Wednesday, 31 August 2016

End of the moon cycle.

New moon is tomorrow:

Sun, Neptune and Saturn are all in strong aspect. We can expect a bit of conflict this cycle and also a mysterious tendency for things to just infuriatingly feel like they cannot be understood. There is a connection with social justice warriors or Extra Terrestrial information.

Also, an ongoing focus on the future of us as a whole.

The deep and dark mysterious Plutonian depths are lightly aspected.

The way the Saturn aspect expressed itself last time was news on Hillary Clintons health... This makes sense in a way I have just noticed. She IS the tyrannical Saturnian power keeping truth back from society.

In general though, things feel stuck. But to me something is obvious. Even though the negative is stuck and not doing anything, the positive is busy planning for the next big thing.

My last astrology predictions had the closing cycle, the 25th abouts, as being wobble time for the markets. It did go down a little around that time but hardly at all, certainly not a big drop!

I am going to a trading seminar today. A free event so it is very likely to be a ponzi scheme of some sort, or have another agenda. However, I am still excited... It will likely still be informative even if there is a little attempt at manipulation.

(Later admission, did not go to this seminar. Had not prepared properly.)

Monday, 29 August 2016

Murky history.

Still it appears I do not have a great deal to say... I suppose that the market constantly doing absolutely nothing, plus being under a bit more strain than normal due to work issues, has lead to a kind of 'short squeeze' on my ideas:

I've been looking at, and questioning around this Ibn Ishaq character who was Muhammeds first biographer that later scholars disagreed with him. I have been trying to find out why the later scholars did disagree with him from a scholastic viewpoint but I have found out little so far, two ideas:

A) Ishaqs work were uncomplimentary to Muhammed.
B) That the 'lying Jews' gave Ishaq the wrong accounts.

There are also other claims against Ishaq from sites like this that disagree with Ishaq for reasons like this (among others):

(B) That he held the view that Man has free will, which is kind of contrary to the Quranic perception.

The heresy!

There are, it has been explained to me, other reasons that Ishaq is not a good source. Legitimate ones. Something to do with something called the 'chains of transmission'. But without knowing what that is I cannot comment.

Regardless, this entry is not really about deciding such specific things that can never necessarily be solved. I simply wanted to share something I heard about Ishaq's account of when the Prophet Muhammed (;)) experienced his first encounter with the angel:

He was meditating in a cave as he had done for 15 years. An 'Angel' appeared to him and told him to read something, he refused without being given a reason. The Angel pressed his finger against Muhammeds chest and he felt like he was going to die. But he still refused to read when the Angel asked him to again and this happened twice more.

After all this he ran home to his wife and asked her to cover him with sheets because he was so scared. His wife convinced him that it was the Angel Gabriel and although the "Angel" never identified him/ herself so, this was what Muhammed later chose to believe.

Scary stuff!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Another idea on Islam.

This is quite a big one for me:


A) 1400 Girls abused at Rotherham according to articles on the subject.
B) 1400 Paedophiles in an investigation into the Saville- esque area.
C) 1400 Reign of Muslim conquest following death of Muhammed.

So here is the video:

It seems to check out, the bits I have checked so far anyway. Firstly, any followers of David Wilcock and Cayce material know that the hebrew word for Lucifer there is very similar to a demonic name connected to this material.

The bit at the beginning is backed up with sources (including sources considered to be legitimately Islamic not those such as Ashaq's work), here:

Answering Islam: Will Islam Be Our Future? A Study of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology

From the religion of peace website as well:
The Quran never once speaks of Allah's love for non-Muslims, but it speaks of Allah's cruelty toward and hatred of non-Muslims more than 500 times.
This theology hold that there will be a Muslim antichrist named the Dajjal. Who will go different places healing the sick, but will not be allowed into Mecca, Medina or Damascus!

The Muslims will declare war on this figure, then the Muslim Jesus will come down to earth in support of the Mahdi. Support the Muslims against the Dajjal. Say that he was not killed on the crucifix and is not the son of god, break the cross and repeal the Jizrah... Thereby converting by violence the entire world to Islam.

I don't really have words for this.

It makes me wonder how fortunate it was for Muhammed to have incarnated in Mecca, otherwise the Saudi Arabian empire may have run out of money before now.

Law of One comments to note:

A) We will not comment on this or that Christian text because to do so would be to be seen to judge.
B) The two fifth density positive wanderers on Venus who managed to graduate to fourth density negative were able to do so through 'holy war'. They would 'merely' be considered despots who waged holy war if incarnate on earth today.
C) We will not comment on any unusual fifth density negative wanderers in your historical past because we perceive potential harm within the answer.
D) In defining service to others or service to self one of the positive things to consider is if the descriptive term helps you distinguish between those two polarities in the behaviour of others.
E) The crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater which explained some Law of One concepts explained the negative hates and perverts positive things such as, in the fictional example given, the crucifix.

I just wanted to add this at the end for a little on topic light heartedness!:

Later update: The section on the 'Muslim Jesus' was partly from Abu Dawud. That some Muslims do not believe to be legitimate.

Another later update... So perhaps Islam has not always been like this? If it has not been an aggressive religion and was once a place of real culture and positivity (Persia) that changes the narrative a bit don't you think?

That's what David Starky says:

Saturday, 27 August 2016

A little good news.

The little bit of good news is this:

Zerohedge: In "Victory For Eurosceptics" British PM Will Begin Brexit Negotiations Without Parliamentary Vote

This is the same time as the government carrying out some sort of review into the effects of discrimination against minorities and while Tommy Robinson is still getting harassed by police. So the leftist agenda is still present but this is VERY good news. I am happy.

I have a bit of personal trouble that means that I am having to jobsearch once again and generally feel that I have had all the emotional energy sucked out of me (anxieties!). The trouble is as I see it a basic one of cause and effect and will be common for others as well.

Lack of free market causes a lack of cause and effect and flexibility. On top of that, a small part of modern life is that in an unskilled job you are put to task almost every moment you are there outside of your break. You are not meant to be talking for even a few minutes and this is an ongoing everyday thing. So you can spend a few months at a place and never really communicate much with people around you. (Smokers of course get a lot of free paid time to smoke. If management all smoke of course there is considerable leniency here so there is connection and communication here).

Obviously if you get a problem, you are not able to discuss it with anyone who may understand the situation and have an informed perspective. You are not able to solve these problems informally because you don't massively connect with anyone. You are not able to solve these problems formally because people generally shy away from being effective and people have emotional bias to the status quo. The longer it goes on the more likely it is to escalate past the point of no return.

Which is probably part of the reason why there is a large turnover at a lot of these jobs.

 I've seen some interesting headlines I want to read and might mention here, I do have things to get on with though.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Mainstream media passing the torch... All eyes on Yellen.

I believe it was Gandhi that said all truth goes through three stages. First it is ignored, then it is violently opposed and finally, it is accepted as self evident.

Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson have moved from the former, to the latter in this example. Them and the rest of the Libertarian/ Anarcho Capitalist community have been directly mentioned and challenged by Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media. Anyone that believed the mainstream are intelligent schemers would assume they were deliberately passing the torch to this community, but, if anything, this proves that the mainstream establishment controllers don't have a clue what they're doing and/ or are simply too trapped to be able to act in their own interest.

The other, more interesting, thing happening is described in this four minute Gregory Mannarino video:

The market is essentially flat at the moment, it is doing nothing and has not been doing anything for a long time.

It now ignores all fundamentals, the market does not take much, if any, information from these indicators it seems, and those that it does are counter intuitive... Rallying on bad jobs data as an example.

