Saturday, 20 June 2015

Within the realms of possibility.

My last few posts were a little political and I think possibly quite good.

I'm about to let rip with a more emotional one. I don't feel that it is necessarily going to be uninspired, but it does feel strange that I don't know how it would help anyone.

Often though posts have turned out opposite to what I had thought when I wrote them. Either way.

I have been thinking about my predicament with girls, also a little about seeing into the future.

I thought when my ability to see ahead of me stopped that there was a reason behind it but it might be to do with 'divergent timelines'. Also obviously the difficulty with self connection regarding some behaviours of mine.

It is not within the realms of possibility in my mind that I am ever going to have a relationship with a girl, that I am ever going to get an honest, or even slightly honest, explanation from a girl I have almost been involved with about ANYTHING. There is not the possibility that I will want this, that the girl will like me in any way, except as a toy to play with emotionally, or that I will have the upperhand in a situation that is favourable to me.

Strange, but not the worst problem in the world. I imagine many people are experiencing a great deal of pain.

Back to future seeing and something is hazily coming into view but I don't know what it is, it is related to things that I have been saying. The negative experienced by the world and it's crumbling will be different to how it's envisioned, even the awake I suspect don't quite understand the pain involved and realise they will be psychicly connected to it.

A few hypothetical questions, I have been thinking of these as well:

A) If the power was completely out of your hands and the negative types were being strung up and hung down the street what would you do?

B) If nothing continues to happen how will you psychologically cope? I, for one, will fight to the end.

C) Do a lot of people know FAR more than most of us give them credit for.

D) Do some people have energetic or 'density- based' distortions which mean they will react in an unexpected way? For instance, simply not caring about the negative, being unexpectedly negative and unchanging to the negative. Pretending it doesn't exist even when it's being charged on TV, people coming out with incredible forgiveness?

E) I see what I write in a slightly different form all the time, surprisingly sometimes by negs. How many people are aware of me or is this a complete de/ illusion. Very often when I suspect something nuts it turns out to be true.

F) Is karma at all real? Is it different for 5D ers to 6D ers and everyone else?

G) Will the meek inherit the earth?

H) When Corey's ET contact said that the disclosure and criminal charges would happen according to the minds of us down here, how are we influencing that? How will that happen?

I) I sense SOO much from people. It has never been proven incorrect. That one's more of a statement but has the open mindedness of a question. Bear in mind what I sense is soft and linked with 'symbolism'. It's nice people give me a chance very often. People part of the strategy. It's not nice how cowardly, utterly low and cowardly, some human beings are. But some of the same types are also brave.

J) Repeating patterns. What do they mean? (Although LoO did hint.)

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