Monday, 31 July 2017

The constantly terrifying news, evidence of slow movements of change.

So, according to Thomas Wictor, this is the event that Trump has been deliberately creating press to stop people noticing:

Arab News: Saudi crown prince meets with Iraq's Moqtada Al-Sadr

This is apparently big news in healing the Sunni - Shia divide.


Information at the moment is very dark. It only seems to be getting darker.

Especially when we are young I think we want things to come into our lives that are a result of an outpouring of love in some form even if we don't cognicize that specifically. For instance, a young person may want to become a healer, or a musician or something where we are taken on a magical path and things work out. Perhaps we change the world. Or the more classic dream of getting your ideal mate. Either gender dreams of attention, good sex, and status that comes from this.

However, sometimes it does work out but very often it doesn't. The reason it doesn't is that although the energy in most cases is there (I assume unless our ideas are very unrealistic), that in some place the love that we would have had has been stamped down upon! For instance, when I was young I dreamed of healing my diabetes and then starting an organisation to help others do the same, yet somewhere, wherever the cure actually is, it has been stamped down upon most likely be a corporation.

There is less and less of this energy. This 'love'. It can come in the form of money or relationships. It often relates to general 'security'. But it seems like, as I have said before there are less and less people that are given opportunities and aren't suffering some sort of difficulty!

This has lead to the fact in my personal life that when I sometimes relax, after all the painful weird stuff I have absorbed over probably years now, there is a kind of terror I feel inside myself. We are designed to relate easily and socially with those around us and to be with whoever we are meant to be with in both relationships and friendships... Our equals but often, because life plans are being thrown off at the moment, we are with different groups of people.

But the point is that this constant inflow of global news is not something I think is natural. It is an adaption to circumstance. Definitely all the scary information I absorb about Islam, immigration, Satanism, paedophilia etc. can weigh on a person and so sometimes when I go to sleep I feel that fear.

I also if I have not been beyond a certain good point I have nightmares and also, for some reason that may be related I get a kind of sleep paralysis.

This I think is the spirit not connecting properly with the body and it is massively helped by keeping with me a black stone a healer once gave me. It grounds me so that I can feel my root chakra cleaning out all the terrifying things in my mind! It also keeps a person in their body so could possibly oppose this sleep paralysis!

Thoughts on the future, politics and astrology!

I wonder if the coming lunar eclipse which I talk about as closing a pattern is to do with stopping commenting on the internet so frequently for me personally! A Full moon with the moon in Aquarius in the eleventh house would suggest this!

I have heard two good things from the British government recently .One is that they are going to stop some of the foreign aid and another is that immigration will stop after 2019! I wonder sometimes though whether part of the EU and remainers strategy is to go in with a "high number" in order that people accept a not so good number as a victory. For instance, really it is not any good that labour dumping has to continue anyway past even June 23rd 2016! Or failing that at least when article 50 was triggered. But now that the remainers made such a fuss about "five more years of free movement" people will accept this as a victory!

Really we're all obviously hoping mega things will change sooner! There is another article/ angle on North Korea recently and that is that South Korea is getting ready for regime change in it's neighbour! The trouble is, previously in the summer, Benjamin Fulford has mentioned that the cabal and alliance have called a truce over the summer to relax over the summer holidays! There were no terror attacks for the summer when he said that. I wonder if they are going to do the same thing again! It's probably a yearly ritual.

Nevertheless, things feel like they're moving, and we have the solar eclipse to look forward to. Not sure what that will bring!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Liberals/ Accurate astrology/ North Korea.

Wow, well good news for me is my brain is working like it should. After alcohol has slowed it down briefly.

Reflecting on it, when I was in the midst of this, because I might find pleasure in drinking alcohol (I don't actually) I would then be prioritising that pleasure while the amount of people suffering because of political dysfunction is immense. I am not sure that this blog helps at that, in fact it is pretty certain it does not make a huge dent, however, I might make a miniscule but still significant dent when combined with also commenting on chat boards and general comment pages. Some peoples thoughts might be changed, some people will feel more supported, or less alone.

As a number if we were to count the amount of suffering happening. So tiredness might be 1-5 points, and equivalent points which I won't estimate for rape, murder, disappearance of a child, medical conditions, poverty etc. this figure would be huge and it will only get better when the 'deep state' goes to the slammer.

I have been wondering about karma as well. Surely karma is related to people, so if you shoot someone emotions caused in others of justice and revenge are your karma. If karma was going to someone who held back cures for my diabetes, it is unlikely that my specific discomfort would be represented. It would be likely that their collected karma may put them on death row anyway, and so it would not have the one - to - one eye - for - an - eye like impact.

Movement forward:

The populist right and "Alliance" behind it seems to be winning the culture war. Firstly we have this J.K.Rowling situation. Which is quite amazing really. I have always noted that on twitter there is no penalty for lying, if you want to say the sky is always green and stick by that essentially no one can actually make you say otherwise. There is no referee that is going to say that you are refusing to look into objective and picture evidence, therefore your argument is not correct and there is a consequence for that, such as losing some sort of status.

The liberal left are fast learning though, that the populist right is trying to visit a consequence upon them. A small example might be twitter losing out on so much revenue because it keeps arbitrarily banning conservatives, or Macy's having to close stores (I think it was Macy's) after stopping selling Trump clothing for ideological reasons.

J.K.Rowling has openly lied and not retracted that, she clearly thinks that she can behave as though a loser SJW out in cyberspace that has no consequences for telling those sorts of lies. But the world is really pressuring her. The left are arrogantly refusing to admit they are wrong when shows the evidence. It was always going to get to this place.

... and finally, much to his credit I think the main guy from the Young Turks called Cenk participated in a debate, I say much to his credit because at least he is debating. This suggests to me that he is not a real globalist but a misguided leftist. He recognises that free speech and debate is worth having. However, he was absolutely whopped apparently. He started calling the audience uneducated and came out with statements such as "increasing the top rate of tax to 91% will not decrease growth".

But if the Russia stuff is being closed by the Democrats, we are starting to see, in my view, how these eclipses might be being expressed. This was a long term emotional trend.

Two articles here:

Jessica here mentions three predictions: A coverup in relation to a health scandal and Charlie Gard certainly qualifies. A resurgence in news on Diana princess of Wales, Daily Mail yesterday:

... and one I was sure was because of her liberal leaning, the 2016 November US Presidential election.

We have now seen though that rather than letting this die Trump has turned the tables and claimed Russia helped Hillary with the election, so this has come up again!

Likely he is targeting the Russian deep state because Putin, the one that identified himself as Cabal by signing the climate change accords, has refused to help Trump with human trafficking!

North Korea is big as well, every day there is something (haven't had time to catch todays though, there was another one today):

Daily Express: Japan warns North Korea missile may have hit ships and planes

Daily Express: US and South Korea fire MISSILES near North Korea after Kim Jong-un's latest ICBM launch

Daily Express: NORTH KOREA WARNING: Kim Jong-un could hit NEW YORK with missile

Daily Express: BREAKING: 'They do NOTHING for us' Trump threatens China for inactivity over North Korea

Zerohedge: "Time Is Running Out" - China Is Planning For A Crisis Along North Korean Border

So as I summarised in relation to Ben Fulford here [link] this one appears to be happening!
Also, here's another prediction from Jessica, she thinks, and I doubt it but she's the one who's accurately predicting all these things, she thinks there will be movement on North Korea on August 3rd and 4th! Although this is perhaps saying something not quite so direct upon looking at it again!:

Bad habits!