So what it does follow, as a direct consequence of the banking sector and government aggressively rigging the market so that anyone who bets against it suffers. Also as a result of high frequency traders who have to make money daily rather than longer term investors who are generally less attached to single day volatility. As a result of these factors markets hinge on what the Federal Reserve says.

Janet Yellen, Chairman (woman?) of the Federal Reserve is soon to make a statement of some sort. 3PM BST so in one hour and fifteen minutes. Possibly, there will be a market move up or down at this statement.

So no pressure Janet!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

2 quick comments.

So clearly, this earthquake in Italy is the cabal theatening the Italians to not even think of having a referendum.

And Deutsche bank CEO... Savers and pensions might be roasted... Scary times!

Also, discounting some of my earlier sources on Islam, here is a few words on the Ishaq source, that apparently Muslims don't accept as legitimate (and it doesn't really matter here the facts of Muhammeds life but what the Muslims believe about it):

Answering Christian Claims: The Problems with Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasoul Allah (Arabic for The Life of Messenger of Allah) and other Early sources of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (2009

I may yet disprove this one as well, but for the moment, this is what I'm going with!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Will get well soon.

I missed a blog yesterday, must be the first on in 'forever'.

I am feeling a little off today and even though ideas have gone through my head about what to write, they are mostly gone... Except a few things that have just come back to me:

A) I need to disclose this because I believe in staying true to spiritual teachings, if I did not say this the spiritual teaching I had already said would be delegitimised. I failed today in my spiritual practice of not masturbating. Because I was basically unwell and spent too much time in bed with my mind wandering. I am returning to the practice now of keeping those energies to myself.

B) Today, I found when lazily 'surfing the web' (I was "surfing the web"), that near death experiences are very rare for Muslims and that those that they do have are not Muhammed patting them on the back telling them all is well but generally hellfire and torment following an immediate conversion to Christianity when they return to the mortal realm.

I do not believe either visions of heaven or hell are legitimate but I do believe they have relevance and are created, in general, by benevolent, guiding spirits. Or put more simply, the persons higher self.

One particularly disturbing one was Jesus showing a woman that Allah was the devil and it was the thing she had been worshipping.

I find myself head foggy at the moment and not really able to address this but I will separate this into a few simple points

  • I have previously recorded my personal discomfort and suspicious things about Islam, one thing that springs to mind when I glance over that was how Muslims were angry about Fireman Sam stepping on a supposed page of their sacred text but none of them seemed particularly bothered about the Nice attack.
  • This is a very small case study. Many subjects I seem to be able to quickly find the people who have researched these areas in depth and I get a good understanding... This seems less so with parts of Islam to do with Near Death Experiences that Muslims have had.
  • If I were to imagine a more negatively orientated individual some of what I have read does fit this idea. (I also talk about Islam in this excerpt: The New World Rundown of Hidden Global Events)
As I have mentioned the Law Of One did not mention Islam or Muhammed in the negative but also, was very clear to not judge about ideas closely connected with free will... 'For us to speak on this would be to seem to judge'.

It does not look good.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Interesting headline from Germany:

Says it all:

Zerohedge: German Government Urges Citizens To Stockpile Food, Water "In Case Of Attack Or Catastrophe"

Still haven't got on with the prepping... I must confess I do feel a bit mad doing it! Also, spending money on it but I do believe it is important!

The German government would know that it is not just their own people but libertarians across Europe that will get this information.

Also, the Vancouver housing market is going down... Surely, housing being the asset with a foot in both worlds. Both 'normal' and an 'investment' in the financial sense... It makes sense it would be the weak link in a rigged economy!

Syrian boy:

This is a young boy of 12 years old that was captured in Syria by one of the "moderate" rebel groups supported in the US war against Bashar Al- Assad. The rebel group (and the BBC) claimed this boy was a "fighter" and despite his begging for mercy, he was decapitated with a blunt knife.

Because the media prefers to promote only a certain narrative, one Syrian boy may get all the coverage:

...and one does not!

Political risks to the market.

I have read a great article on the financial system at the moment that just sums it all up...

Zerohedge: "Seven Signs Of A Deeply Dysfunctional Market" - Why Citi Is Also Warning Of "Surprising, Sudden, Intense" Tail Risk

Citi Bank is hardly a minor player here... The whole article is well worth a read and describes teh dysfunction in a very lucid fashion. One of the things noted is that the market is not responding to corporate defaults that are at all time highs.

Notable is this line (my emphasis added):
The next three months will see US elections, an Italian referendum which could possibly see the government fall, the potential for helicopter money in Japan, and a combination of negative growth and fiscal stimulus in the UK. What factor could possibly be so overwhelming that it makes none of this worth hedging against?
Iain Duncan Smith today pushed the government to get on with Brexit and I am liking these political interventions making sure that the Brexit vote will be respected... Also notable is this line on the relevant telegraph article:

Telegraph: Start Brexit talks as soon as possible, Iain Duncan Smith demands as Tory splits on the European Union re-emerge
Concerns about backbench rebellions have led to calls for Mrs May to call an early election, with polls putting the Tories more than 10 points ahead of Labour and some experts saying she could win a 100-seat majority.

During an interview with the Observer, Ms Davidson said: “John Major came up to help during the referendum, and we had dinner, and he was talking about how draining it is to have a small majority in the Commons, how it gets you down dealing with your own side.

“He had a larger majority than Theresa, so I can see the temptation. She knows if people want to cause problems, they can do that quite quickly. I would like to think that the usual suspects might behave [now] in a different manner, but we shall see…

“However, it might be seen as opportunistic to hold a snap election less than two years after the last one. There is an aspect of her needing to get on with the job.”

Ms Davidson added: “But I’m torn. Why not get a mandate? Labour called for an election after she became prime minister, so they can’t criticise her if that’s what she does.”
That would be interesting, a snap general election... it is unlikely to happen though in actuality.

WHAT everyone thinks is going to happen when this market does crash though is the stocks will plunge... And I mean PLUNGE... Stocks go down by usually less then 1% on a down day... The overall stock drop of last August (around this time) was huge, it was 1300 points in 3 days. The biggest consecutive day drop ever. (1000 points in two days). That's about 8%.

It did not cause a real panic... Indeed, most normal people did not notice at all.

I have heard before the idea it could plunge by 50%... I don't know... But when it does fall by a large enough amount there could be the failure of the TBTF banks and Bail Ins.

There is an incredible inertia here... It is difficult to focus on this area as being real because these sources of information are so far from our daily reality. However, they are relevant, in my belief... It could happen that we have a stock plunge and a societal breakdown to some extent.

Societal breakdown:

What would that look like? I thought today how the migrants how have arrived in Germany and will not work because they see themselves as 'guests' will get very irritable if they are not given internet, food etc. With the breakdown of law and order there is nothing stopping the native populace from rising up in violent self protection against these people. (Who are known to go in other peoples houses and steal food).

I am not encouraging this, just thinking of it as a normal cause and effect.

Water stopping? Food stopping? Electricity stopping? Internet shut down? Won't be having to go to work for a few days... Violence in the streets? To what extent? For how long?

Having to move to different locations?

I do feel the need to get a little more ready... I have some food and preparations... However... Like I said... Inertia!

Political scene:

UKIP leadership in 3 and a half weeks. Labour leadership in 5 and a half weeks. Italian referendum in October... Donald Trump election in November... Before that possibly Brexit news. Black swans in the meantime.


