Saturday, 29 July 2017

Good times, bullet pointed insights.

Over the past few days, Thursday morning before I went to work I slept one hour, then did nine hours work, including having timed my lantas wrong and having my bloodsugars shoot up into the stratosphere temporarily (which sucks up energy), then I had five hours sleep, woke up at 1am and did six hours work, then went out with friends, got home at 23:00, and went to bed just after 1am.

So I was quite tired towards the end of that!

So tired in fact, that I was almost having a mystical experience by the end of the night. Feeling my way through things in a kind of subconscious way about the reality of life. Also, I sometimes now have a crystal in my pocket to keep me grounded. Even though it is a crystal to supposedly keep me grounded, i.e. attention on real world things, which it does, it also creates a subtle comfort with psychic abilities and thinking!

This blog also really captures something about what I was thinking last night, my comment on it summarises some of it but really it cannot be put into words:

ElsaElsa: Life, Death & Real Connection

So, I am still tired, a small insight I've had about this is an incorrect assumption I have very often made. When I have slept badly or am tired for some reason I think to myself that when I get to sleep the problem will be over. But in actual fact, sleeping once doesn't end a period of tiredness, also, eating properly needs to happen and it is useful to sleep in order to relax and then rest a day in order to relax further. The fight/ flight impulse does not just disappear!

So I'm going to run down my thoughts in bullet point form rather than being able to put them into full sentences:
  • Previously having been worried about potential political conversations with people that have been fairly left previously. This is not a problem. A guy who lives on welfare unrepentantly is converting would be heart on sleevers to the hard right so efficiently I can only put my hat off to him (but will refrain from doing so to his face); and another who is de converting from liberal thinking and is a real power socially. Partly because of the BBC's attitude towards the acid attacks in London.
  • North Korea. Clearly big news here. I need to read articles on this.
  • Trump, Preibus, General Sessions and Kelly! GET IN THERE!
  • Doing a major re- write, perhaps even complete re- write of a counting system as I learn the basics of why a counting system is as it is. I have done it previously where every number is one symbol but I realise it cannot be like that. In order to have division, as in dividing and probably the other functions to (multiplying, addition etc.) a numerical system cannot have just one symbol!
  • Krysten Ritters astrology chart. Pluto in seventh!
More and more it seems like the alternative right youtube community is a real community. Videos are becoming less militant now, more chatty.

As well with that mystical experience from tiredness, I feel very sure that things are going to work out. I feel sure that the forces beyond our world are quite aware that justice needs to be served. That is not just an emotion that we feel.

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