Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Imagining future superpowers.

I have had a synchronicity/ coincidence, unusual enough to be notable, that has encouraged me to get back to prepping.

Zerohedge:The European Trade Wars Begin: Trump Trade Advisor Accuses Germany Of Using "Grossly Undervalued" Euro

Trump is not disappointing!

Other than that, in general I am wondering what is going to happen in the future, when we will get  some news on some sort of disclosure. I also wonder if there is going to be any 'psychic powers', and if so, how would these manifest.

I have recently heard of a film that is linked to disclosure from back in the day, called 2001: A space Odyssey. In it a group of monkeys are doing nothing, just eating vegetarian, hiding from predators and hanging around, and pretty much staring down at extinction!

They are 'updated' through some device and they then turn to meat eating and one of them kills another. The update is basically positive in nature and allows them to survive, but with increased evolution comes increased power, comes increased ability to do harm with that power.

This is what I believe or feel as to be evidently true, that contrary to what David Wilcock has stated, we would not get abilities only if we were ethical but these abilities would manifest randomly. Our destination is an ethical one but at first people would just get abilities and possibly not be able to handle them. If this was a fictional example you might now have a scene where a girl who is tied up and raped overpowers her attackers with telekinesis. But real abilities are probably more subtle and the implications might even involve people simply feeling different and being more assertive with certain abilities available as a last resort.

... and in real life some people have all sorts of nasty hidden motivations that might manifest, although it would probably be the exception rather than the rule.

Also, I wonder at what's hidden underneath the vast amounts of humans. I wonder if some people have either physical terrestrial, or spiritual connections with other races that are not positively polarised, and some of these people themselves will have chosen to be positively polarised.

So do some people have instincts to kill for instance? Hunt? That in their perfect world they would be able to satisfy or be free from? Would aggressive sports suddenly arise? These are all very interesting questions.

Monday, 30 January 2017

China and EU stuff.

Interesting update from Benjamin Fulford, saying that China might be planning something.

However, although it is in the woodwork, it is not likely to me that the Chinese will actually do anything, but it is an interesting idea. The Chinese are this massive totalitarian government, probably the biggest country in the world by population, a rich country, large military and a grudge honed over decades. That have stated aims of world government and increased power on the world stage.

It would at least be eventful if China finally did something rather than just grinding their axe and making threats all the time. But I'm not one of their neighbouring countries that would be invaded, so what might be eventful for me would be traumatic for others and so I would not support it.

It is unlikely to me though that any government can be particularly effective without democracy. Even rigged democracy gives an illusion of participation likely to nullify many of the citizens rebellious instincts.

But it is interesting, it seems likely to me that something is going to shift a little soon somewhere. It was surprising with Donald Trumps ban of people from danger zones that the administration did seem a bit apologetic, explaining what they mean and flip flopping on green card holders. I wonder if Trump will be slowed down a little. Theresa May saying she will bring up this internal American border policy with her US counterparts is low.

French elections are not until May and German and Norweigan elections are in September, Article 50 is said to be triggered in March and this is slow work indeed, I especially did not like Theresa's speech recently that climate change is a priority... She doesn't get it, although it was good the alternative media celebrated the part of her speech that preached non intervention. Hopefully when Article 50 happens something will actually happen it won't just be long talks that achieve nothing.

What's next is anyone's guess!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Minor updates.

Here is what David Wilcock has to say in two minor recent updates:

Here: "This is just one day after we finished taping Cosmic Disclosure, right in the midst of while all sorts of massive breakthroughs are going on, some of which cannot be discussed." 

My emphasis.

And here"Furthermore, Universal Law states that once an attack like this is attempted, many positives can be authorized to occur in the aftermath.

For this same reason we may have some even more impressive breakthroughs that emerge in the aftermath of this near-miss."

Meanwhile, the world is up in arms over a minor policy shift in direction. Donald Trumps so called 'Muslim ban'.

This is very small change and very boring news. Although the cultural strength of the pushback against Muslims in general is persistent... and peoples tolerance of Theresa May's 'judgement' of Donald Trumps policies are not particularly high.

Nevertheless, it is a very shallow piece of news that will soon be gone.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Just the basics.

Not much to say today.

We have gone beyond the exciting beginning of the Trump Presidency and are now likely to move from that period where new things get announced, to that sticky period where things are being made to actually happen.

No doubt there will be a couple of remain style court cases along the way. Which will be wiped aside with ease by Trump.

The next two big political events are likely to be February 23rd Stoke on Trent by election that may see Paul Nuttall elected, who is also leader of UKIP. Then, mid March Article 50 will be triggered.

But while we wait we just wait. Perhaps David Wilcock will come out with something and he is at least made to come out with something on Monday and Tuesday on Gaia TV (he is a good case of free market motivation, David never does anything it seems unless he is A) Paid or B) Forced to by this mysterious 'alliance' against the cabal, or perhaps the better term is 'incentivised')

Benjamin Fulford also produces his blog on Monday.

There is not even interesting entertainment.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The coming future social changes for women.

I woke up this morning with a strangely specific thought... I thought; since women have a complete monopoly over a scarce resource (sex) it is amazing they are not in control of more than they are:

This thinking falls down for the following reasons in my view:

To begin with, there are a multitude of things that effect women in this area. One is propaganda, from the mainstream, that might tell women they want such and such and may encourage women to give up their sexuality for a price lower than what it would be worth if she were thinking clearly. An example of this might be the kind of thing Beyonce/ Rihanna encourage.

Another is that they do not have monopoly control in two areas: one is when they have to trade sex for something in a civilised environment. I.e. if they do not have sex with a partner they love he will leave them. Or two, is when you have a pimp forcibly controlling women to give up sex. This is by far a HUGE aspect of why a mans natural sex drive does not give power to a woman. If he can pay for it through what is a lot of time basically human trafficking and slavery, then he does not have to ask a woman for it.

Add to this that what is not talked about that much is men who do not think about sex that much or can live without it. Some of these men are also intelligent enough to understand if they are being manipulated through the promise of sex. These men are not talked about because it does not cross with the feminist agenda of classifying every conceivable man in existence as a rapist, but they definitely exist.

Examination of such social phenomena brings us in the direction of imagining how things might change going forward as on a worldwide level, improvement happens. If the sex trade and HUGE trafficking industry is put into jail, and broken up, then the power over womens bodies would clearly return to them.

Whether this would give them more or less power is debatable. However, it is likely they would have more power that legitimately belongs to them, rather than the false and temporary power of being in line with a totalitarian government that may be overthrown at any time.

This has an interesting impact on feminist philosophy?

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Remembering the market.

I only slept for two hours and now am doing another blog.

I feel pretty fantastic which I think is based on two reasons: A) That I wrote down a dream I had, this always makes me feel good, I ground and get insights when I do this and B) I have been eating a lot recently. In the evening yesterday I just ate and ate and ate. Possibly catching up from when I was unwell or possibly subconsciously knowing that I need a lot of energy for today.

Could be other reasons too. I slept most of yesterday.

Zerohedge: How Much Longer Can The Market Go Without A Correction?

Zerohedge: Elites Eying The Exits Signals America's Crisis

Bringing the focus back to market crashes and prepping (now I am well enough to prep!) I wonder what's happening to this. As usual David Wilcock is quiet as a mouse, talking about how much work he has to do when the evidence of such is thin on the ground (I'm sure he does have work to do). The two previous episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia were about the Law of One and channeling, the Law of One has been around for more than fourty years and is not likely to be changing anything in the near future.

