Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Slow UK election, normal globalist narratives continuing without question.

Two days ago after the French election RIGGING I pointed to an article saying that the Tories were going back on any commitment on immigration.

...and ... well.... Where are the manifesto's? Where is the Conservative manifesto? We are almost exactly four weeks away from an election and no manifesto? Does that not seem suspicious?

I'm getting tired of May and her 'strong and stable leadership'. She has as of yet made no real commitments on anything. People like May, all talk and no action, need to be hammered down to commitments made in writing. Writing that cannot be put into a catchphrase.

Her only other idea is to put a cap on energy prices... Well how about getting rid of all the Goldman Sachs created Green stuff? No?... Why not?

This is getting tiring.

Just a short blog post today because it appears that all the normal globalist narratives are continuing without question.

At least though a media organisation has picked up on the French vote rigging:

Yournewswire: Marine Le Pen: The French Election Was Rigged

Let's hope that with James Comey replaced we can see some arrests happening!

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