This very vague prediction is coming... Saturn- Mars conjunction... Let's see what happens:
Then there will be focus again on this law and order, and cause and effect, particularly in relation to the use of masculine forceful, willed energy. (August 24th, E).

Saturday, 20 August 2016

My local MP, UKIP leadership.

We are very strongly getting signal from 'reality 1' at the moment. Things have taken on their normal dull domestic energy, there is little hint of any real change.

Just to blow off steam a bit, my local MP (Peter Kyle), the man my constituency voted in, is extremely pro EU, very pro Owen Smith and even just retweeted David Lammy (the man who said the house of Lords should block Brexit):

But of course, no snap election, and even if there was he would probably be voted back in... With a larger mandate perhaps?

It's the kind of thing that makes me think Owen Smith might get in on September 25th...

Also, looking at this chart for the UKIP leadership election, I am wondering if there will perhaps be some surprises here... I'm not sure it's as obvious as some might suspect:

That Mars, Uranus and Sun grand aspected together seems quite significant to me and could be unpredictable.

I did follow up on the candidates via their personal pages... This is what I got from Elizabeth Jones... Seems a little too nutty for my taste after this:
UK has a proud history of stalwart female figures including Britannia the embodiment of our great nation, Boudicca taking London from Rome, Emma of Normandy securing Christianity, Elizabeth I the protestant protector and Thatcher, conqueror of Falklands and NUM, to name but a few. Help UKIP take back London from Brussels and vote oestrogen for No.1 for London!
Vote Oestrogen huh? Definitely an SJW in the waiting here.

Philip Boughton seems extremely whiny, critical, and some of this campaign stuff is contradictory in the way the Lib Dems were in 2010.... Seeking to give everything to everyone... We will expand government in xyz way. I believe in smaller government.

Diane James does not make much sense, or is simply not readable and accessible. Lisa Duffy.... I have no idea what she thinks she's doing. No website, no twitter updates... What's the point?

This is the beginning of what Bill Etheridge has to say:

  • The individual and their rights to live as they wish within certain agreed limits must be protected against the state and big business. 
  • Community and the character of local areas is important and should be preserved. 
  • The state should be smaller but properly run and resourced so it can provide health care, education, law & order and defence as priorities. Welfare should exist as a safety net not a lifestyle.   
So even though I criticised him in previous posts about taking on fights that might not be necessary or strategic right at the moment... He seems to be the one that believes what he is saying and I think this guy, at the current minute, seems the most promising candidate.

I don't know whether I agree with this though... Should the state provide education? I don't know that it should... But it's good the guy believes SOMETHING... I admire his stances on the burqa, the BBC, and much of what he says and he is an MEP and does know what he's talking about in regards to the EU!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Surprise and Italy Referendum!!!!!

Express: End of the EU? Italian referendum triggers SHOCK ALARMS across the USA and Europe

Italy is having a referendum on the Euro and some EU rules

I am SO HAPPY about this...


In a way I am more happy than I was at our EU referendum, because after the Brexit victory, things in this area just seem altogether more optimistic!

It's humorous the way the 'remainiacs' will not be able to handle this... They cannot express their anger towards those in the UK at this result either. They will be quite impotent in the face of continued evidence their viewpoints are ludicrous.


I am observing 'karma' happening... Or more precisely, nothing exactly karmic but what karma really is which is an impersonal set of laws which are mostly explained by cause and effect. (I would like to link to it but think it was a while back... Need to label further back.)

I said previously that if someone blocks karma going to someone else then the karma falls upon them... This I have now seen evidence of and it was a strongly felt intuitive sensation at the time which makes me feel good that it has come true.

In these instances, the overlying situation is always kept sight of so it is possible that strong action can be taken to fix these situations... however... in current society things rarely are actually sorted out so they just take on an unconscious 'train derailing' sort of effect. Rather like the processes that have lead to negative interest rates.

As Saturn has gone direct and close to this new moon cycle opportunity has come up for cause and effect to be faithfully shown; however, it is likely this will not be followed up for the same reason people often do not follow things up... They can't be bothered.

This will be until a free market/ arrest of Illuminati etc. comes along and really sorts things out. I will call this moment... The coming of Saturn.


Still SO happy about an Italian referendum though.... GO ITALY!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Full moon frustration, stagnant news.

There are some good things happening in the news, notably this George Soros leak, as long as it is a real leak, some residual news on Brexit.

In my daily life there are two conflicting realities. This is a background thing:

Reality 1: Everything is OK and the government is looking after us all. The stock market is doing well. We are growing our way out of unfortunate times. Women are uncomplicated loving creatures and there are no metaphysical principles that doubt the reality that any two people can get together. All criticisms of society are due to an angry racist underclass that is the minority. All is well. If there are any psychic realities you better not concern yourself with them.

Reality 2: The economy is not working properly. The stock market is being rigged and does not show reality... In fact, rather than trusting in government it might be advisable if you prepare for an economic collapse. There are real problems in society that the mainstream media is making worse. Many people are brainwashed. There is an objective spiritual truth that effects the real world and maybe even karma

While the stock market is reaching all new high, after all new high... Being rigged but doing very very well. Reality 1 reigns... Whenever there is any sort of crack in that, a stock market crash, Brexit, anything that the world cannot pretend does not exist in that area, reality 2 shows its face.

So, on reality 2:

Zerohedge: And The Market Breaks (Again)

Zerohedge: Wal-Mart Jumps After Beating, Guiding Higher Despite Drop In US Profits; Buybacks Soar

Zerohedge: Banks Ponder Vault Cash In Response To Negative Rates: Lending Reality In A Nutshell

Zerohedge: Carl Icahn Turns Apocalyptic: "I Am More Hedged Than Ever, A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming"

Zerohedge: Caterpillar Retail Orders Suffer Second Biggest Plunge Since Financial Crisis

Let's unpack these.

The first article shows the typical rigging that is happening everyday to prevent the stocks from plunging.

Carl Icahn talks about a crash happening. He does not know when and it might be 'next year' but he says the US cannot rely on reserve currency status... interesting. Especially with what's coming in October.

Banks are finding ways around negative interest rates... This is the peril of government intervention. If there is no motivation to spend the economy isn't going to be 'stimulated'. Same old story with the government.

The other two, which also include Cisco firing 500,000 people explains that regardless of what the mainstream is saying, the actual economy is doing dreadfully.

Oil is also being rigged, and panic brought.

Of course, with the Chinese supporting Deutsche bank and possibly supporting Hillary Clinton, we are also hoping that in any crash the Chinese experience a crash as well. My previous talking of 'lightning strikes' was talking about that... Even though there was no obvious result of the Dubai lightning strike. Holding the capacity to behave positively polarised (a gold backed currency) and not doing it, surely must have a karmic backlash.

For the moment, we are over the full moon so the news for the next week will only be the results of what has already happen most likely. In accordance with my so far observation of the moon cycles.

I'm going to drop this video here of Stefan Molyneux's take down of George Soros, but more specifically, the model of using governmental power for society change:

Many people in the alternative community are suddenly making a lot of noise about a sudden economic crash... Is it time to get back to the prepping? Will this happen or not? When will something happen?

We will just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

UKIP leadership candidates.

This will not be an in depth study just a basic perusal of their twitter!

I have previously covered UKIP's leadership election... Although I am starting to wonder... Was the reason UKIP's NEC changed the rules to apparently oust Suzanne Evans actually an attempt to oust both Aaron Banks and Raheem Kassam?

