Saturday, 28 January 2017

Just the basics.

Not much to say today.

We have gone beyond the exciting beginning of the Trump Presidency and are now likely to move from that period where new things get announced, to that sticky period where things are being made to actually happen.

No doubt there will be a couple of remain style court cases along the way. Which will be wiped aside with ease by Trump.

The next two big political events are likely to be February 23rd Stoke on Trent by election that may see Paul Nuttall elected, who is also leader of UKIP. Then, mid March Article 50 will be triggered.

But while we wait we just wait. Perhaps David Wilcock will come out with something and he is at least made to come out with something on Monday and Tuesday on Gaia TV (he is a good case of free market motivation, David never does anything it seems unless he is A) Paid or B) Forced to by this mysterious 'alliance' against the cabal, or perhaps the better term is 'incentivised')

Benjamin Fulford also produces his blog on Monday.

There is not even interesting entertainment.

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