Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Feminine liars in society/ All the signs/ Personal.

Body language of Antifa Girl:

Soft feminine women have caused a lot of trouble in my life previously. As I say that I remind myself there are women at work and that has no relation. However, when I put this video on an astrology site recently some of the people there did not like it. Because they did not like an older woman analysing a younger woman and put her analysis down to jealousy.

This is ironic because in general women will back up other women, a female cheater will draft in friends to help her which is why they get caught less frequently! If they are going to draft in friends who do help them then if the best moral thing to do in the situation is to tell the man involved this is DEFINITELY not going to happen.

Thus we see how karma is set.

All the signs:

All these signs I have been talking about recently... The lightning, the 21st of July Crop circle and the 21st of August eclipse. I have even looked at people I knows charts and come to the conclusion that the eclipse is in line with positive things happening such as disclosure. For me personally it closes over my sun and the solar one is in relation to highly political planets (and the asteroid to do with soulmates). Such as the planets responsible for this blog.

Closing over the Sun could mean that this sort of second personality I have had to start since my "life path" has been put off will close (including in relation to the "discipline" surrounding sexuality, it will move to another discipline), and that things will start off in earnest in relation to the solar eclipse!

Also, for a friend who does not like to look at any of these things, who "emotionally prefers" they do not exist and will not look at the possibility of societal change like I outline, the solar eclipse is opposing his Sun, as though the stuff he doesn't want to look at will get manifested via this eclipse. Someone else, a young person, whose chart I have on file the idea of the unfair wounded world may close up and ideas of a future will open up.

However, all this abstract analysis may come to nothing... I am nervous! I will start to feel a bit angry I think if nothing happens (I will have "lost polarity". What is the point of drawing a massive design in a crop circle marking a certain date and then nothing happening on that date!?


For me personally things are going great! I have been carefully managing my diabetes and today I might be able to reduce my insulin that will reduce stress and allow me to do exercise! I am also using a grounding stone all day now. I keep it in my pocket!

Ending of the full moon cycle there is absolutely nothing in the news (except this BBC thing that may cause a backlash! Good times!) If the signs are right we should be seeing a change soon and especially in relation to the EU or more specifically... The remainers!

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