There are four candidates... Three of the 'fairer sex' and one guy, in alphabetical order by second name:

Lisa Duffy.
Bill Etheridge
Diane James
Elizabeth Jones.

This is after both Steven Woolfe and Jonathan Arnott left or were disqualified from the race, leaving the gender ration thusly.

Unlike a lot of political party's that seem to come to understand their candidates more slowly. UKIP supporters had made up their mind on Steven Woolfe before any of the other candidates were even known and before the barest amount of policy or perspectives were even discussed. Unlike the other political parties, UKIP supporters mobilise extremely fast. They are like metaphorically like an army more than like public it seems to me.

I am a little worried about UKIP having a female leader. Andrea Leadsom seemed promising but then ran away like a child running to mummy in a playground, when she got a bit of negative press via the media and she did the thing you must never do... She APOLOGISED TO THOSE SJW WANKERS!!!

Thatcher and Marine Le Pen are doing well. They seem to be able to fight the SJW's and not implode... I wonder if because women are biologically designed to be less aggressive and tough whether they can handle being called racist, and a horrible person, all the time. These two examples seem to suggest that they can.

We can throw Lisa Duffy out right away because she has not updated her twitter... She does not seem to be serious about being a leadership candidate.

Bill Etheridge says some of the right things. However, he seems to be taking on a lot of fights that are not central to our battle to get out of the EU... Two of these are Burqas and the BBC.

Burqas are part of a bigger question in our society about how much we wish to yield to Muslim immigration... The BBC I think UKIP will struggle to get backing on, because despite my own desiring to get rid of the BBC, I have found certain elderly UKIP supporters actually like the BBC, even though it is propagandist... It has nature programs and old movies. It is also worth noting that after the EU falls the game is up. The BBC will be washed away with the tide and things will change through democratic means. Whereas, if you take on the BBC before the EU then you risk fighting a stronger opponent.

Both of these fights, especially the Burqas, will create a massive potential backlash while the head of the snake, the EU, potentially will remain unaffected.

The reason UKIP supporters have now rallied around Diane James is because she talks about the EU and article 50. This is what UKIP supporters really care about. I need to see more written material on her and perhaps interviews because I would like to be sure that she would be strong enough to take UKIP forward. She is in the same age range as Andrea Leadsom.

This leaves Elizabeth Jones... This woman has the pleasing, semi eccentric style reminiscent of Raheem Kassam. She focuses on immigration far more than the EU thus far and has not been an MEP so will not have the experience of Diane James.To me though she seems promising because she is clearly an individual which is the energy needed to be strong in these matters and know what you think.

But like I say, without more information I do not know at this point whom I think is best. I need to read policies of each candidate.

... and, I can't vote (and won't be becoming a member while it takes six months to vote) so my opinion is not that relevant anyway... It is only relevant perhaps in my very small function of adding to the discussion.

UKIP's leadership election:

Not much is going on here EXCEPT an approaching new moon (should be exciting!) and moon conjunct Neptune... This means that the social justice stuff may be here at the time or... linked, and maybe hidden. The extra terrestrial stuff. This means the event is likely to work out in a smooth and perhaps unexpected fashion for not altogether obvious reasons.

Sun - Mars - Uranus Grand Trine-- Exciting stuff. Revolutionary feel will be VERY strong on this day.

Labour leadership:

Wow, isn't this sparky! It is on the downward cycle, so perhaps the events of the new to full moon will still be having the largest impact.

It will be kind of boring and expected but look at that Moon - Pluto opposition. The rebellion against the establishment in the protection of feelings of 'home' and emotional safety.

Saturn still approaching my native Saturn!

Sun and Jupiter... Big personalities. Compromise and fairness possibly a big factor!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Astrology follow up...

So here I made some astrological predictions and we are now at the point of the Sun- Uranus trine.

Also, as was deleted on the original form I posted it on, but was reproduced in this one line on this blog;
But it's a distinct possibility all the same. Saturns effects on markets should be interesting. I suspect more volatility when Saturn goes direct. The rebellion against Saturn (karma/ free market) causing this.
My original post was as follows: That when Saturn entered the picture it would have a pushing down effect on the market that it would then rebel against, creating increased volatility as the market rebels against that. then on the run down of this new moon cycle (so perhaps in the last week around the 25th?) We would see the effect of whatever happened in the new moon first half cycle and could see a strong move. (Either way).

This, like all my astrological stuff, is a bit vague... What is true however, is that the prediction I made that something 'revolutionary' could happen around today has been satisfied in my view:
But there will be a knowledge of the efficiency of a kind of revolutionary feeling (all these strange things that keep happening, Wikileaks, Russia - Syria, Trump, Brexit etc.) This is around August 16th (C)
Zerohedge: Mysterious Group Hacks The NSA

So, they have some connection to the STUXNET virus,
The Equation Group, according to Kaspersky Lab, targeted the same victims as the group behind Stuxnet, which is widely believed to have been a joint US-Israeli operation targeting Iran’s nuclear program, and also used two of the same zero-day exploits.
although US propaganda said this was a joint operation between Israel and the US, was actually an extra terrestrial operation, and the STUXNET anagram is US NEXT with an Extra T. As talked about by David Wilcock, the US was next.

Edward Snowden put together an interesting few points on his twitter. That the data would include fingerprints of what the NSA had been up to hacking wise and if it could be proven the US was into rigging other nations elections for instance this could be very embarrasing.

Snowdens view was that it was a message to not keep blaming Russia because the hackers can now beat America at the 'attribution game'.

The other point here is that the hackers are putting the information on auction in exchange for a million bitcoins... If Snowdens view was correct then it would be unlikely these hackers would let it out of their control (unless they knew the US would buy it back). What the aim of this seems to be in my view is an extension of Benjamin Fulfords statements that Bitcoin could be used as a global currency in this new world we are heading into.

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 8-9-16… “Khazarian mafia offer ASEAN, Japan and Korea to China”
The WDS and the Chinese also discussed the future of the US dollar and the global financial system. The Chinese delegate said China’s plan was to replace the US dollar with bitcoin. He said the recent hacking of bitcoin was a setback to this plan but that a new generation Chinese supercomputers would be powerful enough to keep bitcoin secure.
(Slightly edited for grammar by me).

For two reasons: To give bitcoin credibility again after the hack; and, probably far less important but potentially relevant... To have some relevant currency to use in affairs when dealing with our civilisation

The other hack of course was this George Soros one released by the Daily Beast, which was just before pegged as an establishment Clinton satellite by people like Paul Joseph Watson. The thing is with this hack is that I personally looked at the documents and the only one I read was one that said that 80% of the "refugees" were women and children... perhaps I got the wrong end of the stick but this does not seem accurate to me.

Regardless, wherever this source is from, it seems to have been picked up as relevant today and I've seen it in a few headlines.

Conclusion and a note on markets:

We will have two more exciting days (until the new moon) and then I expect things will slump a bit, Although, I do expect the markets will grow continually disturbed as the month continues.

The market today release 'good' inflation data and so it fell for the first time in almost two weeks. Gregory Mannarino seems to be correct, good data and the market falls, bad data and it rises.

I almost forgot... I have been saying that volatility could increase under this Saturn transit... I saw this today (VIX is the volatility index):

Zerohedge: Something's Brewing In VIX

Also, this, which I'm personally very happy about... Or perhaps I am not, I don't know, and I feel some sadness my 'brothers' will be hurt however stupid they are:

Zerohedge: Shorts Throw In The Towel: S&P Short Interest Tumbles To Three Year Lows

The market is probably going to fall soon as I've outlined and these people will go into major panic mode and experience incredible, possibly suicidal anxiety about something that is not going to matter in a few years.

