Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Insight into Don.

During Don's UFO research he actively researched information on the negative polarities UFO elements. I wonder if this damaged his mind a little. Also, the problem of 'psychicly connecting' with such beings once it is clear who has reached the table.

I think this is the reason for his death. This is the thing that was able to be stimulated inside him in order to de- tune the contact with excess transcient questions.

I am of course not sure. But neg ET's. Truly terrifying area.

I don't know whether he could have returned under such circumstances, perhaps the connection to this whole area has come through the transcient questions in the earlier books.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The problem with the left. (To BLOC UK).

During my recent spate of 'political activism' which I have started to come out of, as very much an outsider I wanted to write some hopefully useful criticism of the left. This is what I found:

A) Everybody is too self centered: I went to a 38 Degrees meeting and there was no unity. It wasn't like an efficient army everyone (including me a little) turned up with their own agenda.

Now I don't know what it is you should be doing. But I do know that if one person turns up talking about 'global warming', one turns up talking about 'welfare' (NEVER call it 'benefits'... Psy op) another talks about 'the NHS' another talks about 'the media'; and then there is NO COMPROMISE not much is going to get done.

In fact if I was an 'infiltrator' trying to mess up a group I would simply try and make people stick to their guns. 'A kingdom divided against itself will not stand'.

B) Cultish thinking: While economic ideas do need to be discussed in this highly difficult area, grand statement which may or may not be correct can be quickly picked apart, and serve very quickly to alienate people who do not agree with them. Whether the original statement was correct or not.

Your idea might be FANTASTIC. But people need to understand the foundation of an idea before they can get over their pre concieved notions. One of them I heard was 'nationalise the banks'. Put it in the hands of the current 'sociopathic' regime? Perhaps good, perhaps not. I have heard Abraham Lincoln did it with some success.

People repeating such ideas without explaining and getting people to agree on the basics is just confusing. People come out with things such as 'the rich are out to get us'. Better, perhaps, to simply state facts and what is going to be done about them.

'The average citizen lives on x income and z,000 die every month. This is how we intend to fix it.'

C) Alienating people who do not think the same way: This is obvious. There are many ideas that are fairly useful, that are taken, twisted, and them packaged as 'right wing' when they are nothing of the sort. A good example of this is how, according to the guardian, economists don't agree with George Osborne's 'austerity plan'. They are not solid 'market principles' they are just nuts.

This means, that if you had a 'Tory' that walked through the door. Who once believed that his party was going to bring sense to a messed up state of economic affairs. This person would be utterly alienated by blind ideology to left wing ideals. So talking about 'right wing/ left wing' 'poor/ rich' rather than the exact principles you intend to use and things you care about. Is going to alienate people. Remember, accountants, economists, property developers and a lot of people that have dealt unfavourably with certain working class communities, (and some who have had 'immigrant' drug traffickers in their area who have become perhaps racist due to real problems). These people exist. These are the people who will not respond favourably to some of the language in a Peoples Assembly meeting but whose support activism and protesting groups seeking to broaden their appeal may wish to be able to communicate with.

Lesson I have learnt.

The lesson I have learnt somewhat to my detriment, or in a deeper sense probably my benefit, is that, if you don't have special info. into global political events, you simply don't have the intelligence to work in that area.

I went to an event, 'Solidarity with Greece'. I was giddy with the excitement of the stock market crash, feeling sure it would tumble down and us 'working class' would be left to our own devices. It was a wasted train journey, and a kind of 'hellish one' I do not want to go back to London EVER. It smells awful. I can smell people's sweat, I can sometimes smell something sexual, the smell of food, and overly scented flowers.

And the place is too crowded. There are people always in close vicinity.

Nevertheless, 'solidarity with Greece' was dead by the time I arrived. It confirmed all the worst things about the left. They were kids just hanging about some of them listening to music. Passersby watching them in some strange way. Perhaps the event had already ended.

Anyway, I got home and saw 2666 people had signed up to the event, and through a process I eventually realised that I had the wrong end of the stick. The stock market crash news I have been following wasn't really strictly correct. I have been beaten back so furiously by this event I am lost for words.

So, in regards to acting on my own info and going out and doing things based on it, that ends here. If I do become politically active it may be with UKIP who are similar to an intelligence service in some way, having MEP's and powerful economic perspectives. I may not even bother then.

My spirituality will have to be addressed again. DW has said that the negative entities have their own problems right now. So possibly there will be less pressure, possibly there never was any except for certain circumstances.

But if there is a problem I will have to consider suppression, withdrawal etc. More often. The trouble with my energy system. The main trouble I have IMO is that my astrology is slanted in such a way that I only have powerful, complex, but ultimately limited tools with which to deal with things.

I felt VERY good about the 'holding lower energies' improvement, day 26 and I couldn't believe the positivity of it. I was having changes in my life and experiencing increased energy and purpose. However, I 'released' in the night. There were a few different factors this could have been because of (most likely, sleeping in the aura of a dog earlier to this event. From the dog I psychicly absorb a rather non compromising sexuality) and I didn't lose 'emotional energy' which is an important part of it. The practice continues but it has had that lapse.

So, the scariest thing to do! Just be normal and put the politics on the back burner. Still following the ET based stuff. I.e Corey/ David. But will be VERY careful with the 'financial- war' side of things

Friday, 26 June 2015

Having looked over.

Having briefly looked over this information I think it was good and don't know the elements involved. But it seems more likely that the excess of 'life force' was a genuine spiritual information.

The thing that messes me up in relation to this is Greece. I am deciding not to look at that at all from now on.

It's a shame prayer doesn't seem to work to 'align' me. I go by more of a 'buddhist' mentality. Or qi gong, astrology etc.

Subsided. (Reprinted from bring4th blog)

I have to admit that rather bizarre interpretation has subsided.

It was strange. I kept feeling I had to produce information or 'my soul would die'. The information was wisdom of 'that which is not'. It is probably true in some circumstance, it is not 'wrong per sey' it just doesn't apply in the vast majority of circumstances.

