Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Two interesting morning doo dabs:

Whatever data was released on todays EU inflation and unemployment reports was obviously not good for the FTSE, check out the plunge at the end there:

Also, Benjamin Fulford has done a great post, check out Angela Merkel at recent G7 meeting sporting the Eye of Horus... 'All these other leaders are pawns':

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Not really building on...

In my last post I said I was going to build on a few articles I've seen crossed with a few dreams I have had. I was going to do this to put forward a theory that the positive forces were going to have to harm everyday people in order to put a stop to the negative forces.

I don't believe this anymore though. It doesn't feel right. The articles showing lightning as a brute force that kills the innocent for no reasons and the flesh eating virus... These things are not enough and do not feel like an organic story that can be put together like the lightning strikes.

The positive beings involved have been one step ahead of everybody, even the positive material forces, if you can call them that because I'm not really sure! They are obviously creating a global situation which suits there positive agenda (I.e. not that many people getting hurt). Possibly where the negative destroys itself or surrenders and has little opportunity to lash out.

David Wilcock just wrote a new post here:

Divine Cosmos: Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot!

Interestingly if you go on the comments they are all very positive. Like from an LoA class or something. I put forward a comment that wasn't 100% positive, but not extremely negative either and it was blocked. The next comment I put up had at the bottom: 'I trust this comment meets with the moderating teams approval and can be put on the Great Wilcock's blog comments'.

It feels like I am wading through mud at the moment. My personal want from this change is that people from my own past see justice. But a lot of the time I doubt that will ever happen!

If the EU referendum is a big deal in all this and the whole system doesn't fall apart separate from these events, then to me, clearly free will has a big influence!

Astrological rundown for the referendum.

Wow, lately I am working a lot so often am lying around quite tired for a while before I get on and do something... (Whether that be a blog or whatever!)

But... The astrology of the coming month and referendum

This is today's chart:

So, we are ending a cycle. I don't know if this is a more important cycle than any other particular moon cycle, but if the world starts changing, perhaps it should have been (lol)!

This is what tipped me off to write about this actually. A co- worker is leaving my place of work Saturday, which perfectly times up. This will be the end of a period of having this guy as a manager at the place where I work and the Sunday is the new moon.

However, we are starting to see the tensions rising regardless. On the new moon the sun is about two degree off an opposition to Saturn. At the moment it is gaining at five degrees off. The Sun Saturn opposition is gaining and is the one that will set the energy over the referendum month.

This is the full moon on June 5th. Next Sunday:

Well, it all lines up. what exactly Venus is doing conjuncting the Sun and moon exactly is anyone's guess. But the non exact grand cross here is Sun moon venus in Gemini, North Node- Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. There is also another inexact grand trine bewteen north node- Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus.

Putting all that together... Well it is a lot of information. The Collective planets in there refer to long term and fixed things. Neptune/ Pisces to a kind of psychic, ET area. The one David Wilcock is probably expressing. This energy is running through these events but in characteristic Neptunian fashion, almost invisibly to most people's perception.

Jupiter North node is giving the impression of expansive visions of the future, either good or apocalyptic. Sun in Gemini is feel of the day, with a lot of communication going on.

There is, as always with astrology, nothing really interesting unusual about this run down. It is what's obviously happening. The study of astrology is the study of what 'is'.

However, it clearly sets the tone. Sun is opposing Saturn that as I have talked about before, it the key planet in relation to everything. Saturn keeps all the organic, mysterious outer planets from being expressed in the mainstream through tyrannical power. The fight against this energy leading to either A) A discipline that takes care of humanities future, or B) A childish mentality that tries to keep inefficiency and tyranny going for it's own selfish agenda. Is what is being expressed here!

The fact that Neptune is in the grand cross but not in the Grand Trine. Suggests to me that the 'Wilcock' like energy, ET's and everything, is being expressed through this rebellion against tyranny and not through other areas. Not directly talking about Satanism etc., which would be an aspect to Pluto.

... and commenting quickly on real events, obviously two days after the Sunday is the final Republican Presidential Primary. This will be when Donald Trump gets his final BOUND delegates. So he's definitely front runner. Starting to carry the Libertarian energy!

The actual referendum date itself looks to me, with that inconjunct from sun and moon, to be a day when there is no emotion left, people are just going through the motions but the outcome is perhaps somehow already assured. Possibly in favour of an out with the moon in Aquarius. Sun in Cancer could also give patriotic feels. Slight feminine neuroticism feeling on the day as well!

Saturn is retrograde through this period... LOL! People learning their 'Saturn' lessons!

When it goes back over my own Saturn as in a Saturn return I'm hoping some sort of justice will meet my life!

Side note:

I'm getting a lot of dreams pushing the prepping angle far more than I would expect. Also, an article about a flesh eating virus that I saw today was precognicised in my dreams yesterday, and another on lightning strikes, suggests to me that the positive will have to hurt people in order to get to the negative. I will probably write this up soon as well. Just as soon as I've read the relevant articles.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Where we are... Closing in on the future.

So a lot of what I say has a mind towards a kind of predicting of the future.

Precognition has always been a steady interest of mine because I always have been naturally inclined to it. It is something that has infiltrated my dreams when I was younger, kind of does now I suppose. Repeatedly. Healing has never been a natural fit for me. (Something I tried briefly when I was younger). Even seeing auras pushes out to the future.

Also, obviously, there has been the interest in astrology!

But now the tools I use are a lot more materialistic. Preparing for the future via prepping and being disconnected somewhat from some of my more psychic facilities (although certainly not completely). Also, having a mind towards this global war we are experiencing has tended towards this change:

What I am doing is based also on some things I can explain but also feel strongly intuitively. A wisdom from another life. Or just a part of me!

Regardless. I have been figuring out karma in an effort to understand. If this is energetically what is going to happen what is physically going to happen!? What will we observe happening and will effect our lives?

We know from Benjamin Fulford that even though the cabal have exhausted their precious metal supplies in advancing their criminal agendas, we know that China is attempting to sell them gold for worthless fiat currency because they hope to transition to a financial system where all currencies are based on gold.

We also know that everything at the moment in the stock market is faked. Aside from some very important fundamentals. The coming crash, if indeed there is one is the free market asserting itself violently. A transition away from protectionist measures in the EU is an organic version of this.

Metaphorically what we are experiencing then is a transition away from what is false, what pretends to be value, to what is real value. If there is a gold standard there is no more printing money out of nothing. People will only get paid for things that are real value...

That is an AMAZING idea! All the SJW politically correct nonsense simply not being valued all of a sudden!

Also, another thing I really keep coming back to with the future is people developing psychic abilities! Imagine if you went into work and people were suddenly developing these (one person telepathic, one person precognitive, one person can fly etc.)

