Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Astrology and new sources of information.

Things, for no apparent reason, are just starting to feel a little dark.

Perhaps it's memories from past negative events that are bothering me, or my lack of tidying prowess giving me allergic reactions to dust, or work troubles, or lack of socialising resulting partly in opposing the left wing norm; or the drip drip negative effect of political vacuousness in helping anyone, or it's the emotional effect from the darkness of the news I am looking at; or it's the lack of hope in change that I have held for so long, with every update from Benjamin Fulford, or lack of update from David Wilcock, and new conspiracy information seems to say that... Yet again nothing is happening because for some reason, it is just not the done thing for the people who have the power to do anything about the Deep State to in fact do anything about the Deep State that will pay off before the year 3000.

But whatever it is, and it is probably a combination of these and other things potentially; the emotional effect is to feel a background energy of a real destructive malice that is never that far away from destroying life, anything good, and not for any real reason that would make sense to someone like me.

I had forgotten when doing my astrology that my Mercury, that transiting Mercury is now conjunct, is also conjunct Lilith. This is probably Lilith speaking!


In line with my astrology that I did for myself for today a few days ago, I have actually found more information today that is a majorly interesting new source that I will just talk about in a bit.

First, I have had a massive insight in relation to personal astrology that's coincidence is unfathomable... The previous two eclipses, on February 11th and February 26th both happened on very important days for me.

February 11th was when I went on holiday from work to finally have a rest but the problems there lead to me using the time to try and get a new job. February 26th was roughly when I started that new job!

Eclipses are interesting and are one of those things that astrologers are prone to mystify. However, my intuition has lead me to believe that the actual truth of them is fairly simple because any attempt to over- research these leads me to feel very off. I have gone with Jessica Adams basic explanation of them.

To learn about them, observing personal experience is always a good way to go. The Full moon eclipse of 11th February was in my 11th house at 22 Aquarius. The New moon Eclipse of the 26th of February was in my 12th house at 8 Pisces.

This makes sense. I tend to think Eclipses are things that are hidden but that nevertheless, we know what they mean. In the same way that I know the sun is there even if the moon is in front of it!

Simply put, the eleventh house is about groups of people and I was leaving partly because of high turnover... I.e. a group of people. Also though a hidden aspect of this is that the place I was working was getting filled with Polish immigrants and the Spanish and English had already left in most cases.

The new moon in my twelfth house is things that are hidden. Things that do not get dealt with so are put in the 12th house so they can be dealt with and are not let go. 12th house inconjuncts my natal Venus. It may be all the feminism stuff I have absorbed, seeing it's application in real time or lack thereof, also leftism; that is a hint but basically I don't want to talk about what I think it is yet but the placement I think is accurate.

The August 21st one is the one all the astrologers are looking for. Although the August 7th one goes off next to my Sun!

Michael Shrimpton:

I have been watching my transits and today is a Mercury on Mercury conjunction. Today I also found this absolutely fantastic speaker and researcher:

Youtube: Richie Allen Show: Michael Shrimpton In Sensational Claim That ISIS Cell Accidentally Started Grenfell Tower Fire!

This guy writes articles on Veterans today and really lifts the lid on what is going on in the British government [Link]. He really feels like an "insider".

He has written a book and advertised it on Project Camelot of all places and he explains that a German intelligence organisation called GO2 is the deep state in the UK. These are the bad guys. They are the ones that decide where Jihadi attacks are going to be. They are the ones that try and sabotage investigations etc.

Probably this has some link to a Neo Nazism.

What is relevant here though for me is that the transits, that when I looked at them I imagined it would be the mainstream news that would make things easier for me to express myself. But it wasn't, the jewel came from the alternative and I am reminded that the dichotomy between mainstream news and the rest of us doesn't really exist. It is false, it is only our conditioning that believes that!

The rest.

There is some interesting news on the EU [Link], and also in accord with Shrimpton, it seems to me that the negotiations are being legitimately done and Theresa is anti deep state.

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