Thursday, 29 September 2016

An answer to believing in a better world.

I have been thinking about this:

Cullen has done a truly impressive video here. It is funny when he tries to outline his ideal world using every word in the sociology of the alt right he can find. Overthinking. But it is a great video, with some real heart felt values.

It has put me into a larger perspective, something I am sort of always in but sort of never in. Today, I dealt briefly with a beautiful young girl who seems to give me positive attention. But whom I am reluctant to engage with for a lot of good reasons including a historical link to some sort of problem that can vaguely be defined as 'schizophrenia' that I feel I am always fighting back with pure will power.

This prevents happiness because to relax is to not be in control.

But even so, dealing with her briefly, and I am dealing with an intelligent soul, made me feel for a full few minutes, on an emotional level that things can be better.


Like in this video where it is pondered on, what would the world be like if there had been no EU? If the globalists had never gained a foothold? If feminism and sexual liberation had not destroyed the nuclear family? Well, it would be better. Are we in the parallel reality that went wrong? The one with sexy Willow?

We are in the reality we are in. Even though things are painful, to assume they have no meaning, or that the bad feelings have not happened for a reason I don't think is necessarily true. If you were to say to someone living in World War 2... Do you want to exit now and go and live in a world more to your liking? Perhaps where there had never been a war?... It is a similar question that if someone asked you a few years ago would you like to be zapped off the planet and free to pursue another life.

OK, perhaps yes, I cannot speak for everybody. But wouldn't there be something missing? Wouldn't you want to know how it would turn out? This novel you are halfway through, where there is a real threatening bad guy and your friends are in danger. Wouldn't it be good in some way to see the Nuremberg trials? Isn't the journey of being in a powerless position knowing the truth and seeing the good rise up and destroy the bad, and to get back in a just way the people that have wronged you or others. Is that not an interesting idea?

I have written before about how it seems to me that people who have personal darkness have aligned themselves with the SJW movement. A good example of this might be Alicia Machado:

There are plenty of times where subtle contempt and other such emotions are enacted, but there is no way to quite grab the person and shake them out of it because their holier than thou attitude cannot be penetrated.

One of these such times came for me when I was on an astrology forum. I was saying things that I felt were true, my truth and there was this one woman who would come in and apparently 'channel' information which was basically the opinion of her and others that I was rejecting. I do not believe all negativity should be explained away and we should be all feeling like we are 'learning lessons in love'. Which very conveniently exempts certain people from having to deal with certain, heartfelt and truthful perspectives.

This is the important part to this story and is one theme I have seen over and over again: When I returned to the forum months later, or perhaps even more than a year later. I tried to unset the weird way it had become. I tried to communicate an understanding that you have to start with reality, where things really are when looking at astrology, and only if you understand reality can you understand how the planets really relate to it. They were very insistent in the view that analysing astrology without any base of reference was the right way to go.

So one example is they would go on and on about this part of Donald Trump's chart means he is a liar. I said, well OK; if he is a liar can you actually prove a time when he lied!

It is not how I study astrology. Free will is fundamental to my understanding. Lying is outside an energetic reality anyway. The person then gave me eight or so examples and I took apart them masterfully (sometimes just with the word 'source?') and the person got really angry, he seemed to get increasingly humiliated. After many complaints the moderators threatened to ban me from the website and strategically deleted my posts so that it looked like during this scrap I was beaten by the other guys wisdom.

But, going back to why I started this, the woman above who had been patronising and channeling. She was a strong Hillary supporter by now. So this person had been sorted into a place where her inner life had been made manifest. When Donald Trump wins, she will begin to feel the karma.

There are many other examples. Including some very serious ones in my life where I do not know what manifestation the people who have wronged me will take, but I am confident there is one.

Another is perhaps a close friend. He has always had this superior idea about himself which has only been made stronger under the current pressure. Part of this is that he is always right. When I have talked with him before about stocks and stuff he has insisted on his own viewpoint with no evidence to back it up at all. Only telling me I am wrong because I am wrong. That's it. Not even agreeing to disagree. I remembered he had some problem with that as well. (Maybe he intuitively knew he wasn't disagreeing because he wasn't actually saying anything).

This has always been a thing with him. There has always been a part of him that puts me (and others) down and assumes they are inferior. An example of this is when I was trying very hard to look for jobs, very hard, the stress was grinding every day. He told me he believed I was just lazy and not being able to find a job was 'like a fat person who can't stop eating'. (*Shock horror* he ended the friendship when I got a job!)

I had always planned that when I succeeded in life he would not be able to do this. You cannot take this tone if your friend is going from success to success on his 'life path'.

This persons attitude is one outlined by Mike Adams. This friend fits Adams definition of a liberal. He plans, if things financial- collapse and get bad to come round and steal from (or, god forbid, plead with!) me. This will all be justified in a way I know. Because I am inferior to him in some way, in his view, he must guide me to have the morally correct choice.

But, if a stock crash did happen and there was a need for prep. I'm getting a machete soon! (Hopefully not too late with Deutsche bank likely to continue it's collapse tomorrow) I have other weapons. I am getting creative there. So, against all the odds in a very powerful, material way, this strong belief he and others have that I am naturally inferior to them will be directly disproven. He was not right, in fact he was wrong, in a very provable and obvious way. And various self defense devices mean that any position of strength from him cannot be used to take the moral high ground and feel himself to be right. Hypocritically discarding any deeper thought on the subject.

These are just examples. But what I am saying, and what the last example shows. Is that the little inner tendency to put others down when a greater understanding is not explained made explicitly clear, and perhaps even then; is unlikely to have ever been challenged in a more positive world. We are in this situation we are in and the grit it gives us gives us something unique, which we will not likely get elsewhere.

This, on a larger scale, might be very interesting. All those falsely accusing others of rape suddenly getting their comeuppance. All those passive- feminists whom do things that are just too subtle to really be addressed may suddenly find themselves in a situation where the state does not protect them, and they have to see the results of being a horrible person. Or simply feel the result of suddenly being very dependent on strong men. Many atheists, hard Darwinist weed smoking slackers suddenly having to confront they did not do their due diligence on Darwin (in my understanding!) It will be fun.

Perhaps it is not everything, perhaps it is not even honourable. But I think, it is good to watch the liberal/ SJW whinos be put through their paces!

Will we value these experiences in the time to come?

Hazy life, and mens movement in Daily Mail.

OK, another blog post, while we are waiting for the system to come crashing down. ;)

After my previous post (under the headline guilt without trial) I have been feeling it slightly, that a decisions has been made on some sort of subconscious level that has been felt. My sister was a rare connection I had to a level of emotional reality where feelings/ affection are the dominant way of relating. Most of my life involves some sort of planning that is quasi technical. After music went out the window too.

It also makes me wonder about how connected we all are. For instance, in the last post I referenced, only very briefly, too briefly, what would be the case if my life had gone 'as planned' (when I thought of this I thought of it in full terms not the brief terms mentioned). Within the same day Dave Cullen comes out with this long speech on what would have happened if there had been no EU. A more pleasant world. It also seems to me that Stefan Molyneux referenced that in 31 mins here. But that is perhaps my subjective interpretation.

I was much amused by this article:

Daily Mail: Meet the men who hate women so much that they have vowed NEVER to sleep with them again

I had to stop halfway and check what was obvious, that the author was female, it is written with amusing bitterness:
In fact, the members of the community do not see feminism as a movement for equality, but rather something that infringes on the rights of men.

Users in the forums rage against 'career women' but also spew bilious prose about women they perceive to be 'gold-diggers'. Men brag about dumping women who proved themselves to be 'feminazis' but also about fooling their past sexual conquests.
Some of the topics boast such titles as 'The state exists only to transfer your money to women' and 'The “Domestic Abuse” machine as an apparatus for men’s enslavement'.