Dow was at 20K yesterday, 'bigger they come the harder they fall?' The economic situation can't be better than it was in 2008, after years of shrinkage and trade wars. Benjamin Fulford seems to think it is all pretty much up in the air, although his last post referenced 'full disclosure'.

So logically, the 'bad guys' still have many of the financial strings at their command and are very capable of deliberately doing damage because of a tantrum they are having. It would be less likely when they are definitively in power but when they feel that slipping away because of a Trump Presidency they are more likely to strike.

Exciting times. About five hours after my last blog it is unlikely there will be any more news to look over. So I will see you folks soon, assuming I have regular readers! 

Free market in everyday life.

As I begin writing this I know that the people who might need this explaining to them, are unlikely to even care if they are not going by this wisdom. However, it is simple reality explained. But if a person is gifted at doublethink they can ignore anything!:

So here is a basic run down of free market principles in a minimum wage job:

To start with, clearly if you want your store to work properly, then you have to reward the people who work hard and do the job properly, and somehow discipline or incentivise those who do not do the work properly. There will always be people who do not do the work properly. If you want a clean store, good products, no mistakes with orders etc.

So, lets say that there is work to do once the store is closed. If you have three people working. Then there are two ways to get the work done: 

A) You give each of them a certain amount to do in relation to their roles, and if there is a difference here, i.e. more than one person doing a role then rotate these fairly throughout the week.

B) You simply keep everyone at the store mixing up the jobs so that everyone goes at the same time. Or keep people around until the team leader goes home.

If you intend to reward good work clearly A is the best one. So the person who works well will be noticed as working well. If they are doing a set role then the manager can see the results of that work. If the jobs are mixed up there is no one to notice who does what. With A If the member of staff is efficient they can go home early. With B they are at the team leaders beck and call (which is of course why a team leader may prefer this arrangement).

If you are to follow B the bad members of staff will stay because others will do their work for them if they slack, the good will leave and the downward spiral will continue. If you are to follow A you are more in the free market and this expands to where other free market principles become relevant.

Over time following A you will notice who is doing the work and who is not. You can then bring pressure on those who do not do the work. Under B if there is someone not doing the work the management will likely try and clamp down on everyone, or instinctively choose the more reasonable people to nag because that's what bullies do. The more reasonable, and likely best workers will then clearly leave, if they can. (Under a proper free market system they will leave to a better job, one that works on free market principles and is hence more successful.)

If you are to follow A and you now have a good worker and a bad worker. One who cleans properly perhaps and one who cuts corners. You might have to discipline the bad worker. The reason companies do not want to take it that far is if the bad worker then turns around and says 'well if you want me to do this difficult work then perhaps you should pay me more than minimum wage'. Or the similar 'stuff your job I quit'. 

Also, if a person is experienced and skilled at a job and can get better pay doing an easier, less skilled job elsewhere then the company could lose out from not paying its staff.

This is why they like immigrants at these types of jobs. An immigrant is more likely to need the job so badly they will not complain in general about the minimum wage or bad working conditions. In this way the management can do the easy and unprofessional behaviour of simply shouting when something is wrong rather than dealing with the member of staff or situation more professionally.

Someone who is native to the country will likely have family supporting them, they will be able to reduce their hours and may have other commitments which stops them being able to give their employer maximum flexibility. They will simply leave if shouted at and treated disrespectfully. Then the customers will be dealing with a group of foreign staff which they may or may not be OK with. (Of course under a proper free market they can shop elsewhere.)

This is not the only place where pay is a problem in the free market. Consider a company that does not pay its team leaders properly. The team leader is the leader and sets the rules, and determines a large part of the atmosphere and culture... Will a team leader for instance stand up to someone else who wants to be 'the boss'? If the team leaders are paid badly then a company will lose staff in that role, but will not gain any. So it will continually suffer from a dearth of proper leadership. It will not gain the value of experienced team leaders. Everyone who is any good will leave.

But so what? Without the free market, these businesses will never suffer. They will be artificially supported by mass immigration, they can just go to the airport and pick up some new staff if someone leaves. They will be helped with high entry requirements in the form of taxes and access to capital for their competitors. Why would they care? Most of these people would rather steal from their own mother than pay their staff more!

Voter Fraud, Trump, Italy and Google!

So, the Donald is getting down with some stuff!

This is one I am really, really excited about, although it is an 'investigation' that does not yet have a date of potential completion:

Zerohedge: Trump To Launch "Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud"

This is one of the most important political issues in my opinion. What's the point of elections if they are fraudulent? One of the strongest drivers of real political change seems to be voting at the moment!

Another headline which I must have seen on twitter but does not have a headline on ZH is 'Trump states he will send in the Feds if Chicago does not sort out its crime problems'. This headline as well:

Zerohedge: Austin Becomes Ground Zero For Sanctuary City Battle As Texas Governor Vows To Cut State Funding

On top of this, there is also beginning the work on the Mexico wall and other executive orders on immigration!

These changes together are fantastic and have the result of not allowing liberals to work against humanity and to find self important ideas to hide behind (i.e. Hillary won the popular vote! One thing that liberals have confronted me with when I get in a rare conversation with them on twitter.) Vote rigging is a huge deal in England and a source of much frustration to me personally. Nigel Farage was definitely rigged out of South Thanet and now all news of 'Tory election expenses scandal', surely a less important part of the electoral fraud, have been forgotten.

It was this rigging that has lead to a drip by drip destruction of UKIP as Douglas Carswell was able to win his Clapton seat, so Nigel being rigged out and Douglas being kept in, seeing as Douglas acts like some sort of Tory stooge, has been very destructive to UKIP!

Imagine the ripple effect if voter fraud was proven to have happened in America! Who culturally is very close to England. This could really bring a subject that has been utterly suppressed into mainstream awareness. This is also true of many other places that are having elections soon, France, the Netherlands, Germany and potentially Italy.

Another thing is Trumps free market attitude to Chicago. Chicago is suffering because the police are frightened of arresting, and sometimes justifiably killing black criminals. Everyone knows that Trump is not going to penalise policemen for shooting black criminals, so he expects results. Either they arrest black criminals or are justifiably thought of as incapable and have the Feds moved in!

This is all very exciting. Although I will be paying attention to the Antarctica angle of David Wilcock I do not think it will happen. There has as of yet been no news of anyone arresting Hillary has there? I do not think such people will get on with things but Trump will!

Two other minor pieces of news:

Zerohedge: Italy Closer To Early Elections After Constitutional Court Modifies Election Law

Although thought of as an advantage to the establishment candidates in Italy, there are a lot of surprises as of late and an earlier election of about June is very exciting, because even against the odds the Five Star movement may get into power!

I only link to articles that I have actually read and I haven't read this article (sometimes article headlines are misleading), but Zerohedge has reported that Google has blocked 200 "fake news" sites from its searches.

Everything I do on the internet is google related! I have a gmail account, this is a google blog, I use Google Chrome, Google Play and Google search engine.

All of these except potentially Google Play (the provides a unique service as far as I am aware), I will be transitioning away from. I have already stopped the search engine and internet browser. The others are going to take a little longer and I have less time being back at work.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Brexit and Trump... Brexit and Trump... BREXIT AND TRUMP!!!

It must be so exciting living in America at the moment.

But England also has some good news. Even though the Supreme Court did not rule in favour of the government on Article 50. They did rule in favour of Brexit in relation to Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh potential vetoes. Although we now need a vote to start negotiating to leave the EU, it is likely that now the court case is out the way, we might see a vote go through and be completed sooner than the end of March.

