Saturday, 20 June 2015

Another dump.

A) The entity behind all of it is the LoO contact. The Blue avians (as their name indicates, also 'aviary' consider symbology in relation to LoO) are fifth and are acting in conjunction with, but in slightly less intelligence to, the LoO contact.

B) The 'Draco' group are based on 'Dracula' and are mostly fourth with fifth presence (dracula). This is based on a symbolic language of vampires = fourth. Werewolves = fifth. There are bits of fifth densities in the Rockerfeller/ security services elements of it.

C) There are other wanderer groups involved. I suspect one involves a group under the name of ISIS. Fifth density (snake, according to mythology) And related to the Edgar Cayce story of the LoO contact name.

Last one was more of a guess.

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