This is beyond the fat-shaming, slut-shaming and even age-shaming that is rife throughout the site. Its users also seem to align themselves firmly with the so-called alt-right.
And this is an informative line if it is indeed true:
The website even has instructions for how members can reach certain 'levels', borrowing one plot device from movie The Matrix to describe themselves as 'red pill' men who have expunged a period of unenlightened 'blue pill' existence from their lives. 
The first level, 0, sees men come to the realization that feminism is the enemy and women are manipulative liars, followed by level one, where they decide to no longer engage in meaningful relationships, only sexual ones. 
In level two, even sex is ruled out. The final level, four, is when a member has become fully enlightened.
So essentially this group sounds like are going for the jugular rather than being sensible and measured. The thing that a woman gets from sex is the emotional connection. They are trying to create a religion to deny this and cause discomfort to women. If the pleasing half flirtateous chat is taken away from everyday women (those not clever enough to deal with it); It will quickly make things quite unpleasant for them.

Importantly, this groups is trying to take credit, and possibly redirect energy, that is already there, away from intellectual awareness and into a self serving cult.

So, for my little bit of disclosure before I tear into this group: The commitment to not chase sex and the discipline of all sexual impulses, not looking at porn, no masturbation etc. Is hugely positive for my life. I am a new age person who believes very much in ideas similar to the Oriental practices of 'chi'. I feel exhausted when I do release that lower energy and this celibacy also reflects in my relationships with women. Many of my male friends have become whiny little bitches, by pandering to girls in their lives they are sleeping with and essentially going left. Even those that secretly are very anti left.

This is not the direction I have gone in in this 'dangerous' environment (and it is dangerous) and because I have not gone in this direction, I do not emotionally relate to most people that are at this level. There is a whole realm of giving extra considerations to women that simply does not exist to me and because of that there are women that do not like me. I have never been able to plead or beg.

OK, so this is the groups website:

Men Going Their Own Way

Now, in my opinion, the reason this page all seems a bit weird is that it smacks of desperation. I have been out clubbing with men many times who profess they are out for 'everyone' to have fun. Who are very realistic about how hypocritical women can be but then when they get into that club, they are chasing tail. They are not present if their are no hotties (or even non hotties) in their vicinity. There is a 'desperation' to them.

This in fact, has become so intolerable I do not go clubbing anymore.

Withdrawing from sex and emotional connection with women of breeding age is NOT the way to go for any mans empowerment movement. There is no rationality after the sexual act, and manipulative women thrive where there is no rationality, it is their bread and butter. Having sex but specifying no emotional commitment is also not, in my view part of that, it is simply a way to hurt women. If there was a way to do this, it would be to emotionally connect, but be aware that sex needs to be controlled, thus attaining more power.

But, does this need to be done at all? I think a man's movement is a good thing, to group together all the men destroyed in the courts, to give meaning to life in bonding (sport, weights etc.) in difficult times. But to direct it at women in this way I believe could cause unnecessary resentment.

To do this I will show two women, one of whom is probably too young and sweet to be considered a sexual object but I will do so anyway:


So, the first one is an eighteen year old girl, who is very what might be called 'alt- right', and simply does not agree with the feminist agenda. I have found a lot of the biggest defenders of 'mens rights' are women. Including this website '' which was from a 14 year old girl. 'Princess', if she chooses to, will get into the dating scene if not now, then in the next few years. Is an ally to anti immigration and alt right movements. 

I don't think much needs to be said on the second one 'Deplorable London'. Her twitter is filled with strong 'alt right' memes. Essentially it seems to me that this girl is 'fishing' within the alt right community. She has done the intelligent thing in order to get what she wants. She has not taken the route of trying to dominate men to the feminist agenda and, if and when she does partner, or has already partnered, with someone in that movement, will only strengthen a person, potentially towards the completion of libertarian goals. (Like Melania Trump).

Nigel Farage once said that it was 30 year old women who were his biggest supporters in South Thanet and he kept on meeting men who would say 'Oh it's you, hang on a minute I'll get my wife, she loves you'. (Term probably wasn't 'love' but I can't remember precisely).

So a movement against women at this point will not serve to do any good. Because it is women in so many cases, all over my twitter for instance, who are supporting the overthrow of the ridiculously inefficient and corrupt government and the feminist/ communist movement that is infesting same.

I wonder if it really matters. At the forefront of my thoughts is that a mens movement like this is long overdue. There are many men that are effected by the weighting of the "justice" system, the tax system etc. It is a surprise they have not risen up by now.

But maybe they have already. Maybe the alt right/ libertarian movement is the umbrella under which most of humanity is uniting!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Global politics, twitter antics, political ideas filtering down to life with the rest of us.

I looked briefly at the signs of the end times website I referenced in the last post, it seems to be a sandwich short of a picnic, but the source material is interesting:
1 Timothy 4:1 ...'Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.'
Feminism? anti fa? Islam?

Under this title they talk about near death experiences being from the devil. Anything in the bracket of 'evidence' surely must be!

Also, Deutsche bank is continuing as normal, I've seen Telegraph break the news now. I still struggle to get interested in this or believe it to be a real threat, but I am VERY excited about buying a machete. I do think the emotion some of my former 'friends' will feel when they see I have brought a machete (I will be posting it on facebook when I've got it) is that turning up to get my prep in the event of bad things is not a solution (unless they want to end the pain quickly). They will be stunted in their lazy ass intention to ignore everything I am saying, put me down sometimes, but if it goes wrong attempt to steal from me because they haven't prepped.

If you want to survive you prep for yourself (not that I'm even definitely sure I'm going to need it.)

Twitter antics.

Yesterday, while I was just lying around twittering. A really carnal image came up on my twitter. Of a woman standing over a tied up man with his 'codpiece' in a metal device, gyrating her 'reproductive organ' over his mouth.

I didn't think much of it. Later I found out the girl posting this is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. It kind of goes against a belief that I hold very strongly that women are fundamentally asexual. That they usually only get sexual desires after about 40 when they are physically more dried up because that gives them a chance to grieve and emote over a lost youth, and they do love emoting.

It also brought me round to this website:

Here's another interesting tidbit:

Guardian: Racial murders: nearly half the victims are white

Winston Churchill:

The poster at the top there I have gotten from women, including it's tagline 'it is easier to raise whole children than to repair broken men'. Many women are against the establishment at the moment and are not in favour of nazism feminism. So when I put forward this bear that in mind:

But like the Winston Churchill quote says, the establishment and the feminists cannot really oppose truth. Men are stronger than women, more determined often, less inclined towards chatter when working. In whatever field of interest this is, if it is in the police force, or a minimum wage job, or some other place, all the feminist garbage in the world will not be able to change reality.

In 2008, due to feminist rules on policing, a prisoner took the gun off a five foot, grandmother aged police officer at his trial and went on a shooting rampage. Feminists bear responsibility for this. As do the women who cried rape and were found to have done so falsely. They have not, of course, received their karma.

In the police service in America, the police are having this trouble where because of gender quotas, they have to hire 50% of each gender but there are a lot of highly skilled men they can hire, and hardly any women, so they have to lower the bar for womens entry. This leads to a situation where policeman are partnered with women who may be very unfit and unable to do the role and they are not confident their partner can protect them in a violent situation.

Where I work the men are simply faster at doing the job. There is one woman who is as fast and effective as the men and she chats a lot of the time and expects (and gets) special treatment for no clear reason. There are two shift runners, the man is extremely fair and effective which has been noticed by upper management. The woman is not (but she is, to be fair, improving) and she has tended to have a go at people because she emotionally prefers to, giving preferential treatment to who she likes. Speaks Spanish all the time (chats constantly, previously to the extent of chatting when work is urgently needed doing, then tells others off for even a few words of chat), creating divisions in the place, whereas the Spanish men do not do so, I suspect she is the reason for our high turnover, it has only happened since she became shift runner and she is liable for both of our recent failed health and safety inspections.