We could potentially see England beginning the process of leaving the EU by next week! This would be fantastic.

My local MP, with the irritating arrogance of a remainer, is very pleased about this vote, is one of the 74 MP's that signed up to Vote Leave Watch. When Article 50 is triggered, he will lose polarity, and that is good!

It is as though we have just been waiting for the results of the court case, that there was never any other reason to hold up the triggering of article 50!


On to Trump who is signing executive orders. One of which is TPP, an Orwellian style trade deal. All over Europe millions of people have marched against TPP and nothing changed. Trump gets in signs a piece of paper and it is gone.

He signed three the other day and two more just now. At the moment he is partly getting rid of things like TPP. The deep states plans for the future. Once he has dealt with that stuff he will get down to things which improve life for everyone.

Additionally, coming down the pipe to be voted on, is a bill from a Democrat putting forward a plan to remove America from the United Nations. Also Rand Paul has put forward another bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

This is all very exciting. I am a little behind on my reading but I read in the Daily Mail today someone important saying that the BBC was very heavily involved in Saville era goings on. The BBC is one of the most important problem areas in this game.

So... Exciting!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Helix... A great TV show!

Things are progressing extremely fast at the moment in the area of politics. However, I am not going to comment on that in this article. As though I was talking about a Unicorn, that I might mention the changes going on enthusiastically, and then they might disappear proving to have been too fragile.

I'm playing 'wait and see'!

However, one thing I can't get out of my head. A great TV series I saw recently... HELIX!

I have talked before about 'The Mentalist' and I struggle to find entertainment that is intellectually interesting. HELIX satisfies that intellectual need. The series is fantastic.

It is full of disclosure (or is it?). It is acted by Billy Campbell... BILLY CAMPBELL. One of the actors I really enjoy even when he is playing a side role. It also features Jeri Ryan! One who combines physical sexuality, beauty and good acting in a way that increases a persons enjoyment of whatever she stars in.

This is going to have some spoilers. But it is not going to mention things that wouldn't be easy to get. The show does have things in it that are original, but most of what happens in it are staples of modern sci fi of it's sub genre:

Novovirus: An outbreak of a virus that has been created by a group of researchers in the arctic. Two functions are outlined for it:

 - To change humans in some way, to deliver a genetic change.

 - To aid in depopulation.

The Ilaria Corporation: When there is some sort of arrests or disclosure, I'm wondering when these sorts of corporations will be exposed. In this show is a corporation that is pulling all the strings, that funded research into the Novovirus, and has it's hand in everything enough to be able to influence the entire world.

What is its equivalent is in real life... Monsanto? Or is that too mainstream? Would such a corporation be even further into the deep state? Any corporation with links to Soros, Kissinger and other globalists would be suspect.

The Immortals: Crossing a bit into the unusual now (Ha!) But this film features people that are immortal, (perhaps not disclosure, just an interesting fiction), however such people have been mentioned by David Wilcock in passing and it would be very interesting if they turned out to be pulling a lot of the strings. The reverence with which some of the characters hold the immortals and immortality leans the show towards the discussion of such things in the real world. It is treated as though it is linked to an angelic way of being, the immortals having silver eyes that they cover through contacts. Although what I have heard about them from David Wilcock is of beings who are tired of it all, been through a lot of suffering and just want to die! Still, the immortal concept is a very interesting idea!

It is not such concepts that make a show. Two mysterious things about Helix... One: The Creator of the show is not on wikipedia. His name is but no details are there. and Two: The funding for the show seemed to be above what you might suspect for a 'crappy syfy show'. There are many large rooms, there are many labs, and secret doorways and accurate looking scenes in the snow.

The show was discontinued after season 2 (Is the barrier to creating really good, intellectually stimulating shows, that these shows then have low viewing? That would be annoying.)

Friday, 20 January 2017

So here we have a 'new beginning'.

There is only very small evidence of changes at the moment, including all reference to Global Warming being wiped from the White House Presidential Website. (YES!)

For me personally though, I am hungry for more information on extra terrestrial disclosure. I am watching a series at the moment called 'Helix' on Netflix, which hinted at disclosure of certain things but then killed off the character that was having those insights and carried on without any reference to them. It has great characters and looks and feels very well funded. It is a sci fi show I don't know where the profit comes from there.

I just saw on Divine Cosmos comments 'Travellers' is another good one!

What next? Donald Trump meets with Putin. Da'esh fails. The media takes a walloping somehow and cannot pass any of its 'fake news' garbage.

I have been a little panicky about Obama still being in office and now I can relax a little. The conspiracy media has not been in the position of being on the same side as the elected government before and their narrative must necessarily change.

Exciting times. All a bluster at the moment. But come new year of January 22nd and things will no doubt shift. Also Saturday 28th January at 0:00, we have a new moon at Aquarius 8 degrees. This will be square my Pluto and opposing my Venus (which conjuncts my sun) almost exactly. Although when there are few opportunities sometimes these things do not manifest much. Also, transiting Mercury is going to have another conjunction with transiting Pluto around this time.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Nothing going on until tomorrow.

The day is almost here.

Yesterday, for me at least was a kind of 'darkness before the dawn'. Yesterday just felt bleak but today, it is almost as though the inauguration has started. In astrological terms this might very well be the case.

I am a little happy my bug has seemed to get quite a bit better. Although it could just be time I have been taking this herbal medicine that seems to be delivering the final blow to this lingering germ.

But actually, now I have started writing I realise there is nothing to say so I won't be pushing this on twitter. Although I have thought a lot of things recently and even watched documentaries that have stimulated ideas. It's not coming together.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Gelatine, Serial killer programs and Le Pen.

Exciting times.

It is now TWO days until Trump inauguration. He has said he wants to sign four of five executive orders on his first day in office, but no one yet knows what these will be... Exciting times!

As per the oestrogen packed soya realisation, I have stopped eating soya. But, there are a lot of things I don't eat now, and without that as well, without the occasional potential soya yoghurt and motivation to go and get a soya latte, there really is far less to eat, and almost nothing that doesn't have to be cooked.

I have, when my bloodsugars have gone down, gone back to eating gelatine. I don't think gelatine is a healthy or ethical thing to eat. It is all the worst parts of the animal, including hairs, all boiled and melted down. It is likely taken from animals that have suffered the most horrendous torture.

Also, it does not feel right once it is eaten, it sort of sticks to the inside of your oesophagus. Despite the fact that I came away from gelatine, I told myself for health reasons, I do see the ethical side, and when people on the alt right celebrate tormenting lefties by wearing fur, or say that gelatine is 'really nice', I don't want to take the side of the lefty. But I suppose its tough! (Alt right peeps like Barbara 4u2c are also vegans).

I'll have to figure out what to do about this. The solution is probably to eat small amounts of soya, or to go out and buy quality flapjacks. There will be some solution.

Coincidentally while having all these thoughts I also saw this film:

I have been looking for entertainment that the mentalist should have been but wasn't. I'm not usually so into serial killer films, but Patrick Jane taking on Red John in an intellectual way was fascinating. I don't think I've ever seen a hero that takes on the villain with his mind, rather than the mainstream version of a sort of one man cavalry.

Midnight Meat Train however, despite it's write up, was NOT that film. It is more reminiscent of Saw than Sherlock Holmes. It was however, quite a deliberate attempt to take the vegan message. The main character starts going downhill when he turns away from tofu and has a steak.

Another series called 'The Killing' seems like it might be, where the Killing of a young girl is mixed up with politics, might have this element of mystery and intrigue, but if it's as stupid as CSI brand of detective work then it won't be interesting. 