That is a bit cartoonish but I imagine any real abilities will be more subtle. But imagine. Women who have always been physically less strong than men developing things like psychokinesis? People who are sceptics developing telepathy... Will be great!

But law and order will suddenly become an issue possibly!

I'd be more precog!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

David Davis yesterday... Eh... Eh!?

So, the way I have observed, (and explained in detail on this blog) that the left wing and the right wing process information is that the libertarians start with a fact, either through experience or something else. They cannot dislodge this and so they discuss it as an issue.

The left start with their emotion, and no matter what comes along to distort that, they prefer their moral highgrounding emotion.

Evidenced yesterday, this is what happened when I was chatting with someone who I have followed for a while. I'll have to annotate it because the person blocked me and my RT's with comments show as tweet not available:


Now that's hardly an insult is it? Although I did in almost forensic detail take apart his argument. To which his followers simply kept repeating 'liar' to me.

What I was saying before was that Libertarians start with facts. So because of the left wing and establishment resistance to certain facts it becomes known that if you mention those facts you are immediately in the Libertarian category.

And certain facts and perspectives have really been pushed by UKIP. That on the real effects of immigration. Yesterday, David Davis mentioned these. This was the response from the left!

... This is the response because... They're losing!

Other signs of this is that the Telegraph felt the need to lie about the polling figures. And Purdah has begun!

Decline of society. Government intervention and regulation.

Government regulation.

My first point is on government regulation.

It seems to me that although a free market, near enough, is a good idea. At least using free market principles i.e. common sense. It cannot solve everything.

Take the problem of animal welfare. Studies have shown that people will not prioritise ethically sourced dolphin even if there is only 1p difference and they are placed next to each other on the shelf! There is a whole area that the free market cannot touch or improve.

However, you could possibly privatise the industries regulating it and hand the regulatory efforts over to vegan activists who are unlikely to be corrupted! To prevent too much government power. But the problem itself is resistant to the natural balancing forces of the free market!

Take the idea of halal meats for instance, a description is here:

LBC Katie's great exchange over Halal foods.

The point of Halal meat is to drain the animal of it's blood before it dies, if I understand correctly! This was probably useful in middle eastern times before anti bacterial technology (Since blood contains infection), but today it cannot be called other than animal cruelty. The free market depends on people being somewhat rational and seeking to do the best with their lives. Which cannot be said of these Muslims in my opinion, they are loyal to something that is no longer rational, although perhaps was once.

Decline of Society

Interesting articles:

Pew Global Research: For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds

The Economic Collapse blog: A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America

Zerohedge: In Today's Layoff News: Microsoft Fires 1,850; Intel Cuts 350; Shell Terminating 2,200

The Pew Global research is as follows. 18 - 34 year olds are living with their parents, that this is the biggest number since 1940 (I.e. depths of another recession/ depression), the main reason for this is that they are not settling down so much.

This to me is a sign that the economy is coming apart at the seams. I still remember before 2008 how much easier and happier things were. How much easier it was to get a job. How many more opportunities their seemed to be. You could do anything!

Now, the cracks are starting to show. Young men are not employed and do not have confidence in themselves. Young women are feminists, having continually been removed from the consequences of their actions through government intervention. So people are not coupling or breeding (also, who would bring a child into this world?). There is less of a church or family institution anymore and no community to speak of... All the things that make life worth living for the collective... (?)

When this all gets sorted out things will organically fix (will everything fix? Probably not!). But for the moment the knife is still wedged in so no healing can happen.

On another quick note, Gregory Mannarino called for the market top tomorrow (since a long time back), so we'll see:

Here are some other articles showing that things are getting a little hectic:

Zerohedge: Former McDonalds CEO Crushes The Minimum Wage Lie: "It's Cheaper To Buy A Robot Than Hire At $15/Hour"

Zerohedge: Imminent Intervention? Greece, Italy, & Malta Close Airspace For Aircraft From Libya
So the first two articles concern robots replacing minimum wage workers. (joke here)

China wants to maintain it's status as a leading producer of goods so is starting to make robots for it's factories. Or is starting to use them to be more accurate. This competitiveness is fierce.

France is having protests... There have been protests all over the world. Here in England with the Junior doctors strike, in Japan and now this. France also has a lot of civil unrest with the mass migrants in Calais intimidating police officers so they had to flee!

... and underhand goings on are still happening. We don't know why. But big things are going down. Not all quiet on the Western front!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Further down the line of cause and effect.

Seem to be blogging a lot lately!

The feminist movement (in its more regressive left capacity) is what happens when women are not given consequences for their actions. Where they can treat men badly, rape accusations etc. And endless nastiness, but recieve no real problems for that behaviour.

They don't massively mind at not having sex. They can get with some oaf if they want a child. And they can go over to the welfare state if they then exhibit their normal behaviour towards men.

In general, if we were to extend this principle out to both genders, and give it a political meaning it would be left wing politics. It is all about 'looking after' people. What the woman's biological function is, and hating on those that have the resources so they can be stolen (I.e. taxing men more).

So what of karma? There are no consequences in the current system right?

While perhaps that is true at the moment, at least in terms of material consequences. If we take this back down to a normal metaphorical perspective. If a woman prioritises her caring and emotional zealotry and does not give warmth to the 'provider' in her life, the man. Things will go bad unless she is removed from consequences.

What are those consequences. Well men understand threats to the home. I.e. not letting in aggressive migrants rather than 'looking after' them. They are also aware of things like finance (I've taken this away from strict gender roles. I'm sure there are some women aware of the crash as well.)

So if you are treating the men badly and not recieving the information to do with finance and threats. You will be unprepared. As per my last example. You will also be shocked at sudden meetings with cold, hard... reality!

So, looking for how karma will show itself and it has been right infront of us the whole time. Politics!

Thinking of this EU referendum, my belief is it controls how pleasant of unpleasant any economic crash will be. We can either be independent and have a fighting chance or shackled to the EU as it drowns in it's own blood.

Obviously this whole premise is because those who are aware of the problems of the EU, are also those that will prep for if bad things happen. It is the 'remainers' that will get screwed!

Monday, 23 May 2016

How Free Will works.

If I was to write a passage for the Star Treks fictional Ferengi 'Rules of Acquisition' it might sounds something a bit like what I am about to write. (Of course though in a different style!)

I have been thinking of the idea of free will in these situations and applying it to a market scenario in order to explain it.

Say, I work in a market area, I am trundling along in the same way but notice that the fundamentals do not match equities. I then have the choice about whether to look at this or not.

According to the LoO we do not have free will to do anything we want, we have the free will, to, in the moment, choose between two different options. Of course this choice is sometimes rigged.