This could just be coincidence, but what I am trying to say is that in this situation and others like it, the business cannot avoid somehow capitulating to the male workers because they have to. If they do not then the men will leave (perhaps they mostly leave and the discussion never comes up) and the business will fail... The free market speaks again! Of course, many businesses and persons will fail, and deserve to fail, if it comes to a choice of refuse female dominance or fall.

Guilt without trial. 

These feminist perspectives filter down to the ground layer and break up society, like perhaps they were originally intent on doing. (Having been started by the CIA)

Since my father died I have had trouble staying in contact with my little sister. The reason being because her mother simply gets in the way too much. When I go over to their house she will not stop coming in the room if me and my sister are simply sitting there playing monopoly or something. One time, which I had to re- remind my sister of because she wouldn't believe me, she came in the room, stared at us both from a few feet away and went back out without saying a word.

This gets ridiculous, every few minutes we are disturbed, if we watch a film it will be interrupted usually timed at the very end and multiple times throughout the film. So I decided I wouldn't go round there anymore (I could not stand the constant eggshell walking now). My first idea was to invite her over to my place. That fell flat, my second idea was to take her out for vegan pizza and simply go for a walk whenever I'm going to see her.

I suspect that the reason her mother will not leave us alone is that she suspects that I would be 'touching' my sister in some inappropriate way because the behaviour does not make sense otherwise. One time when I tried to shut the door because we were watching a film and she had the radio on very, very loud she looked at me and said 'I want this door OPEN!' Why? Do you not think you'd be able to hear her yell if it was closed?

When I asked my sister to come around she gave me an excuse I didn't believe. Unless times have changed, large amounts of homework are not given out that are due tomorrow. The requirement of taking my sister out each time I want to contact her when I am getting extremely tired from working are not really reasonable. Even these are cancelled. For a possibly legitimate reason last time. But who cares really?

Does my sisters mother need any evidence to act on this idea that I'm not safe around her? Of course not! What a stupid idea! She has just decided it, probably because, as my father told me, she 'doesn't like men'. Rather like men all over the world who have been accused of various different things with no evidence, on a lesser scale of course since I have not been actually accused and put in jail, simply, the accusation held in my sisters mothers mind has been subtly acted upon.

So that's probably pretty much the end of my communication with my sister. If you cannot contact someone and talk to them ever then what's the point? If I basically achieved what would have been my goal if things were not so chaotic I could wait until she was 16, when her mother has less legal power over her, and simply tell her to come around when she wants (my own place etc. etc.). Come and stay as a respite from your mother or we can go out when I have a life that I enjoy more and more free time.

What my life goals would have been show no signs of manifesting of course. There are many people with similar unfounded accusations that have screwed that one over. My goal if nothing changes (no financial collapse, no extra terrestrial contact and such) is simply to attain a place of my own, in the snow, where I can get away from this all. Perhaps in Russia, I do not particularly like the English countryside (although I do like the sea!). I'd like to know what I'd do for money. At this point my friends have separated from me over political ideas mainly, I have some family I connect with but that list has just shrunk.

The global game:

The house and the senate voted against Obama's veto of the bill that allows the families of the victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. This is HUGE news! A real sign of change.

Keep the faith huh? Keep the faith!

And on feminism again:

It is also worth nothing that the establishment feminist does not treat women very well. For instance, the women raped by Bill Clinton have in some cases held that wound for more than 40 years, and the women raped in Cologne and the victims of Muslim rape gangs all over England are ignored by feminists. Feminists do not care about women.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The 'shadow feminine'?

I didn't have time to write a blog this morning due to a mistake with the electricity leading to me rushing to work; now I am writing one at four in the morning with a peculiar tension, something I need to write before I go to bed.

It's a bit like a diary entry this process I suppose, but a diary of current events.

So, here's a few thoughts:

A) Everyone is so interested in the Trump debate, I did not find it interesting and before the event I did not find it interesting. For the first time I can remember a major political event has not interested me. Perhaps because I have full confidence in Trump winning.

But everyone is into it. The Americans are so excited about this. Rather like the British followed every twist and turn over Brexit.

So two things I noticed, i) at 56:25 in the NBC footage of the debate Trump accuses Hillary of 'not being able to produce' and she gives this weird smile. I think there was some link to 'the production of babies' in this comment.

ii) At 1:21:00 of the NBC version and 2:26:17 on the Alex Jones coverage. Trump mentions that Hillary thinks global warming is the biggest threat America faces and she gives him this look of ethereal sadness. I think that is interesting.

What's come out of it now though is interesting, because I am talking about things from a metaphorical/ metaphysical standpoint sometimes. The latest Trumpers fight seems to be a woman named Alicia Machado... This is Machado:

Before I have put forward the idea that the reason the name ISIS has been symbolically chosen is because it is the name of an ancient Egyptian healer goddess. There is an unquestioningly feminine element to many of the Trump antagonists, and many of the Globalists. For instance, Mutti Merkel heads the European Union.

This is Alicia's story: She won the Miss Universe Pageant just after Trump brought it. She dieted hard and was 'basically anorexic and bulemic' like 'all the other models'. After she won, she started eating a lot of the foods that she had denied herself, and put on a lot of weight. It became a problem for Trump because you can't have an overweight Miss Universe cutting ribbons for this and that, she needs to be beautiful and sexually attractive.

Trump dealt with her somehow. I have not researched how that was but apparently he refrained from the more ruthless ways such as simply taking the crown off her. Now she campaigns on Hillary's side. The Trump supporters have dug up that she has been previously suspected of being the getaway driver for her boyfriend that killed a judge. They have also been pouring through all this fashion information and stuff to do with her diet in an effort to, quite effectively, discredit her.

But doesn't it feel like yet another round of fighting the shadow feminine? To use such a silly term. A beauty queen? This follows the hysterical dramatist Michelle Fields and the blond bombshell Megyn Kelly.

It is not a big deal I suppose just something to mention.

Deutsche Bank:

Oh yeah, another little thing that no one has talked about, just a little itsy bit of news that might be important. Duetsche bank is plunging, it is the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Angela Merkel has said outright she will not bail it out and it looks as though Germany is going to be following EU rules, which state, disturbingly for anyone listening (pin drops), that the banks must use their own depositors money to bail themselves out. It is said to be above around EZ100,000 but you can decide how much you trust that little rule.

It effectively means you will not be getting paid anymore because you can be sure the business that pays most people has more than that amount of liquid capital.

Who knows though. Most of us have got so used to can kicking at this point in time that these details are scarcely noticed anymore. If Benjamin Fulford is right though and something is getting ready to happen around October 1st. This could be a good way of providing cover for that event. (He has also provided other interesting comments around the Chinese Yuan gold backed currency. They are summarised in my comment on this post of his blog that allows non subscribers to view comments. I have two comments on here it is the second one, My username is phoenix9061210).

Another astrology thing.

There doesn't seem to be much more compelling news. Only clickbait and things that seemed to have been repeated hundreds of times now. This is to be expected at the end of the moon cycle.

Daily Express: Warning of rare BLACK MOON: Astrological event to herald 'End of Days' and second coming
According to website Signs Of The End Times, the Book of Matthew, chapter 24:29, reads: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.” 
In Luke 21:25-26, the Bible says: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and looking after those things which are coming on the earth. 
With the presenting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which was put forward as a big thing in undermining Western monetary dominance, this was done on a blood moon, and was somehow talked of beforehand by Benjamin Fulford.

So if they were going to do anything big then perhaps they would do it with these sort of signs and the bible lines up... I however, flatly don't believe it! (I have also looked at the astrology chart for the new moon and there is nothing there at all. Only a little bit of interest going over my Pluto and aspecting my Venus... *shrugs*).

And... Prepping!