Two days still to come and then the excitement begins. I'm also very excited about Le Pen potentially getting in in the May election. Even with the rebellion against the establishment, no one really seems to actually do anything against them in a physical way. But France has got serious problems. They have a 27% Muslim population with some very nasty viewpoints and France may have to stamp down with some real totalitarian measures to sort their country out.

Whereas Donald Trump is a softy, and Nigel Farage is an intellectual (rather like Patrick Jane in some ways). I think Marine Le Pen, coming out of the country with it's bloody history, has a real change of opposing the globalists in a frightening way!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Brexit, Trump and new age stuff.

WHOA! The readers I got for the last post were a little more than usual. Feels good! (Perhaps pictures helps somehow!)

I guess people are sick of the liberals to such an extent that they do want to read a post with that theme!

Added onto that last post, with our attractive unthinking feminist, an alt right girl might seem slightly different. Less manipulative, more interesting, perhaps slightly stressed. The pattern that all alt right people seem to have most of the time recently is that they are giving to the world, contributing, but not getting much back, although this is starting to change. This might be shown in friends separating! Of course as the alt right wins this will flip and the energy they get back will be more real and supportive of their real inner selves than the energy the liberal left might get back. But that is only when we start to win in a materialistically relevant way.

That Gaia TV program that has been advertised (youtube, Breitbart etc.), I am a member of Gaia and I am enjoying what they have to say. Some of my problems are extremely difficult to quantify. There is no law that has been transgressed but nevertheless, people have taken deliberately cruel acts against me and it seems, under the current social system, that such people will never meet direct karma for their actions.

However, the understanding of some of the technology and mindsets of these people shows that things to do with energy systems and lie detecting are deeply understood by some of these other races of people we might be dealing with in the future. This gives me cause for hope!

Image result for corey goode

Today on twitter the trends are 1. #Brexit 2. #Theresa May 3. Global Britain 5. Liam Fox and 6. #SingleMarket This is exciting. This is apparently going to be a process but we are coming out of the single market. This is all good! (I do wonder though at what point in the next two years will things be able to positively change because of this change in policy. At what point does immigration stop for instance) David Wilcock said that the cabal has been ejected from Englands leadership and this is a good confirmation of that.

We are inside three days of the Trump inauguration. Or actually about three hours outside three days. Again exciting! The real new year as defined by the Human Design Chart is January 22nd and it's likely to start with a bang.

The period of time when the liberals, Black Lives Matter, the Jihadists/ Muslims and "refugees" have not been getting results of their actions back, are nearly over. When Trump gets in and when a liberal lies they are sued, when they riot they are arrested, and when they assault people they go to jail. This is coming soon hopefully; (and will have a knock on effect for the whole world. ALL people who do these things and hope to get nothing back will be disappointed?)

Image result for davos world economic forum

These rich meetings in places like Davos. What can they do without the President of the United States on their side?

Monday, 16 January 2017

Something breaks inside liberals Jan 20th.

Yesterday, after watching David Seaman's distress regarding the recent assassination (with aim to intimidate) of his close friend, I have thought a lot about anti semitism. I am not Jewish but it is one of the issues that distresses me.

The left will not touch it, even if they could smear the whole of Gab and the Alt Right with it, because the left are also anti- semitic (and the liberal left now also are now that they are pro "refugee"/ muslim/ palestinian), and there are parts of truth in what the anti- semites say that the liberal left do not want to address. It is true for instance that there are many Jews working in the mainstream media.

But the words did not come, I have not been able to write a blog refuting anti semitism. To bring up the whole zionist narrative, the genetic arguments regarding certain things and oppose these in arguments with the Jews we meet in the everyday world, explaining how they are not one and the same and that sometimes the light can conceal as well as reveal. This has not come...

Perhaps it will do when I have read more deeply into the subject. I have a book by Schomo Sand that I started reading, and wish to follow up many different avenues to create a unified mental picture of the issue. However, I have the 'flu' or something, I am unable to read at the moment. In this area apparently I am not able to wing it, I need to understand something before I can talk upon it. So for the moment the exploration of anti- semitism will have to go unwritten although it is something that I care about.

So I'm thinking of the actuality of Donald Trump ACTUALLY BEING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Thinking of America over there and Donald Trump being the one in power... It will be a very exciting time... The whole narrative will shift! Theresa May talking about us coming out of the single market is also part of this upwind.

Picture if you will, a very attractive woman. A girl who is about thirty but looks about twenty. That has an inward looking exciting and clingy sexuality. An animal, who is mostly unaffected by politics and does not think about it. But she takes the feminist angle (of course) and is adept at marketing herself as the damsel in distress and getting men to work for her...

A weapon!

Also imagine large groups of migrants, who are not bad people, mostly good people. But who do not engage in political thought or discussion so much (because they are overworked perhaps), some of these are perhaps gay and part of the left wing narrative. But, like the attractive girl in the previous example (and the younger one in the last post) they hold this emotional allegiance to the left. It is not technically worked out as to its foundations, but it is still held.

Now, imagine Donald Trump getting into power and something, something indefinable changing within these groups, within a lot of these non politically active liberals. It is not clear at all because if it is spoken, it is not spoken of directly in a way that many of us would understand (English!) The girl experiences the world coming into her conception of it and a change which her tools, normally adept at dealing with the world, cannot influence.

Rather like the markets, I think liberals subconsciously expect to be looked after, they don't expect the mainstream to fail and they are willing to turn a blind eye to it's horrendous crimes so long as they get 'cheap holidays', to phrase the Remainer who deleted me off facebook just after the Brexit vote. They do, subconsciously expect the elections to be rigged and when they are not they fall into shock.

It is something indefinable that will break inside them on this day. While Alex Jones is smiling drinking champagne and Mike Cernovich is celebrating, possibly as their rioters (that have been ignored and protected by Clinton and Obama) are sent to jail. It will look like to them, the world is changing in a way that they can't control... They have no control here... and that is a symptom of why things can get better.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Lighter side of the liberal agenda psychology.

Previously I have tried to understand the psychology of remainers and other liberal types. Mostly I've come up with that they lock everyone else but their own perspective out of their social circles and feel angered when they meet this perspective again.

Just before the EU referendum I found a bunch of remainers and searched through their tweets. I found a completely uniform set of viewpoints and common beliefs that were not challenged amongst any of them.

Just now, I looked at another remainer/ liberal on twitter and saw another aspect to this behaviour. Amongst the more mainstream sort of person, a point of annoyance amongst some of my previous Gabbers, there is a tendency to quote these 'inspirational' sayings. The Law of Attraction mentality. This mentality always seems to obliterate social causes as a legitimate concern and focus on self help ideas as the solution to problems, from experience I know this often, but not always seems to imply that anyone who is not at their enlightened level of contentment is that way through their own doing.

These self help quotes are far more common among women. We all know that through observation. It is something about the female psychology that seeks to make themselves feel better through this mechanism.

I have mentioned before, and quite specifically in my last post, that the environment we are in is one that is difficult and that a lot of people are not doing well. Normally, in a less broken environment perhaps these women, some of them very attractive, would get that sense of good feeling from the men in their lives. This makes sense. However, this liberal/ feminist agenda that criminalises the men these women may like, has probably pushed these women away from these men. it has also made many men broken and simply not in a good enough place to pursue women.