Here's another:

Zerohedge: An Unexpected "Biggest Tail Risk" Emerges Within The Investing Community

Wow, EU disintegration huh? It seems these investors are paying more attention than a lot of the average people here.

This from the article as well, emphasis is unintentionally removed:
In a final "risk"related question aimed at hedge funds, namely "what is your net exposure to the equity markets", the answer was "the highest since Aug’15." As a reminder, August 2015 is when the market peaked last year and after China's devaluation, proceeded to literally break on the 24th of the month after the infamous ETFlash crash, sending the VIX soaring.
So here we are then... Waiting for our next thing!

Monday, 15 August 2016

'Peak falsity'...?

Firstly, Jonathan Arnott quit the UKIP leadership... With Jonathan Woolf gone and now him it's all looking a bit sparse to me!

The stocks are at all time high's... Well, mostly... The Dow/ S&P are, and the is 158 points off an all time high, (+2.27%). At the FTSE's current crawl of about +30 points a day that is still a bit of a way off... But it is still close.

I tend to think that the markets are a holistic representation of something in society... The fact that these indexes are at all time highs shows that the establishment view of things as it impacts everyday citizens is very strong... The 'false' idea of the world as we know it... The Darwinist/ religious paradigm with all its trappings, including it's strange political ideas that most of our leaders only want the best for us, is at its peak at the moment. When stocks plunge this will be dramatically removed and more of the truth will become known... But at the moment this is where we are, trapped in this synthetic view of life as a construct where spiritual energy does not matter.

Gregory Mannarino has been talking about that even though the three big indexes are at a record high as has not been seen since 1999. Three months after these highs in 1999 the dot com bubble burst.


Saturn has been doing its work already and it will likely not be long before political movement does come up on the horizon though. Nigel Farage threatened to come back and pressure the establishment into Brexit, a man with about 4 million supporters in England (ever tweet he makes seems to be in the thousands of likes and RT's). Theresa May and the government are starting to have to talk about Brexit.

Tomorrow we have Uranus - Sun and two days later the full moon. It is not that loads is happening at the moment but whatever is happening will peak over the next three days.

.... Things must be happening though... Italy's referendum, Turkey is making noises about it's relationship with the EU and the Trump stuff is continuing as ever... Disgusting huh? What's happening in Milwaukee. Second day of rioting even after a state of emergency declared... How many innocents will die as the result of the media's stoking of hatespeech from black supremacy movement Black Lives matter?

We have not heard anything about Da'esh recently but it can't be going well for them with Turkey having pivoted to Russia...

Islamising agenda:

I talked before about what the agenda could be with the mass importing of Muslim migrants. I have decided that Benjamin Fulfords and others view of trying to start a race war, may be correct in the current climate, but for the big picture agenda is off beam.

I have been reading about the rise of Hitler and it seems that he managed to take over Austria and part of Czechoslovakia because there were German citizens living there. (As a side not this was to the great fanfare of the previously incarnate 'remain' cowards who cheered Neville Chamberlin on in giving Czech up!)

Here is Alex Jones's idea on it:

His perspective makes sense, if you allow these migrants and Sharia law to take over then you effectively have the fascism these negative powers dream about... Here is another interesting video:

Lauren makes a good point here in that if these people are going to Germany and flying Turkish flags everywhere... Then why did they go to Germany? Why not stay in Turkey? The only reason they could have gone is as an invasion force.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Is this Saturn working already? (Owen and Corbyn).

So, as I said, a little abstractly here based on Saturn going direct:
The energy that is set is that significant things can happen with law and such. Not as strong as Brexit but present for this cycle. As this energy grows there will be a strong emotional emphasis on this law and justice side of things and then things will move into a new focus in this area. This cycle of things actually happening in the real world in relation to karma is going to start this day and will last about six months. (B1 and B2, August 13/ 14). This endless problem I keep having with people not seeing consequences to their actions will start to shift at this point and in this cycle.
And again here (was I wrong?):
Saturn goes direct tomorrow... It may mean nothing...
In this current environment of complete political stalemate it doesn't feel like anything is about to politically change massively.
It is easy, while an energy of a planet is doing something in the now, to feel that is going to continue forever, as with this statement when Saturn was still retrograde.

Two headlines that show an immediate consequence cause and effect relation today:

Zerohedge: "Russian" Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Publishes Complete Personal Information Of 200 Congressional Democrats

Cannot think of a better 'cause and effect' than the people involved in this disgusting political party to have to face the public can you?

Also, the following. It strikes me that the personality of these media propagandists must be pretty messed up and things that call their weird personalities out are karma:

Daily Mail: 'Let me do this': Awkward moment BBC presenter Jill Douglas puts Sir Steve Redgrave in his place as he barges past her to hug Sir Bradley Wiggins during live gold medal winning interview just hours after he stormed off air in a row with John Inverdale

The media is implicated in both instances, even though Chiron is not aspected here, which is about real wounds and seems to have a media relation while they were lying to us at certain points. In the Guccifer headline the Democrats are accusing Russia with absolutely no evidence and it provably not being the Russians. The Daily Mail headline obviously reveals a direct media event.

I must admit, I have heard anti Corbyn things on the ground, but we'll have to wait and see... I do consider it likely the negative will win the occasional war and as with Bernie, the place that seems to happen is the unpolarised:

I hear the Blairites have won the legal case for rigging!


In my personal life events have arison spontaneously today that could be understood to be karma in a practical material sense. But is more like drawing boundaries.

My Saturn does aspect my sun.

Perhaps if this is how it works, the transit comes through peoples charts like that, the Uranus, Sun connection in three days will directly relate to Donald Trump. Who has Uranus in close aspect to Sun.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Saturn tomorrow.

Saturn goes direct tomorrow... It may mean nothing...

In this current environment of complete political stalemate it doesn't feel like anything is about to politically change massively.

However, it is surprising the little bits of positive news coming out of the current government... Firstly, a report on vote rigging, highlighting problems in Muslim areas has been released... The government didn't block that? Also, news of Theresa May and Russia, and today, Boris Johnson and Russia.

So what Saturn means if it is properly directed is the discipline to do what is needed, focusing on the area of justice, even if its difficult... What it means if it is not is usually the penalising out of weakness, with the focus being on those that oppose the bad guys whom are not disciplined by the correct application of law or rules.

I noticed though that Paul Joseph Watsons video on Hillary's health, that gained a lot of traction, was done with Sun trine Saturn and the trine would have been more exact the three days before... So roughly perhaps when Paul got the idea and started talking about it with experts for that video.

The moon is on Saturn today so the focus should be on whatever is about to be materially effected here. Both Labour and UKIP are having discussions on the 'rules' and 'laws' around leadership elections... Perhaps part of it.

In my personal life I've seen that there are situations that have been in play for a long time... It is no doubt so with this Saturn retrograde... The situation has been acknowledged and everyone sees the problem with it for a long while... With Saturn going direct possibly, but not definitely, these same situations will start to be sorted out.

Of course, it is possible the markets could absolutely plunge... But with the Chinese there taking all the liabilities (they can now be passed to Deutsche bank) I don't see how that is going to happen.

But it's a distinct possibility all the same. Saturns effects on markets should be interesting. I suspect more volatility when Saturn goes direct. The rebellion against Saturn (karma/ free market) causing this.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Something might be happening.

