing. Reference the files that came out a few years ago about attacking wikileaks where it highlight ways to sow doubt that will ‘do nothing for the radicals’. 
i) That the massive powerful satanic empire has been reduced to paying internet trolls. No more taking Jesus to the top of the hill and claiming he has dominion over the entire earth! No, now it’s just about weird little creeps whining and playing the victim on the internet. 
ii) Then the deep state through Hillary recently are claiming that “Russian trolls” were powerful enough to throw the election… She really has no respect at all for her voters does she? 
The fact that “internet trolls” are able to legitimately divide the new age community is quite amazing.
Basically for those not aware of what's going on in the new age community, there have been some suspicious figures appear, well funded, completely out of nowhere, people who seem to have an entire troll factory behind them and are attacking certain individuals.

This problem can only happen if people are rather dependent on the information being attacked in the first place. When I listen to Corey Goode, I listen and think most of what he says is probably correct, but I am not disturbed enough by the idea he is making it up to even consider it. It takes quite a lot of powerless emotional anger to even indulge the idea; my point is even if he was lying... So what? I don't believe he is even for a second. Even if it was true that he is lying it would be a greater waste of my time to have investigated that for so long, especially when it cannot really be directly disproved.

The new age internet community has clearly proven itself to be very weak to not be able to handle even a very mild attack on its sensibilities. Rather like how I referenced in detail in a previous blog how parts of the astrology community have been basically destroyed by pro Hillary fanatics. This was because of a previous darkness within the community of women that believed they are basically superior and condescend to everyone finally, in one quick swoop, gained a very evangelical and materially relevant manifestation, forcing these people to reveal their hand and hence, turn in aggression and censor anyone with an opposing viewpoint.

In the same vein there are people in the new age community that seem to think it is very necessary to vet every single piece of information that does not seem to fall in line with the "normal" way of viewing things when the nature of the secrecy we live under necessitates that we simply cannot confirm or deny through direct experience a lot of the information we come into contact with.


You know when saying all this it suddenly makes me less likely to vote Conservative because of their fanatical desire to censor the entire internet! The internet seems to clearly be where the thrust of the rebellion against the cabal is happening.

I just saw another poll that says Jeremy is now three points behind. The left, emotional and naively idealistic that they are, will believe this is legitimate but I... don't! Most of the polls do not say that and polls are very inaccurate anyway. They have not got a big event right in recent years.

Kind of like the sensation of leftist zealots believing they will have their socialist utopia and getting crushed... I wonder if they will protest!?

While some good people might get caught up in it a lot of stupid unpleasant people will as well. Ha ha ha!

Real world issues:

The left right divide and finance is an old world issue. The next thing we will have to deal with on a societal level may be robots. Today I saw two headlines, one is that Tesco are using robots for delivery, or have trialed it. Second is that there is a computer AI type thing that can calculate the likelihood of your job being replaced soon with a robot... The irony!

Analysing the enemy.

So, I suppose there are different levels of the left, some that I consider it is morally OK to 'crush' and some it is not.

For instance, in my last post I summarised that Artist Taxi Driver is on the left, but he is not really quite as ridiculously nasty and hypocritical as many on that side, his position is somewhat genuine and I don't think he is intelligent enough to understand a lot of right wing arguments.

Then you move up further to people that do understand, or have the capability to, but choose not to look at the facts because it is inconvenient for them. Like the girl whose tweets I excerpted in the last piece and the feminist movement in general.

Then, higher than that are the people who are really powerful human beings, whose behaviour matters, who are anti right and their agenda sticks out. One of these examples of a good pro right person is Stefan Molyneux, from the other side you have someone like Russell Brand:


Now Russell Brand is a powerful human being, he is a very intelligent human being, quite capable of grasping the basics of the economy and the fact that Islam is not necessarily a religion of peace. Previously when he came out in favour of leftist concepts he was taken apart adroitly by someone who can make a good case against him. It seems to me that if someone like Russell Brand supports this narrative it will move people in that direction.

The ideas he is playing with, of taxing the rich and sliding down the death march of socialism are no joke.

So, there are many emotions that will probably come from this election. There are some good people on the left, but some bad people and there are also those who should know better.

It seems to me that at the moment many people have not been challenged on their inner darkness so it has grown as a manifestation. Rather than that being handled harmoniously like it might have in a less messed up society, through explanation and understanding (which in some cases might be rejected). The behaviour of some people that leads from these unchallenged ideas is having to manifest in definitive political preferences in the real world. Which then meet hard opposition. Thus people can see where they have been going wrong and change their ways... Or not!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Manchester agenda/ Heart on the sleeve left

So, new theory on Manchester etc.

Since Steve Pieczenik put out this, I was introduced to the idea that crisis actors were used. Then it is only an internet search away to find something like this:

The likelihood of Theresa May not knowing this are very, very slim.

But this changes the situation doesn't it? If nobody died, if there wasn't a casual discarding of life for a political agenda, then there are other things to consider.

What if... The Manchester event WAS a false flag, but it was not a false flag from the cabal? For instance, it could have been genuinely to distract from Theresa May's failing campaign and to bring in a reason to arrest known terrorist cells, but is it the Alliance that is doing this?

What we know about the Alliance is that even though they are aligned with the good guys and against the bad guys, they are not perfectly moral... Stories David Wilcock has told are that when they go into these underground bases they give the cabal leader a few hours to surrender and if they do not they slaughter every last person in the buildings, despite the fact they know some are innocent. These sorts of things is why they want a "partial disclosure", so they do not have to face any potential justice for these crimes.

This makes sense in a strange kind of way, it fits in with why the alternative media is not saying anything against Theresa May, including people like David Icke, not known for holding their tongues!

This yougov poll:

This poll has been making the rounds on the internet and amongst the news pundits. It is certainly a one off and almost every other poll has uniformly put Conservatives ahead by 7%. All the attention on this one? At least someone is trying to create some excitement.

There is a difference in methodology to this poll which might account for the difference; this yougov poll was done through 500 or so interviews. The case is definitely statistically too low but I suppose the idea is to quantitatively get better more accurate results on that small sample.

Many of the case studies people are working off, including Lord Ashcroft and Thatchers 1987 victory might have been rigged! Might! I am not sure about 1987 but 2015 very likely was. The police have been making sure that vote rigging is punished recently which is one reason we might see a different result this time.