Well, I think I have found out why I have shut down so much after Fridays socialising... Feeling a sense of ridiculous fear and unable to feel comfortable with the information that is usually so important.

Alcohol! I think it's time to give that up!

Previously I did give it up and then I went to a nice party with a bunch of people from my old workplace to see off a manager. I was sitting there not saying anything to anyone and trying to talk occasionally. I felt stressed and then my throat actually closed up... Like stopped working.

I drunk a glass of wine and my throat opened again! As though guided! I felt good and was sure this was the message here, that I should be drinking but only very little.

Looking back though it was not actually good because the rather boring social homogeneity was broken! Essentially I was all over the place and the arguments caused were probably why I did not go out with those people again... I did not necessarily want to BUT, it underlines how from that interaction I got nothing in the long term. The long terms is very important to me now.

Today though the message does not seem to be the same thing. I am still feeling crap two days after only one glass and I have lost valuable time!

So, it's time to cut that!

I am reminded of this fantastic trailer, because when I fall back from having it together I go into survival and in survival my intuition works with me through the medium of fantasy! I.e. the quest for/ interest in "magic powers" and something artistic about this is a motivator:

Scheduled blogging... Nothing!

Wow, damn, sitting down for my scheduled blogging and I have nothing to say!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Good times, bullet pointed insights.

Over the past few days, Thursday morning before I went to work I slept one hour, then did nine hours work, including having timed my lantas wrong and having my bloodsugars shoot up into the stratosphere temporarily (which sucks up energy), then I had five hours sleep, woke up at 1am and did six hours work, then went out with friends, got home at 23:00, and went to bed just after 1am.

So I was quite tired towards the end of that!

So tired in fact, that I was almost having a mystical experience by the end of the night. Feeling my way through things in a kind of subconscious way about the reality of life. Also, I sometimes now have a crystal in my pocket to keep me grounded. Even though it is a crystal to supposedly keep me grounded, i.e. attention on real world things, which it does, it also creates a subtle comfort with psychic abilities and thinking!

This blog also really captures something about what I was thinking last night, my comment on it summarises some of it but really it cannot be put into words:

ElsaElsa: Life, Death & Real Connection

So, I am still tired, a small insight I've had about this is an incorrect assumption I have very often made. When I have slept badly or am tired for some reason I think to myself that when I get to sleep the problem will be over. But in actual fact, sleeping once doesn't end a period of tiredness, also, eating properly needs to happen and it is useful to sleep in order to relax and then rest a day in order to relax further. The fight/ flight impulse does not just disappear!

So I'm going to run down my thoughts in bullet point form rather than being able to put them into full sentences:
  • Previously having been worried about potential political conversations with people that have been fairly left previously. This is not a problem. A guy who lives on welfare unrepentantly is converting would be heart on sleevers to the hard right so efficiently I can only put my hat off to him (but will refrain from doing so to his face); and another who is de converting from liberal thinking and is a real power socially. Partly because of the BBC's attitude towards the acid attacks in London.
  • North Korea. Clearly big news here. I need to read articles on this.
  • Trump, Preibus, General Sessions and Kelly! GET IN THERE!
  • Doing a major re- write, perhaps even complete re- write of a counting system as I learn the basics of why a counting system is as it is. I have done it previously where every number is one symbol but I realise it cannot be like that. In order to have division, as in dividing and probably the other functions to (multiplying, addition etc.) a numerical system cannot have just one symbol!
  • Krysten Ritters astrology chart. Pluto in seventh!
More and more it seems like the alternative right youtube community is a real community. Videos are becoming less militant now, more chatty.

As well with that mystical experience from tiredness, I feel very sure that things are going to work out. I feel sure that the forces beyond our world are quite aware that justice needs to be served. That is not just an emotion that we feel.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Astrology/ World Change/ Pi.

New Laptop, the old one died on me!

Very twilight zone- e, the world I'm living right now. Strange sleep patterns and feelings pushed down in favour of larger political understandings definitely gives a kind of 'alienating' feel!


Recently a facebook internet friend gave me her chart! I am now learning more about astrology. Firstly, how important the ascendant is.

I remember on Elsa forum someone mentioning they had a Cancer ascendant and I was going through her posts, partly to surmise political opinion... Well there wasn't any with this woman, every single post was relationship this and feeling that. It was not irritating or oppressive, it was just she happened to think about more stereotypically feminine things!

Secondly, the contradictions one person can have in their chart. Also, that a lot of what I had previously thought about transits and the like seems to be correct... and the overall intuitive sense that someone will or will not be effected by something seems to be backed up by the chart and transits.

World change:

- California's deputy attourney general has been charged with child pornography.
- The previous highest arrest was Jacob Schwartz, who (allegedly) had pictures of children as young as six months old.

Creepy stuff. It feels like something is going to shift soon. In astrology I have heard it said that when things really seem like they are stuck it is when things are just about to change. Things very much seem like they are stuck at the moment. To me, it is not even worth following politics at the moment. My twitter has become very same-y. Trump is moving about, but Theresa May and the betrayers of Britain are certainly not!

A quick check of the news on North Korea and it becomes clear that what Benjamin Fulford has said about there potentially being a new war against North Korea is very likely.


I cannot figure out how to calculate pi on a three based system as a rational number. I wonder how anyone ever calculated pie to that many digits in the first place? It seems really quite bizarre.

What I am figuring out though is how loaded our current maths system is. When you are dividing into a number and going into decimals, why do we add a zero? Zero is not adding nothing as I was originally told. Zero is adding the ten system. If you want to create a twelve system you have to add two. If you want to create a nine system you have to get to nine somehow (and a nine system halved is 4 recurring! That is not useful!)

Exciting stuff. I am interested in extending the very basic 12 system into dividing and fractions. Perhaps the real use of such a system will become more apparent!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Number system/ Pleasing Banter, laughs.

The slightly weird life I live. I am putting in energy into controlling my diabetes and likely, when I have done so and properly created a pattern that works for my bloodsugars I will sleep better and things will be a bit easier to me, and then it would be possible to raise my hours if I wanted.

However, another problem. My bloodsugar machine malfunctioned, and the next priority is getting a new one. So my bloodsugars went up and this is exhausting. It kind of steals from the inside of me!

Still on the number system.

I am still thinking of this new number system. I wrote to Gaia and they told me that they would not give me the name of the guy writing a book on it and that he was still working on it. That means that it likely will have only gone to print and come out by spring of next year, April or May time. By then we may have had our political change anyway!

Just for the laughs:

That one made me almost cry with laughter!

Also, I'm still thinking it would change the structure of everything .It will change technology. It will mean that people off 4 chan could create bots more powerful than anything we have now. It would likely work with the mind and make maths easier. But I cannot figure out how it makes pie a rational number because a new number system in itself does not change the actual numbers" Pie isn't a percentage!


I actually got that as I was speaking then genuinely!

I have so much work to do!

