Sunday, 2 July 2017

Where do all the rejects gather?

I'm up late because of bad bloodsugars. This is not good.

So I have come on here for another post that is probably another non publish (turned out to be interesting in my view so I will put it up), so since I've already posted today plus I am not going to post this one further, it is very unlikely anyone will read it!

I have been reflecting all of a sudden about my past, and what this shift means.

It has struck me for a long time that there are certain people that... for lack of a better term, are "right" in that they support anti globalist free market ideas... and there are those fighting against them that the establishment has usually supported. They are "wrong" and who arrogantly believe they are right because that's what stupid people do.

There is also a concerted effort on behalf of the globalists to make sure that people who perform best are not rewarded for it. Because people who perform best are probably opposing the globalists. This happens in a lot of ways:

A) In corporate life it is well known that sometimes people like to promote idiots to get them out of their team and keep intelligent people down so they can gain from them working for them.

B) Classic normal leftism. Tax the rich, the people who have worked for their money, and give it to immigrants (in the UK, the welfare budget for London is higher than the military budget, London has the highest UK population of immigrants), or the military for wars like Iraq, or foreign aid for vaccines, or banks and corporations, or feminists, etc.

C) In studies of IQ high IQ people often perform better at their jobs but are not rewarded for it.

D) People in the alternative media struggle because their is an effort to censor them and assault their ideas so their ideas do not spread as easily as they should.

Of course as the shift happens, and the movement to a golden race (ascended beings) this will very much reverse. The world of people will go into the past and discover, the Edgar Cayce readings, David Icke, the Law of One, David Wilcock and all the bloggers such as Jorden Salter and Benjamin Fulford. All of a sudden these people will have been right. The trusted news sources will become zerohedge, Breitbart, The Rebel and Infowars.

For me personally though I have been reflecting...

It seems to me that when someone loves or hates us from afar, or has some sort of emotional reaction to us life will find a way to communicate that, so if I have a young woman in one place sending love then I will likely meet other women like her!

This is part of the substructure I think as to why people do not change a great deal.

Also our own energy can of course influence things, and we might have people who are from a similar soul group or resonance to us. So when they meet us they influence energy in a way not the same as previous energy sending!

This is also why sometimes opposing others is so satisfying, because you are actually opposing on some level an energy sent by someone who has more commitment than the uninteresting and seemingly random example in front of you.

This is just interesting. It further seems to me that the people who have not been treated well by our society, will all have clustered under the same political views. So people who have had loads of immigrants move into their area will all be voting free market libertarian right. People who have never experienced any problem from immigration and who have the general view they have profitted from it and would like to keep that going will vote left.

The whole thing just leaves an interesting idea that the right will suddenly have more power! I have been going through my previous social experiences. Aside from a group of core friends, each group of people has kind of disintegrated. Sometimes I have been the problem (especially when I was younger) and sometimes they have. Sometimes it's nobodies problem.

Out of the people, and groups of people, that definitely cause non necessary difficulty, I wonder if any change in society would give the people who have been wronged concrete power over those who wronged them? What about when the connection was positive and then someone went psycho, and effected an entire group?

A lot of quite frankly unanswerable questions!

When big events happen, in a persons astrology it can be seen for years beforehand. If big events are due to happen we should be feeling a shuddering in the force right about now.

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