Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Socialism, work ethic and suicide.

Of course the Dow is happily trading at a few hundred points up on the futures market.

These are some of the comments on this article here:

Daily Express: May's plan for a fairer Britain: Tory manifesto pledge to tackle social care crisis

The world view that Stefan Molyneux shares isn't just from him, it is shared by so many people across the world... Which always seems to like this way of doing things:

Assuming we are headed for a massive shift and a golden age, I have to believe that this is somehow going to end and arrogant nasty people who propagate this system and that take advantage of it, will feel their karma.

Under socialism, people are punished for positive polarity!

I have talked about martial arts a few times here and have had a bad turn in regards to that. The martial arts teacher I was going to has a new child and just didn't turn up to teach a lesson the other day. I don't know how he gets his money but if it's not saving or inheritance I imagine he is living either on his girlfriends maternity leave or maternity welfare. He has not returned my email asking what happened and did not have his phone one when someone tried to call him.

That's the right use of welfare right there! Supporting people that have no particular work ethic.

It is no wonder that male suicide is so high... They work hard and the government steals it all off them! Then a nasty feminist comes along and treats them like dirt because it helps her welfare status.

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