Pleasing banter:

This is only a small point and not one that meets the magnificentness of my just realised wisdom. But I have noticed how humour seems easier with guys than with girls.

For instance, I have been thinking two friends and I will not be able to make a recent arrangement, so to voice my fears I humorously took the worst parts of each of our natures and said this:
Seriously, I'm not sure between a drunk, a lazy person and a badly controlled diabetic if we will be able to get to x by y time, but it's nice to have goals!

The laughs.

However, a small point with a female in my vicinity has caused some upset and I probably won't be seeing the person for a while! An absolutely minor point so the ego stripping jokes I have with friends will probably not be enjoyed between me and that person.

I also knew a girl who was quite funny on twitter who just got plain weird when I called her 'cutie' one time!

But in seriousness there are a lot of other very positive things about women. That's just a tendency, one that is reflected in the politics of left and right?

Which one is it that doesn't have the humour?

The Great British Betrayal.

Nigel Farage wrote an article for the Telegraph today, although I have only read the two first paragraphs of the introduction (It costs £1 to get access to all Telegraph articles for 24 hours.) Those paragraphs plus his normal narrative says it all. We are being betrayed. Immigration is not going to stop. This is: The Great British Betrayal!

Not really a surprise. However, for me, I do actually palpably regret voting Tory. The warning signs were there including the Conservative MP for the area being a remainer that refused to publicly disclose which way she voted. But I couldn't stand the Labour MP so much that it pushed me that extra few yards.

But I regret doing that. Our area only had two rabid remainers and no UKIP candidate! Like Raheem Kassam and another person I respect but can't remember who that was. I think I should not have voted!

Corbyn is really not a globalist now. I do believe the Manchester terrorist attack at the time was because he was gaining momentum! I hope there is another election soon and we can have Corbyn as prime minister.

It looks like Poland is having trouble with the EU, the EU opposes changes to their law system and will stop them from being able to vote if they do not withdraw them... But I've lost hope that anything is going to change with that. Orban seems tough and he is in line with Trump but I have no faith that he will stand up to the EU. I've lost hope.

My counting system has come along a little. I'm a little off put by being so enthusiastic about it yesterday that I could not get on with semi important domestic concerns, such as giving attention to my diet!

Anyway, only one more small note. Bombard has done a body language breakdown of McCann's parents. It's good to note when a situation actually ISN'T a conspiracy theory, despite their being such theories around. Bombard holds them to be honest!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Numberical system/ Corporate America/ War on North Korea!

Wow, a little tired because I thought I had everything right with my diabetes. But I do have to do yet more in sorting out my diet now. First medication... Now diet. Trying to get good long term carbohydrate every day after I ate chips and it messed with me.

But I have so much to say today!

Base 6 system:

The main thing that has taken my interest is that Pete Peterson says he has a friend who is soon to publish a book about how a base 3 or base 6 counting system is the natural counting system. This is absolutely amazing and is why a circle, time and many other things are naturally devided up in 6 systems.

I have been creating in my head this system, because I can't wait for the people at Gaia or Michael Salla to deem the little people worthy of the information and to talk about it. So under my system todays date (not including 2017 I haven't got there yet) would be adas-tras. One hundred and fourty four would be silo and one hundred and fourty five would be silo-eek-das. Or perhaps silo- das for short!

It really does transform the brain. Pete Peterson explained that a lot of things work well with this system including that pie is an integer, you don't need infinity and David Wilcock explained if you use it and you create a computer with this code rather than binary code (so 0,1,2) the technology is so sophisticated it is capable of independent thought.

I have been using it so far with my system, of course it is not yet very far advanced and it starts to divide your perspective up into threes. Which is a far more natural way. If you think about a phone we do it naturally anyway but a phone has that extra one digit that screws up numbers! Another thing is that there are three different elements of people, Wisdom, Power and Love. I do wonder if dividing people up in relation to threes will have a different effect!

Obviously it is in the zodiac as well!

Corporate America:

Another interesting thing I've noticed is after I found out that America has been a corporation since 1971 I did a chart for it... Annoyingly I don't have a time:

This one fits far more to me than America's normal one. The moon is at the end of Pisces in conjunction with Chiron right now and this is the Russia stuff in my view. Pluto is in Taurus and that can relate to money and greed! Uranus has just passed over Neptune and things were very mysterious in relation to the free market right around that time with not so much hope for America!

This is the one I will assume America is from now on!

War on North Korea:

Yesterday I saw an article on zerohedge about how China is getting its border ready for war in North Korea and I saw three war mongering articles on the Express today. As said in this article followed up from Bens blog [link]. That looks like a "go" to me!

Anyway, so that's it. Run down of how things are in the world of new age wonders and geo politics!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

The chilling effect bad people have on the world.

I used to get people reading all at once however, now I get about a third of my audience reads up on what I have to say a few hours after I post! :).

Really had to rush this morning my alarm didn't go off.

Also, I have quite a lot to say today, probably won't be able to fit it all in! That sounds like some very rude innuendo!

Dreams and creepy stuff:

Yesterday I dreamt that
I was going some place, then I wanted to go forward in the sea to an empty island. Someone stopped me and I stopped on a sofa while a sort of committee decided if I could proceed. 
The island filled with young naked boys. That I was not interested in but I did believe I had to continue forward to the island and possibly past it. I was asked if I masturbate, and I told them I did three times today, and I was deemed too sexual to go.
That I think was a metaphor that I am less dirty in real life than I perceive that I am, because in real life I do not masturbate.

I did the astrology for this dream, having been advised previously that you can do one for a dream. Which I think is pretty fantastic although it does give a tendency of getting overly lost in the metaphysics of it all. I recall even the Human design chart mentioned dreaming astrology!

But, what the dream seemed to be saying to me was that my ambition to move forward is, like probably a lot of peoples, blocked until the globalists are out of the way and the metaphorical island, and the bureaucrats are cleared!

I do also believe that this video is related to that dream. Because I liked Linkin Park a lot when I was young but I threw it aside after I sensed something demonic coming from the music, and I felt that listening to it was throwing me off my path! Analysing the lyrics confirmed this:

Hmm.... Dark stuff. It has put together a whole bunch of theories for me. For instance, I used to believe that people were pretty much on their 'path' so to speak when they are young, but it seems to me likely that I was off my path often when I was young and some of the reason for that stems from the very unpleasant effect of the fear and social chilling that paedophilia has had on England (older people talk about Western countries being a lot more pleasant and free decades before I was born).

Ben Fulford has already produced his blog today! Exciting times!

General thoughts on sexy girls and sex robots.

Life is good moments:

Comments like this just make me feel "life is good"! I don't know what it is about this specific comment on the Elsa blog [link]:

Krysta on 10th of September, 2007 at 3:30pm:
Thankyou for your story. Im feeling really sad because my short term boyfreind of only two 1/2 weeks broke up with me because Im to sexy for him. I have long blonde hair, D cup and im very physicaly fit. Im well toned. Im happy with my looks but I do get some negative reactions from people. He said he couldnt take men always looking at me everywere we went. But yet I cant find a good boyfreind. Im a scorpio and read astrolgy, Im fascinated by it.Your story made me feel that Im not doing anything wrong but sometimes I think it would be easier if I wasnt attractive.
My dad used to mention these sorts of girls and when I get attention from very attractive girls I often wonder if this is part of the reason (although there really doesn't have to be a reason!). That many guys are simply too afraid to approach very attractive girls and those girls end up going with very plain guys! (In his words!)