So: This article:

Zerohedge: Bank Of England Suffers Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE: "Goodness Knows What Happens Next Week"

...and this one for a different and simplified perspective:

Guardian: Bank's post-Brexit strategy hits snag as gilt buyback falls short

I have no way of knowing the education of my audience here... Could know about this area but may know absolutely nothing about finance at all!

The Quantitative Easing program has been unable to guy government bonds from institutions it hopes to provide with money in order to 'stimulate' the economy.

Investors in markets such as this look for yield. Yield is the percentage you get back as a small sum of the money or asset you are holding... So when interest rates were 8% the yield on saving was high. Because if you held (£100,000 in a bank account at 8% you would get £8,000 per year).

Now however we are at 0% interest rates so if you hold £100,000 you get £0 a year. This has lead to a search for yield. Yield is typically lower for things that are a solid investment, such as a triple A bond. There is no reason to give yield for this because it is good value anyway and will not fail (supposedly, according to traditional mainstream logic). A bond that is rated at E... I.e. is very likely to fail may have a high yield, in a traditional normal economy that might be very high, such as (I'm only guessing here) but lets say about 10% or more.

A bond though is debt, so if someone is paying back their debt somewhere in the world and you have the bond for that you will get that money.

With the government guaranteeing everything there have been few assets that are risky anymore... So in order to get higher yield investors have gone into riskier assets.

A government bond is like an IOU... You hold onto this security and we will pay you back x amount in y years. The longer the bond the more the uncertainty so the yield on a 15 year bond is higher than a yield on a 5 year bond.

The bank of England is doing Quantitative Easing, printing money and buying certain assets to 'stimulate' the economy. It usually buys government bonds at a high price so that the institutions carrying them get an influx of cash so they can, in theory, give more loans to their customers. This also means government can borrow at low rates. (If the government bond is a stable investment that is being brought often it does not need a high yield, so it will charge a lower interest). This all sounds a bit incestuous!

However, today the bank of England was unable to buy all the 15 year government bonds for the money it had... This is a problem almost unheard of in Western banking. It is partly because investors do not want to let go of a good yield product.

In theory then this means that the 'economy' isn't being stimulated... In confidence terms the market should then crash... However, we know it won't just yet.

So that was the explanation of these events.

UKIP's future.

On this page, I summarised, in the comments (last I checked it was the first one), what I thought was important about UKIP's future, my comment starts like this:
This is what I think happened with the NEC
Step 1: Leadership elections called and long held factions with differing and intense emotions suddenly raised to the surface.
Step 2: An incredible attempt to stump out Carswell/ Evans, which a lot of the members strongly agreed with... Leading to the NEC stating that you had to be a member for x long to run for leadership.
Whenever democracy is denied things get a bit more extreme. Bill Etheridge and Lisa Duffy are talking about banning the Hijab. I believe we will have to take the fight to the Muslims eventually, I do believe that. Sharia courts, FGM, Mosques, Rotherham and the rest, it's going to get difficult but I do not believe UKIP can take that stance yet. We need to wrest control away from the corporates via stopping cheap labour (immigration) and the rigged market that is keeping...
This puts me in a different position than I was in before.

Mostly it seems when I am on this blog I am commenting on situations without really having an effect on them. If the party machinery had worked properly and Steven Woolf was on his way to being elected, I would not have directly supported him, but the members, a kind of revolution, would have taken the whole thing out of my hands... That is what is really needed for any real change perhaps... People power.

But it seems to me what I am supporting now is to make that process happen. To give power to the working classes and UKIP membership... Johathan Arnott I believe can do that. He talks in detail about reforming the NEC and setting down the rules so democracy within UKIP can happen. He is married but has no kids (i.e. he can really fight for UKIP, remember an element of Farage's leaving may have had something to do with family). A mathematician, and has worked in the NEC. He understands economy and has worked in the NEC for six years...


Although, I do need to check the other candidates in detail. I have not heard much from Diane James yet but I think I have my preferred candidate (there are two other candidates as well that I have not looked at at all.

I will be sad if UKIP does go in a direction that I feel is unhelpful enough that they are no longer useful.

Vigilante justice:

I remember now I have seen this discussed on Steemit. So far, the new social network only has a few anarchists on it.

I have seen a few examples of the population getting increasingly violent... One is leftist activists in Germany being so violent with police that the police have had to take time off work for injury's. Another is the recent killing of a Russian paedophile by vigilante justice, a large crowd of both men and women watched this guy beaten up and he was killed the next day. A women in China beat up her husbands alleged mistress and it ignited conversations on this area. Protests in France... Is the English Train Union strikes an example of this?

This is just something to comment on, I don't know how it fits in yet.

Also, I have not got time to read this all the way through but I just read the news on continuing mass rape in Germany... Awful!

Monday, 8 August 2016

The penny drops.

So, the Rotherham scandal was never sorted out then!:

Express: ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL: Horrific reality of 'industrial scale' child grooming revealed

I do not believe the narrative that a race war is trying to be started, that this is a ploy to start a race war... Muslim rape gangs have been around since the 90's... Whatever the 'elite' are doing here the plan was not put into place in the last two months as a response to desperate economic situations.

I did wonder whether it was a problem that could be used as a 'crackdown'. The violence increases and police step down on it... But then why waste the resources having to police Muslims? Why not just crack down with police power on the population?

I think, the elite, the Illuminati's ongoing agenda is to keep the populace weak in a lot of different ways... The other day I was in Starbucks and when going in I heard a probably quite irrelevant protest by some very young and not tough sounding people. It is Brighton, land of the greens, the neo liberal middle class protesters... They sounded so young.

But, the sheer amount of people in the streets, if these people rise up, it would be absolutely terrifying and they would be unstoppable. Like George Orwell wrote, if the people are given enough time to contemplate and educate themselves, they will quickly realise they do not need the upper class and will wipe them away with the wave of a hand.

As luck would have it, today Benjamin Fulford summarised a previous potential plan of the Bushes, that precisely mirrors the global situation as summarised in Orwells 1984:
It was further explained to the official that, according to British Intelligence, when George Bush Sr. went fishing with Vladimir Putin in 2007 he invited Putin to join a plot to destroy China. The scenario Bush painted was for the US and Russia to start a new cold war. This would give Russia, the US, Europe and Japan an excuse to re-arm. During this cold war, Russia would pretend to be China’s friend. However, in the end NATO, Russia, Japan and Korea would all attack China and divide it into six countries so that China would never rise to be a threat to Western power.
My emphasis!

This is so completely the plan George Orwell put forward that it makes me wonder at the incredible coincidence of having just read 1984. (Also, what did George Orwell know?) In 1984 there are three warring powers. Oceania (Russia) Eurasia (Europe) and Eastasia (China)... They all war against each other, including sometimes PRETENDING TO BE EACH OTHERS FRIENDS!  But even though they hold the illusion of victory, victory never comes; because they are equally matched and not serious about risking enough to win the war.

The money taken to go towards the war effort means that the people stay enslaved. Because people will accept lowering of living standards in a war effort, and the extra produce that comes from keeping mass slaves while still making an effort to keep living standards low requires a great deal of destructiveness. Extra things produced that are then destroyed.

A group of raping Islamists is a good way of creating hatred between differing races... And the establishment has tried unsuccessfully to go to war with Iran in 2006 and 2011. Conquest of the Middle East has obviously been part of the agenda for a long time. So this does at least make sense.

Once you have started such a stupid plan... Let's get them to hate the Middle Easterners so we can invade the Middle East, such a ridiculously disgusting criminal behaviour takes on its own life. They have hidden these crimes for twenty or so years... The conquest of the Islamic world is not now working... It is not so easy to undo this pattern without awakening the brainwashed population that did go along with ideas of 'multiculturalism' and who's views cannot take too much contradictory information.

