Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Numberical system/ Corporate America/ War on North Korea!

Wow, a little tired because I thought I had everything right with my diabetes. But I do have to do yet more in sorting out my diet now. First medication... Now diet. Trying to get good long term carbohydrate every day after I ate chips and it messed with me.

But I have so much to say today!

Base 6 system:

The main thing that has taken my interest is that Pete Peterson says he has a friend who is soon to publish a book about how a base 3 or base 6 counting system is the natural counting system. This is absolutely amazing and is why a circle, time and many other things are naturally devided up in 6 systems.

I have been creating in my head this system, because I can't wait for the people at Gaia or Michael Salla to deem the little people worthy of the information and to talk about it. So under my system todays date (not including 2017 I haven't got there yet) would be adas-tras. One hundred and fourty four would be silo and one hundred and fourty five would be silo-eek-das. Or perhaps silo- das for short!

It really does transform the brain. Pete Peterson explained that a lot of things work well with this system including that pie is an integer, you don't need infinity and David Wilcock explained if you use it and you create a computer with this code rather than binary code (so 0,1,2) the technology is so sophisticated it is capable of independent thought.

I have been using it so far with my system, of course it is not yet very far advanced and it starts to divide your perspective up into threes. Which is a far more natural way. If you think about a phone we do it naturally anyway but a phone has that extra one digit that screws up numbers! Another thing is that there are three different elements of people, Wisdom, Power and Love. I do wonder if dividing people up in relation to threes will have a different effect!

Obviously it is in the zodiac as well!

Corporate America:

Another interesting thing I've noticed is after I found out that America has been a corporation since 1971 I did a chart for it... Annoyingly I don't have a time:

This one fits far more to me than America's normal one. The moon is at the end of Pisces in conjunction with Chiron right now and this is the Russia stuff in my view. Pluto is in Taurus and that can relate to money and greed! Uranus has just passed over Neptune and things were very mysterious in relation to the free market right around that time with not so much hope for America!

This is the one I will assume America is from now on!

War on North Korea:

Yesterday I saw an article on zerohedge about how China is getting its border ready for war in North Korea and I saw three war mongering articles on the Express today. As said in this article followed up from Bens blog [link]. That looks like a "go" to me!

Anyway, so that's it. Run down of how things are in the world of new age wonders and geo politics!

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