Although seriously my sister is going to be one of the girls that is incredibly attractive and a cut above the rest, also girls like Lauren Southern I want to find a partner that is equal to them... Because I want them to be happy for some reason. Me being fifth density I am not that guy, she needs a 6th density guy.


I have for a long time, a thought process started by a dream, wanted to write a story about a perfect future. I've actually always wanted to do this. For a while the idea was that I would write a story about how people would really interact in the moment, and I didn't want to address some aspects of chemisty. I.e. what sort of girl my closest friend would be dating (or myself), what my relationship with such a person would be, because she would have to be sexy, and with my sister the power she would have over others by her physicality.

However, I got an intuition of how to get around that. I am thinking of writing a story as though it is a letter. Perhaps where I have been taken into a mysterious project for people whose paths need to be set straight and someone is writing to me researching the project, therefore I am writing about how people, friends and family are doing without actually interacting with them, meaning I can be suitably vague in these descriptions!

The 'intuition' part of this is related to feelings about the future that I will not mention :)!

Wrong on Courtney:

Previously I wrote about Courtney Stotten and I quoted another blog here [link]:
We can make a case for her liking older men with the Sun opposing Saturn, but she needs to own her Saturn and get to know her Virgo Sun. All that showcasing of her body won’t give the Virgo what she really needs…. To be respected for her MIND. And, if her Moon is squared by Saturn natally, she may be trying to stave off depression by getting attention in a way that is actually quite undermining.
This I don't think is correct, watching the whole interview here:

Firstly I'm going to do body language analysis of this based off Bombards body language (I am very much a beginner, this might be completely wrong):

0:00 Portrayal and self advertisment... Notice her body language throughout the entire interview, the breasts are out but the legs are crossed and she has a hand blocking her reproductive organ, she is saying that she is not a "slut" and is not open to anyone in that regard.
0:11 stillness,
0:18 more stillness,
0:32 she is being very careful on how to phrase things. Eye movement suggests a lot of processing.
0:55 definitely lying. She does not like the show she is going on. Head moves but body doesn't. But hand movement suggests she is doing it to give to someone, not clear who that person is, not necessarily mother.
1:23 the lying period is over so she stretches her back. She really does desire healing which is what she says afterward in truthful phrase.
3:45 becomes very animated when talking about being a parent. Very positive thought for herself.

The rest of it is truthful, the body sings. Although she picks her words very very carefully when talking about her mother. Perhaps this drama with her mother is something she really does not want to have to deal with and is more interested in her future.

Courtney's chart:

So in relation to Courtney's chart. I would say that the bi quintile from Saturn to Venus means that she is likely to put herself out and any effort to avoid doing so will make her paranoid. I would say the bi quintile from Jupiter to the moon is what she is doing here with her mother, that is something she is meant to be doing this expression of her emotion (this could of course find a higher manifestation in music or another creative work, but it might not! She seems quite focused on having children and that would seem likely to stop that happening.) I wonder, if Mars in the seventh house would mean that she would push... For sex even? Which sounds counter intuitive for such a physically attractive woman.

She has this look in her face that earth signs have!

That porn film hasn't been made, the gorgeous woman putting in aggressive energy to have sex!

It is an interesting chart and she is interesting. People cannot learn from this if she had not been outgoing and honest!

To assume though she should change her behaviour and is not on her path is not an assumption I am going to make! Especially considering how young people usually stay on their path, people fall off it in my view when they get to their mid 20's because not enough support is given and the hardness of life starts to wear them down.

Sex robots:

Creepy times people:

Imagineering Institute: 40% of men 'could purchase' sex robots in five years

Daily Star: First peek inside Chinese sex robot factory making 'human-like' dolls set to 'GO GLOBAL'

Rise of the sex robots – video

Every time I talk about this on an internet forum I get a sudden ungroundedness a few hours later. Is it that women on that forum are sending me another energy? Or that it conflicts with something in my own internal nature! I think it is good to only bring this up when I have talked about in generally positive terms about sexy girls!

I am fully against sex robots! Corey Goode talks about AI's causing trouble in the secret space programs and that basically, the cylons in "Battlestar Galactica" are completely real!

But there's nothing we can do at the moment is there? Apart from watch! I would like to talk to a group of guys and find out whether they would go for this, but it is not certain I will get an answer, or an honest answer, or that I will 'go out with the guys' any time soon!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Digital revolution.

Perhaps a non publish today (once I got going though I changed that to a regular post). My change in insulin has given me such a vicious going over I don't feel quite right:

Although good news... My bloodsugars is very well controlled now and as a result I slept like a baby! It's like I'm in a healing mode. All the months of high insulin gave me loads of energy and kept me in a constant, anxious, fight or flight.

An article here that is interesting and which I will watch the video on soon:

Stillness in the Storm: Many Elite Headed to Prison for Child Sex Trafficking
Did you know that in Trump’s first 30 days in office, his people, mainly Attorney General Jeff Sessions, prosecuted 1,500 sex traffickers? To date, Trump/Sessions have prosecuted 3,500 child-sex-traffickers
However, today is very much a waning moon day. I feel very unusual. (Last day of the moon cycle, i.e. new moon cycle starts tomorrow so no new energy today).

The Benjamin Fulford blog:

On another small note Benjamin Fulford has a new webmaster who knows his stuff (it appears the old webmaster did absolutely nothing at all!) I wonder if what is happening with Benjamins comment section on his blogs is a reflection of what will happen when the hard liberal left are no longer funded!

I realise this will be a bit of a story to those who have not heard of this! For ages on this comment section, there has been a guy called Caleb Brennan with an avatar of what might be marijuana, putting out loads and loads and loads of liberal commentary. Although I simply ignored him after dealing with him proved to be impossible, whenever he engaged with people he came out with extremely nasty things, the example one woman gave was that he said that he hoped her dying mother would die sooner rather than later.

Because of Caleb, many people have left! One actually stated he/ she had left because of Caleb when the systems payments got messed up and anyone who had ever been a member was allowed to post. Many, many other have been suspected of leaving because of him.

The guy has been commenting on that blog for years!

So why did not Ben remove him?... Apparently, according to the commenters on the blog, a previous commenter that had talked to Ben (whose honesty I trust) posted a letter from Ben stating that Ben could not get rid of Caleb because he has "agency help"!

The Deep State Agenda:

I will come back to that but just to bring in another thread. Two people recently, two youtubers have talked online, on the same day, about how real protest is needed not just people going on the internet (Brittany Pettibone and Stefan Molyneux)!

It has made me wonder what is stopping this happening! There is definitely the will. Now, Bens new webmaster got a bloodied teddy bear in the mail. The deep state does not want the blog improved and the comment section flowing.

Why? Possible reasons are that a good commenting section allows people to voice opinions opposing the government. There is a pattern that freedom lovers like Breitbart and Zerohedge have a comment section while left wing outlets like the Guardian do not!