Also, people might simply be too embarrassed to say they are voting Jeremy Corbyn! But when someone interviews them they might just feel that lying is too much effort for complex things and so tell the truth! The allure of free money.

Another thing I just want to mention is how dangerous the left is. Many of their ideas are not that bad when you first hear them, such as banning fox hunting, and many of their ideas are clearly corrupt and structurally create problems but do not instinctively feel that bad, such as getting rid of tuition fees.

The poison they slip into this though on the guise of "heart on the sleeveness" is pretty awful. For example:

Reasonable, nobody likes homeless children?:

But then you read the small print:

Proof of rape? What's this?

Well, a policy being promoted is no child benefit after two children unless the woman has been raped. So clearly, because there is a financial incentive to falsely claim rape the Conservatives have, justifiably in my view, said that a woman has to prove she has been raped to get that.

This is following on from another leftist cause that has been successful of making the supposed "victim" of rape not be able to be cross examined on the witness stand:

Daily Mail: Feminised justice that will create show trials: Former criminal barrister makes the case against pre-recorded evidence at rape trials

I would contend that Rachael legitimately does not care about the men who would be falsely accused of rape. This is why the left is so dangerous and why they will hopefully lose. Why their suffering does not matter. Their problems and solutions such as global warming legislation and feminism are so incredibly toxic.

Which brings me to this, this man makes an impassioned case against the right and says "people can't take any more suffering" etc. He is not the kind of person that I will be celebrating the humiliation of in the case of a mass Conservative victory (Lord Ashcroft has it at between 70 - 200 seat majority) and I genuinely don't think he is intelligent enough to get some of the finer points of politics.

(I was going to post a video here but will not post one I haven't watched so will have to post a picture):

Monday, 29 May 2017

Big things happening in the world/ Synchronicity.

Pretty exciting stuff from Benjamin Fulford.

Apparently Donald Trump standing up to Nato, and Angela Merkel saying that the EU 'cannot rely on America and the UK' is code for Trump will not oppose Russia taking over Germany or France, that would fall quickly to Russia... Oh. My. God.

Would love the liberal butthurt if their pet project Germany was crushed...

I am not that well today so have far less to say. Benjamin didn't deliver in relation to the Manchester attack although he did say that England is not cabal controlled, as did David Wilcock a while ago.

A personal synchronicity is that I thought to myself:

'Well if the lightning strikes have prophesized it, it doesn't really matter what I do, because it is destined to turn out OK' Then I judged that thought:

'What a stupid, passive thing to think'! and felt angry at myself. I was at the oven striking a match... The match, which has never done this before (this brand); the head came off it and it went into my arm... There is a small red mark there now like a spot where it burrowed in.

That would be a synchronicity discouraging that second thought..

Still doesn't help me much really. I will still vote.

I have more information on Manchester being a false flag but I have to go to work now.

Movement. lightning, elections.

Often I repeat something that has almost become a mantra. That the action happens in the first half of the moon cycle, anything that happens in the second half, the waning, is usually a result of what happened in the first half. with the last few days before the full moon actually feeling quite despairing often.

Well, something else has happened, two more things in fact:

Zerohedge: Italian Stocks Tumble, Yields Jump On Sudden Fears Of Early Elections


Zerohedge: Three Leakers Of Classified White House Information Said To Be Identified, Expected To Be Fired

Italy having elections in September is of course a potential game changer, but... after the French election was rigged my enthusiasm isn't present!

Shouting at a brick wall!

Years ago, when I got diabetes I sort of understood why people did not listen to what I had to say about the subject of curing it and other things like that, later I got into psychics, and I thought the fact that psychic skills provably exist was pretty fantastic, I thought it would be significant enough that people were interested but they were not really.

This same thought process continued with many esoteric things such as new age information, astrology, conspiracy and related things. Most of these I was not surprised that people were not that interested in. But then some unpleasant events happened in my life and I had to cut out a lot of things. Such as the more serious astrology research I was doing, and meditation which raised me to the level of not really liking 'harder' information.

So then I started to get into politics more seriously, and finding out about immigration, (that people are interested in) and Islam, that people are mostly not interested in. At the same time though I notice how difficult it is to get a discussion on the idea that anything, will EVER, change. In any way whatsoever. People might concede that x, y or z will happen, but things, as a matter of the most fundamental, beyond religious faith. Things will not change... EVER... in any real way.

This is a little frustrating because I believe they will change, but I have noticed that the only way to actually 'inflict' that understanding on others is when we go to the polls, vote someone in, and things actually begin to change in some way, as with Trump and Brexit and even then it is very slow.

There are other things that matter in relation to this, today David Wilcock has talked on Gaia TV about a massive space cloud we are moving into which has a temperature of 6000 deg Celsius and is absolutely huge, it completely dwarfs our planet. But I know if I bring this up anywhere if people can possibly find a reason to ignore it they will take that reason. If, for instance, the effect of the heat will not go through to our planet because of the atmosphere will protect us they will simply say... 'Oh well it won't effect me' and disappear back into the realm of normality.

Not much I can do about this really is there accept HOPE that something works out...

I am still working on my mind on the idea of the Manchester Attack and it being a likely false flag and its potential reason.

Firstly, the flashy synchronicity that is nonetheless often accurate showed it's face over the weekend:

Daily Express: Lightning strikes Britain: Amateur photographer captures megastorm in stunning images

Could indicate this election is important, and going to be another big moment for the UK. The location is Kent... Nigel Farage's constituency.

Secondly, on Manchester, some of what I said before about the potential that the negative forces did not like Corbyn gaining ground might be factually suspect: As the original person who RT'd this said... Who's only retweeting the polls they like?:

Perhaps Corbyn was never really gaining, it is worth checking these polls for methodology!

Also, the effect of the Manchester attack is that many people have gone more pro Corbyn, so it seems likely that if that is the result it may have been the intended result.

Anyway, Benjamin Fulford did not post today so any potential comment on Manchester has not happened (he might not even write about that).

Good luck people!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Politics and the cult of "normality".

Telegraph Premium (meaning most of us can't access it): 

Telegraph: Exclusive Telegraph ORB poll: Labour narrows gap to six points as women voters surge towards Jeremy Corbyn
Just 31 per cent of women planned to vote Labour in mid-May but that figure has jumped to 40 per cent this week – just a single point behind the Tories.
Just something interesting about the left wing vote.

