Thursday, 25 June 2015

Complex theory on how minor behaviour relate to major ones. (ed 16:45, 52)

I suspect that everything that a person does has a highly personal agenda. An almost STS agenda if you will. Everything they project into the future and into the past.

Someone like me doesn't have too much of it because I am overpowered by forces I cannot control. That force feels to be a connection to myself through meditation, dreams and astrology. Others however, have emotional reasons for doing one thing or another.

For someone like this, I think when they look into the future they see what they 'want' to see, not anything based on evidence. I also have a friend who's memories differ from me about key events that effect both of use and in his version of event he is always the centre of attention but my version of the same events are mundane.

This is why, i believe, some people respond to David Wilcocks information (and UKIP's...?) in a certain way and some don't. People that have an investment in him not being true on the subconscious level, will believe that.

This also relates to other behaviours. For instance, a girl that cheats may be very left wing because she justifies not telling her husband by 'looking after him' from a position of a kind of patronising higher authority (others must be guided from their uncaring racist homophobic etc. views by my 'higher wisdom and guidance). This woman may also agree with global warming, shock doctrine. That whole mental trap. And this may keep out astrology. It will form exact barriers to the DW scenario because on some level she knows that if the DW scenario came true, she would have to face herself.

Same with a guy in a similar position. Or who engages in all sorts of dodgy practices because it is convenient and he may be a bit narcissistic would also irrationally rebel against the DW sort of information. Regardless of how sensible and logical the justification is.

I think this mechanism underlies absolutely all human behaviour. And these psychologies will become more apparent as whatever is going to happen does happen.

And those of us who know what's going on will just 'ride the wave.' While judgement day reigns.

Also, this is one interpretation. You could focus it under the more compassionate of educating and helping people understand etc. Freeing people from darkness.

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