It is easy to not look at their own behaviour and how it may be effecting the world, it is easier for these women to consider alt right ideas to be 'bad' and to consider their own emotional preferences to be 'good'. Thus they promote feminism. One example of a feminist goal might be to protect 'children' from domestic violence. When they say this however, they do not care about the men who are falsely accused of domestic violence for the womens preferential treatment, for the womens preference. It feels morally righteous to only look at their own side of these things, and, if they're honest with themselves, if they are ever in a bind and emotionally feel it is justifiable they intend to simply lie and, in this instance, say the man was physically abusive when he wasn't.

It is all very neat and subtle but what it is is the refusal to take responsibility and the naturally toxic effect this has.

Paedophile psychology, banking negative agenda and deleting Gab.

I work a minimum wage job, it is neither here nor there really. I don't particularly enjoy it but I don't particularly hate it either. A similar feeling with most of the staff.

Life is different, there are things I enjoy and don't enjoy in life itself. Mostly though I feel blocked, unable to move towards the things I really like and would make my life meaningful in a life purpose kind of way. But also powerless to move against those that have made things bad for me in a not so positive sense of the word. Powerless to bring about a sense of justice. This makes the whole exercise seem kind of futile.

I had intended to say what a surprise it is that I miss working, or that I feel non productive when not working, but that is not quite true, I'm definitely in a no mans land at the moment and if I was well I wouldn't mind going to work, and I don't mind not being at work.

I've been thinking about the psychology of paedophiles. Very often when we try to understand the negative elite we imagine them to hold one emotion and to manipulate others who hold another emotion.

But I don't know about that. In order for these people to give a feeling to others, they must hold that feeling. The psychology behind 'safe spaces' and the very 'Brave New World' reality. I have seen paedophile commenters on pizzagate like material, saying that paedophilia is 'just a sexual preference' and generally seeming to consider themselves as a kind of 'beautiful' and misunderstood being. Rather like the people that Salon describes. A definition might be 'uber liberals'.

This is a long way from how John Podesta seems to think of himself when he has a torture chamber in his house, but these people are messed up. Sociopaths have a complete inability for any self perception. They are unable to perceive themselves or that there is anything wrong with them. Although paradoxically they go to great lengths to hide the fact they are so unlike others.

I wonder if all these people are 'uber liberals' and see themselves as these sacred special snowflakes. While at the same time brutalising children and sending orders to have people killed. Rather like liberals that want to shut down free speech (force) at the same time as foisting homosexuality and transgender on children. So considering these types of paedophiles hold up this emotion, of their affection for children, like some sort of special magical cape.

When someone like David Seaman comes along and calls them 'complete fucking psychos' they get angry! It's like a more intense version of crushing liberals ideas.


Think I'm done with Gab. Gab and social media in general are an extension of this strange broken up inability for anyone to connect with each other because this left wing neo liberal garbage that has taken over everything.

I want to excerpt this fantastic bit from a recent interview by Dave Rubin of Varoufakis:
44:56 When I was growing up, when I was around 7, there was a coup d'etat in Greece. A proper coup d'etat, one that you would recognise, there were tanks on the streets, the police broke down peoples doors, abducted people ended up in football stadiums; or prison camps and so on. So that was a coup d'etat using the tanks. The one I experienced was a coup d'etat using the banks - the latter is more subtle and therefore more sinister.
Because I remember, I have vivid memories of living in a dictatorship. With the military up there manning various junctions in the city centre, Banning any concentration of people including women; three people, burning books. a fascist dictatorship.  
But there was hope Dave, hope that is now missing, do you know why? Because you can identify the authoritarianism. All you had to do was step out you could look at the army, you could look at the secret policeman looking over his newspaper watching over your house. You know what the enemy is, and you thought 'Well OK, all we have to do is overpower them, and we'll be free.'  
Now it's more difficult to see where liberation comes from. Because you don't see anything, but there is fear. As we speak my successor in the ministry of finance who was my friend for many years, an academic colleague. There is not one piece of legislation that he can push through parliament without the approval, if not the dictation, of that piece of legislation; by a certain fellow called Thomas Visa whose sitting in Brussels, in Austria. Nobody has heard of him but he is effectively the governor of Greece. Every piece of legislation has to go through Thomas Visa.
Thinking about it I've noticed that I never get any interaction on Gab. It's starting to feel a bit futile. Because of this I am contributing less on Gab and feeling less energetic for my blog. So I might just delete it. I have 485 followers on Gab but I am only responded to when I comment on other peoples post that is all the time I follow about thirty people and interact with almost all of their posts. This has annoyed me before these silent followers, like watchful vampires. There is no English part on Gab because there are only three trending hashtags. So Britfam isn't easily seen. There is a bit too much anti semitism for my liking.

I would like to de- activate for a few weeks. It works with facebook, but Gab does not have that feature yet.

I may go back in the short term or long term but for now I'm done with Gab, I'm going back to twitter.

Deep States plan and general political news.

This is David Wilcocks update regarding the deep states plan:

Stillness in the Storm: David Wilcock Update: "Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM" January 13th, 2017: (Video and Mp3)

What he is saying is that what these people are doing is that they know they are going to be arrested in some sort of war crimes trial when Obama gets in, but what they want is for information on extra terrestrial technology in Antarctica to be released so that after these events the populace relaxes and consider the deep state peeps to be 'OK people'.

Part of this thinking is the idea that people are going to be overwhelmed by the new information and the change in paradigm after the Atlantis information is released and we are shown certain space programs, Deep Space Nine kind of space stations in our atmosphere. Also possibly some extra terrestrials.

They believe that people are too sensitive to be able to handle this information, which is why they are justifying 'partial disclosure' rather than 'full disclosure'. The thing is if this information comes out and people are not that surprised, are not shocked and still want them to be put into jail for a very long time, then the deep state are screwed. The deep states deeply held belief that everyone is inferior is going to be the thing that destroys them.

This apparently has not stopped them from trying to control the narrative by killing people to stop the release of pizza gate information, In way of intimidation a friend of David Seaman has been murdered:

This deep state that thinks the people will be distracted by a few trinkets when close friends of investigative reporters are killed, clearly, this deep state has a somewhat skewed perspective (perhaps because they don't have a conscience and can't understand human empathy and connection?). All the parents of the children, some of which have been taken to John Podestas torture chambers and killed, these parents are going to want answers. They are not going to be distracted by some flashy equipment.

The Pizzagate investigation is getting even more interesting here:


Here are some other very interesting political developments:

There is also news that Theresa Mays upcoming speech (I believe Tuesday) is going to put forward the possibility or even certainty that Britain will leave the single market. The priority is immigration. That immigration will be stopped in the numbers it is happening in.

Tomorrow there will be the Benjamin Fulford update, and it will only be four days until the Trump inauguration... Exciting times!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Kevin from Home Alone is the Saw Killer. Trumps Inauguration. NHS hospitals.

I just heard another one of these weird film conspiracy theories, it seems that Jar Jar Binks was Darth Plaguis and Lenny from the Simpsons is Maggies father, little things slipped into these programs that completely undermine the warm feeling you have for these characters, then there's this:


The actors do look very similar and the methodologies of his house traps were also a similar psychology to Saws, also, a serious look at the Home Alone films from a medical perspective reveals severe injury and even death to the robbers attacking Kevin! It definitely adds a complete darkness to this family film and a childhood memory! I can't imagine these things are going to be revealed at some point in the future, but then if things do start getting revealed I can't imagine these film plots won't be.

Trumps inauguration.

I, along with the rest of the world I think, am starting to feel a bit tense about Trumps inauguration. We are inside the week. Inside that 7 day period. We know the leftist establishment is planning something. We don't think it's going to work but it would be nice to get the inauguration finished anyway!