Pretty weird. It could have been something to do with having the wrong idea on a global political matter but how that had such strong repercussions in my psyche I don't know.

All my decisions in that period are up for 'modification'. Obviously, I've not felt this bring4th blog is the best for my long term interests (i.e. if I write my other blog it is more likely that after time I will be able to transition this into something that is more relevant to me. Whereas if I stay here I might get sucked into the 'forum'. Or get in a personality dispute over some information.)

Anyway, good luck to anyone who is reading. It all adds to our knowledge!

Just reprinted in this blog: This applies to my Bring4th blog and not this one.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

It 'WILL' all be better in the future.

Just a brief summary of something David Wilcock and Corey said lately that:

A) The negative forces are trapped here. Everyone is quarantined. Even mostly irrelevant (to us) ET's obsessed with marine life are not allowed to leave.
B) They need 'loosh' 24/7 to survive. If they went without it for 24 hours they will die.

Also, that the negative forces have mathematically lost, we just need the 'effect' to catch up with the 'cause'.

Therefore, at some point in the future the neg. ET's are simply going to die! That's right up to the likely 5D ones leading them. They will starve without 'loosh' and even if they are put in stasis if the positives wanted to do that for some reason they won't be able to effect everyone anymore.

This is very good. There will be less fear after this point. It will just be love.

We're just waiting on data dumps, stock market falls, the continued politics (France wants out of EU now.) It'll be great!

Complex theory on how minor behaviour relate to major ones. (ed 16:45, 52)

I suspect that everything that a person does has a highly personal agenda. An almost STS agenda if you will. Everything they project into the future and into the past.

Someone like me doesn't have too much of it because I am overpowered by forces I cannot control. That force feels to be a connection to myself through meditation, dreams and astrology. Others however, have emotional reasons for doing one thing or another.

For someone like this, I think when they look into the future they see what they 'want' to see, not anything based on evidence. I also have a friend who's memories differ from me about key events that effect both of use and in his version of event he is always the centre of attention but my version of the same events are mundane.

This is why, i believe, some people respond to David Wilcocks information (and UKIP's...?) in a certain way and some don't. People that have an investment in him not being true on the subconscious level, will believe that.

This also relates to other behaviours. For instance, a girl that cheats may be very left wing because she justifies not telling her husband by 'looking after him' from a position of a kind of patronising higher authority (others must be guided from their uncaring racist homophobic etc. views by my 'higher wisdom and guidance). This woman may also agree with global warming, shock doctrine. That whole mental trap. And this may keep out astrology. It will form exact barriers to the DW scenario because on some level she knows that if the DW scenario came true, she would have to face herself.

Same with a guy in a similar position. Or who engages in all sorts of dodgy practices because it is convenient and he may be a bit narcissistic would also irrationally rebel against the DW sort of information. Regardless of how sensible and logical the justification is.

I think this mechanism underlies absolutely all human behaviour. And these psychologies will become more apparent as whatever is going to happen does happen.

And those of us who know what's going on will just 'ride the wave.' While judgement day reigns.

Also, this is one interpretation. You could focus it under the more compassionate of educating and helping people understand etc. Freeing people from darkness.

Obviously... (Updated 3:33, 42, 50)

Holding the self together with things that are harder on the lower chakras and perhaps a little STS. Is preferable most probably to madness.

Of course, when this all comes out people will be able to go through these and there will be no option to believe that I am crazy, since there will be understanding of the forces involved. Another aspect of 'Judgement day'.

In the previous example, if the 'husband' had allowed his energy to be drained by 'releasing his lower energy' then the couple would get less karma because he would be less strong and they would have an energy to dampen their own guilt.

In regards to any circumstances, not keeping your lower energy centers proper is a sure fire way to lose any energetic 'war' where there is an agenda for an energy other than love. :).

The devil archetype. Tumbling down the rabbit hole.

I remember when I studied archetypes a little. The Devil I believed, since it is the beginning of 'the spirit'. Is where the environment changes to create the challenge and the person is then forced to bring up the necessary amount of 'spirit', in order to meet the challenge.

I feel the end may be creeping nearer for me. Although this time it would be drugs or full on medical problems. Rather than anything 'drastic'.

Anyway, there is a Charlie Kaufman film 'Being John Malkovich' that describes something very well. It describes incredible cruelty and people taking over someone elses free will apparently as a laugh, having no conscience at all. 

Charlie Kaufmen seems to be doing a negative Pisces moon. Where wonder and beauty of Pisces gets twisted. This is a little bit of 'the devil'.

Also, it strikes me, I have seen on the internet some very perverse things when people have been cheating on their partner. To be graphic, once I heard that a mans wife was on his best friend, she got a phone from her husband while on him and got rid of it, then climaxed, then her husband phoned his best friend.

I imagine all of this kind of thing is psychicly available on some level. And the weirdness, otherworldly darkness of it available in feeling form to someone psychicly inclined. And to a person anyway, intuitively, since we're all psychic. Which is the reality that 'Being John Malkovich' suggests.


Having someone have control over your life and psyche like that is a horrible experience that I wouldn't recommend. Obviously the positive that is rejeccted is 'falling in love'. However, the bit I am dealing with is the negative side of it, which is not pleasant.

Sixth density entities at least have some ability to change their emotions. Which some of them then foist religiously as the solution to other people. But I have none of that thick emotional energy that changes. I'm made of light and wisdom.

Explaining myself.

I'm going to do the best to explain myself here.

I realised my angry and deeply psychological rant could cause wounds to me and others.

Simply put, I had an experience where I felt a kind of connection with someone. Then it all went wrong. It doesn't matter how it went wrong, but I was at a deep level of personal intensity. Which is what increases when 'work is done' in this area.

I feel many times that there is a service to others choice and a service to self choice. If we choose service to others then that's OK, but if we do not, then we get thrown into service to self.

