Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Remembering the market.

I only slept for two hours and now am doing another blog.

I feel pretty fantastic which I think is based on two reasons: A) That I wrote down a dream I had, this always makes me feel good, I ground and get insights when I do this and B) I have been eating a lot recently. In the evening yesterday I just ate and ate and ate. Possibly catching up from when I was unwell or possibly subconsciously knowing that I need a lot of energy for today.

Could be other reasons too. I slept most of yesterday.

Zerohedge: How Much Longer Can The Market Go Without A Correction?

Zerohedge: Elites Eying The Exits Signals America's Crisis

Bringing the focus back to market crashes and prepping (now I am well enough to prep!) I wonder what's happening to this. As usual David Wilcock is quiet as a mouse, talking about how much work he has to do when the evidence of such is thin on the ground (I'm sure he does have work to do). The two previous episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia were about the Law of One and channeling, the Law of One has been around for more than fourty years and is not likely to be changing anything in the near future.

Dow was at 20K yesterday, 'bigger they come the harder they fall?' The economic situation can't be better than it was in 2008, after years of shrinkage and trade wars. Benjamin Fulford seems to think it is all pretty much up in the air, although his last post referenced 'full disclosure'.

So logically, the 'bad guys' still have many of the financial strings at their command and are very capable of deliberately doing damage because of a tantrum they are having. It would be less likely when they are definitively in power but when they feel that slipping away because of a Trump Presidency they are more likely to strike.

Exciting times. About five hours after my last blog it is unlikely there will be any more news to look over. So I will see you folks soon, assuming I have regular readers! 

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