Monday, 8 June 2015

Reading list:

Wow it feels great to have my own blog again:

I have been considering that perhaps I was not correct about David Wilcocks books and the Lisbon Treaty mean going 'backwards'. Re- reading a book is not a crime and even though I know bits of it by memory, it can't hurt to read it again and absorb the light again.

The Lisbon Treaty could be 'my' future even if it is 'the' past.

Also, I'll be reading up on Corey. I find his style of condescending to the reader from a position of superior moral authority a bit grating but he no doubt has some good information. So we'll see:).

I'm also going to be doing music. And ringing about volunteering next week.

Politics: David Davis, the person who lead the backbench rebellion against John Major's Conservative government, has basically threatened Cameron who has backed down.

I'm also going to start reading Fulford again.

And I'm unsure about how relevant the Lisbon Treaty is since we won't likely get to a referendum next year.

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