Thursday, 25 June 2015

It 'WILL' all be better in the future.

Just a brief summary of something David Wilcock and Corey said lately that:

A) The negative forces are trapped here. Everyone is quarantined. Even mostly irrelevant (to us) ET's obsessed with marine life are not allowed to leave.
B) They need 'loosh' 24/7 to survive. If they went without it for 24 hours they will die.

Also, that the negative forces have mathematically lost, we just need the 'effect' to catch up with the 'cause'.

Therefore, at some point in the future the neg. ET's are simply going to die! That's right up to the likely 5D ones leading them. They will starve without 'loosh' and even if they are put in stasis if the positives wanted to do that for some reason they won't be able to effect everyone anymore.

This is very good. There will be less fear after this point. It will just be love.

We're just waiting on data dumps, stock market falls, the continued politics (France wants out of EU now.) It'll be great!

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