Anyway, say there is data and people to give me a reason for why the fundamentals do not match equities and allows me to gain information about the future (I.e. a potential financial crash). Or we could extend this even to the EU referendum. If people are loudly shouting about a European Superstate and the information on Ukraine etc. is only a stonesthrow away.

Now, while the free will principle is still active, I have the free choice to make the best of the real situation and to profit in some way from it.

As soon as the free will principle is rescinded, I will not be able to profit from it.

So say I don't position myself well but leave it for later. When the economy does crash, everyone will be trying to position themselves well and shops may even close, I will no longer be able to make the most of it. Since the free will to believe that nothing is going to happen has to some extent been removed. So one can't come without the other!

With the EU it is something similar. After the UK's referendum we could move to a superstate and people can choose to not be aware of this so long as their is not an actual superstate!

The 'real' world is real

Today, I felt quite happy. I am enjoying my job. I have the Brexit week off! I am working hard at the moment but I only do so for four weeks and I know I have a break.

I think it is easier to manage working if you know there is some goal at the end of it!

Things are getting less formal at work. Although I will likely maintain a certain distance from my co- workers, and stop short of the kind of informality that engages in much 'banter'. I am moving from the somewhat formal state of affairs to having some informal understandings with my work colleagues.

People give a lot that they cannot help but give. Their being screams the truth of themselves!

So, during this period of relaxed contentedness I returned to my more apocalyptic thoughts recently, checking the internet after my shift.

I realise now how stressful the information I engage in is to many people! But most people I imagine who read this are also engaged in that information to some extent. It is a luxury to stay away from the information that you need to help you understand a world where some might say, being aware of what the global wars are about, is very important!

This is because, as the people who read this blog probably feel, there are going to be events in our future that will change the way we all experience life. Perhaps in our near future... and events that change the way we ALL experience life!

This is not comfortable reading:

Zerohedge: Deutsche Bank Slides After Mortgage Probe Unveiled; Admission It Rigged Stocks

A handy feel good chart from zerohedge there:

This is another, far more disturbing article:

The economic collapse blog: Business Debt Delinquencies Are Now Higher Than When Lehman Brothers Collapsed In 2008

This following clip from a tv series sums up the situation for me, it's a shame we can't get it off youtube:

LINDSEY: It's here. It's been here all along. Underneath. You're just too damn stupid to see it.
ANGEL: See what?
LINDSEY: The apocalypse, man. You're soaking in it.
SPIKE: I've seen an apocalypse or two in my time. I'd know I one was under my nose.
LINDSEY: Not an apocalypse. The apocalypse. What'd you think, a gong was gonna sound? Time to jump on your horses and fight the big fight? Starting pistol went off a long time ago, boys. You're playing for the bad guys. Every day you sit behind your desk and you learn a little more how to accept the world the way it is. Well, here's the rub... heroes don't do that. Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it.

This is it. Everything seems normal for everyone every day but there is this whole world which is very real that isn't being acknowledged... When it comes, there will be no time for repentance. No time to say... 'I should have done xyz and will do so now so please stop this trouble'. It will be more like; ... 'I could have done xyz but now it's too late'. I didn't prep; the store is now closed etc. 

Before the 2008 crash the people in the know were also staring at screens of numbers that wouldn't make sense to most people! Who would not take it seriously!

People who habitually ignore all these things have no idea. Some are not meant to. Some do very good things and do not have the circuitry to think this way. Those people will probably, in my view, do their best due to their own circuitry and things will work out. They will be 'repaid'.

Benjamin Fulfords update seems pretty cool as well. Things are really happening. This is not small stuff he is talking about...

At the moment though. Enough of these high minded thoughts... It's time for bed!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Still trying to work out karma (and cool Milo speech).


At the very end at about 19 minutes 00:

"The best way to deal with people that you don't agree with whether Conservative or Progressive is the full glare of the spotlight." ... "... To beat them in a fair open marketplace of ideas"
Miloi was talking about intellectual debate, but the fact that he has said it in that way, the terms he has used, proves that other people internally feel truths that I have deeply felt.

This is why certain behaviours of people in my past, that they have made no attempt to atone for, I want, or have wanted, a court case of some sort to arrive at the truth.

This is unlikely to happen in my view because A) You can't charge people for things retroactively, if something was legal when it was done there is no precedent to then charge people for it, regardless of how disgusting it is, or if it includes collusion with negative entities. B) There will be loads of other court cases for people that have done truly heinous things, like plotted another round of gas camps, so my little problems will probably not be anyone's great concern.

However, that does not mean sociologically something of that sort can't be arranged. With a meritocratic society and leadership that supports the truth for instance! Extra terrestrials etc.

The future politically.

We know from the Law of One that evil cannot win here, the planet is positively polarised.

This is what makes me wonder about the EU referendum. I'm going to work to see if I have that week off today! It will be to a small extent the end of part of a fight!

The polls have remain definitely winning but, the consensus has been wrong many times before, I just watched 'the Big Short' yesterday! I just wonder if it will be that many people will go to the polls to vote out because they believe that, and that many people, who intend to vote 'remain', won't be able to. They just won't have that instinct to destroy the freedom of their country when it comes down to it, the 'Remain' campaign is one of vicious hatred, and many people simply won't be able to hold onto that emotion. Positive entities are still doing something.

It looks like Austria's election is about to be rigged so a Libertarian cannot get in! However, I also believe EUref won't be rigged now the police are on it and that there are so many powerful people of the positive polarity that care about the result.

Also, just another quick thought. People often make the mistake I think of assuming that the way things are is the way things naturally have become due to the behaviour of people. But the banks put loads of energy and effort into maintaining the world as it currently is. The mistake I think the left makes is thinking: Things are exploitative so people are exploitative so we must use tyranny to change this behaviour. However, if they understood the massive effort that goes into keeping things as they are against people's natural inclinations away from negativity, they would understand that all that is needed is the collapse of that negativity and people can be given free reign, not government controlled socialism, to have the ideal society.

A little bit of good news is that according to a tweet by Andrew Neil:

Islamic State appears to contemplate defeat in latest message. Suffering from loss of territory and leaders.

Windows 10 has made Google blogs not do pictures so I need to have it removed. Tweet is interesting though. It would be a major win by the good guys! A major loss by the bad ones... All that time and energy wasted huh? Not one conquered State to show for it!

Friday, 20 May 2016


I've been seeing a lot of posts recently (not from Zerohedge from a change) about market crashes etc. Just coincidentally, basically random people (chosen by me so not that random.)

This is the FTSE as of late:

This is on the long chart. You can see how when the market falls from teh top, as it has in 2001 and 2008. There is a bit of an upward hike a few months/ a year into that fall.