My last blog included the fact that as things get tense these corporates will be turned against each other, rather than being subservient to a totalitarian power. Soon after I wrote that blog I saw this post that reveals that one of Trumps policy ideas is that pharmaceutical companies would bid against each other:

Natural News: Draining the Pharma swamp: Donald Trump announces plan to hammer Big Pharma’s monopoly profits by requiring competitive bidding for government drug purchase contracts

I can't imagine what it will be like when Trump gets in. His administration will no doubt incentivise good behaviour in other countries. There will be a tremendous ripple effect across the whole world. 

NHS Hospitals:

England sees the NHS in crisis. Theresa May has fallen back on the usual globalist tactic of scapegoating and blamed GP surgeries, who will retire early, leave, and go off with stress now they are unreasonably required to do more. This is such a communist way of thinking. Force people to work harder to cover up your inadequacies.

We will soon find out more about Britains exit from the European Union. The deadline for triggering article 50 is close. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sci fi fiction Dark Matter. Left wing establishments cannibalism.

After having read this article I have watched the whole two seasons of 'Dark Matter'.

Although the overview of this article is extremely correct, it gets a lot of the little details wrong:
Corey spoke of an aggressive and malevolent A.I. that infected and destroyed planets and galaxies in the past. In the show the crew encounter an A.I. when they activate a back-up holographic android later in the show. The A.I. would interface with the crew and cause them to have violent hallucinations based on fears they all had.
The A.I. caused the android to dream when she was in her regeneration/charging cycle to distract her while the A.I. took over the ship. The infected computer was attempting to kill the crew and destroy the android and almost succeeded.
The A.I. did not cause the android to dream, the Android was dreaming anyway. There is another such inaccuracy in this article and probably a few more if I read more closely but it is hardly that important.

Dark Matter is a fantastic show, here is my comment on that article:
Another thing worth mentioning in the show is that it is a well written adult show. The first season moves slowly and the movement forward on the main plot points seems to take forever, but because it has been done properly, there is a foundation, later on the more minor nuances in the plot can be brought up and we can have more of a depth to the show.
There is little immaturity of the script and characters that is usual for some of these sci fi shows. There are proper adult jokes and there are not ongoing situations which stretch plausibility although of course it being fiction they are there in small doses.
You feel like the show respects its audience.
One of the adult jokes was when two of the characters that practiced combat, a man and a woman, had been sleeping together and another of the characters is winding them up about it.
Boon: You two were very noisy last night, you must have been training hard.
Nyx: (awkwardly) Yes... training... with staffs and batons.
Boon: Did you make it to grappling?
At the very end of the two seasons the idea of a 'corporate war' is introduced, or rather built upon.

With these corporate space programs and right here on earth, there is only unity from within certain groups because the people or groups at the top of the pyramid are able to keep everyone in order through intimidation. However, at the moment the people at the top of the pyramid have been taken down a few notches. This is an ongoing process, but Hillary was about to be put in by people that are very close to the negative ET's. Now that she has lost the whores in the corporate media are trying to find their footing.

Recently, buzzfeed has taken a step wrong and not checked its sources, having been trolled amazingly by 4chan; I'm sure you are familiar with the story. (4chan is proving to be an effective political force). Other news sources have turned against buzzfeed. Some of whom dipped a foot into buzzfeeds clickbait story, and some of whom avoided it, the left wing news sites that avoided it though listed here by GuidoFawkes. However, the Guardian who did not repeat the buzzfeed story has previously publicised false reports on the increase in 'hate crimes' post Brexit, they are the same kind of organisation that uses the same tactics; clearly though, it is not profitable to be associated with this kind of thing at the moment.

Thus we see the left cannibalising their own, which is epic. The unity of the anti Trump movement has slipped. When was the last time we saw the left wing press turn on another member of the left wing press?

Thus it is similar in some ways to this fictional 'corporate war'. As Trump moves forward and it becomes less profitable to be left wing, how much will these corporations turn against each other? and in what other ways are corporations likely to be pitted against each other to the benefit of the rest of us? We have already seen that Trump is able to influence this group of individuals by his bringing car manufacturing back to the US.

In the absence of a false war between nations controlled by the same interests, we might see companies turn on each other more often.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


So, contrary to my last post that talked about using violence to solve a minor dispute, in general it is my preference to not solve things using violence. The person involved that I did find annoying was under stress at the time because he was in conflict with our employer that was not paying him, so although the 'sexual harassment' is not a behaviour brought on by stress the deeply annoying behaviour might have been.

I am unwell at the moment, almost bed ridden. My chest is on fire. It is also this background feeling that made me think more in violent terms most likely.

So, my blog today will likely be along the more personal and unfocused variety.

Firstly, I was thinking how annoyed I am on facebook because of the lack of interaction. I have had many friends that have broken contact over various things and am starting to feel less positive about these people than I had previously. One of these people when I am going to meet him never can meet because he is always hungover... There are other problems with people. Facebook keeps you in a general social orbit of certain people. They can talk about you if you are on facebook. 'Is Joe still posting x on facebook?' etc. But to deactivate facebook is to remove even a thought based familiarity with such people.

There is a warmth I get from the platform. It is more personal than others. It is also a good way to stay in contact with people that you are in contact with. After I decided to deactivate my facebook however I saw this:

I don't know if Gab can keep my social media needs afloat but it just might.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Feminist issues when it does not deal with its radicals.

Profound thoughts have been going through my mind this morning.

A girl has just left my workplace. She was 17, blond, slightly tubby, and very sweet/ naive. A progressive I would guess to be middle class, she used to talk to me quite passionately about feminist causes/ social issues and I would answer her carefully. Not challenging her directly on but bringing up the reasons I might think about x issue the way I do.

Too young for me romantically, as I currently see it, for both reasons of how the outside world might view it and not being able to converse deeply on things that women understand. Although mentally it probably would not be that much of a problem in regards to compatibility in real terms. So there was some residual chemistry in my view that could not be acted upon. (16 is the legal age of consent in the UK).

When I first talked to her I made a joke about Donald Trump. Nothing leftist and hateful just, if we were to change some of the clothing where I work to include the message 'Make America Great Again' I wonder what the reaction would be. Shortly after I started working there though there seemed to be a concerted effort on the part of someone to keep us apart. I only noticed it a few months in, but every single week our shifts were precisely made so that we spent not one hour on the same shift. This went on for more than six months and only changed when there was a change of management at the store I work in.

Why? I am quite productive at work. I do not enjoy joking around that much and am usually at a fairly high level of anxiety so I always find something to do. Perhaps when she was there I talked a bit with her and my productivity went down something like 5%. Since I am more productive than other people in general in the interest of fairness this makes no sense, even with an employee present I may interact with I would be more productive than others, but employers do not think like that. They do not think about the employees experience they generally think about what they can get out of the employee.

I reiterate this more to myself to remind myself how little I actually owed my workplace during this time. Although I felt like I owed my last manager something perhaps I did not in actuality. It was simply a trade. My point though is this: Recently she left our store, she traded shifts with someone on her last shift that I was working, I did not think too much of it (although I did, in a not- so- intense way, assume it to be personal) but was reminded of something this morning.

The other guy we were working with is a lukewarm sort of person; makes jokes that are kind of irritating. He also makes all sorts of gay jokes and jokes pretending a deep connection, which is a very common style of humour that I don't particularly see the appeal of. On her second to last day that became her last day he was touching her a lot, slapping her ass and things and she was telling him to stop.

