Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tactical reasons for a terror attack/ Chelsea Manning/ Good health.

There are a few things that occupy my mind at the moment:

Even though a Labour politician cannot get away with saying this, the whole thing does seem convenient for the Conservative party. The momentum HAD shifted in Jeremy Corbyns favour since the care problem. He is a more competent public speaker and May had just been trounced by Andrew Neil on the BBC about the social care policy the day before this attack. May has always had the media on her side and she has not handled scrutiny well because she was very unprepared for it. Jeremy Corbyn is said to be a terrorist sympathiser and a terror attack will make people favour him less not more. This attack stops all that.

Theresa May also is planning to control the entire internet which is definitely a cabal goal. However, the attack could also be just a general threat from the cabal to Theresa regarding Brexit!

The other thing it does is prevented UKIP from releasing their manifesto. So perhaps if the cabal are not in favour of May they plan to try and control her through Tory entryists and they do not want UKIP in the house of Commons pushing May's government to actual Brexit.

I seriously don't know. But I do think that A) The cabal would have planned such an attack with a political goal in mind and B) They would have planned such an attack with the general populace in mind, this is a numbers game and they do not care about the alternative media in this instance. If someone were to rumble their plan whatever it may be and vote accordingly, that will definitely be a minority; the rest of the people will not reflect on any conspiratorial agenda, and will either accept or reject their manipulation, and some will vote the way the cabal wants them to.

I have just seen this, this will change the narrative for me personally. I have just seen this page with the video involved. I have only listened to about five minutes but it is very relevant:

Brasscheck TV: What Chelsea Manning revealed. Dark truths you're not supposed to know

Written section:
Chelsea Manning spent years in jail and was tortured before being released.
Because of what she revealed.
Indiscriminate killing of civilians, torture, child trafficking by US defense contractors, and cover ups of the same.
Two women and children killed for every combatant.
Dark truths you're not supposed to know.
A true military hero who put it all on the line to try to reform our tragically lost country.
Clearly it is unwise to let people with such legitimate grievances into the country without vetting. And it is very unwise to have such people here in large number.

I have come around a little to Benjamin Fulfords expressed view that when there are war crimes trials the Muslims might calm down.


I have had a major insight into my health. Since taking herbal sleeping tablets to get to sleep my normal inner sense that keeps my bloodsugars OK overnight has been overridden!  This means my bloodsugars are VERY bad at the moment. I will get a handle on this and what is exciting is that I will improve. In myself I will improve soon!

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