Two main reasons I can think of 1) That a good comment section attracts people and people believing in Ben and going on his site is something the Deep State would rather avoid 2) That the information shared on that comment section is also something the deep state does not want seen 3) That people gathering together, even online, is a problem that deep state would rather avoid.

I wonder about 3. In general intimidation tactics used by the left are used to stop people on the truthseeking right from gathering and certainly from protesting. Has there been a massive deep state effort to prevent precisely this? What Stefan Molyneux and Brittany Pettibone talked about in those clips? Have they deliberately set out to stop people gathering together.

I notice some strange- ish trolls on Bring4th when I was there who seemed to jump in deliberately to break things up when people seemed to agree on political ideas.

As above, so below:

The other interesting thing is that clearly how people react on a comment site like this is a microcosm of how society might react.

When the liberal left groups funding disappears what will happen?

It seemed to me that the leftists, the casual left, are not forceful people, and they do whither in the face of taking on a whole group of people who are more right wing/ pro Trump. Someone like this paid troll Caleb offers them the strength they do not have in order that their views be represented!

So will that happen in life then? Will the truthseekers become dominant and the left sort of go quiet because they aren't relying on the mainstream media anymore to bolster their strength?

The globalists, far from being god like tyrants are now more like nagging wives. Following this video from Lauren Southern on patreon:

Holy hell that photo! You can see the whole one on -->

Digital rebellion:

Anyway, as though my concentration had been broken by a great pair of breasts. At the end of this video she states:

7:10: "Until, something better comes along that replaces patreon and I've certainly heard some rumours something like that is coming along".

Patreon has been infiltrated by anti Fa. If something else does come along then the populist right movement will support it. In general, David Seaman talks about an ethereum blockchain. The technology is happening. It appears with all the assaults, the populist right movement was taken by surprise but now they have adapted, now they have gab, and minds and are taking bitcoin and ethereum seriously.

So in that way, there is some sort of push back against the deep state!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Crop circle day/ Astrology and the news cycle. (BBC drama)


So, crop circle day!

Even though very little has changed in the grand scheme of things:

Zerohedge: US Urges All Nationals In North Korea To "Depart Immediately", Bans Tourists From Visiting

and this from yesterday:

Daily Express: North Korea ‘planning another ballistic missile launch’ amid rising tensions with the US
When asked about whether the US would launch a pre–emptive military strike against the hermit kingdom, Mr Selva said: "I think we have to entertain that potential option. That would be a policy choice by the President of the United States to execute or not execute that option."
So, backing up Ben's post here [link] it looks like this is actually going to happen! This is how the Khazarian mob is going to be flushed out!

On the personal level things have changed a lot today... I have finally been able to reduce a type of insulin I use while making sure to do bloodsugars very frequently. As a result, I am really emotional! It's getting silly! I will get hold of myself momentarily and this will very likely in the long term lead to me both sleeping better and exercising easier. Also, in general I seem to be feeling less stress.

Another thing that happened today was that I was messaged by a close friend that I have been a little worried about. A liberal who, in order to remain social with others drinks a lot of alcohol! There didn't seem to be hope from what I could see of him... He has come up with the perfect solution within his belief system... He's going vegan! This is good!

News cycle:

Yesterday, I was reading about this BBC thing, about the situation with the women and men's pay:

Daily Mail: Furious women to force pay higher: Show by show, huge gender paygap at oh-so-right-on BBC laid bare - and the female stars who didn't make the list

This was the chart at the time:

Quite amazing. Venus 17 Gemini, that's the feminine instinct in the sign that is very communicative. With two other connections there... Inconjunct Pluto and Jupiter in Libra (There's May!) Then represented separately is the male free market instinct,  Mars, Sun, Uranus and Chiron. Separately from either of these is Saturn and North Node/ Mercury... I.e. EVERYONE is getting screwed over in this working culture (in my opinion that's what that means!) Neptune is sitting there all on its own!

I do not know and passionately do not care about this issue. Mainly because I want the BBC to crash and burn. (Although, if it helps in the whole North Korea propaganda I might like it a bit more! We're the bad guys now!) I have seen it said that the male stars pull people in... People like Gary Linekar; so he should be paid £2 million.

To me Gary Linekar is a waste of good oxygen I can't bring myself to respect that argument. Although Jeremy Paxman did definitely pulled in the dough. People would not have watched Newsnight without him. The public really desire to see politicians taken down a couple of pegs!

I wonder if this perspective will be brought up with other companies subjected to these rules... I.e. a female journalist who has taken several years off maternity leave so does not have the contacts to cover big stories? The potential result of all this is that the men leave places like this and go do other jobs when their wages are reduced. Or the corporations struggle financially if the females pay is increased!

Here is a rumour. But in a fast moving situation like this, it may not be correct:

Daily Mail: Ten women presenters set to sue the BBC over pay - as ITV make audacious bid for Newsnight's 'furious' Emily Maitlis

This could, by the drip, drip nibbling of ducks... Destroy the BBC!

Words of a distant land:

One of the concrete dreams I have had about the demise of the cabal specifically mentioned the BBC... Good times this is indeed!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Feminine liars in society/ All the signs/ Personal.

Body language of Antifa Girl:

Soft feminine women have caused a lot of trouble in my life previously. As I say that I remind myself there are women at work and that has no relation. However, when I put this video on an astrology site recently some of the people there did not like it. Because they did not like an older woman analysing a younger woman and put her analysis down to jealousy.

This is ironic because in general women will back up other women, a female cheater will draft in friends to help her which is why they get caught less frequently! If they are going to draft in friends who do help them then if the best moral thing to do in the situation is to tell the man involved this is DEFINITELY not going to happen.

Thus we see how karma is set.

All the signs:

All these signs I have been talking about recently... The lightning, the 21st of July Crop circle and the 21st of August eclipse. I have even looked at people I knows charts and come to the conclusion that the eclipse is in line with positive things happening such as disclosure. For me personally it closes over my sun and the solar one is in relation to highly political planets (and the asteroid to do with soulmates). Such as the planets responsible for this blog.

Closing over the Sun could mean that this sort of second personality I have had to start since my "life path" has been put off will close (including in relation to the "discipline" surrounding sexuality, it will move to another discipline), and that things will start off in earnest in relation to the solar eclipse!

Also, for a friend who does not like to look at any of these things, who "emotionally prefers" they do not exist and will not look at the possibility of societal change like I outline, the solar eclipse is opposing his Sun, as though the stuff he doesn't want to look at will get manifested via this eclipse. Someone else, a young person, whose chart I have on file the idea of the unfair wounded world may close up and ideas of a future will open up.

However, all this abstract analysis may come to nothing... I am nervous! I will start to feel a bit angry I think if nothing happens (I will have "lost polarity". What is the point of drawing a massive design in a crop circle marking a certain date and then nothing happening on that date!?


For me personally things are going great! I have been carefully managing my diabetes and today I might be able to reduce my insulin that will reduce stress and allow me to do exercise! I am also using a grounding stone all day now. I keep it in my pocket!

Ending of the full moon cycle there is absolutely nothing in the news (except this BBC thing that may cause a backlash! Good times!) If the signs are right we should be seeing a change soon and especially in relation to the EU or more specifically... The remainers!