If someone outside of us influences us, they can throw us into service to self.

At a high level of intensity sometimes extremely powerful loving feelings can become a state where love is winked out. There can be demonic feelings at this time.

I am not at a high state of intensity anymore but getting shoved into negative polarity like this is what I am recovering from. And the world has no tools to help me. 

There are other interlocking things with the people/ forces that 'prevented service to others'. But with higher energy centers worked on and lower energy centers (money, job, safe at home, etc.) there is a great deal of vulnerability. Carefully managing a state of vibrational intensity is the way to go.

Also, working towards the 'judgement day' of when all this psychic stuff comes out and there can be healing and restitution is another way to go. IMO people have too much of a licence to behave like assholes for there to be healing at this time. I do not believe healing happens purely internally, I think that's a cop out. Or at least I cannot seem to do that. It may be I have chosen to heal with writing (Chiron in third house Gemini) or I don't let outside influences effect my emotions (Saturn conjunct Moon) But that is my reality.

In fact, I don't really believe healing as an ongoing process happens at all at the moment.

The number.

Following on from the last post.

The number I have to phone to do this job has 666 in it.

Correcting the blockage.

I've realised what I was trying to tell myself.

I have been applying for regular jobs but have always stopped myself from 'sales' because people often tell me not to do it.

There were two main case study girls in the post preceeding the last one. Girl B was a girl I met recently who went through a large effort at manipulation, truly quite a lot of energy into it, only to tell me she had a boyfriend when I asked her out last time I saw her. (Which was confirmed on her facebook.)

Last time I thought I might do 'Sales' she was the one who convinced me not to do it. Someone whom obviously doesn't have my best interests at heart.

In 'sales' I will make the rule that I will not sell financial products (when the stock market is going to crash) since these would ruin peoples lives. But that will 'likely' be my only ethical contrainst. There are others I might want to but I haven't decided yet.

So, yeah, anything for the mission. I'm truly going nuts at home. Will have to not go and do volunteering. Even though it would be good for my higher chakras the lower ones are the ones I need to work on at the moment.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Given the previous

So then, GIVEN THE PREVIOUS POST. I think as far as possible the avoidance of that area is the best possible route. I know people that are comfortable sleeping with girls and I don't like the 'feel' and the 'energy' that goes with that. If I don't love the girl it shouldn't happen.

If I devote myself exclusively to issues of politics, possibly activism. Spirituality, anything that advances the agenda I think I will be better off.

Aside from a 'miracle'. I don't think I can be in love any time soon, which means that any physical contact with a girl will seperate my spirit from my body and turn me into those 'grounded' guys, 'world weary' whom with my wolf like sense of smell, I can smell.

Had to repoduce this, it felt important.

Feel free to disregard:

I just wanted to say something here because someone said something to me on divinecosmos to which I responded. But it was so energetically effective for me to have expressed this that it is just continuing to expand, like a late Jupiter activation.

I fear this is rambling and no one will be reading but nevertheless, I am holding onto the energy.

Here is the conversation starting with me:

Someone bought up something there about 'transcient' information. (Had to seriously cut words here.)

My view on this is as follows. So my ideal life would be, with a girl I love, singer songwriting career, increased health and my family happy.

I may experience the following: A) Girls play vicious games and even though have positive feelings for me, push down these because it is more enjoyable to 'reject' me than admit their feelings and vulnerability.

These things cannot be beat. I cannot polarise positively in this manner and the neo liberal feminist social order, that allows women to behave in whatever way they want, especially if its nasty, will prevail as greater force.

Therefore, as in session 69 (although on a far smaller scale) When the environment is to negative positive polarity is simply not allowed,

Then someone quoted me back with:

@#35 Joe: "... & the neoliberal feminist social order, that allows women 2 behave in whatever way they want, esp if it's nasty, ..."

Living in a female body this life, I damned well will behave in whatever way I want. Why define souls in female bodies as humans who s/ be controlled? (By u?!)

And here is my response to that, it's lost the raw emotion of when I first said it but it will have to do:

I knew that would be picked up, I almost felt as it was.

To explain this I will use the dreaded hypothetical. Hopefully a simple and relevant one.

Let's take the situation between a man and a girl A) legitimate chemistry that is meant to be and suits both but opens a huge painful vulnerability between the two B) chemistry where one of the two partners is not legitimately invested and perhaps is hiding something.

In situation A the girl has the option of rejecting the mans attention, therefore turning positive chemistry and 'love' into negative energy. This way she gets to feel the pleasure of rejecting the man and the neo liberalist feminist order will back her up if she decides to play 'victim' and will demonise the man.

When the neo liberalist order comes down and genuiness is no longer distorted by 'manners' and neo liberalism, and also for B when psychic skills are more easily available. These patterns will end.

This is also influenced by women put on a pedastool and so able to take huge liberties in relationships in general.
This is admittedly far worse than my bring4th comment that had the rawness of feeling. I would also like to specify this is the only thing I have experienced with girls. Game playing. I percieve it is easier for girls to behave like this and they will always take the easy way out lacking in courage.

Therefore, if a sensible relationship with a girl is a requirement for positive polarity (If...) then I am going to have problems.

Yes Free will is assured, but so is karma, for these two and all lnvolved.
And when I say that's ALL I've experienced game playing. While not factually 100% of the time accurate there have been some game playing to which the girl has gone to real effort to imply etc. I.e. hiding relevant details to last minute. It is an impressive amount of effort sometimes. They are 'vampires.'Not family or anything just a good deal of the girls I have met.
I'm not getting off third density am I?

An idea and I can't contain my excitement.

I'm going to a volunteering place tomorrow. Engaging in the 'real world' a little.

I am bursting with excitement though, which may make the potential three and a half hours sleep I have the opportunity for a little difficult.

