Monday, 31 July 2017

The constantly terrifying news, evidence of slow movements of change.

So, according to Thomas Wictor, this is the event that Trump has been deliberately creating press to stop people noticing:

Arab News: Saudi crown prince meets with Iraq's Moqtada Al-Sadr

This is apparently big news in healing the Sunni - Shia divide.


Information at the moment is very dark. It only seems to be getting darker.

Especially when we are young I think we want things to come into our lives that are a result of an outpouring of love in some form even if we don't cognicize that specifically. For instance, a young person may want to become a healer, or a musician or something where we are taken on a magical path and things work out. Perhaps we change the world. Or the more classic dream of getting your ideal mate. Either gender dreams of attention, good sex, and status that comes from this.

However, sometimes it does work out but very often it doesn't. The reason it doesn't is that although the energy in most cases is there (I assume unless our ideas are very unrealistic), that in some place the love that we would have had has been stamped down upon! For instance, when I was young I dreamed of healing my diabetes and then starting an organisation to help others do the same, yet somewhere, wherever the cure actually is, it has been stamped down upon most likely be a corporation.

There is less and less of this energy. This 'love'. It can come in the form of money or relationships. It often relates to general 'security'. But it seems like, as I have said before there are less and less people that are given opportunities and aren't suffering some sort of difficulty!

This has lead to the fact in my personal life that when I sometimes relax, after all the painful weird stuff I have absorbed over probably years now, there is a kind of terror I feel inside myself. We are designed to relate easily and socially with those around us and to be with whoever we are meant to be with in both relationships and friendships... Our equals but often, because life plans are being thrown off at the moment, we are with different groups of people.

But the point is that this constant inflow of global news is not something I think is natural. It is an adaption to circumstance. Definitely all the scary information I absorb about Islam, immigration, Satanism, paedophilia etc. can weigh on a person and so sometimes when I go to sleep I feel that fear.

I also if I have not been beyond a certain good point I have nightmares and also, for some reason that may be related I get a kind of sleep paralysis.

This I think is the spirit not connecting properly with the body and it is massively helped by keeping with me a black stone a healer once gave me. It grounds me so that I can feel my root chakra cleaning out all the terrifying things in my mind! It also keeps a person in their body so could possibly oppose this sleep paralysis!

Thoughts on the future, politics and astrology!

I wonder if the coming lunar eclipse which I talk about as closing a pattern is to do with stopping commenting on the internet so frequently for me personally! A Full moon with the moon in Aquarius in the eleventh house would suggest this!

I have heard two good things from the British government recently .One is that they are going to stop some of the foreign aid and another is that immigration will stop after 2019! I wonder sometimes though whether part of the EU and remainers strategy is to go in with a "high number" in order that people accept a not so good number as a victory. For instance, really it is not any good that labour dumping has to continue anyway past even June 23rd 2016! Or failing that at least when article 50 was triggered. But now that the remainers made such a fuss about "five more years of free movement" people will accept this as a victory!

Really we're all obviously hoping mega things will change sooner! There is another article/ angle on North Korea recently and that is that South Korea is getting ready for regime change in it's neighbour! The trouble is, previously in the summer, Benjamin Fulford has mentioned that the cabal and alliance have called a truce over the summer to relax over the summer holidays! There were no terror attacks for the summer when he said that. I wonder if they are going to do the same thing again! It's probably a yearly ritual.

Nevertheless, things feel like they're moving, and we have the solar eclipse to look forward to. Not sure what that will bring!

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