I was listening to someone yesterday who went through the manifesto's. He was deciding who to vote for having not considered the idea before and even though this guy used to be a conspiracy theorists like me and another one of his close friends, as life as gone on he has been partially consumed by the "normalness" that has kind of taken over everything and gained ascendency at the moment. So he did not bother with the EU referendum and is half left, but with an economic sense. So it was like listening to someone who is intelligent discover politics for the first time and hearing this persons decision making process.

He went through the different parties, he threw out Green and Labour because he didn't think they were properly costed. Green is obviously not costed it is literally written as though they have access to a magic money tree and in his words the Green party is for "stupid people".

He didn't like the Labour idea of restricting CEO pay to 20:1 and said they would simply leave the country.

Threw out UKIP because even though everything was great on the manifesto the last statement about getting rid of the House of Lords is a deal breaker for him.

Leaving Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. After going through them both he decided they were both well costed and went with Liberal Democrats in the end because, crucially, from his perspective they are basically the same except that Tories throw in nasty things every so often such as taking over the entire internet.

Also, being quick thinking, he made notes of these kinds of lines:
David Cameron’s tax "triple lock”, which guaranteed there would be no rise in national insurance, VAT or income tax, will be scrapped in favour of a general statement of intent to lower tax and simplify the tax system.

There will be no increase in the level of VAT.
To which he said... "OK, then they're going to increase National Insurance and Income Tax..." A fair point!

Then after all that he went back to decide he would vote Green in his constituency.

But, it is an interesting perspective. Because the Tories could have walked this election.. Remember their original statements... that they wanted a large majority so they could face down the EU with a large mandate!

Foreign aid was a vote loser, a shot across the bow at the elderly was a vote loser and controlling the entire internet to censor it is definitely a vote loser... I really don't know what they are thinking! I think incompetence is more likely than a conspiracy in this instance.

I am so lost now, I feel bad that the Manchester attack is already being forgotten and to many people it was never even recognised. I have another thought on it that if it was a false flag then perhaps it was not related to the political campaigning, since they are aiming for the 22nd of the month for some reason. As it does not effect how I vote I suppose it isn't too important. Also, I may get more information before the actual vote, such as from Ben Fulford tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

In defence of Jeremy Corbyn.

I can feel the drip drip approach of some sort of global karma.

So back to this Manchester thing:

Veterans Today: Manchester false flag: “Man, 22, kills 22 on May 22”
* According to The Telegraph
[linked through on article]: “Photographs of bomb remnants found at the Manchester Arena show a trigger switch with a tiny circuit board soldered into the end, which experts say could point to a remote-control or timer built into the bomb to ensure an accomplice could detonate it if Abedi lost his nerve.” The “lost his nerve” bit is highly dubious and speculative. Almost certainly this WAS NOT A SUICIDE BOMB. Instead, the patsy set up to be an involuntary “suicide bomber” would be paid to carry a “package” that would be blown up by a timer or more likely by remote control without the patsy’s knowledge. This was standard operating procedure in Iraq during the US Occupation. Occupation forces would pay locals to drive vehicles to and through targeted locations, the vehicles would be blown up by remote control, and the carnage blamed on a “suicide bomber.” This is how the “Sunni vs. Shia” civil war was fabricated, with Occupation forces blowing up Shia sites and blaming Sunnis and vice versa.
This is pretty thin but it still offers an alternative perspective than we had thought originally. We would have assumed the guy was a committed jihadist, but it seems he did not pull the trigger himself!

Why have we not heard more about this?  Who actually pulled the damn trigger?

So... I am definitely not yet sure, but considering that SO MANY previous attacks have been false flags, notably the Bataclan, 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook. Some of them more recently have not seemed so much like false flags. Perhaps at some point the jihadists learn to do it themselves!

But assuming it was I thought of these reasons the 'cabal' might not want Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister:

A) He is very genuinely anti war.
B) He does not support trident… Which is code for black budget projects in my opinion.
C) He strongly supports 9/11 truthers and the prosecution of Tony Blair and co.
D) He strongly supports civil liberties, his voting record on the area is very good. (In direct oppositiong to the Tory manifesto that wants to control the whole internet... Think they're just going to go for jihadis?)

The fight against the European Union for me was always a way to hit the deep state hard. Once I had listened to a few Nigel Farage speeches, I realised there was a lot more to it and I only came to immigration very late in my understanding of politics. However, there are other really big things that could bring the cabal down and if one part of it comes down it all comes down.

Any arresting of Tony Blair and co. will immediately clean high powered globalists out of the Labour party and British politics en mass. Any real expression of the ending of war like programs and trident would be as powerful as Brexit at increasing the welfare of the average person in my view.

Lets also look at Corbyns anti EU leanings:

A) Opposed the EU for years with Tony Benn.
B) Only MP in the Labour leadership who spoke out against the EU.
C) Was not in favour of the EU until he was made to by the whole Labour party ganging up on him.
D) Sabotaged the Remain campaign from the inside. My local fanatical remain MP was very angry at that and said he had received no support from the party. Funds etc.
E) Corbyn, when the results came in, before anyone even talked about them, told the government that now Labour had lost Article 50 should be triggered.

I for one think Corbyn possibly could negotiate very well on behalf of the UK. 

I don't have my eggs all in that basket of course, for me I am watching/ observing the result, so commenting does not change much really. The world will be very different from what I expected if the polls continue their trend and in the morning of June 9th we are waking up with these sorts of ideas:

These are Corbyns policies, I’m going to put a few here that show the direction of his ideas:

-) Raising £19.4billion by raising corporation tax 26 per cent – a rise of more than a third.

-) Extra powers for HMRC to chase individuals and companies who avoid tax.

-) Basically pro immigration.

-) Labour “accepts the referendum result” and intends to build a close new relationship with Europe “not as members but as partners”.

-) Railways brought back into public ownership as franchises expire.

-) Tuition fees abolished and maintenance grants reintroduced for university students.