I have found a new and very interesting site, someone politically active, intelligent, but with less tendencies to express views that others find difficult and quite an impressive way of putting facts together, here is this persons 'stats and facts' page.

http://blocuk.com/stats-facts/4586975840 Interesting facts in the UK divided into; Economy, Welfare, Housing, The media, MP's and Politicians, (During the 5 year coalition government Nick Clegg voted with the government on 99.6% of issues)  Immigration, Equality and Poverty, and War.

This person has also written very sensible articles. Perhaps I could write an article on proper strategy, and importantly; that affluence isn't the enemy. It sounds nuts right, as though money automatically stops people having a conscience. But it's what I've seen people on Twitter saying and incidentally, this and surrounding areas are important for the left wing to be classed as 'people', rather than 'left'.

[I wrote this article and I deleted it. I don't think this is my path. Perhaps it is somehow but sleep is first. 2 hours and a half now potentially.]

Normal things again.

My last post was pulling together info. from the political area.

But there isn't much going on at the moment, I stay out of Greece because it's a bit too 'transcient'. The FTSE seems to have basically stopped it's upward momentum and the Dow hasn't opened yet.

I have been meditating a little, it's good.

Going volunteering tomorrow. In a food bank.

The only thing of note is in the area of 'energies'. I have stopped masturbating since the beginning of June. So I'm roughly 24 days in. It is not easy at this point. It is not 'difficult'. But I'm getting sexual feelings that are more problematic and less controllable. I will not engage in that activity because the time/ space feel is absolutely horrible. Really bad. I will not even indulge the idea! But it is difficult after about 24 days.

In the past a girl has turned up around the 21 day mark or a bit before but that hasn't happened yet.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Two pieces of news.

1: As it applies to England, still very significant:


CALAIS CHAOS LIVE: Ferry Port, Tunnel Closed, Eurostar Trains Turn Back to London, Migrant Warnings from Foreign Office.

From the Telegraph: Vastly outnumbered by the migrants, riot police did their best to keep them at bay and away from the lorries, hundreds of which were stuck in a huge tailback due to the closure of the Channel tunnel.

Both the Eurostar and the Channel tunnel have had to claim because there are hundreds of immigrants that are fighting to come to Britain, this could be from the refugee crisis. The French are pissed and want us to take care of our own problems.

This could go some way to UKIP being recognised as a party dealing with a genuine political problem. The Anti- Austerity movement is viciously anti- UKIP and, because they have to be... Pro Immigration. The more glaringly obvious the stupidity of this becomes the more chance UKIP, and the anti cabal movement in general, has. (To fill in info. here UKIP does not want to deport migrants currently living here but to stop more of them coming in via the EU's 'freedom of movement' laws. Even though this applies only to unskilled migrants and not to skilled migrants they would then encourage. The left wing inspired by the BBC lambasts UKIP as 'racist', and sometimes 'fascist')

The second piece of news is even more powerful:

2: Islamic State mints its own 'Islamic Dinar' coins


From the Telegraph again:

Isil announced last November that it would start producing their own currency in areas under its control, in an effort to “emancipate itself from the satanic global economic system”.

The correct term would be 'financial' system, not economic system. How much truth is there here when we are getting all our info. from the mainstream media

Take a look at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2963039/Does-Isis-really-army-seven-foot-executioners-Experts-say-footage-beheading-Christians-Libya-FAKE.html Which posits that at least one of the photos showing Daesh executing prisoners is fake. This proves very little either way but is interesting.

Regardless, the move of making gold currency is an absolute master stroke. The fiat currency the West is predicated on, and is the seat of their power (and perhaps the main reason why they have funded wars), is under threat due to this development.

My instinct on Daesh when it was started, and infowars et al. were starting to produce information, was that it is not an American agenda. When I watched CIA 'whistleblowers' saying Daesh was funded by the Americans; I thought what it was, was that the Americans were impotent against financial and extra- terrestrial intervention, so they were saying they were in control.

But Islamic fundamentalist of this degree, of which the large part of their ideology is against the 'satanic' Western governments, I don't believe they are funded by the CIA and the BBC reporter who looked into Daesh funding made a great deal of sense. They tax people in their territory, they take hostages, the get gas from their territory and trade with other states like Saudi Arabia.

Two other interesting articles I read were here:
Goldmans "Conspiracy Theory" Stunner: A Greek Default Is Precisely What The ECB Wants

and here:

"Whos allied with whom?" Putin and the Saudi caravan;  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-22/whos-allied-whom-putin-saudi-caravan

They are both from Zero Hedge and in some way interlock with but do not back up Benjamin Fulfords views.

The first is that Goldman Sachs want Greece to default so they can offset the problem of contagion with 'quantitative easing'.

The second is that Saudi Arabia and Russia could be starting to ally. When Benjamin Fulford in his last post here: Benjamin Fulford - June 22, 2015: Bush, Rothschild prosecutions, new disclosures, Greece, all signs of accelerating cabal take down http://hipknowsys.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/benjamin-fulford-june-22-2015-bush.html

Said that Barack Obama was being made by positive forces to implicate Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 incident. What could be happening is that Saudi Arabia is starting to ally with Russia so the US is out to get them.

Monday, 22 June 2015

It strikes me.

It strikes me that in the future, memories of how life WAS will be very different to how we see life at the moment.

When for instance, we really see the decadence that was behind Hollywood, there will be less idealism around it.

Rather than entertaining ideas of 'wouldn't it be good if xyz?'. I was on the  [insert show]; what we will actually have is 'OMG how bloody awful it was to be a celebrity in that time and be so close to rabid Satanists.

I mean, probably. Why does google automatically capital the world 'Satanists'?

Astrology chart: Carla Rueckert.

This is the astrology chart of Carla Rueckert.

Sun in the 12th house: Earth in the 6th house.

A person whose 'lifeforce' and sense of self is a bit mysterious and hard to grasp at. Which often (I.e. in the case of Gandhi) means the person reaches for a 'god' in the positive polarity. It also correlates in both polarities with leadership roles.

Jupiter emphasizes this. However Pluto on the ascendant means that the decision making process of the person is likely involved issues to do with 'good and evil' which inevitably means a bit of having to consider 'evil' in that decision making process.