This entry has felt very long, because I have spent time thinking within it. The only other thing to mention is that I am getting interested in prepping weapons and other prepping things. A really powerful flashlight is apparently a self defence item. I'm not feeling that one much but who knows. Also, if you keep it at home and don't carry it it's not illegal so a good old Machete may be a good idea to keep people away from my prep in the event of societal collapse!

Monday, 26 September 2016

BIg day, big things happening!

Well, Surprisingly, the re- election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader lead to the immediate killing of the EU second referendum idea:

The Daily Mail: Ed Miliband heckled by Labour member as he tells the party NOT to campaign for a second EU referendum

Also, concurrently. Boris Johnson appears to be pushing Brexit and Liam Fox is talking about options that involve not being in the single market... Is it happening! Very exciting.

It's surprising how much Jeremy Corbyns election, basically a non event for any material reason I can think of, has seemed to have shifted the mood. Perhaps elections where the elite are beaten like this are expressing the free will principle, and for that reason, it seems to be the only thing that creates substantial change, despite grandstanding for all these secretive 'good' powers that have opposed the cabal.

Jeremy would have had to rely on Kipper votes, voting through Unions for that landslide in all likelihood. As a song I was once writing summarises... "There's an irony there, somewhere."

The next vote is the Hungary one on migrant quotas next Sunday.

After that is the Donald Trump Election. Great emotionally deep fan videos here and here.

The first one means I will probably be boycotting Robert Downey Junior for a long time despite being quite a fan.

To correct an earlier post, it looks like Keith Lamont Scott was not guilty and that the police were especially hazardous in this regard, (from my perspective watching this video):

Daily Mail: Shot dead as he walked backwards with hands at his side: Charlotte police finally release Keith Scott shooting videos and say cop fired at him because his 'movements were perceived as physical threat'

I had quite the dream this morning which left me fairly raw. It involved being taken by a swat team after applying physical force to someone that I perceived to be threatening to my interests. It was a very raw and realistic dream. I feel quite exhausted emotionally from having it.

(A synchronicity has lead me to add that I experienced telekinesis in my dream, I harmed a guy to protect my sister and which I had no rationality left in my mind in that intent, and the police turned up in large numbers later for me, with SWAT across their chests. When I was taken in I was thinking that they could hold me indefinitely under an anti terrorist act because this was America.)

And, I should mention it, but really we'll have to wait and see: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton today. This has happened on Pluto direct day and we can expect the change in mood at the moment to continue for six months. Even though it has seemed complete and sudden. I have no idea what explains why Pluto Direct today has seemed to shift today, whereas normally I can feel it ten days or so ahead.

It is very suspicious this turn of events with Keith Lamont Scott has happened in such a way as to aid Hillary. Coincidences like that, when dealing with these people, are too suspicious. Keith Lamont Scott was as well timed as Jo Cox.

But perhaps the event happened and the only interference needed was that the news got out. Perhaps Benjamin Fulford will have a perspective on this.

Also, here is a disturbing video on Islams agenda: Understanding Halal Certification Schemes (Part 1 - 12 complete)

Sunday, 25 September 2016

FInding out weird things. New info aiding my predictions moving forward.

So, I found out, much to my confusion recently, that female on male rape is a real thing.

I have known that male on male rape is a real thing, and that the occasional woman might decide to tie up a guy and dildo him. But a woman physically overpowering a guy and making him hard in order to complete the sexual act did not occur to me as particularly likely before now because:

A) Women are not particularly sexual, and so with a lower sex drive I wouldn't consider that they would have any motivation to rape. Especially when it is very easy for them to get sex.
B) Women on average are less strong to quite an extent.
C) It just seems anatomically difficult.

I heard a story a while back about a guy whose girlfriend tied him up, he thought it was good, then left him alone for a while and talked with her friend and he wanted to get away, then they both 'rode him' in turn. He wasn't happy with that but wasn't quite sure that he even wanted to bring it up with his girlfriend.

But apparently, groups of women can overpower a guy, and women can overpower men, either by tying up, some other element like drugs or simply through overpowering.

Perhaps it is statistically not very likely. Perhaps on the same level as being struck by lightning. It is still a surprise to me that it is even possible. Or perhaps not. I have no way of knowing because any statistics offered will be almost definitely severely underestimated. I have heard some weird stories verging on rape (or perhaps actually rape) in womens confessions sections on mens magazines.

It is like the long slow process I had of figuring out women can be the instigators of domestic violence.

Of course female on male rape is somewhat fetishtic, but at the same time unpleasant. Some of the men seem to describe it like the body enjoys it but the mind is stuck in this place of trying to find a way to get out of the situation. I imagine this is the same as some women having rape fantasies but that is the animal body wanting what it wants. The spirit does not go along with it and the person is damaged by the act.

This is just a weird thing. The real evil though is the feminists who then do not allow the men to go anywhere for councilling on this issue because they hate men so much. I imagine these peoples many manifestations of moral decay will catch up to them soon.

I remember a while back when I was in University talking with a young girl who went to the gym a lot who started to get into feminism and when she talked about domestic violence purely from a male on female perspective and I was thinking how much stronger the girl was than me. This was at the time of looking after myself very badly and my diabetes causing havoc.

Global sociology.

So, the neo liberal social justicy type crap is bigger than I realised. Listening to Dave Cullen's new podcast (far more exhaustive than his previous work, youtubes anti- monetisation seems to have brought some free market principles in here). The social justice phenomenon is widespread, bizarre and really quite deep into society apparently. I had not realised this.

So you have states in America where everyone is into the neo liberal establishment narrative. Rather like London. A state is quite a big place by the way. Then you have states in America that are like those states but to a higher degree. This is disturbing.

Now I bet you that very, very few of these social justice warriors have prepped. They are people looking for a short term moral highground fix and not able to make plans based on reality. Also, that as things move on these are going to obviously be the most dysfunctional people. The people that can't take sudden huge news of market crashes and the like without resorting to disturbing manifestations of fascism.

So this could go one of two ways for them. Ranting and railing against the election of Donald Trump and others and being ignored. Getting more angry and finally having to go inward after increased violence, jail time for some of them and the arrest of the wrongdoers they support.

Or, there could be the stock market crash and the people they will have to rely on will be libertarians and the army (not being able to rely on themselves not having prepped). The former of which are under no obligation to help them and whom in many cases they may have burned their bridges with and/ or have no way of contacting.

The Grand Karmic Plan.

I have mentioned this before but unfortunately it is probably far too far back to have been labelled. I have long held that many in the liberal left camp have unconsciously managed themselves into that position because it aligns with their own behaviours that in some cases are negative...

So an example of this is a woman who cheats on her boyfriend and has the view that she should not tell her boyfriend because she is looking after him. He is too "delicate" to handle it. She also says it is something that he has done that is the problem which is a lie, it is her own lust (Contradicting my comment up there, but this is still a passive vs. an active form of sexuality)

This 'looking after' and 'I am a good person because I look after others' and other escalations of this thought puts her in the left wing side of things. Perhaps she is remain, and now she would be getting karma. As those males, metaphors for the man she has pushed down emotionally, are successfully rebelling against her own perspectives symbolised by the neo liberal establishment.

I said before how when I was an eccentric anti EU conspiracy theorists some pro establishment people were fine with me; but then when we won the vote, my views suddenly became a threat to them and certain people on facebook made whining sounds and deleted me from their friends list.

Women do all sorts of nasty things that society simply can't address. The huge amount of feminist teachers whom have strangled the life out of their classrooms also needs some karma. Female on male domestic abuse, rape, falsely claiming rape that is never punished, and all sorts of subtle emotional claims to victimhood and other manipulations.