Why did this not arouse any particular feeling from me at the time? (other than disgust I don't approve of that vulgar sort of flirting). Most women in my personal life going back for as long as I can recall being interested in women, have simply thrown themselves at the first vulgar wanker that crosses their path. I remembered in University a girl rejected some guy and I was very surprised. I basically considered them married because he had made some overtures to her. This is different from the experience that a lot of men have recounted, but it remains my experience. It has been extraordinarily rare to find a girl who chooses men based on something other than who tries hard in a very base way. So in my mind the guy that claims first dibs on the girl basically owns her.

Plus he was far closer to her age.

Technically, if I had of taken seriously her protests that seemed half jokey at the time, I would then have been put in a position of first challenging this guy, and if he continued backing it up with physical force, which would have been a pleasure (a real pleasure). However, even touching someone can be considered assault and can be cause for firing. A girl at my workplace got fired for punching another girl in the arm who is an insufferable nag and probably deserved it. The girl who was fired has now had her working career negatively effected because of not being able to take abuse without protest.  

But, what it brings me back to is that even though she could not match me in terms of intellectualism with third wave feminism vs. my anti feminism knowledge, in a way her presence showed something of female experience. That kind of harassment of 'is it really that bad or is it a joke' is something she didn't really have tools to oppose. Bringing it up officially would have been a big deal and possibly even a witch hunt. If many feminists had their way it would always be a witch hunt. I once had a girl call the police on me and have her boyfriend threaten me while I was in hospital in pain because I called her a few times. I showed no physically threatening behaviour and was not verbally threatening. These people are scum. I also had a girl complain about me 'harassing' her, which was an impossibility because she could go wherever she liked in the store, whereas I was kept to certain areas. The reason she was in the break room every time I went for a break wasn't because I was harrassing her!

So to conclude, it seems to me that while there is a group of radical man hating feminists; real feminism, real female issues cannot be addressed. But then that is their problem really... What have any group of real feminists done to oppose the radicals?

Nothing, that's what!

An end note here is that I am not assuming that the reason the girl swapped her last shift was because of this guy, she might have liked him and avoided me! In fact that is quite likely, or just as likely not wanted to work there, not like the place! It helps my blog nonetheless to consider the possibility.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Free market may just rear its head!

Zerohedge: California Farmers Fret Over Labor Shortages As Trump Vows To Deport Their Work Force

What this says is that farmers in California have many (illegal) Mexican workers, without these workers who are doing hard labour for many hours a day in the hot sun, the farmers are worried they are going to struggle to find labour.

One of the interesting things about a Trump Presidency is that when these "problems" are presented, and assumedly when they are solved to no ill effect, this can then become a model elsewhere. The next group who wants to claim they "need" migrant labour will be met with examples of... 'Well the farmers in California survived.'

Slavery was one of the things that held back Roman society and American society for a long time. After America's plantation slavery ended, there started to be a revolution in farming technology to increase productivity. This is the same thing talked about in the article. When there is endless slave labour there is no impetus to improve the technology. Which is thought to be why the Romans never had an industrial revolution.

With any luck, there are going to be a thousand little ways in which the free market rears its head and starts decapitating non performing businesses filled with useless and unproductive senior managers, in the near future. With the election of Le Pen and the exit of France from the Euro; the increase in employment in all Eurozone countries, this is just good all round.

Brexit though is taking it's time. The march deadline is creeping forward and still we hear nothing. It is good that the selfish bureaucratic class is finally having it's deadline creep up. That moment when they actually have to do something other than talk. The remainers are probably in the place of emotionally convincing themselves Article 50/ Brexit will never happen.

About 14 days until Trumps inauguration. Two weeks! Two weeks is nothing and Mercury goes direct in two days. I have noticed when looking at the astrology that the sun is approaching conjunction with Pluto. This is a good analogy with this BLMKidnapping. Rather than it being actually about what that deep area is actually about, the cabal in our institutions. It seems to have taken on a more shallow, but still deeply indicative manifestation.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

News and it's social effects. Personal positive results.

Wow, so four Black Lives Matter 'activists'. Might better be called 'insurgents'. Kidnapped and beat a white Trump supporter for being a white Trump supporter. Shouting things like 'Fuck Trump', 'Kill all white people' slashing him with a knife and making him drink from the toilet. Not killing him though.

I wonder if it's even trending on twitter. The mainstream media is not reporting it but Gab is up in arms. As they rightfully should be.

I'll probably go to work now and not go any further into the details but I don't doubt Stefan Molyneux will cover it in depth. I do think though, all over America people will start arming themselves, training for physical combat, groups will start up or take a new direction. This changes the game. The media will lose their status as gate keepers against the darkness of human nature. It just feels to me on an intuitive level that sensible thinking people will not let this one rest.


I have talked recently about how a new sleeping potion has been hugely effective for me. It has one unexpected benefit. Previously, a large part of why I would 'release my lower energies' would be when I was ground down by insomnia. But now this is not the case.

With the root energies more present my perspectives have changed slightly. Even if these side effects do not seem positive I will keep them and have faith they are for the best like some sort of 'mystical path'. I am thinking more materialistically. Wondering more about my physical situation and with my new energy wondering if I can push myself in certain ways. Also, materialistically thinking... I've been thinking 'I would like this or that' and more concerned with personal appearance as a whole.

I believe very strongly in a metaphysical energy way of seeing the world. Previously, some times when I have masturbated is when a girl has been in my reality and I have been 'stimulated' by 'real energy' (momentary attraction during the day). I have released without being consciously aware that the girls energy is the motivation. However, now, if a girl sends me that energy of attraction, I will likely be able to not release my lower energies thus in some way the chemistry and connection changes.

Also, I am beginning to understand the perspective a bit more of people that do not believe things will change when I have passionately believed otherwise. I am more aware of closely felt material reality and can imagine nothing changing for zillions of years now. It is an animal sense of projecting into the future.

However, the new energy will likely make me more equipped for the future. More aware of any potential future problem with food. More likely to do press ups and stuff (stopping the soy helped there too!) It is an exciting time, although I have been here before energy wise I now feel I have returned to a good feeling. It is a brave new world.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sleeping potion review. SM's two V's of female psychology.

I am glad there aren't too many views on my last post. That one was quite revealing.

First, some person information. There is an ancient legend that the people were ailing in sleep. So God sent down his messenger with a mind towards herbal formulas and put their minds at rest:


This stuff has been brought out at all the local Holland and Barretts, while all the other sleep mixtures are stacked on the shelves. Yesterday at about 6am after one of my previous blogs on twitter, I was very stimulated, utterly unable to sleep. Two sips of this and I was asleep. Tonight, at 3am I was finding it unlikely that I would sleep since I had slept previously from 7am - 2pm. This morning I did manage to get the four hours sleep.

It changes everything! It makes it easier for me to work and will probably allow me to work to levels I previously would not be able to do. I am expecting another supplement I hope to improve my physicality.

I have a couple of long shifts ahead then a shorter one on Saturday. So the time will probably go quite fast being split between work and sleep. Taking me all the way over to the Mercury direct!

Building on theories:

Stefan Molyneux in this video has said something very interesting. He talks about female psychology being the two V's (when someone says female and 'v' there is an automatic connection there but it is not that, kind of makes the theory subtly more fun as people get the wrong idea!) The two V's are vanity and vulnerability.

The vanity comes from the fact that they receive a lot of attention from men, and resources. They might then allow this unearned energy to make them believe other things are superior because they are getting responded to, such as their political views that might be unresearched. This is very interesting and makes a great deal of sense. It also links something natural with other problem people in this area. The globalists/ bureaucrats/ political class, the corporatists, the communists who are attempting to work towards unearned wealth. All of these hold high opinions of themselves and have not earned their position through meritocracy/ democracy.