At the end of this so far crash, 2015, we have had a little upwards movements.

Some people are calling it or at least the noise on this area is getting a little more urgent:

So something to think about (this includes talk of banks themselves saying to sell stock. So they can say 'we told you' perhaps!)

If there is any karmic overtone to this, perhaps now it is too late to deal with the karma at its root. Perhaps it's time to just accept the consequences.

It strikes me that those who have not communicated well/ shown love to 'truth seekers'. People who really are on the ball here, are those who will have a lot of difficulty if it goes down in a less than harmonious way. If the establishment and government don't have all the answers!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Effect of the referendum... And stuff!

Firstly, this thing with a plane and Cairo.

I have thought for a week that there would be another terrorist attack. I will explain why. I had wanted to put it up here but chose not to because it is just negative really. The whole area is so nasty... Who would even want to be right about something like that?

But the pattern is pretty simple. It is like playing monopoly with a little child who cannot take losing. After a while if the game continues even HINTS the child is going to lose a LITTLE BIT, and there is a tantrum.

So. August 21 and the Tiajin incident were both happening on a stock market plunge. (All of this is Summarised here.) We then had the Paris attack in November when the stocks were plunging again. (A) On an overlay of stocks, we then had a predictable dip and bounce, then when the stocks got back to their November high in March, (B) there were the Brussels attacks.

This is what the stock market is doing at the moment:

And a memory refresher:


Personal stuff

Secondly, I have recently had a minor problem I might be blowing out of proportion, but where women are concerned, subtle passive aggression is usually not incorrect, they usually are doing that!

It concerns me trying to return to a place where they had invited me out to a Christmas party, then changed their minds and lied to me, told me it wasn't on when it was.

This was all a female pattern (The guys who drove the vans would have wanted me to go), as it also has been when I have been excluded from previous groups for the selfishness of female behaviours only. Women in power does not seem to be suiting me. Although women in my family are good. Also, when I was younger I had problems in Tesco with the women. Not so much with the men. Who tried moreso to defend me from the situation.

I wonder how the return to a free market economy, if we do do that will unseat women in general from power. They often use it to reinforce their emotional prejudices and have less tendency towards fairness as a whole in my experience!

Anyway, as regards to the first stuff, the charts etc... Dark world people... Dark world!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Metaphor and non metaphor.

I have previously defined a long string of synchronicity based lightning strikes and the following ways in which the society has been shaped in relation to those omens.

The lightning omens stopped in my opinion, when a young Russian girl got killed on the spot after lightning struck her phone. Lightning had returned to its basic brute force.

But today, I wonder if there is another piece of symbology here, although I make no claims as to that being the case, it is an interesting tale nonetheless:

Daily Express Courageous Christian to the end – last words of girl burned alive by ISIS: FORGIVE THEM
A young girl whose house was burned down and who died from her burns told her mother to forgive Da'esh.

Maybe, just maybe, this is some sort of omen that they're over.

Here is another just random article I found interesting:

Daily Express: Children have visions of 'man in black trying to kill them' in mass 'demonic possession'

Loads of children in Peru, 80 by this article, are having visions, combined with seizures etc. that a man in black is going to kill them.

But we know the M.O of the negative (assuming it is negative!), nothing is going to happen, all this stuff is just to terrify people!

I'll add a note on the EU referendum:

If we don't vote out, that is it. There has been a lot about 'project fear' which makes me hesitant here but consider this... After the EU vote the president of Spain will be elected on a socialist platform (more money!) Greece will be back on the cards again, put off until after the UK's referendum and the EU is going to pass a budget and all the bad things they didn't want to bring out before the referendum will start to take hold.

The idea of Cameron still being in power and demoting all the Brexit ministers turns my stomach!

It will not be pretty, it will probably make the 'transition' we are currently going through that much harder!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Continuing my conclusion... Sociology of coming change and Goldman calling it.

OK. So Goldman Sachs is calling a market crash to happen soon. Zerohedge.

No you didn't misread that!

The big power has spoken. The vampire squid. Dracula; the big cahuna of the banking world and manipulation politics.

Zerohedge: Someone Really Wants This Market To Crash

I have been, with some success thanks to the likes of Stefan Molyneux. Kind of trying to figure out the future. I know certain things. A) That there are big bads around that have control of a lot of things B) They're going down. C) That this is all putting us on a very good path to higher things. D) That such things include the working out of karma.

Questions that are not answered yet by me, is exactly how that works. Exactly how, or even if, the bad guys will be 'punished'. Or receive 'justice'. Or, if they do, how much will this reflect into more domestic 'abusers' of sorts. People in everyday life who do nasty things to others and don't get caught.

Part of this is discovering basic thought process behind people's views and any brainwashing that has happened.

I have had a bit of an insight, (thanks to this video) on this EU issue and the libertarian issue as a whole. To state the bleeding obvious, the Libertarian side is more masculine and the left wing side is more feminine. To state it simply, (this is basically copied from Stefans video there), women are concerned with looking after their children and protecting themselves, so it helps them to set up a welfare state so if they treat guys like garbage once they've been knocked up, or choose the wrong guys they still survive! However, when they get married and stay with the guy, they don't want taxes to go up because that effects the wages of their husband. So more protection of the children. They also don't want aggressive migrants coming in and harming their children.

Basically, this fits my understanding. A lot of the libertarian females I follow on twitter are married. Have tweets like 'eldest out to school, dog can't recover'. Things like that. I have not met any young girls who even slightly have libertarian ideals and they do all seem to unquestioningly swallow fashionable left wing ideals. 

I do follow one 18 year old female Libertarian on twitter, and there is Lauren Southern. The girl I follow on twitter is Jewish though, so even there there could be a genetic reason. Ashkanasi Jews have an average IQ of 130. The reason they probably have this is that they have had troubles as a people and when you have troubles, your body increases your intelligence to survive in a hostile environment. She also has a good cultural reason to not trust Muslims coming into the country en mass so really, when you add in that cultural bit of information, it is a no brainer!

How does this help us? It is a little dispiriting that people respond to these biological incentives so predictably. I probably am not an outlier here, I get the feeling people know my views before I speak them and often before I even speak! But regardless, it follows that this feminist viewpoint would support the EU's narrative of being the caring ones and advice to shun the non caring people. Those who talk 'nasty' words about immigrants (I really hate the left sometimes). It also sets up a straw man with being abandoned to the 'Tories' or 'UKIP' as the demonstration of this white patriarchy that the feminist so love to demonise. Because obviously, subconsciously what they don't want is the cause and effect that may result from this massive change. The free market, so failing business fails. And any other changes that it seems to me will result from leaving the EU (in theory), but I haven't figured out how yet!