So, you start to see how A can line up with B. the people who have done nasty things and continually ignored a certain perspective and marginalised a certain sort of individual, now being in a position where they can no longer do that. Can you ignore that people behind Hillary are on trial for being part of a satanic cult? No, that manipulation of the media against Trump, UKIP and others was part of this? No; and can you legitimately ask a libertarian man, who knows how to defend himself, 'can you please look after me and feed me now the establishment has let me down, even though I have shouted that you are racist repeatedly (or another more personal assault)'? No again, perhaps because he doesn't have capacity. But even if he does he is well within his rights to tell the social justice warrior to fuck off and go and die in the streets. Would you take in a woman who has falsely accused others of rape for instance?

This is an interesting thought experiment. But we will just have to see how it works out.

The new world

So what would you like to see if the world does start transforming into a better version of itself? It is something worth a ponder.

To me though, I have started to realise there has been an error in my thinking here. I care less about the wrongdoers being arrested than I do about systems being put into place that keep up a general state of positive polarity. The free market for instance. If these people all got arrested tomorrow but we lived under Chinese rule? ... Well, the Chinese have the most dysfunctional governmental system on earth. They are communist and rule by what they personally prefer which is a recipe for disaster. We would have gotten nowhere and within a short time the same problems would turn up but with new actors, simply because the mechanisms of corruption would still be in place.

You would still be able to lobby government for personal reasons.

Echoing Stefan Molyneux, I care less about the arrest of those people than of growing a small government libertarian system. Where free market rules decide how things work, innovation and intellect is rewarded not punished. Taxation is largely eliminated, and the massive wasteful expanse of government is also eliminated.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Thought crimes and coming crash.

I woke up this morning with all sorts of confused garbage in my head. It appears that my mind was trying to process something do with Black Lives Matter and the fact that such thoughts seem to be thought crimes of some degree at the moment. Since I had only had about two hours sleep this was confusing. It felt like there were several people in the room with me and I kept setting the snooze strangely and doing things I had no idea about.

I'm thinking at the moment that mathematically, some shift away from the current system is likely. But when? Probably the only time this will happen, as I've said before, is when there are elections that push it. Coming political events are Yuan becoming reserve currency (October 1st). Hungary referendum on migrant quotas (October 2nd). President of the United States Election (November 8th.) Austria re- election (coming sometime in November apparently; this is after a libertarian party was rigged out by postal votes) sometime in November and Italy's referendum (between November 16th and December 16th).

The last two obviously, Austria and Italy, since they have not been called yet, could be pushed on further and the Presidential Election could be the victim of foul play, for example, around Hillary's health.

David Wilcock is also due for another post about January 2018- ish.

But every day the noose tightens around the neck of the liberal elite 'can kickers'.

This particular crash that's coming will include multiple bubbles all coming down. There is not just one bubble as has often been the case previously, the debt is in every developed nation in the world. Possibly also every undeveloped nation. The cracks of long term Quantitative Easing and pretending trade into existence when in fact there is no global trade are due to arrive soon.

I cannot see or guess when the next change is going to be. The earliest that I can see will be the American Presidential Election that at the very least will cause a little social upset by all the neo liberal domestics.

What will happen to people during the time of either a stock market crash, and/ or political change including arrests of the top brass bad guys?:

Bad guys: These peoples experience is just going from bad to worse at the moment, as they are unable to influence events they will feel themselves in a desperate place as they finally, materially, lose control and perhaps start going to jail. They will experience extremes in panic and anxiety. Perhaps a little relief it is finally over and they will not have to keep doing ridiculous activities.

No doubt the more domestic anti fa/ fanatical liberals/ safe space social justice warriors will also feel very stressed, as though Trump and his crew are taking over. Probably a bit of a meltdown here.

Good guys: Trumpers/ Libertarians/ Eurosceptics/ Friendly Foreign governments etc. These people will feel a huge feeling of positivity as those bad guys go to jail. However, if the way it goes is through a market crash they will also feel happy they have prepared and be having to provide 'service' to those around that are confused by events. The long effect of feeling things and those things not being acknowledged. Feeling enslaved and powerless in some way will quickly dissipate.

Centre ground normal people/ liberals of non fanatical variety:  These people are complicit. Kind of complicit. They do support the neo liberal ideas tacitly of can kicking. They don't want to confront things. They also do not really support what the bad guys really support.

Probably some sort of meltdown and a renewed feeling of powerless to replace the illusory feeling of power they now engage in. Having to admit they are wrong about things will not be easy. Perhaps they will become more nasty than has been obvious thus far because they always were able to hide their nastiness behind pro- EU and pro social norm points.

The ignoring of events like Cologne shows a little of how these people think. But, for the first time in a long time these people will not have the option to can kick. It should be interesting. Like a science experiment that might involve self defense with deadly force in case the subjects get too rowdy.

I would like to have vacated my house so some of these people do not turn up wanting my prep if things did get bad. But I have no problem with violent self defense in those cases.

Friday, 23 September 2016

What Twitter is up to.

I have had a 'security issue' with twitter twice:

This particular one was for RT'ing this article by zerohedge:

Zerohedge: Is This What Panic Looks Like? Reuters Polls Show Huge Shift In Electoral Map Toward Trump

Then a second one asking to confirm with my phone number that I didn't screenshot; after RT'ing this article (below), which is disturbing by the way:

The Canary: Guardian columnist calls for ‘crowdfunded assassination’ of Jeremy Corbyn

Then, earlier today, we had Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump, and even though Trumpers feel like Ted Cruz is a bit yesterdays news, the anti Trumpers were out in force. After a short run of thousands of tweets this was taken off twitter:

So the censorship is directly tailored to ELECTIONS!

Exciting stuff. I will be at work tomorrow as the Labour conference begins but we will find out what's going to happen with the Corbyn election. I mean the Labour election.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

BLM, Sweden, Stocks, Soros.

The world is staring in disbelief at the protests, soon to be proven factually incorrect by video data, in Charlotteville. A lot of unpleasant looting and violence going on.

Sweden is starting to become unable to police it's no go zones due to Muslim migration.

Soros... Is funding both of these.

Stocks are surging!

Surely something has to snap soon!

I feel similarly about this incident to how I did when the terrorist attacks were happening. Kind of 'drained'.

Trump is about to be elected. I noticed an irony today that people like Benjamin Fulford/ David Wilcock have been saying that change has to come within a country and it cannot come from outside, there will be no mass arrests etc.

That's what the Chinese say before there is a Presidential candidate they don't like.

Perhaps they should have pulled their thumbs out before this time huh?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Little news, but Deutsche bank and BLM riots.

On the downward slide of 'no news' and 'everything is normal' and unpredictable and we haven't even gotten to the closing square yet!

Duetsch bank has been carrying on a plunge though. It has plunged 20% in the last eight days and it has few options to be bailed out. If it goes into government ownership Germany effectively rips up the rule book, because this is in opposition to all EU directives on bail ins and the like. There will definitely be more rebellion against the EU in this scenario.

America is having problems with rioting Black Lives Matter activists again. Here's a video of them looting trucks and burning the contents. This time a young black man has been killed and the reports are contradictory. Witnesses present who will not give their name are saying he was peacefully reading in his car then policemen came along and shot him. Police are saying this man was unarmed outside his car and he got inside and came out with a gun. They then shot him... At the moment I believe the latter.

I wonder if this is a subtle cabal threat... Harm us and we will send Black Lives Matter on a rampage?

I keep a long list of bookmarks of nearly every article I read. The reason being is because before I did there were so many times when I needed an article I had already read and would not be able to find it on google. Same is with this, I have got my information so far from Stefan Molyneux. However, annoyingly, in conversation and for this blog now, I do not have the name of previous perpetrators to make my case in relation to black lives matter.

But the situation was, from one of the most recent previous cases of young men being shot, that even though black lives matter complained the young man was innocent, when camera footage came out of the incident it became clear the young man had an illegal firearm and pointed it at the police with intent to fire.

Now I do not recall the specifics of this case, but I do recall there are others like this, where there is a long rap sheet, and black lives matter activists went on the protest, riots, based on the killing of a homicidal criminal.

