Sunday, 23 July 2017

The chilling effect bad people have on the world.

I used to get people reading all at once however, now I get about a third of my audience reads up on what I have to say a few hours after I post! :).

Really had to rush this morning my alarm didn't go off.

Also, I have quite a lot to say today, probably won't be able to fit it all in! That sounds like some very rude innuendo!

Dreams and creepy stuff:

Yesterday I dreamt that
I was going some place, then I wanted to go forward in the sea to an empty island. Someone stopped me and I stopped on a sofa while a sort of committee decided if I could proceed. 
The island filled with young naked boys. That I was not interested in but I did believe I had to continue forward to the island and possibly past it. I was asked if I masturbate, and I told them I did three times today, and I was deemed too sexual to go.
That I think was a metaphor that I am less dirty in real life than I perceive that I am, because in real life I do not masturbate.

I did the astrology for this dream, having been advised previously that you can do one for a dream. Which I think is pretty fantastic although it does give a tendency of getting overly lost in the metaphysics of it all. I recall even the Human design chart mentioned dreaming astrology!

But, what the dream seemed to be saying to me was that my ambition to move forward is, like probably a lot of peoples, blocked until the globalists are out of the way and the metaphorical island, and the bureaucrats are cleared!

I do also believe that this video is related to that dream. Because I liked Linkin Park a lot when I was young but I threw it aside after I sensed something demonic coming from the music, and I felt that listening to it was throwing me off my path! Analysing the lyrics confirmed this:

Hmm.... Dark stuff. It has put together a whole bunch of theories for me. For instance, I used to believe that people were pretty much on their 'path' so to speak when they are young, but it seems to me likely that I was off my path often when I was young and some of the reason for that stems from the very unpleasant effect of the fear and social chilling that paedophilia has had on England (older people talk about Western countries being a lot more pleasant and free decades before I was born).

Ben Fulford has already produced his blog today! Exciting times!

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