Mars in the 10th house. This means the persons vocation will include a lot of 'fight'.

I like it, I feel this persons energy has my back.

I should probably do more but am falling under the weight of the vibration.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Two case studies and lying.

I have started to wonder if the secret to being able to tell the truth about things is simply to be psychic.

Two girls. One of them an old friend from University. She said something on her status about not liking Nigel Farage and mentioned one or two things about man- made global warming. I did not respond to the one about Nigel Farage but I did about the one on global warming, and in a related matter (vote rigging) and on my facebook in general I took UKIP's side, and explained why. With masses of information, partly about the EU.

The second one a friend of a friend, whom I was starting to form a friendship with but was perhaps halted at one point by the fact a guy who is NOT her boyfriend (?) but that I thought was showed possessiveness and jealousy when I was near them. This guy might have actually been her boyfriend and my friend may have been fibbed to who knows.

While talking on a related subject I mentioned the wisdom behind what a UKIP MEP had said and she said that she hadn't believed it because it came from UKIP. I asked her to explain a time when UKIP had lied and she quoted a guardian article at me that they were racist, but not any evidence to that fact, I then brought up info. on how the BBC was lying she ignored.

I challenged her and explained in detail how UKIP's policies are not racist and she noted my data and did not argue it but continued to call UKIP racist, based on nothing.

Now I have laid it out like that I am starting to realise that my friend who was in relationship with this girl. His opinions, and he gets extremely angry about these, are that I should not seperate from her because of this, or hold it against her. The reason, that she indicated was that she is too 'simple' to know these things. That she is 'not bothered'.

And this is the subject of this blog. It is one thing that women in particular do in my belief. They pretend they're stupid to avoid the confrontation and play the damsel in distress in order to advance their goals.

And part of the proof for me personally is the first girl, she really was a bit simple and unbothered with the massive social issues I am involved in. But how did I know? Not through great protestations of innocence but she put up a photo, of her family, and I just knew.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Within the realms of possibility.

My last few posts were a little political and I think possibly quite good.

I'm about to let rip with a more emotional one. I don't feel that it is necessarily going to be uninspired, but it does feel strange that I don't know how it would help anyone.

Often though posts have turned out opposite to what I had thought when I wrote them. Either way.

I have been thinking about my predicament with girls, also a little about seeing into the future.

I thought when my ability to see ahead of me stopped that there was a reason behind it but it might be to do with 'divergent timelines'. Also obviously the difficulty with self connection regarding some behaviours of mine.

It is not within the realms of possibility in my mind that I am ever going to have a relationship with a girl, that I am ever going to get an honest, or even slightly honest, explanation from a girl I have almost been involved with about ANYTHING. There is not the possibility that I will want this, that the girl will like me in any way, except as a toy to play with emotionally, or that I will have the upperhand in a situation that is favourable to me.

Strange, but not the worst problem in the world. I imagine many people are experiencing a great deal of pain.

Back to future seeing and something is hazily coming into view but I don't know what it is, it is related to things that I have been saying. The negative experienced by the world and it's crumbling will be different to how it's envisioned, even the awake I suspect don't quite understand the pain involved and realise they will be psychicly connected to it.

A few hypothetical questions, I have been thinking of these as well:

A) If the power was completely out of your hands and the negative types were being strung up and hung down the street what would you do?

B) If nothing continues to happen how will you psychologically cope? I, for one, will fight to the end.

C) Do a lot of people know FAR more than most of us give them credit for.

D) Do some people have energetic or 'density- based' distortions which mean they will react in an unexpected way? For instance, simply not caring about the negative, being unexpectedly negative and unchanging to the negative. Pretending it doesn't exist even when it's being charged on TV, people coming out with incredible forgiveness?

E) I see what I write in a slightly different form all the time, surprisingly sometimes by negs. How many people are aware of me or is this a complete de/ illusion. Very often when I suspect something nuts it turns out to be true.

F) Is karma at all real? Is it different for 5D ers to 6D ers and everyone else?

G) Will the meek inherit the earth?

H) When Corey's ET contact said that the disclosure and criminal charges would happen according to the minds of us down here, how are we influencing that? How will that happen?

I) I sense SOO much from people. It has never been proven incorrect. That one's more of a statement but has the open mindedness of a question. Bear in mind what I sense is soft and linked with 'symbolism'. It's nice people give me a chance very often. People part of the strategy. It's not nice how cowardly, utterly low and cowardly, some human beings are. But some of the same types are also brave.

J) Repeating patterns. What do they mean? (Although LoO did hint.)


A few weeks ago when the Greek crisis was happening I got the impression, or some people were saying, that investors were 'shorting' the market.

This is a term for when people sell at a certain amount. I.e. £50 a share. Then the stock market goes down (because a lot have sold) to say £33 a share and they buy their own shares back. So if they shorted 10 shares they would have made £170. (50-33=17, 17*10=170)

But the really smart investors, the investors that have insider dealings, have learnt these tricks. Their not 'shorting' to the novices. Perhaps what they are doing is giving the APPEARANCE of shorting, but what they have actually been doing is GETTING OUT BEFORE THE HERD REALISES WHAT IS GOING ON. They are probably not buying all their shares back, buying a fraction of them back and buying S&P futures. However, the stock market raises again and people assume it's 'shorting'.

If you don't play you can't win, but you can't lose either! Nowhere is this more true than in the markets.

Two (three?) interesting articles.

1) Telegraph:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/eureferendum/11688911/Millionaires-prepare-to-launch-20million-non-political-campaign-for-Britain-to-quit-European-Union.html 
Millionaires prepare to launch £20million non-political campaign for Britain to quit European Union 

OK. So the big thing to the Illuminati is the EU. More important than the US according to Svali. I don't know if things will really be still standing in September but it is pretty cool that millions is being spent towards getting us out of the European Union.

