Monday, 31 August 2015


I have seen 6:17 three times just now. (Perhaps because it is 6:17 and I used three different clocks.

6:17: A favourite of mine. In tces it is when Joshua Starr FINISHES WORK; and in the bible, revelations 6:17 goes something like (from memory): For god's wrath has arrived on the earth, whom shall be able to stand?

I had a difficult yesterday. Positive entities, and yes I am quite sure they are positive, wore me down in thoughts about the girl I sometimes talk about. Then, after a few hours of unbroken waring of my mind, something snapped, like a light switch going off and I forgot about here, felt less pressured about some things, and forewent my plan to phone her and ask her out (again!)

Good times. They both came from a similar sort of guidance. Perhaps one came from entities of a certain vibration who were like 'let's make this guy access his feelings/ life path' whereas the second come from a higher vibration of 'no, he's in a difficult spot, that's not the game'.

It probably was that since that idea randomly came up while I was writing this.

Or it could have been a bunch of other things. Perhaps the fact the girl has a missed call (i.e. went to voicemail) and I don't currently have plans to phone back is part of it. Or perhaps something positive was planned and it abruptly got switched off when an entity of positive polarity realised the negative had made too great an infringement. (I have realised part of the negatives game, those images I used to get when I was very young have always had a technical/ AI quality to them and I suspect it is entities of non positive polarity playing with the recievers head!

One part of this strange rabbit hole for me is repeatedly realising how much attention I am getting, which is not a big deal since I have gotten into it by free will, but how much attention, (especially negative) I have ALWAYS gotten. When I really do feel quite insignificant.

I suspect my diabetes type 1 is what kept me off the MILABS radar. High bloodsugars really switches off my psychic/ archetypal ability, and before the age of 11 it was undiagnosed but I felt it still there [I was diagnosed 11 January 1998 to my recollection

Regardless, DOW futures are down, tomorrow should be... SHOULD BE... Another round of carnage. It only takes a few margin debts or a company going un-coverupably insolvent, for it all too unravel. China is not letting up, and they were bombed again that just shows how desperate the US/ EU/ Cabal is.

VOIDED: Public warning. What's going on with the stock market. (Dumping on ordinary folk).

Edit: Voided this post at the end.

Firstly, they're all in it together, The Federal Reserve, Corporations and banks.

The DOW is currently in this pattern where it is apparently going well, the FED say they are going to raise interest rates, the stock market crashes, then they say, 'oh no, maybe we won't.' And the DOW gains the points it has lost. (With peculiar anomalies.)

So, to put method to this madness (the cabal always pretends to be thick!) The FED says it will raise interest rates. The Stock market tumbles because the corporations are DUMPING TOXIC ASSETS. I.e. Exchange traded funds, a financial instrument that takes in a little of everything and cannot be sold when the stock market is too volatile. Which has less liquidity than it is advertised to.

They then buy up certain financial tools that make the stock market LOOK as though it is going up. I.e. S&P tools. Which basically bet that on average the stock market will go up.

The reason this is important is because banks may be buying up this toxic debt and dumping it on the small investor. I have no evidence on this, but if someone has control over your money, and is investing it on your behalf. Now is the time to potentially pull out. I'm sure even some at Bring4th will have this arrangement.

Of course this is not sustainable long term. At some point they will lose control and some commodity or financial move will set the game off (like dumping of treasuries, oil price lowering, or other domino), this will then set off 'margin debt', which is apparently impossible to control once it unravels.

(I am voiding this post because there seems to be other ideas amongst people that know more of what they are talking about!)

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Disclosing crap stuff.

I try and disclose these things, so I am not a 'false' spiritual teacher.

I have failed AGAIN at holding my drops.

It partly happened because of a knock on effect from my bloodsugars not allowing me to sleep. These are both obviously things I need to address.

What is happening with the markets.


The Fed is saying it will raise interest rates then when the market drops it is taking it off. So the market goes down and back up.

Each time the market goes down certain companies are dumping toxick assets onto investors. Possibly they are making sure it is being brought up in a way that it will slaughter the average guy (onto 401K's etc.)

Non technical summary of what may go down: (Comment on DW).

I wonder how it's going to go down. David mentioned 666 up there as preceding the market collapse and that number has been around a LOT recently.

The comment section is too short to summarise the economic moves. However, China is part of it and we don't REALLY know their intentions. They could just reverse their policies at a moments notice, I just saw an headline they are strengthening the Yuan.

It could be a black(er) Monday tomorrow. It could go through loads of ups and downs and false fixes and carry on. Who knows? 'Shemitah' might be a day to watch if the 'zombie' limps along.