To be fair, when I talk to anyone I can usually punch through and the better I know them the more I can 'convert' people. My little sister has swallowed a lot of information on various things (some of it is partially very accurate, she is definitely intelligent). One of those things is MSfeminism and I have talked to her for a short while and punched through to real clarity in this area. So there must be variations. I realise when talking to her that the lack of male role models in her life, (our father died a few years ago) means that she has little opportunity for a view that ISN'T the lefty ones she takes on from her schooling etc. Which further shows that the breakdown of our society is effecting all parts of it, the dysfunction cannot be stopped until it is ALL stopped!

How does this explain the EU argument in that most of the people I case studied were men! I think the tweet below shows something:

This tweet seems to have been deleted, but I had snipped it. However, in comparison to men such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Winston Churchill, etc. This guy is a little more sensitive.

What I'm saying is that a lot of men, for whatever reason seem to have internalised neo liberal feminist ideals. 

In my personal life, I have/ had a friend that seemed to go a bit SJW on me despite being apparently sane most of his life. Although he used to be the biggest guy guy you could meet. A tough wiry frame and a take no shit attitude, even laughing too quickly at others weakness. All of a sudden he started acting weirdly, from once showing absolutely no interest if I showed aggression to an elderly person (high bloodsugars from my diabetes created incredible tension one time). He started progressively saying whiny little things and accusing me of, I forget the term but it's one women use. It's kind of like arrogance or patriarchy or something that is often flown about. Anyway, he accused me of it and shook it off when I just connected as a friend again and shook him out of it.

The reason he was doing this, in my view, was that his psyche had started to slip the more he was prioritising a certain kind of relationship with a girl. He would slightly indulge left wing ideas when talking to me when he was seeing one of them, and would shake them off while we chatted! But he engaged in a lot of these sorts of connections with girls, highly sexual, and before long was engaging in large emotional lefty generalisations that were not to be denied. That when you simply calmly took them apart or explained your perspective you were... That ultra female protection mechanism... Blocked. It was all about his emotions and emotional blackmail. No other perspective was allowed.

Friends for 22 years until a few months ago! The guy became impossible! A nasty, lefty, whiny tart! Holding grudges against me for moral highgrounding reasons that the people who were supposedly the victim of, had reached agreement and understanding with me!

But this is the reason I think that a lot of men are behind the EU. There is a slippage that your mind goes down when you have had truth on the one hand, that is hard and unyeilding in this unpleasant environment we now live in, and you have sexual comfort and nurturing, (perhaps love, but I wouldn't go that far), on the other but that it includes emotional compromise of a type that isn't really natural to you. Well, many have chosen the latter.

I know men who, when I talk to them, I can almost hear, or feel, the women whose perspective they don't want to offend by changing their mindset.

This doesn't mean guy guys are not ever pro EU. There are some at work who are foreign and they are pro EU for their own personal interest. But this gives me an understanding for the population and many of the guys I did look at in the case study had one of two things. A notable femininity like our Labour councillor up there or a kind or over animalistic feel to them, where it seemed they had to consider a 'female' in their close vicinity and make emotional compromises for.

I am deconstructing our entire civilisation... The male/ female bond is primary!


This is disappointing that people respond so much in line with their biology which is a fundamentally more simple and slightly more robotic code, like a formula! I do hold out hope there are some that don't follow these simple codes. Perhaps when things work themselves out, what 'is' will be a good thing, rather than a 'problem'! 

OK, so a word about that study from yesterday.

Firstly, the readers are still in the double digits, not triple digits. None of the people that were mentioned (and especially those not actually mentioned at all) have much to worry about in my opinion.

Secondly, a lot of these people who I took the raw data from, (in my twitter mining) were not mentioned in the blog.

I did not go out to say... 'How do I get these people back for blocking me,' or for supporting the EU. When I read it back it seemed very polite from my perspective. The interactions I had with people were when I had already decided I was curious about their motives. I have not sought conflict by going on the #remain or #strongerin hashtag, without that goal in mind!

Of those that are directly mentioned, I have not annotated the tweets with personal attacks or made great attempts to show them to be lies! I have only mentioned personal correlations.

Also, I do not have a huge amount of readers on this blog, which has never stopped me writing it! If this were to take off, more people were to read it and it were to become a big deal it would be quite a surprise to me.

A note on how I chose who I would look at:

The way I chose the case study (to use a professional term for a really very unprofessional and informal process). Is I searched the tweets, when I saw someone, that was it, they were one of the members. If someone came along and started talking to me on that level even if they were pro EU, I would not study their viewpoints, because that is self chosen.

I threw out any MP's etc. Because then that person has a financial and personal incentive to be pro EU that might take away from undestanding their motivations. If someone is pro EU because their getting checks in the post, or because their 'buddy' is, that won't show up in searching of their perspective. I was looking for people who are pro EU because they emotionally preferred to be so and had not had outside influence. As much as can be controlled for in such a haphazard study!

Another thing to note about them is that they are obviously all of the liberal left in my estimation. Apart from perhaps one.

There were people that were very nice and good mooded that I looked at and chatted with as well. However, those conversations did not involved the EU so much. I don't want to give the impression they were all aggressive and acerbic. Even one of those I disagreed with in the last post, had a nice manner about them and aside from the things I disagreed with seemed like he probably was a good guy in his private life.

The fact that there are not huge amounts of readers does influence me when writing these blogs. If I ever got to a place where my view was closely followed by more people, then I would very carefully watch what I said it having far more influence! If I expected the blog to be read by 700+ people I would obviously carefully balance my words with regard to the effect it was likely to have on others. But with the amount of people likely to read it I felt no need to. However, I still feel like I was relatively polite.

Monday, 16 May 2016

The 'in' crowd. Conclusion: (Updated an hour or so later)

So, I looked into the 'in' crowd a little bit. I tried to find if there are correlations between their interests and perspectives on political areas, that inform their views on the European Union.

It is surprisingly hard work doing this, it took several hours. I can see why so much effort and funding has to be put into this research for even very basic conclusions:

My case study was... *drum role please* ... ten people! One of which seemed to show some interests in views other than their pro EU ones (when prompted by me). So was probably not a good member, some sort of outlier, he also did not have anything to say on any of the areas I searched.

One of them was so vicious I seriously wondered if he was some sort of sociopath. Out of a group of ten people. Statistically I suppose one could be. (Roughly 4% of the population). Out of the subjects I searched, this person was not in line with any of the leftist values such as defending LGBT. Many anti gay jokes on his profile.

One of the areas I searched was UKIP. I found that there were two with the nastiest things to say on UKIP. One of these was the guy I just mentioned. Many of the pro- EU peeps did not like UKIP but their argument I felt when reading them was more couched in a political ambition rather than any real dislike of UKIP. All of them that dealt with the public, involved in political activism and/ or doorstepped in any way were concerned that immigration was the big thing they were not addressing. They effectively had no views of their own about this unless you went back further, because they were so concerned they were being destroyed politically by public concern over this matter.