Perhaps this is an attempt to control the narrative. Perhaps these groups will side with Cameron after a false show and finally being 'convinced' that they should stay in the EU. But millions in advertising means nonetheless, it should bring it to the centre stage. (Disclosure is happening pretty slowly at the moment)

2) Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/bbc/11688991/Competition-will-force-the-BBC-to-save-itself-or-die.html

Competition will force the BBC to save itself – or die

Another ambiguous article about a man who wants to improve the BBC. This is interesting timing since the BBC is pro EU. (They will 'force' it to be unbiased.)

I have wondered what deals are being struck and how the good and the bad is all configured at the moment.  Is there some push from the positive? The end of the EU is the end of the Illuminati. Greece is irrelevant.

3) The last article I believe to be propoganda but to read between the lines of this: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/585847/Putin-s-Russia-is-funding-hackers-to-attack-the-west-behind-ISIS-mask

UK at risk: Putin's Russia 'funding cyber terrorists targeting West under guise of ISIS'

The idea is that Russia is funding militants who are hacking into TV stations promoting ISIS. This is stupid but reveals something of the negative agenda

i) They are worried mainstream media is going to be hacked at disclosure.
ii) They are considering blaming Russia for US funding and film work of and for ISIS. 

Another dump.

A) The entity behind all of it is the LoO contact. The Blue avians (as their name indicates, also 'aviary' consider symbology in relation to LoO) are fifth and are acting in conjunction with, but in slightly less intelligence to, the LoO contact.

B) The 'Draco' group are based on 'Dracula' and are mostly fourth with fifth presence (dracula). This is based on a symbolic language of vampires = fourth. Werewolves = fifth. There are bits of fifth densities in the Rockerfeller/ security services elements of it.

C) There are other wanderer groups involved. I suspect one involves a group under the name of ISIS. Fifth density (snake, according to mythology) And related to the Edgar Cayce story of the LoO contact name.

Last one was more of a guess.

Jurassic World.

Is seriously bad.

The Graphics were bad, nothing compared to the last few films.

The story was bad. The genetically created dinosaur just didn't take off. (Should've given her wings).

There were short cuts such as models of helicopters that was very obvious.

Shots of the landscape and park were terrible.

There was some quite ridiculous relationships between some of the characters, which were truly laughable.

Just in case you see a positive review and think... That's OK! I saw Russell Brands review.

Don't watch this film. It's bad. Or watch it, but that's my perspective!

(The friend I watched it with went to me: 'Well that's my Hollywood film for the year then!')

Interesting few thoughts.

I'm having an interesting few thoughts:

A) 'We are change'. Interesting. From it I have found a new social networking site. And the fact Google chrome is putting software on it's users computers that records their voices, (and goes back to who knows where). It also seems like Bilderberg is the 'real deal' not a distraction. Journalists in the hotel felt a bad energy, I believe the negative entities of whatever was about to go down.

B) My lower chakras are getting more powerful. For weeks I spent time going down to this IT course and part of my thought process around this was that there was a girl that I felt was giving signals and I had no idea if it would go either way. Essentially I have come to the conclusion that me putting energy into that has been a kind of 'vampiring' of my energy and that this has happened very often and is very important to previous problems I have had.

However, keeping my lower chakras from 'releasing' (i.e. not masturbating) and I am becoming more powerful and aware. Perhaps somehow I will be protected from this in some way. The most vulnerable you can be to this kind of thing I believe is to engage in lots of idealistic 'higher chakra' thoughts and have no 'lower chakra' protection. Which is more realistic and dedicated to sorting out your 'power' etc.

More relevant is that obviously if you are giving up your energy to a girl in the form of masturbation you are allowing a pretty awful energy loss and 'vampirism'. Possibly as these things happen and you don't succumb your energy becomes more protected and 'karma' is more active. Before this problem has been many times worse for me (One very powerful case in 2003). Perhaps why DW's early channeling stressed both not masturbating and 'not looking at girls in lust'. I believe at the moment his early channeling was more powerful than any of the work he is doing currently, or perhaps even since, this original work.

Also, the energy from masturbation going to past 'nasties' that have drained your energy in that regard (I.e. Implying but not giving anything).I intuitively feel that withdrawing my energy there and some karmic response not being snuffed out from my 'energy' will lead to the resumption of karma, i.e. pressure on the girls involved. Perhaps robbed of a coping mechanism from my energy and having to use their own to face a challenge.

Feeling a girl is my 'soulmate' etc. and the original problems including being hospitalised could have come from an extremely high vibration of these problems (my vibration could be a little less powerful since I have stopped meditating.) After a year of non masturbating we will have to see.

C) I have a potential site for blogging and a proper website (I like this blog fine but there are other options). I can load loads of information on a website including global warming data etc.

D) I was not present at the anti -austerity protests today, I feel very threatened and ignored that everything I said to the anti- austerity people is ignored and they are happy for an 'anti UKIP' pro EU- agenda to prevail. I am happy that LGBT- UKIP will be present at London Pride.

I feel there is something good about it all, it softens the fear, but feel generally suspicious of the whole group and don't know it won't be a little used for whatever purpose. I 'eye with caution'.

E) Corey producing info. On Mars. Looking forward to this.

F) Venus in the night sky yesterday over my Sun at 12 degrees Leo. I have not missed this.

(On Twitter, there has at least been people shouting at Tories and not mentioning UKIP. I think this is a good sign. The left do not know what to do with UKIP at the moment. Although those that hate UKIP are still in there!)

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The strangeness of life.

I don't 'stick' to anything.

I don't seem to be 'like' everyone else here. Life seems to travel on for most people in that they have their groups of friends and they plug on in whatever they are doing.

For me though this isn't happening. When I try and meet people I often find them to be too stupid. As per the last example, someone who believes in man made global warming and that UKIP is racist is stupid, I can't hang around these people.