Lightning strikes/ Geopolitics/ All the little signs

Remember the lightning strikes? 

The New World: Lightning Strikes Prophecy

There have been a few recently that have come to nothing obvious. Most notably one in Hungary has come out with nothing yet.

However, when noticed I think such events are still worth mentioning, just in case they do come to something. If the Universe went to all that trouble to give someone a sign then it is worth mentioning it at least:

As a short summary of the article, the lightning strikes usually appear just before a certain group seems to get some karma. So a month before the 2015 top lightning hit the top of the one World Trade Center. On 9/11 lightning hit a mosque in Saudi Arabia killing around 80 people and a month later the Russians went into Syria. This was the lightning on the day of the EU referendum:

... and this was the lighting yesterday:

The South of England, London, and Ireland... All very liberal and remain areas.


Some evidence and building upon what Ben has been saying... here is what he said:

Conspire Planet: "Ben Fulford says "Khazarian Mafia Defeat Certain" Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere
Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to resign after Greece exits the EU and, in exchange, the Chinese agreed to rescue Deutschebank. Deutschebank would not otherwise survive a Greek exit from the EU (71% of Greeks are against the EU and only 27% support it) because it would mean a default on Greek debt which has been used by Deutschebank (and others) to create derivative mountains. These mountains would collapse once the sand of Greek debt they are built on is removed
My emphasis!

Now of course, those who reside up their own asses, i.e. The EU, have decided they are going to investigate China and remove China's voting rights from the bank!:

Daily Express: Is the EU on brink of war with China over Germany's Deutsche Bank?

Will China pull the plug... I'm going to bet no!

All the little signs:

Definitely working in comparative darkness with only a light of a tiny candle to make my way through things. Things are looking interesting. Between the lightning, crop circles and astrology there are very big signs that something is in fact going to happen soon. However, that is exasperating isn't it!? I suppose experiencing is the way it is!

It is as though you were picking up loads of body language signals and dreams and other things from a girl that she is cheating but her friends are working very hard together to stop you finding out and so you are a little blocked.

However, eventually there will be some justice happening!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

War with North Korea/ Body language/ BBC Pay.

I passed a stoner a second ago, while I was out. My head is now throbbing because I am allergic to that stuff.

I don't at the moment know whether cannabis is a medical miracle or a substance that leans people to violence. I very much hope it is the latter and we can see users locked up.

Anyway, back to politics:

North Korea:

Benjamin Fulford: Russians Chinese and Americans plan massive campaign to flush secret Khazarian government into the open
For that reason, the Asian secret society sources say a campaign portraying North Korea as a villain will be intensified over the coming months in preparation for a short but intense war early next year. This war will not involve countries as they exist now but rather would be between hidden forces behind countries, the sources say. So the Russians, the Chinese and the Americans would attack North Korea who would be backed by secret Russian, Chinese and American factions, making it a war between secret societies rather than a traditional one between countries, the sources agree. The aim will be to force out secret groups operating behind the scenes into the open, the Asian secret society sources say.
Now let's look at North Korea's astrology chart:

Pluto... The 'what the Illuminati happen to be doing planet' is precisely on the closing eclipse on the 7th of August and Saturn is on the Solar Eclipse of the 21st August. What the new age are calling 'the disclosure eclipse'.

Also another thing I found interesting, is this absolutely fantastic body language analysis. It is something else because the subject is a good liar. Some of the people analysed believe they are telling the truth so their body signals truth, and some are bad, stupid liars and some are telling the truth. This woman though is a talented liar. She comes straight out of that pattern of women who have a lot of social practice with it:

This is almost advanced enough that I might end up using it in my daily life! Although I don't meet that many instances when people are lying because I don't have casual acquaintance friendships.

Events of the future:

Still waiting obviously on 21st of July even though I believe very strongly nothing will happen! However, the end of the moon cycle will good and there has been a lot of interesting astrological information.

Tomorrow, in line with this gender pay thing, the BBC are going to publish the salaries of their top talent... Is this a ploy to get rid of Andrew Neil? The continual efforts of the Matrix to rebel against meritocracy... "Andrew Neil is providing a better service than our remainer broadcasters and he is consequently getting more money... This is unfair... We want the remainers to be paid just as much!" I'm hoping this will collapse the BBC eventually, paying a licence fee for Graham Norton to get dumptrucks of cash to his house. I'm hoping there is a backlash.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Some astrology charts of liberals.

So, following on from yesterday then let's take a look at some liberals charts:

Liberal one: Stephen King.

Starting off with this guy, I can't remember what it was he said, perhaps something anti Trump, but it lead me to throw out the book of his I was reading:

It seems to me that Uranus is the free market right planet. It is prominent for Nigel Farage and VERY much so for Donald Trump. It is the sciency planet that likes to take in a lot of information and organically move it all around. Music, astrology itself, UFO technology etc.

When reading Stephen King books I have found an annoying sense that there are no rules. A negative being swans around with no limit on their power and they rarely seem to meet others or a like negative mind with a similar amount of power. The thing that would put those sorts of rules in is Uranus, and here Mr King has it squared and no trines to it.

Which means that there is a lot that he can do anyway. Pluto conjunct Moon, Neptune - Pluto sextile, Neptune - Venus etc. Which might characterise a negative being but he has to put effort in to give these stories structure in the deeper sense and metaphysical rules. Put simply. Stephen King can ignore the Uranus realm by being lazy! His energy system does not insist he uses the capacity in his writing or life, so we have our first liberal motivation... Laziness!

Other Liberals:

Many of these charts don't say anything in particular, let's start here:

Justin Trudeau. Here we see a similar motivation. Justin's Moon and Uranus are opposing each other. So he has the option of going with what emotionally feels easy or figuring out what is legitimately fair. He has a strongly placed Saturn that from my understanding would be able to force out the collective planets and his Pluto Mars 8th house opposition would allow deceptive agendas to grow under his consciousness.

Two more:

It's strange Kathy looks and acts similar to a Scorpio acquaintance.

J.K.Rowling has that same Saturn, very prominent. She also has a Uranus Pluto exact conjunction and a packed seventh house. Peer pressure will definitely get to her and she will likely come to the conclusion that a re- rise of the Nazi's is a real possibility!

Kathy with that Scorpio ascendant, Sun and Neptune, will have a thought process that is mysterious even to her. We still see that Saturn poking out again.

This last one here has no profile because the guy himself does not like or believe in astrology. This perhaps makes people think they should not look at his chart or worry that he is particularly bothered about giving a correct birth time...

I would note that it is likely a leftist would not believe in astrology because astrology's fundamental wisdom is that people are different. So for a leftist that wants to believe that everything is environment driven that wisdom has to be avoided!:

There is absolutely nothing in this chart that I can see that would incline someone left. Quite the contrary in fact.

... and there we go.

Social Media posting:

I don't know about you but I am getting pretty sick of liberals on social media. They will usually get angry at me for very little. A statement perhaps that I don't agree with leftism. Then they will start doing passive aggressive things. When I POLITELY respond to them they start getting angry and swearing... "Fuck off and read the Daily Fail" sort of thing. 

Then, to respond to this anger, with the energy that I might use to push a cat off the table, I then go through a long post with article references and a detailed response.

