Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The asteroids.

The asteroids.

I have to say when I first looked at a chart and saw a bunch of asteroids, this was on a forum. I almost thought ‘what a load of crap’. But asteroids are extremely effective. I remembered when I first looked at a friend’s chart and I was sure there would be something in the 11th house. There was nothing. Later on when I discovered asteroids. Nessus was there.

So let’s start with Nessus. Nessus is a place in our life that gives us this feeling of unfairness. Just unfairness. So if someone has Nessus opposite say Pluto. A person would feel a chronic sense of unfairness the darkness of the psyche infringes on their lives. Perhaps that xyz was going so well but then their Pluto in the 4th house made their home life stressful and unmanageable and it all went wrong. Melanie Reinhart states that the good thing about Nessus is that when it ends things, it really ends them. So in this example say Nessus opposed its own place and went over Pluto. The darkness of their home life would have a solution, it would be solved. This last part is theory rather than anything I have experienced.

Pholus. is the second one. And again. I have experienced nothing with Pholus. Pholus is known as one of those times when a small event becomes a big event. It is that sense of chaos associated with sudden increases in wealth, or experience.

Juno. Juno, I have purely intuitively, but it makes sense when I tell people about it. Juno is known as the marriage planet but doesn’t have much statistical correlation with marriage. It does however have a statistical correlation with infidelity in men. I suspect Juno is that planet that exists inside us that eventually attracts our long term relationships to us. People we are committed to and it shows in our chart where we will be when things start going right. Often where our earning potential for example is going to spark and where we know we are headed.