So life continues in utter 'liquidity'. I have a small set of friends from school which I appreciate but the main one of whom is in London and is unreliable. I might see him soon,  or I may not see him for another 6 months. Without this friend I won't see the others and may not wish to, I have one other close friend and some family.

But aside from that, structures that stay solid in my life are few and far between. All the hundreds of people I knew from, school, college, university, my first job (4 years), my volunteer job (1 year and quite close); all these hundreds of people have utterly disappeared from my life. As though they never existed, I never see them, never talk to them, have no idea about their lives or the humanity flowing through them; most of the important ones wouldn't respond over facebook if I contacted them.

I have been retaining my 'lower' energies to some quite fantastic success. My energy level in the early morning has definitively improved. I am going to a market course thingy for a propsective job tommorrow and an induction for a volunteer job next week. Perhaps my South Node is drawing catalyst in who knows.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The truth behind the lie.

I know three female Labour supporters. Every one of them is now, or has been at some point in their lives, unfaithful. Is largely forgiving of the male sex drive, likes sex (apparently), is extremely maternal. Able to use feminine gifts easily.

Two of these are Labourites whom support strongly the man made global warming theory. Both of these have said something against UKIP at some point.

I have noticed a certain pattern in the people I have dealt with. Certain beliefs that seem to come together with such unerring accuracy.

Establishment, believes in man made global warming, has inflexible neo- liberal view about gay rights, supports Naomi Clein shock doctrine thinking, believes in the left wing, feminist, against 'misogynist' men, moral highground, and a behaviour that has expanded from here but I feel is common is inability to admit when clearly proven they are wrong. Perhaps Labour supporters share these views. They tend to believe, as I have read from a Telegraph comment page, that non Labour supporting working class are 'misogynistic, racist and homophobic people that need the guidance of Labour supporters.'

Out of those whom support the 'man made global warming' theory I have found that there is a similar inflexibility and that their support of these theories extends in some cases to a 'cult', in fact that is being pleasant... All cases. I have been around Christians who were fundamentally closed minded but accepting and a little open minded. They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on global warming activists.

These views need to all link together and it is kind of the rebellion against the establishment. In my view the truths are: Astrology, chakra's and esoteric ideas are correct, people have the free will to come to their own decisions and that is their best direction if following the positive path (although in times of war there are tensions), free energy and time travel technology is easily explainable and fairly easy to create, the current problems in the financial system is the dying of the negative polarity here on earth and is caused by moves against the negative players on earth by BRICS.

The establishment view basically kills each of these ideas. We have not found ET's (suppression). Darwinist science is the correct philosophy (supression of other realities), political ideas have to fit under a 'wing' of associated ideas rather than using common sense.

So, what these activists are is the establishments solution to being treated badly by a corrupt government. A true viewpoint IMO doesn't really recognise the reality of the negative forces view. This 'rebellious' viewpoint rebels against it but only under very rigid fixed norms that cannot be violated.

So, when the establishment says 'UKIP is racist'. These people believe it. It fits in with their narrative and they have been co- opted against common sense, which is amazing when you think about it. Rather than thinking 'we give £53 million a day to the EU which is a set of dictators that attempts to pass laws like TTIP and destroys our fishing industry' and 'these Muslim people are causing XYZ crimes because their religion tells them to'. The response is 'No can't look at that we need to pressure those corrupt MEP's (the ones that have spent almost every day of their adult lives standing up to the establishment) we need to pressure those corrupt MEP's to do our bidding.'

Idiots. As the stock market crumbles and they are forcibly shown things that are against their version of reality these people will likely go into shock. Although listening to my ranting views may have prepared some of them.  

Sunday, 14 June 2015


My brain is coming together with connections.

Following on from the fact that 'movies and TV  series are real', comes... Well OK then if all these are then what can we learn from it.

I'm pretty sure I know what 'unusual' negative, higher density wanderers are here doing.

See 'Dukat' from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  DS9 IMO captured very well humans relation with inner entities of a positive nature, and where Dukat was concerned the advancement of negative agendas.

The end of Greece.

To me.

I woke up recently with obvious, very strong Extra terrestrial feeling and an image of an old man in my head ... (?)

Anyway, it struck me immediately that Greece is not part of the positive agenda. Or who knows what agenda it is part of. But I can imagine as I am looking at Greece and thousands of people around the earth are also, that negative entities are watching these developments and pushing the agenda.

Did you see David's last post? About the zombies. Also how he pushed Corey who is saying some slightly unusual things about David. Anyway, I've also just given up on films. Terminator appears to be true, at least the Terminator 2 villain. Highlander has elements of truth. Stargate, all of them, are essentially a documentary series. Night of the Living Dead has elements of truth. Star Trek has a lot of truth. Fringe has truth. Matrix has truth, or at least some sort of agenda. Perhaps human beings cannot produce media that isn't true on some level! The available models for what happens to people just punctures reality. Like Einstines 'thought experiments'.

Anyway, I can't relax when watching films. I memorise them too realistically anyway.

So what's left, what do you DO with your time if you don't watch TV, aside from very occasionally, perhaps a documentary, don't engage in indulgences such as alcohol or the resultant zombie socialising.

Well, I am a healthy person. I eat properly. Now it's time to actually do the 'exercise' part of this, starting with stretching. I am soon to volunteer.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to contact ...

There are many people on the Davids posts saying things about the Blue Avians.

The LoO contact said that one of its preferred forms of contact was 'sending love'.

Bad psychic.

I can feel when people are sending me non positive energy, feeling non positively about me, and get synchronicities to undo the situation.

I do not like the feeling one bit!

How to use psychic abilities?

Psychic abilities is a thoroughly incorrect term. Because they are not something extra and on top of what you already have. They are something normal.

Nevertheless, the real problem is the false world where everyone people that conversation is the most accurate form of communication and that we cannot implicitly read others thoughts and intentions.

I used to feel when there was a truth on the inside and the person was lying about it, or there was a truth not being communicated that was a thoroughly STS thing.

But I've come to wonder, with a situation recently, if acknowledging there is something not said and simply not speaking about it is useful in low vibration situations.