Climate change was interesting. This was where some correlation was found. About 7/ 10 of them said something unequivocable in support of the Goldman Sachs argument, even using terms like 'climate deniers'. But only one of them had more than about five tweets on this. This was not a big deal but an assumed belief! A building block of the belief system that is not examined! Importantly, not one out of the ten people expressed anything other than favour for the Anthopogenic view. There was not one person that even indulged even temporarily in climate scepticism in this whole group.

The Muslim question was not as forgiving as one might expect. One of the serious hard leftist liberals (anti Corbyn believe it or not!) towed the official lefty line but most were somewhat realistic about this issue or did not mention it.

But the big Eureka moment was when I searched 'Cologne'. Because not one member of this group, or apparently anyone they tweeted had mentioned it... Once!

That was a big news event to have managed to have obliterated from any self interest and from anyone in your social sphere! (I am referring to the incident in Germany where muslim refugees mass sexually assaulted women in the city of Cologne). So we have something here about the psychology of the pro EU group. That they have managed to shield themselves from both the news sources and people that might bring up these issues!

I have noticed very often on the left that they will completely forego news sources, but I have rarely, in fact almost never noticed the same thing from libertarians. Libertarians even quote Guardian articles without trouble. But tell certain leftists there might be information in Breitbart (but I'm not racist!) Express (You're having a laugh aren't you?) Or Telegraph (Why don't you just FUCK OFF AND JOIN THE TORIES!) They will openly shun it and put you down. If you then only repeat views that are from your left wing sources, you're probably not that interesting, and people don't follow you who will be mentioning 'Cologne' in their conversations. (Intense people concerned with freedom)

Also, you obviously will not be following the type of person to mention 'Cologne' in their conversations.

This inability to receive information; the, what I call, shun-the-non-believer effect was shown in some of my twitter engagements with these people:

Basically, he assumes Trump will not be POTUS. It is the accepted wisdom. So asking for some sort of evidence basis for the opinion is just stupid... This is the second very anti UKIP person.

This was to statements like: Crimea voted to join Russia, this was confirmed by independent Western polling... Also, the EU sponsored a Neo Nazi coup of Ukraine... I was *Blocked* after this.

This is what happened when I repeatedly challenged someone on using the word 'Europe' instead of 'EU', and quoted his own tweets back to him to continually make my point, without letting him weasel out of it:

After quoting this back to him when that definition was no longer convenient:

? That's an interesting point, is Russia geographically in Eur... Nevermind! ... Anyway, after highlighting that the first statement was a deliberate manipulation:

So, there is a shallowness to their communication and seemingly perspective. Mention certain facts and you're blocked. Challenge in certain ways and you're blocked. From looking at this I think this is the takeaway lesson, the behaviour that underlies the EU 'in' crowd.

(A lot of these 'in' campaigners, or left campaigners, have no way of controlling immigration in the EU. You can at least talk about the Turkey deal, a chart below. But that does not solve internal to the EU immigration, or the fact Turkey can now send EU migrants as blackmail whenever it wants. That the migrants are now coming through Libya/ Italy instead of Greece, or that Turkey itself wants visa free access to Europe for its citizens. Going door to door to convince people of something it is clearly stated does not solve their problems (staying in the EU)... What are they doing with their lives?)

From Bloomberg:

I can engage in conversation. If someone says to me you contradicted yourself there, I will explain what I meant (with this much ongoing intellectual activity that is second nature!) If someone says to me; What do you think will happen? I will go to the evidence and explain why I think what it is. If it is a result I don't like I will say 'the polls are looking like this at the moment'... I don't agree with it but that is the way it is. I even did so last month on this blog! The telephone polls are remain. The internet polls are leave... There... Done. (So I'm saying the pro EU'ers have no doubt! That in itself should be scary!)

Internet polls were innacurate at the General election but were accurate at the Mayoral election for Sadiq Khan. That is probably because the latter was not rigged but the former most definitely was. (We have Tory election scandal and I also have DSF vote rigging... etc. etc.) There is a trail here. I don't just say... You think we will remain in the EU? For fucks sake! What kind of a moron are you!

Because then it is in fact me that would be the real moron!

The metaphysical connotations of Cologne. 

Now I'm going to return to my extreme weirdness of the whole astrology. UFO ilk.

Ever since this migrant crisis has begun it has all been a little eerie synchronicity wise. Hearing about it coming from Libya on St. Georges day etc. Looking back, it seems the Cologne event itself seems to hook into this:

I summarised how several events of lightning strikes, at very specific times and places, seemed to prequel big changes in society:

I started with the high of the DOW. Then moved onto 9/11 Saudi Arabia pattern. Then there was a lightning strike in a celebrity get me out of here in Australia jungle and I thought this meant that some big event would effect mainstream culture.

The Cologne event, even though it is not as big and bright as the 9/11 destruction of extremism, the Cologne event really could've been it! Seeing as people that have their heads in the sand (pro EU peeps) Still cannot come to grips with what those events mean and how they have effected people, and their perspective of the EU. By engaging in some sort of underhand ploy in using the migrant "refugee crisis". The EU seems to have sealed it's own fate!

At this moment we saw the feminist movement refuse to look at it, and even VICTIM SHAME the assault victims at Cologne. We saw leftists come out with other ridiculous nonsense. Something has changed in popular discourse because of those events as well.

By the way. Those lightning strikes stopped after a strike I theorised was about China and economics, I understand some Chinese data caused havoc today.... Good good!


I forgot one conversation that really characterised this whole thing, but I think I laid my case out well that this does happen a lot (but not always!) with the pro EU crowd. (I did actually also meet fairly nice people as well, as I said though, none that had tweets or responses on Cologne):

Me: Well, dealing directly with countries rather than trading through EU where might be voted down will help!

Aldmars: That's cloud cuckoo land, and if you've any sense you'd know that. #EURemain

Me: Why, because you say so?

Aldmars: no because every credible economist says so. #EURemain

Me: So in other words you don't think for yourself you just believe what authorities say?

Aldmars: I read what experts in the relevant field have to say and disseminate what makes sense to me 

Me: Yet you know nothing of the subject at hand? Can you explain why end of tarriffs quotas not a good thing? Do you understand that Greece cannot devalue under EZ and that is not a good thing? Do you understand how QE increases income disparity? Or do you just accept the view put forward by the 'experts' without thinking. Blind Faith? Like the old school religious institutions.

Aldmars: On another convo, don't keep tweeting me regardless of any reply or i'll block u.