But yes, evidence, got to get to work so can't look this up properly.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Basic little things.

I'm growing a bit bored of the regressive/ liberal left. I used to get in the occasional internet discussion with them and it was interesting, at the same time as discussing an important issue. But, now it's getting boring dealing with them.

Yesterday, I was just staring at the 'skittles' tab on twitter. Donald Trump Junior Re tweeted a post about 'Syrian refugees', if three of these skittles were poisoned would you take a handful? The left are all up in arms about that but... Doesn't it just feel like the social commentary is getting a bit... Well, crap really!

I didn't agree with the post because most of the refugees are not Syrian, in fact, less than 20%. But pretending you don't understand a metaphor like that to make a political point is just pathetic. Metaphor is in my bones and blood. I've spent hours writing lyrics and listening to Bob Dylan!

My notifications are also filled with people who are arguing the black lives matter case, which I am not able to produce information for on the spot but I know they don't have a case. Remainers telling me the referendum was 'advisory' and they would have had the same position if they had won (Yeah right!) And people fanatically up in arms because I told them Trump is going to win!


They are not going to be happy when Trump wins, neither are the Chinese with their ultra regressive governmental structure. But he is. Rather like the Brexit I feel myself getting excited about Trump now. November 8th... From memory is it 48 days? 47? For some reason this is more exciting than the various EU referendums. It is going to be unequivocable, perhaps that is why.

And the left are going to be very upset... Really upset, perhaps even violent! That is the icing on the cake!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Bad guys lost this battle.

As summarised here I put forward the idea that these terrorist attacks always happen when the stock market is falling.

Which almost happened this time, the morning was triple digits up, but it did not stay that way.

The dow closed -3:

Zerohedges other market overview included a lot more technical info. Chinese markets and oil. I wanted to add this one in because it's important to acknowledge this 'terror rally' is a real thing.

So, even when they kill a few people they cannot make the market go up.

The negatives are losing polarity. They have not dominated the situation.

They are also desperately trying to control the media narrative and badly failing. Which would be more impressive if they weren't so pathetic at it.

On the Benjamin Fulford comment section I was reminded of something David Wilcock said once, these people plan to not stop until the 'short drop and the sudden stop'. I.e. some will not stop until they are dead, their stated intention.

This is the only way to explain them since there is no way they are going to win from this position.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Real motive for the NY attack?

This will be my 606th post. Synchronistically, I wonder what 666th will be! Will I have stopped by then? Will it be very good or mistaken post... Nothing in particular.

Just a quick though. The New York City bomb placed in a dumpster, (there were several different ones, one was in a pressure cooker, it doesn't really matter which one was in which city)

Paul Joseph Watson found a blogger proporting to be the bomber, It included this statement:

Now, what I think about this is that:

A) Libertarians hate the liberal, SJW left more than either regressive Muslims (who they view as being mindless barbarians), or a group that could be called the 'real left' like Corbyn and Bernie and their followers. Although there are exceptions, Libertarians are most hateful of the liberal Hillary- EU type left that they understand to be destroying the world and their lives.

B) This particular attack and this narrative gives a good distraction from other things. Finally pinning down these leftist cunt activists is a big deal for those supporting Trump/ Brexit etc. Those generally considered the 'right'.

Mostly that the US broke the ceasefire in Syria in order to kill 200 members of the Syrian army and give a strategically important victory to Da'esh. If Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux and co. were on this then it would be far worse for the cabal than the ongoing political war between the neo liberal left and the alt- right.

We will see how these attacks, including the Minnesota one, effect the stock market tomorrow. As a reminder:

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Two points, yesterdays eclipse and Trump.

Wow, I am not feeling one hundred percent, taken sleeping tablets again, herbal ones, but I can't remember something immediately after I read it and am having strange thoughts of defeatism... Weird!

However, I have partially solved this I think. Perhaps the reason I am having difficulty sleeping is allergies, dust. Need to clean up my living space a bit!

Anyway, two points:

The First is that the energy feels like it shifted after yesterday and the full moon. Nicola Sturgeon is being beaten back, there has recently been the longest lightning strike ever seen, two miles.

Yesterdays full moon was not a regular full moon but an eclipse, the last one of the year... End of Pisces... Seems significant.

I have dates on Italian referendum, November 16 - December 16. The Hungary referendum is October 2nd. This is exciting!

Second point is yesterday, a fun political event happened. Donald Trump tricked the mainstream media into going to an event where they were expecting news on the 'birther' movement. Something to do with Barack Obama's birth certificate. They went and it was a long line of veterans making speeches, receiving medals and praising Trump. The journalist, being dull stupid creatures, then aggressively complained revealing what assholes they are as people.

Then, late last night at 1am American time, he retweeted on his twitter a Washington Post article saying 'this was the greatest trick Trump ever pulled'. Fantastic, epic... Just epic!

This is nearly as good as the time Nigel Farage talked about health tourism live on the BBC... 'Shock and awful' as it was called, but still... True!

This is great stuff. I just hope I can sort out my own personal life to keep up with the energy!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Possible uncomfortable opening for US stocks.

Deutsche bank has been slapped with a $14 billion fine after the EU fined Apple the exact same amount.

Deutsche bank has refused this fine

Deutsche banks stocks are down 8% on the pre open.

On the open, the drop of the bank could effect the whole market. Causing 'Lehman' like fears. Although perhaps everyone knows Deutsche bank is supported by the Chinese so they will not worry.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Politics, Astrology and a dream from David

Imagine for an instance, that there is a crowded intersection of lights and roads, several cars of differing speeds and sizes are moving through this intersection. Perhaps there are about twenty roads in it, with some going over others and lets say there are many other eccentric factors. There are a few space ship like vehicles, there are holes in the roads leading to underpasses. The works. Loads of stuff going on.

There is an organisational system. There is someone, a team of people, controlling the lights and watching with different indicators the traffic approaching this junction.

Very complex work right? Most of the time it goes alright, but then, for a few days, things just don't seem to be going so well and things start to go wrong. They slow down.

That's what my brain feels like at the moment! For some reason it just does not seem to be functioning. Perhaps I need some time off work but I have forgotten to book holiday at the end of this month like I had originally planned. Also, it is more likely the ongoing problems at work and the effort at suddenly having to find a new job is a bit draining.

This is why I have not blogged until now today...

But, here we go:

Current events:

The immediate thing that catches my eye here is the Sun, Chiron and Mars all connected in conflicting lines. (squares and oppositions). There is a lot of conflict in this chart which is showing itself at the moment in a sort of stagnation in my belief.

The sun is the soul everyday feeling. Currently in the sixth house of what is meant to be service to others but is in practice the jobs we take because we 'need money', and other little practical tasks like pets. Anyway, the feeling of the day is the grounded organisation of the nitty gritty, and I suppose will pass as the sun moves onto other things including it's coming Jupiter conjunction. In fact, Perhaps the movements at the moment are making way for that conjunction.

Chiron and mars here, to me, show a very strong TENSION WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. This is very interesting, it is exactly David Wilcocks post (and the far more domestic 'bake off').  The push is to act on the grand ideas we have discovered but the push back from this is to feel the self wounded on the psychic level. Perhaps including the word 'god'. (Another very interesting correlation.)

This is overlaid with another set of tension aspects. True node, Saturn and Neptune. A very frustrating combination. Any conversation even including Neptune brings that hard to pin down energy. This means that justice, while not stunted will be hard to grasp, as will humanities future journey.

