Thursday, 26 January 2017

The coming future social changes for women.

I woke up this morning with a strangely specific thought... I thought; since women have a complete monopoly over a scarce resource (sex) it is amazing they are not in control of more than they are:

This thinking falls down for the following reasons in my view:

To begin with, there are a multitude of things that effect women in this area. One is propaganda, from the mainstream, that might tell women they want such and such and may encourage women to give up their sexuality for a price lower than what it would be worth if she were thinking clearly. An example of this might be the kind of thing Beyonce/ Rihanna encourage.

Another is that they do not have monopoly control in two areas: one is when they have to trade sex for something in a civilised environment. I.e. if they do not have sex with a partner they love he will leave them. Or two, is when you have a pimp forcibly controlling women to give up sex. This is by far a HUGE aspect of why a mans natural sex drive does not give power to a woman. If he can pay for it through what is a lot of time basically human trafficking and slavery, then he does not have to ask a woman for it.

Add to this that what is not talked about that much is men who do not think about sex that much or can live without it. Some of these men are also intelligent enough to understand if they are being manipulated through the promise of sex. These men are not talked about because it does not cross with the feminist agenda of classifying every conceivable man in existence as a rapist, but they definitely exist.

Examination of such social phenomena brings us in the direction of imagining how things might change going forward as on a worldwide level, improvement happens. If the sex trade and HUGE trafficking industry is put into jail, and broken up, then the power over womens bodies would clearly return to them.

Whether this would give them more or less power is debatable. However, it is likely they would have more power that legitimately belongs to them, rather than the false and temporary power of being in line with a totalitarian government that may be overthrown at any time.

This has an interesting impact on feminist philosophy?

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