Me: Why would I care about that? I had more points than was in one tweet. You want a uniform one tweet vs other tweet situation like some sort of borg?


So case in point. 

Unsurprisingly this guy is very pro anthropogenic global warming and listening to the 'experts'!

The 'in' crowd.

I'm writing a blog on the people that are campaigning for, or seem to support on twitter. The 'in' vote on the European referendum.

How somebody could campaign for the slavery of their own country is absolutely beyond me. It really is, I cannot describe how much it is! I am trying to find other common interests to try and understand it...

Have they all been very anti UKIP in the past? Are they all pro refugees (refugeeswelcome)? Are they all very pro LGBT, or pro global warming...

Something to explain it. Then I can build a model of their inner world... Person grows up and supports LGBT, how does this blockage further manifest? over what time period?

I cannot right at this time I have to go to work. I have a list of those I am running various searches on. So far the LGBT is weighted about 7/10 in favour. I have not had time to do any other searches.

Adios until later!

(One of those I have talked with about this issue has deleted/ deactivated their account so far!)

Saturday, 14 May 2016

The power of the state:

This tweet interested me:

Now perhaps this is simply an inane threat, a petti statement designed to intimidate that the MP in question does not intend to follow up from. However, peoples response to this has been telling, and twitter as a sociology mechanism is organically highlighting something here. This is not a work of statistics but something that has happened in real time:

One set of responses is as follow:

Lol, that was funny Jess is a Labour candidate.

This encapsulates it:

As far as I scrolled down I could not find one MALE response that was supportive of this comment

Most people, including the women that were against this comment were not really part and parcel of the establishment. They were either fairly hard left, fairly libertarian as above, or had interests such as video games which is definitely not mainstream.:

These were some that were supportive of this comment:

So this is our case study of people that most likely support the use of state power in the policing of 'upsetting' tweets on twitter.

Before I continue I'll say I don't believe Jess had any threatening tweets on twitter. She would have RT'd them if she had and the problem would have been dealt with far more efficiently:


So, all of these people are pretty establishment. An author of awaken your inner fairie (left wing new age LoA kind of thing... I said these were related), an ECB accountant who's part of a civil service riding club, and the last one is a care worker who seems emotionally quite positive about todays society.

I might perhaps profile the 'in' crowd of the EU referendum as well, it might be interesting.

The men who are pro EU can be Citiboys, or councillor politicians. or who tweet anonymously putting down everything and anything, people who unthinkingly push the establishment line.

So this can be explained from a biological perspective. After a woman has set up her life there is no benefit to her to upset the system. Her genes are assured and she simply has to raise her children in the tribe as it is (regardless of whether she has them or not). Those women who are NOT happy with this threat of state power (for disagreement) are those who, I would argue, are acting slightly outside their biological drives with a spiritual component. As there is a spiritual component to the men involved. (Jihad... A bad situation where the spirit must fight.)

The men here however, are not happy with the situation 'as it is'. Since men always have to extend themselves since it increases their chance of reproduction. (If a man takes over a whole country he will have more children! If a woman does she will not.) Also, the background of this is the rather frightening expansion of state power into the tyrannical nanny state. Men, who are more disposable to the tribe and have more testosterone, are more likely to be worried about this threat.

Why does this matter?

Why does it matter?

There is something I have been trying to say here but it just hasn't really formed. The future is likely to have less state power and in some way change the game on how things are at the moment.

I would argue, as I have experience, that the reason some women want everyone else to be censored is so that they can engage in nasty behaviours and then play victim when the person they have behaved badly towards justifiably responds with anger at said behaviour. Thus not receiving karma for their actions.

Consider how much power Michelle Fields had just be making a tiny, completely ludicrous claim of abuse, and many, many supported her! Would it be the same if it was a male reporter?

This game is more or less up in that the revolution has happened on the quiet but the results are not in yet, to explain where we are I'm going to do a little bit of finance and geopolitics:


The stock market might survive up until the EU referendum, however, this is one signal that it is struggling and might come down before that:

Major technical resistance is under threat:

This essentially means that if the S&P/ Dow falls too far in the next week we COULD, (might not will) face a kind of cliff edge effect and a plunge leading to a Lehman moment somewhere and a crash far bigger than 2008. Either now or in the next year or so the EU will probably fail because of this. Because the necessity of returning to some sort of free market, not a rigged market for political power, is becoming dangerously apparent!

The establishment is trying its best with this California wildfire thing but the stocks have still plunged last week, it is not enough and it is unlikely they will be able to plan anything threatening enough to keep it up.

(No accelerant here, this is perfectly natural!):

That being said it has seemed equally hopeless many many times but the establishment has somehow managed to pull through, but who knows. (Recently when looking at finance I pushed down what I was feeling and went with the data and I was very correct. I feel they will push through, the data is non conclusive but seems to be pushing towards a drop.)

When it all does go wrong there are several things that could happen, including initially, problems with food, petrol, and many other things that would cause some discomfort. This is where the problem will be for the EU/ establishment supporting liberal cause because, this is when the police forces and other services will not be able to enforce state power and is also when, the people who will gain power in this societal shift, will be those who have paid attention and somehow prepared for it. The libertarians who understand the free market, the gold bugs, the geeks, perhaps even the preppers)

Who will be the rulers in this new age?... Donald Trump very likely, Brexit supporting politicians especially with hindsight. These are not the people that are going to be overly friendly to the mainstream feminist/ attention seeking cause.

Who will be the losers? The supporters of the way things are, the establishment. Those who pushed 'Blairism' for the months before Blair got sent to jail for war crimes. (Which is the kind of thing that will definitely happen when power comes away from the financial system). The anti Trumps, the citiboy bankers who have kept a similar karmic immunity going through money.

But it's all going to come down!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Free market, karma and sex.

I was just thinking when watching Brexit the movie how much the free market is karma.

The thoughts of what our society can be continue to be a positive inspiration.

For instance, would it not mean women got more karma for 'subtle' cruelties if the free market had given innovation and many of them were thin and attractive.

That means that if some women were to act unethically and cover up the difference with left wing ideas and sexual chemistry... Well... It wouldn't go anywhere if the supply and demand for sexuality wasn't so much in womens favour.

Just think of the possibilities.

Also, it could land more karma on womens doorstep who get pregnant by a lout and don't consider the effect their actions could have on their future. If supply and demand wasn't so much in their favour then women would have to consider the consequences, because they would know that moves that massively decreased their market value would create problems.

Different golden age than the lefts version isn't it!?

I have often wondered if we were to make contact with a group of human ET's and suddenly a lot of 'nice' and attractive girls were introduced into our society, how quick it would take for feminism to disappear.

