Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Lightning strikes/ Geopolitics/ All the little signs

Remember the lightning strikes? 

The New World: Lightning Strikes Prophecy

There have been a few recently that have come to nothing obvious. Most notably one in Hungary has come out with nothing yet.

However, when noticed I think such events are still worth mentioning, just in case they do come to something. If the Universe went to all that trouble to give someone a sign then it is worth mentioning it at least:

As a short summary of the article, the lightning strikes usually appear just before a certain group seems to get some karma. So a month before the 2015 top lightning hit the top of the one World Trade Center. On 9/11 lightning hit a mosque in Saudi Arabia killing around 80 people and a month later the Russians went into Syria. This was the lightning on the day of the EU referendum:

... and this was the lighting yesterday:

The South of England, London, and Ireland... All very liberal and remain areas.


Some evidence and building upon what Ben has been saying... here is what he said:

Conspire Planet: "Ben Fulford says "Khazarian Mafia Defeat Certain" Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere
Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to resign after Greece exits the EU and, in exchange, the Chinese agreed to rescue Deutschebank. Deutschebank would not otherwise survive a Greek exit from the EU (71% of Greeks are against the EU and only 27% support it) because it would mean a default on Greek debt which has been used by Deutschebank (and others) to create derivative mountains. These mountains would collapse once the sand of Greek debt they are built on is removed
My emphasis!

Now of course, those who reside up their own asses, i.e. The EU, have decided they are going to investigate China and remove China's voting rights from the bank!:

Daily Express: Is the EU on brink of war with China over Germany's Deutsche Bank?

Will China pull the plug... I'm going to bet no!

All the little signs:

Definitely working in comparative darkness with only a light of a tiny candle to make my way through things. Things are looking interesting. Between the lightning, crop circles and astrology there are very big signs that something is in fact going to happen soon. However, that is exasperating isn't it!? I suppose experiencing is the way it is!

It is as though you were picking up loads of body language signals and dreams and other things from a girl that she is cheating but her friends are working very hard together to stop you finding out and so you are a little blocked.

However, eventually there will be some justice happening!

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