Thursday, 25 June 2015

The devil archetype. Tumbling down the rabbit hole.

I remember when I studied archetypes a little. The Devil I believed, since it is the beginning of 'the spirit'. Is where the environment changes to create the challenge and the person is then forced to bring up the necessary amount of 'spirit', in order to meet the challenge.

I feel the end may be creeping nearer for me. Although this time it would be drugs or full on medical problems. Rather than anything 'drastic'.

Anyway, there is a Charlie Kaufman film 'Being John Malkovich' that describes something very well. It describes incredible cruelty and people taking over someone elses free will apparently as a laugh, having no conscience at all. 

Charlie Kaufmen seems to be doing a negative Pisces moon. Where wonder and beauty of Pisces gets twisted. This is a little bit of 'the devil'.

Also, it strikes me, I have seen on the internet some very perverse things when people have been cheating on their partner. To be graphic, once I heard that a mans wife was on his best friend, she got a phone from her husband while on him and got rid of it, then climaxed, then her husband phoned his best friend.

I imagine all of this kind of thing is psychicly available on some level. And the weirdness, otherworldly darkness of it available in feeling form to someone psychicly inclined. And to a person anyway, intuitively, since we're all psychic. Which is the reality that 'Being John Malkovich' suggests.

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