It is interesting and crosses with my own experience. When I used to go clubbing I used to be able to see a layer that others were not interested in looking at. Out of the sides of my eyes I saw everyone's motivation and one example of this is that a friend of mine was dancing and not paying attention to his surroundings and I was watching the girl next to him notice him and deliberately bump into him. He did not notice her even with this direct intervention. She was quite attractive.

Another thing I notice is that when I am dancing sometimes girls might notice me. If I see them for even a few seconds and don't immediately approach them they get in a huff and quietly move away. Soon enough there are no girls in the vicinity (I'm not making this up). Which leads to the male friends that I am with getting frustrated and everyone having to scour the club for girls. The vanity here seems to me that why do I have to approach them immediately? Do they not feel the need to offer anything more than their bodies? Conversation Nespar? The hypocrisy here seems to me and feels is that they want me to approach so more often than not they can still reject me if I do not create their imagined standards. Clearly interacting with such people is hard work. 

Secondly it puts me in a compromised position. They're like vampires.

Stefan did have a different, more thought out, take on this though.

Anyway, like I said in previous posts, it is these young women pushing the pro EU agenda... The unthought about political virtue signalling emotionalising is partly where it's coming from. So clearly when the perspective loses, it will feed back.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Biography of an English social worker.

So, added on to my last post.

Let me tell you about a man. He grew up in South London, a somewhat rough area and a working class family. From his earliest memories, since he was three years old, he was obsessed with two things; classical music and sex.

A Cancerian. He used to go to second hand stores looking for classical records. Some of his important memories were as follows: His parents, being poor getting him a music player of his own... he cried, and going to the shop to buy cheese and seeing a woman with a nice ass, and he followed her down the alleyway until he lost sight of her and then went home.

Another experience was when he nearly died of an asthma attack and he died, a room full of purple coloured people appeared and he came back to life infront of his mother.

His father died when he was aged nine. As he also died when his later daughter was aged nine, and as his son first met him at the age of nine. His mother was a harder woman though and it seems his life started to get worse after his father passed.

In Junior school he was a tough person, and took on the school bully. Bending his arm behind his back to force him to submit. Secondary school though it seemed to go wrong. He could have gone to two schools. One was a musical school down the road where people were always taking musical instruments in and out and one was the one he went too. The one his parents chose for him to go to was the rougher one.

Things had gotten bad at home. He had glasses, he was fat, he had asthma and the teachers were worse than the bullies who used to cane people and break their arms for no good reason. Unsurprisingly the only gang he ever joined was one that went into schools late at night and smashed up the furniture. During this time he was witness to a lot of peadophilia that was out in the open in those days. Everyone knew it was going on.

As he grew older he learned to stand up to his mother. When he first lost his virginity his mother and aunt came in and stared at him to try to force him to stop but he just carried on.

The following chronology of exactly how the next part of his life worked out is not known to this poster. But at some point he was homeless and got off the streets. Throughout his life from six onwards he drunk whisky regularly. Towards the end of his life this was a chronic condition that was so severe that his body would not respond to morphene because his liver was so experienced.

We are now in England some time between the 60's and 80's. After working with television equipment and stopping when the equipment became too advanced, he moved on to social work, through the medium of doing masses of volunteer work and a lot of study. However, once there, rather than actually helping them many girls in his care he simply slept with them. These were often underage but only to the tune of about 15 and there were limits to this behaviour. He considered it sadistic to sleep with someone below the age where their reproductive organs were capable of functioning because it 'would only cause pain'.

During his social work he was driven mad to no end by political correctness, where you were no longer allowed to say 'black board' and where rather than black coffee you used to have to say 'the coffee without milk in it.'

A strict legal definition would describe this person as a peadophile while his own definition did not. Notable however was that this person came in contact with paedophiles who were raping their own children. However, he was not aware of these facts because he was someone that was easy to manipulate. He often drank, slept with girls easily, and was essentially snoozing on the job. The vulnerable women who crossed his path did not receive help in the professional sense of the word.

He was thrown out of social work for, ironically, someone accusing him of sleeping with one of the clients he did not sleep with! Now how's that for irony? He found the study too exhausting to appeal the decision. Throughout his life, in the opinion of this person, he maintained a lack of an ability to understand the inner psychology of someone who was a victim of peadophilia, and did not think at all about examples he was given where paedophilia was being practiced. Perhaps because he had seen so much of it and he was desensitised.

After he was thrown out of social work he went to a shop where he lived his first love... Music. Where he stayed until he died.

He had two children with different wives and a marriage before either one that caused a great deal of emotional damage but that this poster does not know about in detail. He never touched his children in any inappropriate way and genuinely adored them both although was absentee for the first part of his sons life, he then met his son once a week for the remainder.

His daughter he was always there for however, he got rhuematoid arthritis when she as about 5 and had also turned to drink. Life with his third wife was not ideal, saying she 'lacked empathy' would be an understatement and the long term condition caused him an excruciating amount of pain. When he died at only 59 the hospital kept him alive for a while but it was very clear that his body was falling apart. Each organ seemed to fail in turn and was being kept together only be surgeries, machines, drugs and interventions.

A conspiracy so vast.

Another brief little dig at life on twitter:

... If there is no incentive to recognise reality, and no immediately felt bad consequence to not recognising it, then some people will just not recognise it... I mean... From their perspective... Why should they?

But that's not the point I wanted to make.

I have watched this video on a girls experience of being raped as a child by her parents and a further network of satanists.

What struck me, what was apparent to anyone listening to the story is how awful the social services were. It has been a theme I have already met in looking at Muslim grooming gangs how social services refuse to do anything. But also from other sources. David Icke talks about them doing these things deliberately and in the Rotherham case, it was reported by Breitbart, that the council threatened some of the whistleblowers saying they would take away their kids if they did not stop talking about this area.

No doubt some of these people are normal looking. Just normal people but if you were to plunge into their viewpoints you might find... what? A consciously held worship of Satan? What is it that motivates these people?

The following is a scene from the Mentalist. It is a fiction scene and one that would be upsetting to some people because it includes torture. I have talked about the mentalist a few times before and I am going to use it as a metaphor again here:

Consider that this is a work of fiction so it invites us to consider such things! The actress here has consented to her character being demonised.

The storyline behind this is that Red John (serial killer in the mentalist) was involved with a refuge for battered women, and through a network of people that worked there found women that he was interested in murdering. Some of the people involved in this chain did not know why they were doing it but one of them, at the end when challenged, admits, that he rather slavishly works for Red John.

With the stories we have all been looking at regarding Pizzagate and this massive, massive paedophile scandal, I wonder what even motivates these people? How many dumpy harmless looking women like the one in the clip above were consciously involved in child trafficking? How many people, assumedly ones in leadership, when pushed hard enough will come out with some bizarre service to self philosophy along the lines of... 'I worship Red John'? It is not just Becki Percy that I am basing this on. I remember reading recently about a male victim of trafficking that was taken to parties with high flying people. The women would leave so the boys could 'have their fun'. (Being brought up by a mother who dabbled in feminism, it has taken me many years to accept women can behave other than angelically! (A rude and sudden awakening for a person with an exact Venus Pluto square))

I also have (had) family members that were in the loop about these things. Although I want to stress at no point have I personally been anywhere near paedophiles. Perhaps when understanding the motivation of the people/ professionals who did nothing about it I might start closer to home.