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Red John as a metaphor.

Daily Express: Public nudity, vomiting in gutter, mass brawls: New Year booze shame of youths across UK

More and more with my range of interests and the things I now choose to keep back in casual conversation, I feel a bit like one of the characters I used to be fascinated by in fiction when I was younger. I do hope to be able to defend myself, I need to do a bit more preparation there. If I were to be able to, it would no doubt be a trained and stylised form of self defense not rushed and without foundations.

Also, the information I am aware of is of a secret nature. However, unlike a fictional character who invariably has connections with some deep and mysterious underworld/ intelligence service, I simply have the information because I research. The information of some of the most secret things is out in the open for the world to see. But because it is labelled as crackpot conspiracy the world has ignored it, and even that that is not conspiracy the mainstream still ignores.

For instance, the book I am reading and thoroughly enjoying; Blacklisted by History, the untold story of Joe McCarthy has the mechanisms of hidden power and people involved in some specificity.

I also have my own agenda that is different from the mainstream. The mainstream agenda is to have a group of friends and go drinking etc. To do fairly standard stuff and as part of this to not be involved in politics, except perhaps to be a little left wing and anarchist-y. My agenda is different to this. I am prepping based on this secretive information.

Putting it all together I could potentially be a person who speaks very intelligently and is not drunk or lacking in control, so does not respond as someone who is insecure and drinks does. However, seriously, this only really works if I am actually able to defend myself VERY WELL, and to be honest if I am able to do the violence in self defence and disappear! Possibly if I were to also have contacts that would be able to help me in this regard.

More about fiction:

I find myself dwelling on thoughts of the mentalist again and how it interacts with the continual insights I am having about the nature of these things.

Firstly, real serial killers are kind of... boring. There are interviews with them. They always seem to be not that intelligent. People that you would patiently wait to end conversations with under other circumstances. They do not have the sensationalism that people expect from the intellectual powerhouses showed in fiction of these individuals.

Red John's killer in the mentalist was shown to be someone with an extreme amount of intelligence. In order for him to have that intelligence he would likely be using it for more than just killing. Perhaps finance or politics would take up his interest.

Also, I notice how because people sometimes lie, other low intelligence people claim that people are lying when they say things that might not agree with what that person would like to believe. But, in real life there is a certain honesty even from people with nefarious agendas. During the McCarthy era many of those McCarthy correctly pursued were people that had written propaganda on Communism, essays etc. They also refused to directly state they were not agents and claimed the protection of the fifth amendment or even, stated they would not answer because it may incriminate them... Even bad people do not lie and when they do their lies are transparent, they fall apart under confrontation. The only way this does not happen immediately is for the person to believe the lie! Then it takes a short while for the confrontation. The negative elite on this planet put their views on mass depopulation out in the open, because, as Benjamin Fulford put it, they think if you're intelligent enough to find it then you will agree with them!

There is a part at the end of season 3 of the mentalist where Jane seems to have found Red John and he asks this man... 'How do I know you are Red John?' This man then tells Jane things that seem honest and Jane believes him. This seemed like a genuine moment of honesty between the killer and Patrick Jane and I don't think it should be cheapened by suddenly 'making up' the fact that it was a lie. This is a violation of the privilege a creator has to control this fictional world.

The Train goes on:

I have previously written on here about work matters, after I found a blog that I thought was very interesting and seemed to be able to draw parallels between my work situation, karma, corporations etc. However, the person that wrote that entry on the post cards from traumaville blog was very experienced in these areas and was speaking from decades of experience. The examples given were of work in government... Which will be less efficient than work in business.

Observing people and karma is likely to be fruitful but not business itself. The two examples I gave in the last post. One, that all the 'in group' were leaving and two, that the business had redone the floors to make it more difficult to sweep were both based on misleading things that are too short term, too transient. One person of the supposed 'in group' is not trying to transfer, that was a rumour. The bit about the floor was an almost NLP style 'suggestion'. My memories of cleaning the floors changed because of the way someone told me that it was... This is interesting!

So I will refrain from these personal comments in the short term. I am still watching karma but there may never be a satisfactory wisdom/ example gained here or I might be able to add these things to more generalised examples.

It feels as though things are starting to role on in a way that is exciting and cannot be stopped now. We are starting to have MOMENTUM! As I have said before I put new year at January 22nd and spending the last few weeks of the year reading Blacklisted by History is a good use of my time! It is a fantastic book. I can feel the minds that would prefer I do not read it as I do.

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