This reminds me of a point that even though there is no drama, there are very big important moves afoot. I shall summarise a few of these and go back to astrology:

  • David Cameron is getting scrutiny in relation to his legacy in Libya
  • The wikileaks emails are still being analysed by the public and they include information the Democratic National Party was co- ordinating the Trump protests... Dirty politics.
  • Theresa May has stopped one of David Camerons interventions and because of it one an important member of the BBC has left.
  • Theresa May is receiving opposition to sending weapons to Saudi Arabia.
I think it's now worth considering that Theresa May is not a neo liberal. The BBC is one of the heads of the beast; even though Brexit may be going slowly her government seems to be doing the right thing. Alex Jones has been talking positively about the UK government and military in this video. (After halfway when talking about Syria)

There is not much else that isn't implied by these connections. The whole thing is holistic. On a personal note though Venus has moved into my seventh house and a certain consideration of more female energies has been present in the last few days. At one time I was feeling that girls on twitter were suddenly being more suggestive than normal, which is a strange thought to have.

David Wilcocks dream:

When I am writing about these things I get thoughts, sometimes I try and think what should I actually write about instead but the thought doesn't budge so I write about that.

From his online blog Divine Cosmos, post linked here, David Wilcock has dropped a dream:
I just woke up with quite the wild dream after writing the original article. The time was 5:16 AM.

I was helping a dedicated warrior fight a long-term battle against a negative force. At times I became him and at other times he was someone else. We were never clear -- I was never clear -- whether what we were fighting was real. Everything appeared to be controlled by a giant serpent. However, at the very end he was proven shockingly correct... While he was off fighting this battle, he managed to slay this serpent-like dragon. What he brought back was not in the form of a serpent, however. I saw the bodies of three different types of negative ETs that he had taken out. 
They looked somewhat like store-packaged forms of turkeys, including the color and shape. They were also wrapped that way, but these were no turkeys.The dream ended as we were going to have to figure out how to dispose of the bodies. It was very intense and nasty and I woke up with a start. It was quite a shock to see him suddenly come back and there they were, fully real and physically dead, right in front of me. This was obviously related to the contents of the new book and events that we are told are already occurring right now in our present. 
I felt that this was one I was intended to share with you, so there you have it. Hopefully the next round will be... more pleasant!
This has been edited for formatting because his blog is laid out differently to this Google one. But none of the words have been changed.

My take on this may be a little of a damp squib... But...

I suspect the reference to the fact that it is not know whether the fighting is real or not comes partly from two places: A) Tiredness, this is the feeling you get when you are tired and you can't quite grip things, life is not real. B) The obvious sense of everyone being disconnected and fighting in their own way with little personal connection. It makes life unreal. This probably extends to high status individuals. I am thinking that the whole libertarian community is like this and others outside it. Which is why twitter is so good at bridging some sort of personal connection even with high profile speakers and such.

The dedicated warrior is probably all of us in some way but possibly here refers to the 'alliance' that David is in contact with.

The three negative ET's I believe could be the reverse of the trinity. It sounds strange and biblical or cartoonish. But I do think the negative forces on earth are keyed to destroying Christianity. This is also mentioned with good evidence by the Alex Jones video above. Just think of everything they are destroying, how they are attempting to destroy culture and Judeo Christian beliefs of tradition and family.

I believe the intense and nasty aspect of the burying of the bodies is the anger that has accrued amongst the fifth density wanderers. I have already mentioned how I believe David is fifth density. I also believe that this experience we are all having here, this experience of the fifth density having to rely on each others information and this sort of network we have going of information. Is part of why we are here A) Acting like an immune system that works in tandem and can, to an extent more than other densities, process information in a way as to be comfortable outside of polarity (so being able to process certain negatively orientated information, fifth density potentiates rather than polarises LoO).

This is important because a sixth density entity has to emotionally experience every bit of information (unifying love and wisdom) and even though they are in this network (working out the finer details and making the theory practice), for many of them processing information of this potential darkness derails their emotional core.

So the fifth density wanderers are the forerunners, the leaders of this movement. This is how it is in the etheric world with the fifth density leading, many of them though are not in leadership positions. The 'dead' negative entities represents a cold anger at all the things we are all having to absorb and witness. The fact that David doesn't want to bury them is perhaps reminiscent of: i) that he himself as a wanderer is amongst the fifth density inhabitants less inclined to violence (perhaps why he chose that role?). For instance, I would not imagine Benjamin Fulford standing over dead negative entities would have so little triumph (David Wilcock seems to be saying this in his last line) ii) the fact that some of the things that the positive fifth density incarnate here will be involved in will be difficult. Economic crashes etc. -- I do not favour this interpretation.

B) The second reason 'we are here' doing this is that fifth density entities need to form a social memory complex to graduate into sixth density. Most fifth density entities here incarnate are probably harvestable.

I wonder if the reference to Turkey's is a crude and transitory piece of information that Turkey is the centre of some of this. Turkey was after all nearly overthrown by the US recently. Is the centre of US. EU, Da'esh related and Russian efforts at the moment.

There we go!

Another thing:

One extra thing that I followed up from before is that the idea that Halal, could be based on the Hebrew, Hey- lel that means Devil. Well, Hey lel does mean lucifer in Hebrew: This is also related quite obviously to the name of the negative entity that got involved in the Edgar Cayce readings. Consider this also:

Daily Mail: Dhaka's streets turn to rivers of blood as Muslims use car parks and garages to slaughter animals for Eid al-Adha

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

September 11th, and the devil.

I read a book, which I picked up to one of the strongest right ear ringings I've ever had, called the sociopath next door by Martha Stout. She talked about how she got a sensation/ voice after September 11th 2001 about the twin towers event: 'Satan laughing, spreads his wings.'

Conspiracy theorists in general have noticed that the smoke coming out of the twin towers at one point resembles a devils face. Also, some of these conspiracy theorists would point at the 'Illuminati' for these crimes, that are linked in the same circles to devil worship.

Stefan Molyneux, not one I would expect to use symbology of Christianity, talked about hell appearing on September 11th in a recent video.

... and what is it that the devil is, what effect does that energy have?

Mostly, it has the effect of throwing people off their paths. Their life paths. Because the negative acts like a thief, it has rejected its life path, in many cases long, long ago; so it exists by stealing and messing up other peoples life paths.

The people that died that day were not meant to have died, the wars that happened from that event further caused rifts in peoples life paths. The path they would take if they were happy and motivated.

So if you think about how many people in the Middle East that is effecting? The ripples are endless all over the world.

It makes me think of how incarnation is decided as well. People have a positive plan for their life, and, in my view, some of us have other plans, backup plans we try and sort out if things go wrong. Natal Chiron may have something to do with this in my view.

Perhaps this is why the speaking event billed as Nigel Farage's last as a leader of UKIP, has 666 in the phone number. UKIP exists wholly to oppose those forces that put people off their life plan, so it is in itself less to do with anyones real life plan and is part of all of our 'adaption'. (But which is positively related to the system as a whole, if UKIPpers are kind of like white blood cells throwing off the parasites.)

It does make me wonder at the thing involved in setting us all on our life plans... But I don't know if that will happen. If things go bad enough and the machines stopping ascension get switched off early then it's time to pack up and go home, regardless of if your job here is anywhere near completed. We will have to possibly re- do it somewhere else!


The government has rejected remainers continued attempt to stop Brexit, the MP's are not getting a vote...


Now David Cameron is getting pressure over Libya. Libya is a sad case indeed! It is proof power is shifting away from the cabal.


I've seen recently on David Wilcocks site, (and checked on the original post it came from) that if ascension was now only 300,000 people in the world would ascend. I assume that means harvest.

300,000. The death rate in the world is about 150,000 per day. So two days worth of dead people could ascend.

This throws up all sorts of thoughts for me. But mostly it re- affirms what I have been thinking already. That we have shifted into a place where it is difficult for people to positively polarise.

In the LoO, when discussing the negative polarity, it was discussed more than once that positive polarity is impossible when in a negatively polarised environment. While I do not believe the current Western environment is THAT negatively polarised, I do think there are a lot of people dying from 'austerity'. A lot of political oppression, and a lot of problems that prevent positive polarity.