This seems to me likely... A pattern I have kept observing, even though it goes against the facts of apparent strength of this negative group (which can be solved by the fact there are people opposing them on higher levels), a pattern I have observed is how completely broken and unplanned everything seems to be at the moment for them... The vote rigging is obvious, the campaigns are useless, the financial trickery is pathetic.

Unlike the beautiful horror of 9/11, the negative plans of the cabal of late seems more like they are stitched together with sticky tape, or the whole plan together looks rather like a derailing train.

Yuan devaluation:

This could be the next big thing, although the next big thing could come sooner. The next really big thing... China is going to become part of the worlds reserve currency at the beginning of October... Even though these plans of big change rarely seem to happen, this one is a proper mainstream occurence. As to any larger plan to do with backing the Yuan with gold and collapsing the dollar, well that is more conspiracy territory...

Benjamin Fulford hinted at that but his update that is not given in full to unpaid members cut the paragraph short:
The WDS and the Chinese also discussed the future of the US dollar and the global financial system. The Chinese delegate said China’s plan was to replace the US dollar with

When I believed Rotherham was actually having arrests for sex trafficking it was an anomoly to how I feel and know things are going to be... That all the backlash karma, with everyone, whether in positions of power or domestic, will happen at a similar time because it is an energetic thing (Saturn), and in societal terms all these things are connected.

The fact Rotherham HASN'T been solved yet makes this seem moreso true.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Continuation of themes.

There are a few articles I have yet to read but have bookmarked ready. Very interesting... But just a little tired today.

The EU

One interesting thing though is this article. That I have read... Essentially it says that several countries are resisting austerity:

Daily Express: ‘We’ve had ENOUGH Merkel’ Rest of Europe gangs up on Germany over crippling EU austerity

The leaders of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta are planning to meet in Athens next month to forge a new anti-austerity alliance with the aim of wrestling back control of the European Central Back (ECB), which sets Eurozone fiscal policy, from Berlin.
(My Emphasis)

Wow, that's pretty big.

Also, this in the declining EU empire:

Daily Express: BRUSSELS CRISIS: Hungary set to REJECT migrant quotas in huge blow to EU project
A number of central European countries including Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Slovakia have expressed open outrage at the plan for migrant quotas, and some member states are even launching a legal challenge to the scheme.  
Brussels has hit back, threatening to fine Hungary £211,000 for every asylum seeker it refuses to take in a move which has further inflamed deep euroscepticism in the country. 
Although the upcoming referendum does not have any legal force, the Hungarian government hopes it will send a strong signal to Brussels over the deep opposition to mass migration in the country. 
Possibly the biggest positive result from the UK voting out of the EU is that the EU does not have British influence making it more totalitarian? The UK were apparently one of the strongest voices in favour of Russian sanctions.

Islamic infiltration:

Moving further into this interest I have been following Brigette Gabrielle... The information is SHOCKING...

This Islamic Empire was larger than the Roman empire and was repelled back from invading Europe at the gates of Vienna on 9th September. Despite the Islamic empire being not a part of distant history but more recent, ending in 1924. Few people in the West know about this history and it is definitely not taught in schools.

Muslims have something in their beliefs that means that they are permitted, under the religion, to lie, if it advances Islams goals. So when Medhi Hassan swore on the Koran instead of the bible, although it was not a court of law... It is still a violation of the principle of truthfulness the court is trying to uphold when it does get down to that level.

... and we should know that... But people do not hold principle of truthfulness as in connection with the bible to be relevant.

As part of his invasion strategy, Muhammed signed a ten year peace treaty with Mecca. During this time he gathered his forces and after two years he did attack. Mecca fell in 24 hours because they were not expecting an attack... Yasser Arafat used, and referenced, this same strategy on Israel when they attacked after eight years in a ten year peace treaty.

I have felt intuitively for a long time that Israel is not as bad as people like David Icke and Benjamin Fulford say. I just think that if you are surrounded by Muslims who do hold anti semitic viewpoints and are all about the Jihad. You are going to have to aggressively defend yourself occasionally. This is not a set viewpoint, I have read the UN report on certain Israeli strikes on Gaza... But it is a perspective I consider as part of this picture.

The Muslim brotherhood, Islamic State and Saudi Arabia all have strongly stated and acted upon ideals of attempting to convert the West to Islam. Sharia courts in the UK and no go zones in France are worth mentioning here. The Muslim brotherhood have referenced NGO's that advise President Obama and have written speeches for him at very culturally important times. The NGO's are an important aspect of all this and I have heard of them before.

How much my viewpoints have changed.

Fitting it all together

For a while now I have, not as a priority but as a thought at the back of my mind, wanted to put some sort of map together to explain this all... Militant Islam does put in a major part of the puzzle... If you consider why a lot of political correctness and refugee things are happening it makes sense.

How it all fits into the major MAJOR plan I do not know... Many of the new age people with the real high information... David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Benjamin Fulford, are too pro Muslim to tell anyone.

So maybe I can put it together!

A great, great book that I have read, is the Painted man series by Peter V Brett. In it there are very accurate, very spiritually relevant fictional representations of pretty much everything. Negative 4D and 5D, Magick, Islamic conquest culture, and the gifts, and drawbacks of Western culture... There is even a character that reads auras! Also, metaphors of the second coming.

The Islamic culture in this book and how they think plunge through to a level of understanding I do not think is possible from reading history... As fiction often does. The Islamic culture in this book is both unbelievably brutal and unbelievably beautiful as well. They do invade because their holy book tells them to... These people though have a bit more justification for their actions since the demons they face in the book are actually worse than human beings. If such a thing is possible.

As part of this book... And I realise as I write this massively simplifies matters... The arrogant aristocratic upper class monarchs, are arrogant, peti and involved with their own ego based affairs but are controlled by the women without their own knowledge of this. However, since they have superior technology, they are unconcerned with the invading hoard of Islamists!

Perhaps this is how the 'cabal' see things. If they can crack down on martial law they do not need to worry about Islamists because they have control... Big Brother. Or perhaps this is not true and radical Islam is planned to be used for a more nefarious purposes by the negative Extra terrestrials.

Hillary Supporters:

Are the pits, the absolute pits.

Recently I went back to an astrology forum I used to go on, as a result of informing them I had written a blog on astrology. I got in an argument there because I objected to certain people "reading" a persons chart and insisting this person is a 'liar'. Don't you need proof to declare a person is a liar? So I said, what lies has this person told?... I was answered and I shot my opponents imaginings down with direct quotes and questions for sources. I really obliterated the guys argument. Like... Really.

Then the guy called me a 'racist' even though there had been no mention of race (liberals losing!) and I shot back a volley of how liberals ignore people that have legitimate problems by using terms such as racist and that the working class would rally against his type of person... He was sure Hillary was going to win but these people will assure that he loses.

The cavalry arrived... I suspect the forum got a lot of complaints. They deleted my responses to this guy, making it look like he had the better argument... So now I'm gone. I will not go back there.

They are like EU supporters on acid... They are awful these people... When Hillary gets her come uppance... It will be karma... We can be sure of that...

And I thought the EU supporters were nasty when they lost... Just wait and see!

Like I have said before, Saturn direct next Saturday will create interesting times... I am wondering whether we will get a wikileak around the 16th but I would not give a Uranus Sun Trine that level of material reality... Only if pushed... For the moment, like I said before, I just think 'something' in that area will poke through.