NEVER EVER do they respond to even one single point. ALMOST ALWAYS do they come back a few responses later and answer someone else and me as well with something that I have already answered in the detailed response. Such as I might say the BBC are biased and have stacked the question time panel, they will come back and say Leavers want to suffocate free speech and can't stand remainers talking... Ignoring my point on the Question Time Panel. 

Vox Day wrote a book on them, and he said part of their psychology is that they don't care about the rational argument. They only want to put you down in the moment! Which is why they lie as well. They just want you to feel bad!

Liberals... Huh!

Liberals huh?

What I am starting to find fascinating about Liberals is that... According to their body language... they actually believe what they are saying.

They are not frightened of a master that is telling them to say what they are, they are not sadistically enjoying hurting people. They actually believe in feminism, the gender wage gap, or that they are being persecuted when they are in fact being responded to for saying awful things.

Perhaps this is some variation of the Dunning Krueger effect in that I have not been able to imagine believing what liberals do. So when I imagine the mindset that would tell other people these things seriously the only thing I can come up with is to sadistically enjoy destroying society!

Kathy Griffin:

Justin Trudeau:

There are more people that she analyses and simply says: They are now in their belief system and they really believe what they are saying!

Tired of liberals:

As I was writing this, someone added a confrontational comment to something I said on youtube for the cheek of saying that while I did not agree with this persons viewpoints, they were a good comedian.

The cheek of not agreeing with leftists viewpoints.

This is all getting very samey:

Nevertheless, on an instinctual level I can feel things about to change. There is a certain pleasure in the idea these peoples legitimate belief systems will be broken!

A lot of times I seem to interact with people online or in real life and I make good points and they get passive aggressively angry. But not all people. There are some good people. But a lot are like that. In fact as I've said before the pure amount of leftist/ liberal types is just amazing.

So, I have two liberal astrology charts with times: Justin Trudeau and Kathy Griffin. Two more and I can say something about why they are the way they are!

I have also been doing the very interesting task of looking at how the eclipses will effect people I personally know. Everything seems to line up nicely!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Uncomfortable potential truths./ Change coming?

Well, my strange sexual interest over the past few days has subsided with my diabetes being under better control. I also realised that I was not aware of the copyright law, and had screenshotted peoples photos and taken photos from the internet. I am not fully sure of the copyright laws and I don't think anyone is, however, if things do suddenly transform in a more positive direction, a large number of people will go straight to David Wilcock -> Ll research -> here and if I have more positive attention I may also get people that want to snuff that out so it would be good not to give them easy targets!

Also, my audience is rising. Not a massive amount but it is definitely going up. The higher I get the more I will have to pay attention to such concerns... If I theoretically had five readers per article; I could pretty much get away with anything!

Things will never be the same again:

How strong is our commitment to truth, and to reason and evidence if that is decided to be the best way to discern it? (Occasionally I get an idea of how to argue against reason and evidence being the best method, many of my most important insights have been purely intuition and later found out to be correct. It would offer an interesting opposition to Stefan Molyneux... In good faith!)

Well, in this case, my decision over a long time has thought about who to trust and for what reason. I trust David Wilcock because intuition lead me to him in a very strong way. I have resonated fully with his information. I understand and agree with his science. I also from what he talks about believe that he tells the truth and is reasonably honest on his commitment to his spiritual path! I believe he genuinely believes he cannot do bad things because karma will get him.

Thus I have a spring board under which to evaluate further information. For instance, the Law of One that I also intuitively resonated with strongly and intuitively understand, says certain things about the way the world works and I can use those understandings to increase my understanding of other conspiracy related subjects.

David Wilcock will back certain other people. So he backs Benjamin Fulford, he backs Corey Good and William Thompkins. Benjamin Fulford comes out with a lot of strange things, some of which are proven to be likely not true or opposed by other researchers. However, I do not think something Benjamin Fulford says that he has witnessed and experienced is a lie! That information is not of the same order as that which he gets second hand. So the information he gave about a black malevolent entity that was challenged by a positive spirit and disappeared through the Norway Spiral is very likely correct. It also makes sense from my understanding of spirits etc. and it's effect on everyone else.

David Icke I trust because you can see and feel where his information is but mostly, because what he says he has backed up with good research. On the "reason and evidence" idea David Icke is doing well, despite how that would sound counter intuitive from a mainstream perspective. When David Icke says he has met multiple people that have seen something and that he backs up with research related to ancient cultures and myths, I tend to think there is a good possibility he is correct.

So here are two videos:

The important point here is that he says at 1:30 that he has talked to many people that have witnessed this. David Icke has talked about this a few times and has other videos on this.

Next one:

The impact of this information has left me with a very uncomfortable feeling but the arguments against it are weak. David Wilcock was very much against this theory saying that physical matter does not work like that. He has nothing scientific to back it up (Pisces that he is). However, two things then happen that David does not comment on: Corey's peer Gonzales gains access to information that the Alliance caught a Reptilian and opened it up and they found out it was an AI. Obviously a very sophisticated one.

Corey also states that there was a human that was also a Reptilian. David asked him about this and Corey says 'it was probably a hybrid' (which is what David Icke is arguing, that Reptilians mated with humans to create a bloodline, and that this is why the royals keep to mating with their own family).

In this video, at 13 minutes...   

Alex and Dolly talk about Obama and Hillary smelling very bad. Like a dead pig or 'Sulfer' (Reptilian?)

Stillness in the Storm: "Benjamin Fulford March 30th 2015: Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers
The Japanese Yakuza once told me they killed George Bush Sr. and he was replaced by a clone. I heard something similar from the British. I also heard that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was replaced by a clone. There is no need to invoke the supernatural or unknown science to explain how this could be possible. It would simply be a matter of finding several identical people and grooming them to act like a leader during public events. The real leaders could then write the “acting presidents’” scripts from behind the scenes without fear of assassination
So, there we have it! I still don't have a strong commitment but in my opinion, the evidence leans in favour of reptilians!

Also, Germany has basically been given over to the globalists by the sound of it:

This is in the run up to the election. Merkel is hoping people are too afraid to express support for non liberal policies so they do not vote for them. I wonder what the Chinese will have to say about that or if this is indeed accurate information:

Conspire Planet Blogspot: "Ben Fulford says "Khazarian Mafia Defeat Certain" Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere
Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to resign after Greece exits the EU and, in exchange, the Chinese agreed to rescue Deutschebank. Deutschebank would not otherwise survive a Greek exit from the EU (71% of Greeks are against the EU and only 27% support it) because it would mean a default on Greek debt which has been used by Deutschebank (and others) to create derivative mountains. These mountains would collapse once the sand of Greek debt they are built on is removed

The change'a coming!

Normally, when I think of political events there is a point in the future I am looking forward to where some change is likely to happen, a referendum or something like that.

Now, there is no hint of change in the real world although there is very powerful information regarding astrology... As I've mentioned often. More mystical signs.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Courtney Stoddens chart/ The myth of the sociopath/ Approaching future.


I notice, that during political conversations if 'sex' is at al mentioned it kind of cheapens the conversation a lot of the time. Because sex is so basic, animalistic and it does not take in the interesting realities of power plays (women teasing has ended it's life I think!) I notice this firstly with my diary where a knock on effect from my most important project at the moment, my bloodsugars, has lead me to write a few times in there 'I'm thinking about sex' etc. This has lead from a very interesting document that I was first writing, littered with conversations about things that might be in Benjamin Fulfords blog, down to a kind of boring slightly pathetic document!