We should only have so much longer of this rag.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Stock market/ light.

I've figured out what to do to help the stock market along. Send 'light'.

Love is generally a messy energy and best saved for those periods when it is definitely realistic.

But light adds something mystical, unexpected and powerful.

Continuing on dumping.

My brain is still on fire.

What I said on DW's post was that the negative attention from terrestrial forces on wanderers probably didn't do much damage and probably allowed them to work on the lower chakras whereas if they had been allowed to freely raise in vibration, by free will would have been in potential contact with neg aliens.

The Illuminati's strategy has always been a bit lax, what they should have done is work a little bit more on the third density people here.

A wanderer, expecially a 5D one, will have an immune system. If they are attacked they will search on a subconscious level for the best way to fight against it. If they are left to their own devices they are a little ineffectual, since none of the earth agression bothers them really and they are a little too into wisdom that doesn't necessarily help anyone.

Markets tanked.

The FTSE will not go above 7140. The DOW will not go above 18.3 whatever.


A) I wonder if one of the psychic greetings people fall under is that of a feeling of 'love' that is used by negs sometimes to passify people.

B) What's going on with David Wilcock seriously? He is not lining up psychicly anymore. Not in a cabal conspiracy sort of thing but that there is something seriously off.

C) I was listening to his show. I think telekinetic is fourth density. Psychic and telepathic is one of fifth densities many talents, but they have many, that's one I specialise in, with perhaps seeing the future (astrology link).

D) Like sixth density people. They are the only people that are really 'real'. They always love even when you think they might stop.

E) What happened with Carla in very simple energy terms was as follows i) I told her I thought I was Don: She told me she didn't think that ii) I let it go but when my spiritual energies came through I was overwhelmed and she tried to shut down the energy in different ways. One was condescending to David Wilcock, whom was someone I was following at the time, and the fifth density energies that he was characterising. Perhaps this goes back to the original problem.

F) It feels great to have my own blog that can't be controlled through either Jims energy that I can sense or Bring4th's fourth density energy, that gets me into trouble because I naively end up not seeing where the STS is.

G) Sick of the Illuminati are you? they're just BORING!

I) Have doubts about this fifth sixth density specificities. I wonder if Russell Brand is the real fifth because sometimes I sample such peoples energy and there is a simplicity to it. However, that is the high vibrational wisdom (power) that they come in with to balance. I am secure in the fourth/ fifth/ sixth thing.

K) Whatever Corey says Blue Avians are fifth density. Clue is in the name but it's obvious anyway.

L) I'm ready to move on. The LoO material said the fifth density entity present was at the very end of fifth density. I feel like that, I still have things to learn because there are always things to learn, but I am tired and regardless of what anyone says, the energies of karma are a prison that keeps us in a fleshly existence.

M) David Wilcocks imagined future is just that... Imagined, this is what's wrong. Him, me and others are going to form fifth density links and ascend. All disagreements between any of us in this wisdom business are going to have to go. Owen Jones, David Starkey, Nigel Farage, David Wilcock, Bob Dylan, the Guy from zero hedge, Corey (probably) etc. Are all going to have to get along. Can't describe famous girls. I think they avoid publicity even though they do express wisdom and are very 'caring' look for activist championing the disadvantaged, feminists etc. Actually I can describe a few girls but will not do so.

N) I have some sort of psychic connection with the Illuminati and world leaders. A psychic connection although I am fully in with positive spiritualities. I have these images of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Tony Blair etc. In my dreams for years. They form the background of knowledge and synchronicity including symbolically predicting Tony Blairs reported £60m fortune. Perhaps 5D are here to help those guys a bit, guys in the cult. Since 5D can relate sometimes with a surgical efficiency that cuts past some of the emotional issues that get in the way.

O) I broke psychic contact with DW after he said the thing about ascension (that he was being guided to work on ascension and the plan was already going to unravel). Because I thought that might not be him but be me because I get that feeling sometimes through when I used to look at astrology and other deep feelings from points in my past.

Monday, 8 June 2015

The feel of the Euro.

My previous post on Bring4th talked about the fact that lightning hit the top of the One World Trade Centre in America.

However, nothing SEEMED to happen in Greece. But very little SEEMED to happen when the Pope first left, but the moves that did happen heralded a fundamental change.

Greece has essentially in 'word' for refused to give up their June 5th payment and changed the narrative slightly. Refused to be condemned and to hold the perception of the EU as godly and doing no wrong.

It is also getting ready to bring to the table criminal charges against the financial parts of the EU on the 2010 deal, and reparations for Nazi war crimes and loans from Greece.

The fundamental 'paradigm' shift though is that there is a different feel. Without the EU ordering Greece around and Greece grovelling and paying money. When Greece do not pay and get away with it. There is a feel of an uncomfortable limbo. The rules have been suspended. There is no longer stress in the financial system because there are no rules! It's a strange sensation. Perhaps one that positive polarity can grow under.

Reading list:

Wow it feels great to have my own blog again:

I have been considering that perhaps I was not correct about David Wilcocks books and the Lisbon Treaty mean going 'backwards'. Re- reading a book is not a crime and even though I know bits of it by memory, it can't hurt to read it again and absorb the light again.

The Lisbon Treaty could be 'my' future even if it is 'the' past.

Also, I'll be reading up on Corey. I find his style of condescending to the reader from a position of superior moral authority a bit grating but he no doubt has some good information. So we'll see:).

I'm also going to be doing music. And ringing about volunteering next week.

Politics: David Davis, the person who lead the backbench rebellion against John Major's Conservative government, has basically threatened Cameron who has backed down.

I'm also going to start reading Fulford again.

And I'm unsure about how relevant the Lisbon Treaty is since we won't likely get to a referendum next year.

What happened with Carla.

I was thinking of summarising a whole story here, but it doesn't matter. I feel a 'ghostly' presence around me when I reference the area and that it doesn't matter!