There is a lot more but this one is very relevant just from a convenience perspective, it is becoming a real problem:

-) 4,000 homes for people with history of rough sleeping

So, this is just a perspective, there is still time for more information to come out. My personal constituency, the Labour MP there is a very anti Corbyn. So even if I supported Corbyn I'd have to weigh up the idea of keeping one of his potentially greatest assassins in the party, who would turn Labour pro Eu, and giving Corbyn the extra seat... Of course I have almost zilch sway, but still something to think about.

This is of course a short term consideration. Sliding down the path of communism isn't how I would like this country to go!

I await further insight into these matters!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

People were so much more comfortable when politics was "irrelevant"!

Well, on a note that is probably going to be unrelated to the rest of this post... It looks like the FBI and Deep State are really cornered:

Zerohedge: FBI Refuses To Hand Over "Comey Memos" To Congress

Now I have taken a little better control of my health I am getting these lovely deep dreams. Rich with intrigue and symbology. Of course, dreams are sometimes not from a higher positive source but can be a bit more random or even misdirection from a negative source in my opinion. Nevertheless the thoughts were interesting.

Because I am saying something is translated from a dream does not mean that I think it is correct. My translation could be wrong, and this is melded in with my own thoughts it is not just the translation.

But what the dream basically seemed to say was that it is not really possible to exempt the discussion of politics from more domestic concerns because political concerns are simply the window dressing for peoples beliefs that influence how they deal with the world.

For instance, someone on the left is far, far more likely to believe women are angels that can do no wrong and this will effect their everyday behaviour. Even down to their viewpoint of movies and how we might then see movies.

The way this whole story has gone is, it seems to me people that held inner nasty beliefs that claimed no manifestation, were unable to be opposed really but now that things have gotten so tense in politics, people have been forced to manifest those viewpoints. Now that people know on a deep level things could really change.

The previous example I have given is on forum, when there was a group of very female very condescending people, but there was no manifestation of their viewpoint and when they deigned to speak to the rest of us lowly mortals there is not really a way to shake them from their self declared self importance.

However, of course once the US election got going these girls went straight over to the Hillary camp! Thus the physical manifestation of their inner selves and neurosis gained physical manifestation and then was crushed!

For years before these political ideas gained any real manifestation, the things that were clearly going to lead to these issues somewhere down the road could be safely ignored by many people. Now that it is in peoples face some people are uncomfortable with these new developments... But... Come on now! You were arrogant enough in expressing your viewpoints (that politics is irrelevant) when you weren't losing!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Moon howlling fuck- wittery (i.e. astrology)

So being aware of my bloodsugars, and proper bloodsugar control, I have slept very deeply. I have actually had proper dreams and before I went to sleep I have had "visions" and the kind of insightful experience that sometimes happens just before bed.

Although I would not publish those because they could very well not be right and thus I would have wasted a lot of time.

As a result though I do not have as much time as normal to write this blog before I go back to work.

It is the new moon at about 20:45 today, in Gemini, the sign of easy communication. There are a lot of important planets aspecting to Saturn retrograde, which is about a kind of discipline. Ironic since we in the UK have army on the streets now. I wonder if this is going to become a theme of the rest of this election... Well of course it would!

The pattern will probably be about transcending mysticism and the media and just getting on with justice.

Uranus and Venus becomes prominent in all this in the opening square so I wonder if there will be a relation to some positive relation to feminism. (yes, a positive relation to feminism). Perhaps anti feminism!

At the full moon is exactly at the election (planned?). Things to do with the Illuminati and structural problems in institutions will NOT be an issue at this time except for the paranoid. The whole 'power of the government/ discipline/ martial law' thing is going to be a MAJOR thing. During this entire cycle it will feel like the positive moves by the 'Alliance' or clear thinking scientific people will be winning and gaining ground.

That's it, I talked about Manchester in a brief update yesterday but that is not the issue for me anymore. I do not know and if I'm honest, I do not massively want to know what that was about.

Perhaps it was not a false flag.

I have just heard that the information I passively absorbed in the alternative media that hinted towards this being a false flag might have been incorrect. Therefore, there is every chance that this was not a false flag.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tactical reasons for a terror attack/ Chelsea Manning/ Good health.

There are a few things that occupy my mind at the moment:

Even though a Labour politician cannot get away with saying this, the whole thing does seem convenient for the Conservative party. The momentum HAD shifted in Jeremy Corbyns favour since the care problem. He is a more competent public speaker and May had just been trounced by Andrew Neil on the BBC about the social care policy the day before this attack. May has always had the media on her side and she has not handled scrutiny well because she was very unprepared for it. Jeremy Corbyn is said to be a terrorist sympathiser and a terror attack will make people favour him less not more. This attack stops all that.

Theresa May also is planning to control the entire internet which is definitely a cabal goal. However, the attack could also be just a general threat from the cabal to Theresa regarding Brexit!

The other thing it does is prevented UKIP from releasing their manifesto. So perhaps if the cabal are not in favour of May they plan to try and control her through Tory entryists and they do not want UKIP in the house of Commons pushing May's government to actual Brexit.

I seriously don't know. But I do think that A) The cabal would have planned such an attack with a political goal in mind and B) They would have planned such an attack with the general populace in mind, this is a numbers game and they do not care about the alternative media in this instance. If someone were to rumble their plan whatever it may be and vote accordingly, that will definitely be a minority; the rest of the people will not reflect on any conspiratorial agenda, and will either accept or reject their manipulation, and some will vote the way the cabal wants them to.

I have just seen this, this will change the narrative for me personally. I have just seen this page with the video involved. I have only listened to about five minutes but it is very relevant:

Brasscheck TV: What Chelsea Manning revealed. Dark truths you're not supposed to know

Written section:
Chelsea Manning spent years in jail and was tortured before being released.
Because of what she revealed.
Indiscriminate killing of civilians, torture, child trafficking by US defense contractors, and cover ups of the same.
Two women and children killed for every combatant.
Dark truths you're not supposed to know.
A true military hero who put it all on the line to try to reform our tragically lost country.
Clearly it is unwise to let people with such legitimate grievances into the country without vetting. And it is very unwise to have such people here in large number.

I have come around a little to Benjamin Fulfords expressed view that when there are war crimes trials the Muslims might calm down.


I have had a major insight into my health. Since taking herbal sleeping tablets to get to sleep my normal inner sense that keeps my bloodsugars OK overnight has been overridden!  This means my bloodsugars are VERY bad at the moment. I will get a handle on this and what is exciting is that I will improve. In myself I will improve soon!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Another attack, stocks, conspiracies.