Such is the way, talk of sex cheapens things.

Courtney Stodden:

Yesterday, I think I made some fairly on point notes about the power of feminine charm on the consciousness of society. However, I notice that even though I first looked at that girl from overpowering attraction, once I get absorbed in someones chart that 'lower' emotion starts to become more intelligent and I habitually think of such a person from the way THEY experience reality. This post on Courtney is from a woman, i.e. one of those beings not troubled by sex when looking at another woman:

ElsaElsa Blog: Courtney Stodden’s Natal Chart and Transits
We can make a case for her liking older men with the Sun opposing Saturn, but she needs to own her Saturn and get to know her Virgo Sun. All that showcasing of her body won’t give the Virgo what she really needs…. To be respected for her MIND. And, if her Moon is squared by Saturn natally, she may be trying to stave off depression by getting attention in a way that is actually quite undermining.
 Here's her chart again:

The grand water trine! That is partly where all the sexuality is coming from! This girl is probably pretty intense one on one!

The point on feminism... While feminism is in my view a deeply destructive ideology closely related to globalism (although whether it did so before it was infiltrated by the CIA and redirected by Gloria Steinman is not clear!). Feminism as Courtney sometimes uses it, is to defend herself dressing pleasingly, against the creepy angry public; the public that is highly influenced by body positivity movements... I.e. if you are a fat thing then you should be proud of your body, but if you are attractive you should be ashamed! Socialism in terms of sexual energy! This is why deception of language can be so confusing!

I very much like women dressing pleasingly, I can control myself, and when they do not because of "slut shaming" then... That is a shame! (I do separately define "pleasingly" and "vulgarly")!

The myth of the sociopath:

I'm starting to get tired of this sociopath idea. When looking at body language there is a lot of crap that is spread about it. There is a lot of crap that is spread by body language guru's anyway. No matter that it is said that someone like Ted Bundy does not have subconcious tells he is lying because he is a psychopath, by idiots. When someone suitably talented comes along they read just like an open book:

Also the mythology of Ted Bundy confuses the interpretation of his actions. In his last interview it is known that he started off taking responsibility for his crimes (which is just a little commendable) but by the end of the interview to satisfy the Christian guy counselling him he blamed all his crime on pornography. (Of which there was no evidence. There was no violent pornography at his home. There were cheerleader magazines for twelve year old girls).

Perhaps he was just too weak to stand his ground? I seriously don't take all these statements of him being a master manipulator. 

Then, if you look at this one, I don't know whether this woman would be considered a sociopath but psychological traits that every day people experience are explained in the psychology of killers:

The Future:

There is an ebb and flow that I feel when looking at the world, especially when looking at astrology also. Rather like 'it is always darkest before the dawn'... Another obvious thing will be that before a change things will seem very stagnant... Because the forces resisting change will give out all at once and will effectively stop any change happening until they are overpowered. It's like a tide struggling against a damn.

When the next change happens after all this stagnation... It will be one that impacts liberals I think. A strike! A moment where their argument is obviously lost... That's just how it feels!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Slacktivist feminism.

A little nervous about this post. I have seen a small increase in my readership lately, however, that seems to have gone back down! It is VERY unlikely that the woman I am going to mention here will ever read this, however, it is not impossible. The girl in question also doesn't have as large a twitter following as one might think, and is a little insecure and unpredictable. So even though it is unlikely she will click on my profile when I like a post of hers... It is not IMPOSSIBLE!

Courtney Stodden:

Introducing you to someone you already know Courtney Stodden. She is referenced on in the '15 minutes of fame' category and has pushed her way through partly with reality shows:

I don't know about you but I feel a little uneasy from this chart. I think it's the eighth house Virgo with those connections just makes me feel like I might fancy the girl and then be 'judged' on that sexuality (but that is of course just an impression).

Anyway, so here she is:

There was a time when I was young where I would idealise a girl and think she was sweet etc. Now I have a bit of a defense mechanism. I say to myself that she is 'genetically healthy' which grounds down what the situation really is!

I referenced the whole article to avoid copyright claims of just yanking the photo out, like I normally do! (Although that would be fine under 'fair use')

The point is, that in comparison to Kylie Jenners photos with Mars on the MC here [link], we can see that Courtney is taking photos that seem far more Venusian, and she has Venus in the tenth house.

Her whole 'business personality' is extremely Venusian, she hopes to capture a certain Marilyn Monroe effect!

What I wanted to emphasize here is loyalty to progressive causes:


Perhaps this is due to low education:

These are a few other times where mens biological tendency not to dislike girls might get in their own way:

A) Megyn Kelly:

B) Assad attack girl:

And this is the point here:

Conservative Woman: Nick Booth: Even pretty, middle class blondes have fallen for Jeremy

Attack of globalism:

The four headed horseman of the apocalypse, the four negative things intent on destroying our society is thus:

A) State supremacists: Marxists, Communists. 

B) Female supremacists: Feminists

C) Racial supremacists: I.e. if Muslims or blacks commit a crime it was because of bad upbringing and they should be released, or not even recognised ("racist.") If white people say something on facebook they should be, and are, jailed.

D) Climate fanatics.

Out of these, feminists are the least easy for people to get to grips with in my opinion. Although the antifa are out for C, on the domestic level no one in their right mind thinks English girls should be slave trafficked to keep Muslim rape gangs happy, like Antifa do. However, the power of women (the vagina) over the minds of men is quite complete.

The point on Megyn Kelly was according to the video, she is often relying on her feelings about events not actual memories and is NOT AWARE SHE IS LYING! Although she clearly has bias. This increases the danger, this whole dark unconscious process of societal destruction being aided by people that genuinely don't know they are doing something wrong!

Even when I know that young girl is a crisis actor I cannot bring myself to dislike her and my inner tendency to want to look after girls was present. In essence if I were to meet Ms Stodden I would have little power in the environment that globalists/ feminists have created. The creeping government squid that destroys business and taxes everyone to the hilt has done its work well. The poison of feminists on the domestic level in the court and education system has broken many men. 

If a normally attractive woman can bend the mind of a man to first stop talking about right wing ideas, and then little by little consider her perspective on a very shallow interpretation of "fairness"; then Ms Stodden, assuming she can lay aside her insecurity, will be able to do the same to a higher degree to a more powerful man, and there are many, many very attractive left wing women that can do this.


These are some dark thoughts but there is hope. This female preference that adds to a monster that exists on a more abstract level can be opposed, and that is in the material manifestation that both sides are forced to take in the political arena. Nothing a man can say to a woman/ feminist will get to her because A) As seen by the false assault claim on Donald Trump the media and establishment will back up the woman, she has the power of the state at her finger tips, as feminists desire; B) Related but not exactly the same, on the psychological level a girl will defend herself against criticism by claiming the status of 'victim' and saying the man is a "misogynist'! 

However, a political loss will impact these girls in a real way so, that is the way that the world itself will strike back at this passive aggression that cannot be directly opposed in a lot of cases!