Monday, 22 May 2017

Get a grip.

Failed again, and my tendency to write it up here can only be described as a neurosis now!

I have been having a lot of carnal thoughts recently I have not been able to get rid of them. This could be down to several factors. When I grow tired I lose the energy of discipline, when my diabetes is not working, as it is not right now due to my own negligence, I start to feel uncomfortable and turn to finding some sort of self stimulation to counteract a dull feeling down there.

In order to improve this tendency of masturbation, I will have to do my bloodsugars more and eat properly etc. (I eat good foods just not the right things at the right time). Make sure I am doing shopping well and handling money better.

Also, no porn pictures AT ALL. I just wanted to find one porn meme I saw the other day that was particularly good, and the person that wrote it; but there is no reason to do that. EVERY time I end up going on porn memes I end up masturbating.

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