So, before I move onto other events, take a look at this:

At first I thought I had said some things on #FarageOnLBC and they twitterati had not liked it, however, if you look at the Sunday 14th May there, well, it was a Sunday!!! No #FarageOnLBC on that day. I can probably find out what started up that problem if I scroll back to May 14th and May 13th when whatever I tweeted to get me blocked was probably put up there.

Same sort of censorship is happening on twitter on a larger level. Although this was not my experience, plenty of people were coming through my twitter, there is a reason @JediEconomist said this:

I am too cynical to even spend any time wondering about the Islamic side of this, although that is of course relevant, I'm going straight to the idea that it is a false flag and that it has a political agenda.

I have previously charted how terror attacks happen at points of discomfort in the market, when it looks like it might tumble. Why this is I have no idea... Perhaps there is a patriotic mentality that people should buy in order to not make it look like the terrorists have won, because how awful it might be considered to be if there was a terrorist attack then an immediate fall of the stock market.

Maybe it is because the forces behind these attacks are actively intimidating the stock market buyers... "Bet against us and you might just find yourself a little Allahu Ackbar" or maybe it is because it is a black magick ritual and people just buy at that point for their own assumed reasons.

Whatever the reason, it is worth considering when terror attacks happen but at the moment I cannot see this pattern in the market. The Dow futures are down and the Dollar futures are down. This pattern we are seeing in markets of a plunging dollar, rising cryptocurrency has not changed, although the stock market is now starting to be pulled into conformity with the dollar.

It is highly likely that something is happening!

... and what about politically? I cannot see any potential advantage of this. Perhaps the idea that it will help Theresa May, because Corbyn is generally looked upon as pro Muslim and a terrrorist sympathiser. Campaigning has stopped! Perhaps it is meant more widely to intimidate though! Or it could bring all the UKIP supporters out of supporting the Conservatives, splitting the right so the left can take victory!


Two things. Firstly, I am wondering about twitter, surely this kind of thing deserves a response? However, I did not like Gab much, I suppose I could re- try! Often I wonder at the celebrities on there, the new media right wing personalities and wonder how or why they put up with twitter.

Secondly, my priority at the moment is trying to improve my bloodsugar control so I can sleep better and it has had a knock on effect that has lead to masturbation a few times. However, when I originally did that it used to sap me of all energy and recently when I have done it I am pretty much fine. I think this is because I had less intent committed to the experience and was a little under the weather because of the high bloodsugars.

The tiredness is pretty irritating but I am OK to go to work. It surprises me how the fight or flight adrenaline instinct keeps me feeling OK at work, although after a week of bad sleep by Friday I am a little strange sometimes.

Get a grip.

Failed again, and my tendency to write it up here can only be described as a neurosis now!

I have been having a lot of carnal thoughts recently I have not been able to get rid of them. This could be down to several factors. When I grow tired I lose the energy of discipline, when my diabetes is not working, as it is not right now due to my own negligence, I start to feel uncomfortable and turn to finding some sort of self stimulation to counteract a dull feeling down there.

In order to improve this tendency of masturbation, I will have to do my bloodsugars more and eat properly etc. (I eat good foods just not the right things at the right time). Make sure I am doing shopping well and handling money better.

Also, no porn pictures AT ALL. I just wanted to find one porn meme I saw the other day that was particularly good, and the person that wrote it; but there is no reason to do that. EVERY time I end up going on porn memes I end up masturbating.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

World religious ideas.

Not something I want to talk about, but something I feel compelled to.

Just saying, briefly, that I believe stopping masturbation is important as a personal habit, as well as other habits such as eating properly, and twice recently I failed in the former. The second time I just went back and modified the first post rather than say it here and now have felt a blockage!

So by having said that originally, taught that masturbation is not a good habit, if I did not reaffirm it on here I would have said something publicly and practiced something different privately, which would make me a hypcorite that is a "sin". (Also, in support of this, I don't go on graphic pictures either).

So, interesting reading:

Zerohedge: World Leaders Gather In Beijing While The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy

Something you won't hear about on the BBC!

It is Benjamin Fulfords post today and there are events happening in the world. Donald Trump has gone to Saudi Arabia, should now be in Jerusalem, and is then on his way to the Vatican... These are three major religions! Islam, Judaism and Christianity... It would be interesting if something were to come of that!

It is only two and a half weeks until the UK General Election... Exciting times!

I was listening to a story late night on LBC Radio yesterday... This radio presenter was staying with friends in a house and one of the people who lived there kept away from everyone else. They never heard anything about this guy until the police went in and arrested him.

This person then messaged the radio presenter and told him that he had some things in a van and could the radio presenter check everything was OK which he did. When Ian Collins I think it was, went into the van, he saw loads of Christian things and the guy spent his days handing out leaflets about this unusual branch of Christianity.

He told Ian that what he believed was that there would be a world leader that everyone liked for a long time and that seemed to be solving all the worlds problems but that this world leader would actually be a negative person and be the antichrist!

A funny story, not one I believe (the antichrist theory!)... The Christians exist on a level that is below the level of potentiating ones own inner wisdom in the theological sense of the term. In order to resist what is coming in the sense of a change to their world view they have to make complex theories in order to justify a good thing (the truth and coming positivity) and make it a bad thing so they don't have to look at it.

Reviewing the past:

I recently explained to a younger person the whole economic crash. It sounds strange but the younger generation are not taught about what happened in 2008! Reviewing the whole thing seems quite fantastic! That things used to be more relaxed and there were more jobs and opportunities; and then there was a global financial crisis!

Political astrology, astrology basics. Farage, May, Thatcher, Hitchens and mythology.

Basics of astrology.

I have only thought about astrology very flightingly recently, mostly to check the new moon (we are in the waning and the opening square following the new moon is when things actually happen in the political world).

But, someone I know has got freshly into astrology so I thought I would go back to it and explain some of the novelty interesting things about people and their charts. Obvious points to make a point:, the truth and political astrology:

During my periods of being interested in astrology I used to go on a forum at The place is very female as is most of the astrological world. I have seen few men do astrology. Although going on the forum was mostly positive, and sometimes, although rarely, insightful into female psychology, there was always a group of weird women in the place and this became fully manifested in the US election.