I also thought the other day how convenient it is that, aside from family, I own the collection of women in our society around my age nothing... But that was just before I met the attractive girl I mentioned on this blog recently.

Almost as though that imagination of me being powerful in some way in the future, famous; was based on some sort of truth.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

I have a nice problem.

I have a problem. That for most people would not be a problem.

Part of the reason I do all this is that the paths that I originally felt were good for me. Music, meditation etc. Have been blocked off. The reason they have been blocked off is that I met someone who I believed (and they told me very distinctly was true). I believed was on my life path as a 'soul mate'. But who preferred to use that wisdom to harm me instead of help and the situation involved was very unpleasant.

But, yesterday I met an attractive girl. A REALLY attractive girl. I have not met a girl so attractive in about ten years. Not just attractive but intelligent too. I felt very much that there was an openness and pleasantness not there with most girls I have met. Who was pursuing who? I don't know. But I was delivered in casual conversation a time when I would be able to meet her again when there would be less people around.

Why is this a problem? Well, the reason I stay away from music, deep personal astrology, meditation, spiritual teachings etc. Is that I have to keep the parts of me down that are related to the original situation which some people would consider schizophrenic and probably have me committed for (but would end up positively if allowed to run its course with the acceptance of those around me). This is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds and the 'soul mate' involved is complicit in this and would also like to see me committed I believe (whom also got others to threaten physical violence against me)... Horrible human being.

My model thus far is that I need to gain a position of higher power over this person before I can relate to them again. (So if telepathy or truth detection was admissable as evidence in some sort of court, that relates to these things, I would be in a good position.) I can prove absolutely disgusting behaviour allying herself with negative entities if I was given the chance to do so! If I can't gain a position of higher power than her then just waiting it out until I die and using the space between lives to do some of the justice of some sort. Things really have gotten that unpleasant.

Regardless of that, the reason I don't do meditation etc. Is not to unlock that part of myself. It is very unpleasant not being able to do the thing I love in this world: Music.

However, it is likely I will ask this girl out (the attractive one I just met). I have not had that button in myself previously that holds back these sorts of things. To me though, sex, and love, are likely the same as all this meditation effects. It might unlock the unpleasant situation I still need help with. Either that or I won't be able to do the sex because of energy reasons. Regardless, it is difficult to fight your biology. I have not had so much as a smile from a girl in years, and my patience with their endless games is at its end point. So this morning I have thought of nothing else. Not politics. There is a positive feeling and a feeling of dark dread overlaid, since I can't control my situation.

Woe is me huh?

Synchronicity in all this related to 'negative density'!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The future. (Thought on Hillsborough and crowds)

Now, I don't know what that is, but the headlines now are so frequently important news that it is exhausting. People like Zerohedge, Bloomberg, the Daily Express etc. are single outlets, only responsible for a small sphere of intellectual contribution. In one language, covering a few subjects.

Imagine the massive amount of manipulation and technical proficiency it must involve to oversee all the things that are happening inside an area you subtly control. It must be manic right now. If the information around at the moment is a little overwhelming for ME. Imagine what it must be for the controllers in the EU or Goldman Sachs!

Anyway, Italy's banks are failing. Italy is having as many migrants coming through as Greece. Italy wants it's own EU referendum. EU is trying to fine rebellious countries for not accepting migrants. Hillary's aid gets up and walks out of an interview with the FBI. Da'esh member admits Turkey offered EU passports in exchange for work done. Joe Biden makes moves towards becoming the candidate to replace Hillary (As predicted a few months ago by Benjamin Fulford.) Turkey threatens EU with increased "refugee" migrants if...

You get the idea. It goes on and on and on and on... All the important information that shows that the whole system is crumbling.

Stocks were up yesterday. (Dow +240) On Italian bank carnage. Increased supply of oil! Perhaps news of Greeks having accepted austerity measures. (£4.3bn) was enough to do it. Anyway, Dow as of this moment is 144 points down... It will probably rally before the close and end at around -80.

However, charts like this can be interesting (from ZH as always):

Nothing to worry about there I joked on my facebook!

But, wondering how the future will turn out, at some point there will be a shift in power. The negative are too weak, the positive are too strong. It might not be Brexit, it may not even be Trump POTUS (although I hope and believe it will be both of those things). But it will be something. The libertarian movement and strong other than US countries are too strong and committed.

... and I was watching a documentary on an English tragedy at the Hillsborough stadium recently. Through some notorious management by the police and stadium designers 96 people were crushed to death in a football game. 

What it makes me think is 96 people got crushed to death for the pure emotional zeal for watching a football match. It was not the fans fault, they had no reason to believe that the stadium had been designed like some sort of mass torture chamber. But what happened was the fans were all trying to get in the stadium and pushing forward to see the game crushing the people at the fences on the front.

That is some pretty strong stuff. It can't be a small amount of force that crushes people to death! All it took was the physical manifestation of excitement to create this effect from a few thousand people. It's quite amazing... and it shows the emotional franticness that might occur once things start to get out of control. If things really start to get out of control. This combined with something far more emotionally compelling than a football match (I assume). I wonder at the kind of things that might happen from this!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Metaphor cultures of Star Trek (Deep Space Nine).

Federation: Well of course the Americans, what with the USS enterprise etc.

Romulans:... Possibly the Russians reminiscent of Cold war Tensions.

Bajorans: Very Scottish or Irish. Probably Irish!

Clingons: Africans perhaps?

Jem Hadar... Some of these Middle Eastern Groups. Loyalty to the 'founder' is loyalty to 'Islam'.

These are all massively fictionised and in some instances, taken so far away from their original inspiration perhaps, as to be a new thing altogether. Clingons might be an example of this. They became so entertaining they were less dangerous!

However, considering before September 11th it was an open secret that the Americans were funding the IRA... In this fictionalised scenario, the Cardassians are... The ENGLISH!

Cardassians had a very elitest and heirarchical society: Monarchy. They oppressed the Bajorans. I.e. The Irish; and, outside the extremely fictionalised evil of some of the more imaginative episodes, there is just something that is similar in some ways between Cardassians and English society. There is a held backness in English society, a lack of some sort of tactile warmth and a politeness and honour that seems almost genetic. (Or ideally there has been, now there is too much of a drinking culture that is destroying it!) There are definite similarities to the Thatcher Era.

Just an idea. Of course there are variations and cultures change. What was true or fictionalised as true in 1995 might be different to what is so 20 years later!

Don't know about the telepathic race, the empaths. Also... The Borg? The Marquis? The Vulcans? Who knows? Not all of them line up with things in our today society. The Forengi are kind of like the 'customer service' culture. There is definitely strong similarity between the Jewish and the 'Changelings' but I cannot begin to fathom what that one was trying to imply.