The theory behind this I believe is shown by a study on reptiles. Where if they are transferred to a different habitat and move from carnivors to herbivors, within a few generations they become less violent resultingly far more peaceful.

But, I can see where this is going and it might be the position that Corey has pushed for a while, or at least one I have heard around his materials but nowhere else is it expressed positively.

The idea of a slower polarisation. However, I do not think this is possible. I do see the benefit of a slower adaption to a higher positive polarity for many people. However, it seems to me the tremendous emotional intensity of humanity will quickly move in a way as to naturally overpower barriers and then good people will get hurt if there is an attempt to do it all slower.

Negs could stalemate everything and keep it all going for longer. Like they seem to be given unlimited licence to do.

Who knows? I certainly have no power over this situation


Dow futures at -91. Fed peeps have been talking down a rate hike and futures are still down. Looks like this downward move is a little more serious then just fussing over the hike! (Just re- checked dow futures and they are at -111 no joke!)

Monday, 12 September 2016

Beginning of the end? Or business as usual.

The stock market is starting to fall, this is following chaos in the bond market, where rates are no longer being determined by central banks but are taking on their own life and being decided a little bit by the 'free' market.

Here is a little news on the idea:

However, note the sign of the beast here in the FTSE:

The sign of the beast is the sign of the negative forces rigging the market to stay up.

I have gone through in detail the way that "terrorist" attacks are done whenever the market looks like it is going to fall. Perhaps the stock market, whoever is really buying that is probably banks. Were wanting an attack on September 11th and are unhappy they didn't get one. I'm still not sure precisely why those attacks are necessary but perhaps they simply prove the negative forces are still in some sort of control.

The DOW lowest close last year before it's rise again was 15,666. I call this the line of the devil. 

But also, a personal synchronicity here showed that an advanced positive force (related to the golden tower of my last post) is also active in the market. So we'll see.

But this is the big thing at the moment. Markets are down. The dow future however are a lot better than they were and are currently at -104. Recently being at -414 over the weekend and -96 just now. It looks like the plunge is going to continue at least for today on a first glance.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Personal and keeping the faith.

Keeping the faith that something is going to change.

Stocks plunged today, because of the ECB's reticience yesterday and the resulting bond carnage. Dow was down -394 which is a lot in the unmoving market at the moment. A plunge and change in society is mathematically destined to happen.

Also, Zerohedge has just come out with a post that basically says that Benjamin Fulford is right, Germany are looking very carefully at tactics for the case of a terrorist attack on their soil.

It is not easy. Especially when there is little reward for believing in the 'truth', as the evidence points to it.

A few hours ago I masturbated again. I consider it fundamental not to do this, and since I have taught on here that it should not be done it would be extreme hypocrisy for me to not mention this.

It comes as I learn a truth, no porn, not ever, at least, not so long as their is not a girlfriend around to get ideas from rather than just something to stimulate.

Also, in general, looking after the body, that includes timing of insulin for me personally, where I can do it properly.

Personal synchronicities have put this as a very important point.

Only two things:

There has been a photograph of the sun reflecting off the One World Trade Centre. When we see sun like this we might think it is a sign from the 'Sun God'!:

The photo went viral, and was shared by millions of people on social media."That photo brought so much light and hope," said Sturner, adding that he never thought he would see anything like it again.
So perhaps even after the ongoing assault of violent jihadist strikes, perhaps this September 11th will be OK.

On the subject of Islam I have also continued my journey down that particular rabbit hole and founds others who have looked into the area, this is my new understanding on it:

Beyond the Cusp: Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?

This basically states that Muhammeds journey started off very peaceful and tolerant, but as he was thrown into harsher conditions he became more angry and Islam turned from a religion into a totalitarian political ideology.

There is some truth when Muslims say that 'Muhammed was the last messenger'. As in he was not the actual last messenger in my opinion. But he was the last one incarnating in order to promote monotheism in the general pattern of the era when the whole world was turning from polytheism to monotheism.

My local MP:

Another thing that has wound me up is that my local MP has a #noplaceforhate picture from his office window and apparently, according to the Argus, saw a man telling two Italian woman we voted you out, go home etc.

Bullshit! The pathetic weasel is lying through his teeth. *Groan*.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Things are getting 'interesting' again.

... and by that I mostly mean... The stock market is getting interesting again.

Economic collapse blog: The One Trillion Dollar Consumer Auto Loan Bubble Is Beginning To Burst

Also, other interesting ideas and details are as follows:
  • The end of September is the end of the 'fiscal year' (Not end of March then?)
  • The drug industry is taking multiple hits, stopping the cabal from keeping themselves going through that.
  • China is going to become a reserve currency second of October.
  • Many countries are still dumping treasuries.
  • Even Gregory Mannarino's evolution system keeps showing a dump in Dollar.
  • Is this why the Federal Reserve may try to hike rates? To make US treasuries more attractive?
I cannot think of a more politically exciting time to be alive! With the exception of the future potentially of course.

I have also been re- reading this Benjamin Fulford post to great interest. Had Benjamin been using a donation based blog this one post would have been worth more than the entire month he charges for, it is simply fantastic:

Kauilapele: FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford: Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia
What this means is that the G7 countries have been on a degenerate path for the last 40 years. The cause of this degeneracy can be traced back to the Nixon shock of 1972 when President Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. Until 1972 the developed countries were experiencing strong economic growth under the gold standard. However, after Nixon dropped the gold standard, the G7 countries just started printing money out of thin air and using it to buy stuff from the rest of the world. This is the financial equivalent of using amphetamines. You get a huge immediate burst of energy but you are destroying your body in the process. The G7 reliance of fiat money turned them into huge parasites on the rest of the world.
You get an immediate burst of energy but...

I wonder if this is what happens with service to self behaviours in general.

If you think about government power in markets. You get an immediate burst of energy from interfering in the markets, but you have basically screwed the balance of that free market.

Is this the principle of all service to self actions?


The inevitable end point of this is having a lot of enemies! That, on this service to others plane, become more powerful than you.

This perhaps is what happens with something like feminism. The generation of women that is now older, becomes nasty towards men who carry on treating them like angels because habits are hard to break. The new generation is more reluctant and the new generation of girls lacks the teaching from their mothers of how to dress up their biological tendencies in the garb of being sweet and feminine.

Whereas, if you think about womens biology, they often want something out of men. If they are not given it they might become provocative (SJW?) I recently heard that men who have sex have heart attacks more often and women that have sex have heart attacks less often. Perhaps the deep secret is that even though sex is put forward as something the man gets more out of, the woman in fact does get something out of it and the man is actually giving something in sex?

Of course, back to geo politics. I wonder if things are effected by the space war side of things. It seems likely. Perhaps it is only when things happen there that things will change here. (David Wilcock update soon?) I notice his last update I saw on facebook, talked about, as per my satire of him on here. He said as he does every single update he seems to have had... That he is on a 'well deserved break'!

Head not really in the game?

This is a post I put on Disqus recently:
I live close to Brighton. Endless reams of extremely attractive women barely dressed. Times really have changed even since I was young- er. Young girls are extremely openly flirtateous and there is more of an attempt to initiate. The reason being is men are on the whole stressed, broke or effeminate and women do not get approached much.I feel bad for them sometimes. But it doesn't change the fact I ignore them because I have other things to do, and I lack the 'emotional labour' of smiling at them.
Rise of feminism hasn't helped. I've heard vicious things young girls are up to in secondary school. They don't know how to square female instincts with female behaviour... That should be taught but is not anymore.
At the moment young men split cleanly into three groups. Those who are willing to work for sex who are somewhat neurotic and politically correct in order to stay in favour with their girls. Men who keep their girlfriends at arms distance and maintain some sort of individuality and those, a very large group, for whom the entire female realm does not hold any sway and have formed male subgroups.