So much so that the people on there would go on for ages and ages that Trump is a liar because of this Scorpio aspect or whatever it was. I jumped in and asked, 'well if he's a liar can you name a lie?'... to which of course they couldn't; and other questions like 'If Trump is a liar then why are you angry about this policy proposal... surely he's lying about it.'

I was banned permanently from forum and I wrote emails to them about this and the situation has remained. I even wrote a post about it all called Fucking SJW's, catchy title, that does actually get to the root of their psychology I believe.

I have sidetracked, my point is that is a way some people do astrology, they focus on the astrology itself when defining political events but the truth of the political event is surely important to the interpretation of its astrology? In this way many things written by astrologers can be redefined, and where some psychology books that relate to astrology might have things such as 'projection' in them, I can usually think of a more reasonable explanation, but one that still acknowledges metaphysics.

Truth in political events.

What we get taught when we are young does effect us. I never went left in my whole life. What I did do though is passively absorb some leftist narratives, however, even when I did repeat the leftist drivel I would always include the caveat when talking about them that I had not yet done my research in the area.

So one of these is Margaret Thatcher, I believed that she was a tyrant like the left would have us believe and this informed my understanding of planetary astrology (this idea really got quashed by this video). This happened specifically in relation to Pluto, Pluto has seemed to me for a while to be 'whatever the Illuminati happen to be doing and as it passed through Scorpio I imagined that Thatchers thirst for power, Illuminati inspired was the expression of Pluto in Scorpio.

Now however I do not believe that, and have a different understanding of history. All my ideas about astrology have to be reworked under this new political information and understanding on Thatcher!

Some astrology ideas:

So, here I am building my astrological ideas in part from the ground up, but also having a lot of background information I discovered myself. Here are some basic astrology ideas that I think help people get a grip of the kind of patterns astrology can reflect:

Basics on the signs: Nigel Farage:

The full Farage chart would actually live up to the man himself. Their is a subtle profundity about how this one man seems to have challenged the forces of hell themselves and no one has been able to stop him! That the people love him!

Farage has only one point I am going to focus on. The Sun, in Aries, in the eighth house. The Sun is our lifeforce, it is the bit of us so integral we cannot tell that it is not ourselves. Farage's life force is the myth of the bull, and Aries in general are always 'fighting the world'. In the eighth house that reflects the darker parts of our nature, Nigel has managed to bright "light" (Sun) to the subject of immigration. Something very tribal in our nature that the elites and darker forces have tried to keep hidden.

Gift from the Heavens, fictional character played by Dakota Fanning.

I find that actors use their own astrology to play characters (because seriously, what else do they have to use?)

In the Steven Spielberg fictional show 'Taken', a character called Allie is a psychic little girl from a part alien ancestry. She is a spiritual saint like character that brings a feeling of love to everyone that surrounds her.

The way the show is done is fantastic. An example of the kind of thing that happens is that the little girl brings up a ghost of hologram of a mans son to talk to him about the argument they had before he died. As part of this show of intrigue, the little girls was able to intuit things about people and bring them to some sort of positive conclusion in the counseling sense of the word.

An example of that specific behaviour is when she is face to face with a very distasteful character and she says to her 'Your grandfather was not a very happy man, why are you trying to hard to be like him?'. This was the foundation of this womans character in the show, and it was right on the ball.

Dakota Fanning's astrology chart has firstly, a Pisces 12th house Sun. Pisces is to do with this heavenly, inspired realm of science and extra terrestrials and non tribal new age. (a lot of new age is Aquarian and seemingly a little tribal). So this accounts for this characters saintliness. But to explain the way she deals with people, she has Jupiter and Pluto in the seventh house. Pluto sees below the surface, Jupiter delivers the positive inspiration.

Other interesting expessions of signs of the lead in films include Marlon Brado (Sagittarius) the Mummy, Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in Mentalist and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdene in the Hunger Games (both Leo's) and Russell Crow (Aries) in Gladiator. A small not was that I first noticed this with the human design chart with Keifer Sutherland as a Generator playing Jack Bauer

Peter Hitchens:

Some people won't know Peter Hitchens but he is a journalist, among his other interests he makes extremely good points about the legality and use of marijuana, arguing very strongly and convincingly that marijuana should be studied before any move towards legalisation, and that it is potentially harmful. (I am actually having an argument online using Peters articles with pro Marijuana types here, writing style is unmistakable, it is obvious which commenter I am.)

Here is the best article of his in my view that then links to others and gives a good overview for those who are curious:

Daily Mail, Peter Hitchens: Stupid Arguments for Drug Legalisation Examined and Refuted

Peter Hitchens chart has no time, so it is really quite a lot less accurate than the others (a more important chart in my view on this sort of astrology is usually available even if someone doesn't have the time of birth, the human design chart). However, in his chart he has Saturn and the Moon together. This means that he is emotionally strongly influence by and pulled towards a sense of discipline, that sense of law and order that is Saturn. Where the real world can interfer with any other more idealistic concerns.

This is in the sign of Libra, that is the symbol of balance and justice. Libra also often has trouble making decisions although that is not really relevant to Mr Hitchens. Libra is also an 'air' sign of 'thought'. Peter has the air of a philosopher to him.

On a very loose conjunction Neptune, which can be in a more negative manifestation drugs but is almost anything weird and hard to place your finger on. Neptune is linked with the Saturn/ Moon. (Also, Sun is in Scorpio, see next section)

Thatcher and May.

I hope no one has been waiting for this chart because there is not so much here to talk about.

The main thing to say about Thatcher is that she has a Scorpio rising and there is this thing with Scorpios, on the one hand they can be genuinely quite dark and on the other they also seem to get all sorts of darkness projected upon them which is often unearned (in my view)! (I have only ever seen the left project this darkness)

Both of them have Libra Suns, this means that they both tend to take their time to reach the right conclusion and it is based on this carefully measured sense of justice. May has a moon Pluto conjunction, I can only guess what that means but I suspect such an individual would deeply understand the Illuminati and negative forces, for good or ill!


So these are some basics, I am just about to watch a video by Gregory Mannarino before I go to bed about the idea the market might crash soon so... Exciting times!

Trumps arms deal with Saudi Arabia and statements in support of the globalist agenda in Syria are not good news, America is saying to the European Union they will not be happy if they don't treat Britain properly. he is throwing out one pro globalist narrative and an anti globalist one.

