Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Normal things again.

My last post was pulling together info. from the political area.

But there isn't much going on at the moment, I stay out of Greece because it's a bit too 'transcient'. The FTSE seems to have basically stopped it's upward momentum and the Dow hasn't opened yet.

I have been meditating a little, it's good.

Going volunteering tomorrow. In a food bank.

The only thing of note is in the area of 'energies'. I have stopped masturbating since the beginning of June. So I'm roughly 24 days in. It is not easy at this point. It is not 'difficult'. But I'm getting sexual feelings that are more problematic and less controllable. I will not engage in that activity because the time/ space feel is absolutely horrible. Really bad. I will not even indulge the idea! But it is difficult after about 24 days.

In the past a girl has turned up around the 21 day mark or a bit before but that hasn't happened yet.

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