Unfortunately, it came together when I was writing about finance and astrology but that was deleted... I do not know why but believe that subconsciously, the energy was Saturnian (talking about price discovery/ economic crash) so it must be deleted for losers who cannot take cause and effect on their moral bankruptcy. It will be annoying if that post was accurate which I suspect it was.

What do we have?:

What do we as Westerners have... What are our tools? Against the many types of infiltration... Knowledge of markets and how things fit together I think is important. I don't know how an economic crash will influence Islam and things in that area but it will do. We have intelligent people properly using the tools of politics as in UKIP and the rebellion against the European Union.

And we have positive Extra Terrestrials on our side!

For the moment. That will have to do!


There are probably more infiltrators than this but two of note are Islam and left wing thinking.

Left wing thinking and Islam are almost identical in a lot of ways. The left wing wants to control your every action as does Islam.

I think it interesting that the big guy the left was counting on... The big saint Mr Corbyn has shown corruption in relation to these ideas... He gave Shami Chakrabarti a peerage in order to suppress an anti semitism investigation.

So, for a party so close to Muslims it is all a bit suspicious... Corbyn has been previously criticised for not doing anything about Muslim bigotry in his party towards Muslim women...  Although interestingly Corbyn may need backing in a snap general election from a Jew who considers this area central!... ha ha ha! Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

and... snap general election!

Moderate Western Muslims:

When I actually talk to Muslims in real life I usually have quite a lot in common with them because of a respect for the Creative Forces and my views on politics falling on ears that are slightly less deaf. Exactly like the Western world, the Muslim world is laid out with it's government who follow nefarious agendas and its useful idiot that present a more moderate face. Some of these Muslims know as much about the radicalisation of Islamic governments as the Pro EU people do about the imperialism of the Union they support.

I have also, on twitter, met a Muslim who had quite a biting sarcasm about 'Islamists' as he called them... He was from Syria and his brother was a Sunni Muslim fighting in Syria's army.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Possible break and usual general stuff. (Islam)

Yesterday, I spoke of Islam and perhaps considering it a religion that is OK, that we owe Iran, and that perhaps a moderate interpretation is possible...

However, it strikes me that even if it were, the fundamentals of Islam do not seem to be that desirable for a modern society, for instance, this is some of the history of Muhammed (whose word on Islam arguably takes precedence over the Iranian Ayatollah's):

Now this is pretty sick stuff... Another jokey one is here, because it talks about how a Muslim talked about the first part of a tract on Muhammed as evidence of his tolerance, then the passage ended in a massacre:

Now these tracts are from the 'Hadith' that not all Muslims consider to be legitimate, although many do... More disturbingly are these segments are a basic expression of facts and each of these authors and anyone connected with this area that has a large following, talks of getting threats when they talk about it.

Like I have said before, Muslims express almost no condemnation of Da'esh and related things... But are all up in arms about Fireman Sam stepping on a piece of paper that looks mildly Qu' ran- ish

This is another piece of compelling evidence that states that Islam is not at all good for an advanced society:

ECHR Judgement Relating to Sharia Law (2003)

On that page lists a lot of human rights violations by Iran... The second world war say the UK ally with Stalin... But that does not excuse the disgusting crimes of Stalin.

Break from Facebook and Twitter:

Yes, I was not banned in case anyone is worried... I just despaired of energy... I don't know how long this will last... Perhaps I will switch it on to advertise this blog post or perhaps I will leave it off past the 30 day period where twitter will get deleted.


I returned to a forum I used to go on back in the day recently... The energy I could not express then has found physical expression now with Trump and libertarianism. The Social Justice/ Liberal model of doing things only works if you live in a totalitarian society... If twitter censors people... it only works if they do not start another platform.

Saturn will go direct soon!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Nearly moved blog... Rise of libertarianism?

I nearly changed my blog, internet, email and search engine because of this:

The Caption says something like... Whatever your sport stand #withrefugees and #withrefugees is a group of "refugees" taking part in the Olympics.

But really, that isn't the end of the world to me and it does mean they are integrating in some way... I would prefer that to blanket refugees welcome and other Marxist tripe... There is nothing wrong with having them in the Olympics... It gives them something to do (that fits in with their abilities) rather than go and cause trouble.

As I also think positively of this, since Iran I believe we owe respect to the country for their tackling of Da'esh:

Zerohedge: Iran's Ayatollah: "The US Created ISIS"
He alleged that the US aim of making and backing ISIS is to sow discord in Islamic Ummah, defame true Islam & promote Wahabbi Islam which is far from true Islam, in fact it is the religion of Saudi Arabia, some of the most ardent supporters of the Clintons. The claim is not the first time Khamenei has accused the U.S. and the West of creating the current conflict in Syria and Iraq
Now there are some things this does not change... The direct works out of the Qu'ran and theological arguments put forward by its critics, the rape gangs in England and the fact the West is a different culture to Islam and does not want to be taken over.

But if it were possible for us to give legitimacy to a version of Islam that could have some control over its followers and de legitimise extremism, honour killings, taking sex slaves and other problem behaviours to some extent (I have previously covered the Shi- ite Muslim Gandhi type figure that was executed by Saudi Arabia) Then that would be a good thing.

Also, political intrigue. UKIP is very serious about it's internal politicking... there will possibly be a new party or the end of the National Executive Committee. There will likely be an Emergency General Meeting to push for a solution to the current crisis.

This is one of the twitter conversations I observed... It is not the only one of such seriousness including MEP's to happen. I do not take the perspective of the person making the accusations here I'm merely attempting to show how serious the argument is:

This could bring up a fairly anti Muslim candidate... It could cause a split in the party... Well, whatever really:

Just one other point... With UKIP moving forward and becoming stronger. Potentially through a system of voter participation on more decisions... And a new social media platform in which information can be shared on social media and there is less time spent giving any attention to time wasting liberals... There could be a movement forward where the libertarian community can become more active and force change in the real world a little more!

One can dream!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Two bad pieces of news.

First is obviously this knife attack in London... It may be a confirmed terrorist attack or it may turn out to be something else... How the trap was laid for Trump with Khan was interesting. So it is possible that after loads of bleating about terrorism it will turn out the guy was no actually a terrorist; and perhaps not Muslim

But that's unlikely.

The police responded to a call at 10:33pm... We only heard about it five hours later!

However, the left have decided it is not Muslim related as usual... I was banned from the russellsquare tab... Twitter is getting mighty censorious... My tweets on the tab were clever but not overly abusive IMO:

I have also noticed that certain tweets I've responded to have disappeared... I have noticed this specifically with Muslims. Any tweet that is honest but puts them in a potentially harmful light is deleted. (Quite a steady theme, just checked another one that did not reflect in bad light but was still deleted).

When I talk to them I know EXACTLY what they mean but they do not intellectually understand where I am coming from.

The other important, but not positive, piece of news is this:

Daily Express: Last straw for Merkel? Now Germany's SECOND largest bank is asking its CUSTOMERS for money

Now if there was news that a 'terrorist' attack was meant to distract from, this would qualify.

Germany's 'second largest' bank is going to basically charge every transaction... They expect other banks to follow.

This sort of ridiculous monetary interference in the free market is the sort of things civilisations do when they are collapsing... Stefan Molyneux did a GREAT presentation on the 'fall of Rome' which I watched yesterday... Explaining how it was basically economic policy that destroyed it!

This is not good. But very little of the economic news lately is good.

Can't say we weren't warned!