Well I'll leave the American to sort that one out!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Just realised I was lied to. Theresa May for the win.

You know, as far as I knew recently, if you were elderly you got care free on the NHS.

I have just found out that that is not true. The disinformation going around the media is full on. Even places like Breitbart.

If you are elderly and rich/ middle class you pay anyway. Conservatives are changing nothing except insisting you keep your until you die.

Bloody media. Back on the Conservatives again. Theresa May for the win!

Theresa Mays great EU fudge.

From a left wing commentator, but a good one!
'Theresa May's election strategy is to do the least amount necessary to look like you give a fuck... I believe that a strong and stable, blah blah blah, what do you believe?'
'At least Thatcher had a life force about her.'
So far in this election:

From the manifesto:
  • Only a 12 mile border enforced on fishing waters. Rather than what's needed at 200.
  • Continuing to give money to the EU. Edit: This one is wrong
  • Wishy washy non specific statements about beliefs in low tax... I.e. an increase in tax. (The whole point of the right is reduced tax)
  • Money going to social justice funds.
  • Immigration stated reduced to below 100,000 but no time given for when it would happen.
  • Staying in the European Court of Human Rights.
And in the election:
  • Places strong Tory remainers in Safe Seats. Most of which want to pay the EU's arbitrary divorce bill.
It's a fudge!

So I'm just going to have to get on with my life then and find other things to talk about... My local independent candidate I mentioned before who supports Universal Basic Income... Well I asked her where the money will come from for that and she said that we already have enough money for a Universal Basic Income the welfare budget just needs to be handled better!... OK, she definitely belongs in a white jacket screaming at the walls.

A very ironic protest vote!

I did think of one way I could engage though, donating a bit to UKIP! Don't have the funds right at the moment though.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Same old boring stuff.

Ah, a bit broken.

Because partly medical difficulties, having a knock on effect, I have lost discipline in an area that I feel gives me extra lifeforce and have masturbated, something I do not do.

I admit that on this blog because it is a spiritual teaching of mine to not do it. Each time I believe genuinely it will be the last time and now I am marking the date and time, 20th of May at 01:10 (Ah, that's now 16:03 on 20th May, and honestly, while the medical knock on does have an effect it is not the reason which is about me, have to take responsibility!). That I will not masturbate again.

Feeling a little hopeless in relation to world events but that's nothing new for me or many others.

(I also looked at a few porn memes I also will stop).

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Losing our religions.

Ooomph! I feel like I've just been hit in the gut.

I don't think I can, in good conscience, vote this Conservative Manifesto in. On this blog I have posted recently about people that do not deserve to be taxed and are forcibly stolen from. The Conservatives want to do this to the semi wealthy elderly. People that have worked all their lives and paid into the system will be told they have to pay for social care when immigrants, "refugees" and people that have lived on welfare their entire lives do not have to.

Money will continue going to foreign aid... 0.7% ... Ridiculous social programs that promote social justice and combatting online "extremism" (i.e. peaceful people with an alternative view to the radical left.)

The mainfesto puts forward the policy we will stay in the ECHR... Which of course will stop us from reducing immigration like the system of law has in America; and has get out clauses to keep open door immigration continuing.

Theresa May has "Alliance" written all over her. Those that want a partial disclosure. They oppose the khazarian mafia, but they have their own agenda that is not in anyones favour (except theirs of course). If Le Pen had been elected the EU would now be circling the drain, but they didn't let her, they let the Rothschild banker steal the election. The "Alliance" needs the European Union to keep partial disclosure going. Aside from some select barbaric practices such as false flags, paedophilia and the like, there is not much difference between the "Alliance" and the "Cabal". Neither believe in freedom, both think "might makes right", both seem to love Islam, both seem to love government controlled central planning of the economy.

Now we do have allies in this and the allies we have are extra terrestrial, and people like Farage and Trump. These extra terrestrials referenced by people like Corey Goode are, in my view, subtly applying pressure so that the best outcome comes out, and they, unlike the "Alliance", understand the invisible rules that underpin events.

It has seemed to me for a while that we are moving into a different place of higher vibration... That is inevitable, various groups think they can stop that but that is happening bar a huge movement to the negative polarity, which positive beings will not allow; because our free will hasn't allowed it.

So we are moving towards a more positively oriented society. There are two ways we can get there, if we have a free vote it will be that all the attention is on the positive, the change will be upsetting but it will be measured, and will only use the force it needs, like the positive is/ does. If there is no free vote allowed so the negative has some success in redirecting the positive energy to the negative (to do that completely they'd have to convince everyone that the vote was not rigged), the attention will be to the negative and the negative has very little supporting it because it has been warred against for so long.

So rather than the positive being the thing that supports the world and people turn attention to... The negative will be getting the attention as it collapses. This will be far colder and crueller to those that are not ready for it and the crucial thing is it might actually take the "Alliance" by surprise! Regardless of how powerful either group thinks they are there are things in the stock market that they cannot understand and if it comes apart then disclosure could happen in an uncontrolled way rather than a controlled way.

Well, we can only hope anyway!

I don't know who I'm going to vote for, we have an independent in Hove, a new age crazy (look who's talking!) that supports Universal Basic Income and talks about left and right being an old divisive concept! (Which is what the left always say). Worth watching I suppose she could say something that sways me and others either way. But I don't on principle agree with many taxation based ideas.

We will see how things work out.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Socialism, work ethic and suicide.

Of course the Dow is happily trading at a few hundred points up on the futures market.

These are some of the comments on this article here:

Daily Express: May's plan for a fairer Britain: Tory manifesto pledge to tackle social care crisis

The world view that Stefan Molyneux shares isn't just from him, it is shared by so many people across the world... Which always seems to like this way of doing things:

Assuming we are headed for a massive shift and a golden age, I have to believe that this is somehow going to end and arrogant nasty people who propagate this system and that take advantage of it, will feel their karma.

Under socialism, people are punished for positive polarity!

I have talked about martial arts a few times here and have had a bad turn in regards to that. The martial arts teacher I was going to has a new child and just didn't turn up to teach a lesson the other day. I don't know how he gets his money but if it's not saving or inheritance I imagine he is living either on his girlfriends maternity leave or maternity welfare. He has not returned my email asking what happened and did not have his phone one when someone tried to call him.

That's the right use of welfare right there! Supporting people that have no particular work ethic.

It is no wonder that male suicide is so high... They work hard and the government steals it all off them! Then a nasty feminist comes along and treats them like dirt because it helps her welfare status.

Dow down 200 points... Could this be it? (And other things)

A few days ago I linked this video:

The video shows GOOG (Google) having a ceiling/ resistance line at about 933. It was 943 yesterday and then, there has been a change as this chartist has already shown, it has come down to 931! Google of course leads this market.

No one really knows why, or at least there are not many explanations that rely on actual market indicators! But the reason for this plunge is likely to be related to politics and what is going on in politics at the moment are things to do with Comey... So, this might be a delayed reaction to Comey's firing! Or the Trump impeachment stuff.

Regardless of what it is, the market is likely to bounce back momentarily. However, it could be that this crash is significant enough to necessitate a political response. It could be this crash is a large amount and if it is significant it will directly knock on to cause a real change. There are two articles I have not read about this and it reminds me I have not stayed ahead of financial matters. One is from Michael Snyder stating the US is exposed to £222 Trillion of derivatives and another is Canada having trouble with a bank run on Home Capital! It also looks like China is having trouble with their markets.

UK Politics:

I have started to like Theresa May during this whole process. It could yet be that in fact, like George Osborne says, all Tory ministers since they have come into power in 2010 right up until the present day oppose reducing net migration.

Or we could look back and think of this as a time when Theresa May really did put this country back on track! The Tory manifesto is tomorrow... Exciting stuff, and if they want to opine on the Labour manifesto it will be a little less hypocritical for them to do so after this day.

This comes out the day before the Conservative Manifesto so it seems likely it is political strategy to get people excited about this. I have no idea whether she will deliver.


The female supremacist movement seems to have grown to a quite amazing arrogance:

Women are going out clubbing (un)dressed like this (that is duct tape): 

Which takes 'look but don't touch' to a whole new level. There is no humility anymore from women in the face of male lust, they are completely confident they will have the power of the state to protect them even when they are being this vulgar... It is almost like a dare!

Here is another one:

The main tool the female supremacist movement has used in gaining this power is to place innocent people in the firing line. It is a very good negatively polarised method of manipulation. This is why there are women on the front line at anti fa events. When the government wants to get more work out of the NHS they simply reduce funding and then people do free overtime, because if you don't ... then patients will suffer! (Some people of course don't though).

In America, there was a man who found out when his so called son became 10 years old that it was not his child. He went to court to stop having to pay the childcare payments but was told he wouldn't be allowed to stop, until someone else paid the money in his place. This, from the woman/ mother, is achieving the goal of living parasitically by putting innocent victims in the line of fire...

When real karma comes down hopefully, if women, or anyone, puts children in the way of themselves in an effort to be parasitical they will still get their full karma!

This is why the left wing 'heart on the sleeve' mentality cannot be allowed to succeed!


The bad guys always have amazing faith they are going to win even against any odds. I have talked about this before. It is because they priorities their internal emotional state over reality. Because, lets face it, they are better than reality! (*chortle*).

I think, as I have said before, the left genuinely believe they are going to win again:

Daily Mail: 'The bearded one's tooth gleamed like a Glacier Mint': QUENTIN LETTS sees Chairman Corbyn preach to the faithful at Labour rally

After the Brexit win we had to listen to them whine for more than nine months. Next time they lose lets hope it follows up with something rather than hanging around... Hearing them whining is not a good use of our time!

(Dow is now -243 just up from -249... So it held for the hour since it was -234! It will likely have a closing ramp though!)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Waning moon cycle/ Bad guy emotional tactics.

Astrology wise some of the points synch up with my personal chart quite nicely.

On the global level the moon has just gone over retrograde Pluto, and it is in the second half of it's cycle approaching the waning crescent. This gives a kind of feeling of hopeless futility against the bad guys!

As long as my personal chart is good though! There is also some emphasis on communicating things to do with money (global)!

So, it is a slow news day! It's really odd how slow this election has become and how long into the election we still don't have a manifesto from the party that is likely to win by a landslide!

Manifesto? Where's the manifesto. It as meant to be out yesterday... Where is it?


This is exciting though because even though the ebb is very low at the moment it most definitely will not stay like that. The election is a couple of days before the full moon! The left are quiet because, when it is not right in your face that the Brexit movement is winning, they can convince themselves that it isn't!

They are doing all sorts of things like bussing youngsters to marginal constituencies and they have a quiet confidence they are going to surprise on election day... The bad guys always do have that confidence! Their own superiority is assumed as evident.

But, in the absence of a news cycle, I have been thinking of the bad guys in general and their hypocrisy. Also what is know as 'projection'.

Projection is when you are doing something, usually something that's not good, and you then project that onto another person by blaming another person for it. We can see this in the Democrat party in America and leftist policies and behaviours in general. The left decries it's enemies as racist, but they come out with things such as 'the SATS tests are culturally biased and so black people need to be given extra points'... However, this is a complete lie since Asians out perform whites in SATS tests. The Democrats are so racist they don't even understand that there is anything wrong with explaining away a legitimate problem in the black community.

They believe they own gay people like property, as shown by their treatment of Milo, and they call their opponents homophobic. They call their opponents misogynistic and declare themselves champions of women while supporting Islam, the Burqa and Sharia law. They market themselves as nice people yet they do things like this:

More specifically to 'projection', they have been trying to put Trump on trial for months for colluding with Russia and have not yet produced a shred of evidence, they also accused the new right media of paying Russian trolls when it is them who is doing this. However, Hillary and Podesta have been paid by Putin to lobby for reducing/ eliminating America's sanctions of Russia. Hillary has done deals to sell Russia nuclear materials.

It is a deliberate tactic of the negative polarity to blame people for things they themselves are doing, and I believe it is referenced in Saul Aulinsky's books.

As examples of this 'projection' are gotten rid of in the leaders, it will filter down to everyone else and those that do these sorts of things will start to feel it. In a meritocratic society projection isn't possible. Because those who project others as less capable/ more unethical than themselves are then forced to concede that the other person achieves better results than they themselves are showing, and also, other people are able to communicate that the person is doing well and not whatever has been projected onto them.