USD and GBP goes down when stocks do so: i) inflation ii) supermarket closing due to revenue problems iii) 'bail ins' iv) electricity switched off to block 'data dumps' could all be a slap of cold water to those not paying attention to this area. People don't seem to take in that once the Greeks had no worries.

My 2 cents on the 'grand experiment'.

My idea on the commentary of Corey Goode that this planet is a 'grand experiment' is as follows.

It is about creating a place where there is catalyst for any who want to come here (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th density) 5th density can engage with the internet and a lot of far out ideas. (As one option). Watching Steven Spielbergs 'Taken' series (and Star Trek). Many other people can have catalyst and many service to others people are manipulated by the negative groups without having any awareness of it and perhaps, experiencing genuine positive polarity and it not being a problem.

There is also a lot of catalyst for more negatively inclined folk.

And when things go wrong (I.e. soulmates don't get together for some reason) they can collect data... Yuk. 

Article comment.

Read an interesting article here:

and this was my response:

Sorry to say this but if you were pulled into a different timeline you were pulled into 'my' timeline. The one I have always been in.

I have had lots of trouble with diet and 'trying' to go vegetarian lead me to blood type diet and Type O was always the most popular, this may or may not be historically accurate. Moon landings - before my time. Simply don't care about moon landings with all the weird stuff and I have paid even less attention to 'Sex in/and the City'.

I noticed a MASSIVE energetic shift in 2011. Everything is light now and moving. Before things were heavy and 'animal'.

I also have had to question my reality again and again and my advice is focus on real people and love, even animals. 'People' are real. The Nelson Mandela comment did kick off a hint of a potential memory but I can't access it. When 'some' people turn a bit strange I focus on some events I am sure will occur in the near future.

(Although, now I think of it, was it Sex and the city, or Sex IN the city. I'm pretty sure it was Sex in the city!)

Pretty terrifying dream.

I've had a dream talking to me about session 69 and suicide etc.

It strikes me that if something like the awful stuff that happened to the wanderer in session 69 was likely to happen to you, suicide would be a good option. The world wouldn't understand, but it never does. As I said I'm not completely convinced by hypnosis research on afterlife.

It is also clear to me that the situation for me is very negative, In real terms this is almost no negativity, like, nothing really, only small things that actually effect me in real terms, the rest happening on more psychic levels. But to recap I have been in touch with extremely positive entities and ideas, tried to use these and been blocked by the outside world (by someone that originally overwhelmingly confirmed this idea and that I can holistically understand and trace feelings with). This is quite a negative things obviously, not the only time when guidance from positive entities has been agressively opposed.

Which means that intent behind this negativity must be pretty strong.

The dream also contained guidance to stop arguing on twitter, I had originally been ignoring 666 signs there. Probably the stock market too (with 666), and other dream guidance has been pushing me to at least listen to music.

I have been worried that listening and engaging with music again may open my feelings enough to make it difficult me to refuse guidance to call the girl. But at this point, with so little understanding about what is going on in my life (since I don't have an LoO contact telling me in such simple terms the way things are, or, I suppose I do, but the negative stuff is more vague and doesn't allow for contingency plans), I can't see how I can make decisions in an informed way, so I have to do my best with this kind of guidance.

Also, the situation has resembled a little bit, probably because it is related to my energy field, the 'crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater'. I'm glad this bit is coming out because I didn't get the energy backing me up at the early point of the blog.

In tces, the negative took the girl out of the way and the guy had to follow her through unconventional means, stuff he would not plan to do because of course these events are... unplanned. In metaphor form if the same thing is happening here (not the actual displacement but as metaphor), then perhaps, just perhaps, I won't experience too much pain, I mean, I can live without romance/ sex/ friendship (where blockages lead) certain things, I can stay relatively unpolarised I think. However, the 'other side' has different energies and I suspect there are more 'hooks' to force this person into polarity after the positive polarity has been rejected. (Remember this person has the power to end the problem at any time, therefore, I do not accept complete moral responsibility.)

My spirit kind of 'screams' when I say that, because it is really not very nice. Beyond this world we are all one and that kind of thing is not acceptable. However, in this world I have a personality with a certain need for self preservation and I can hold a bit of a grudge in order for that self preservation.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Karma is still pecking at me.

The original events with the girl.

The suicide attempt.

These things all trace back to single events, and people that angrily dislike me and would stop me sorting out the karma that I am aware of. I can only see the possibility of things getting darker, unless something actually improves 'geo politically' wise. (I think it's simply unreasonable to expect me to contact the girl on pure faith when she has shown brief positive feeling, then little more than contempt)

Even the closest friends have anger and negativity against me (relatively hidden but shows its face), so would that escalate into nastiness? Possibly.

I feel strongly that coming through this is going to be a relatively fast event with a lot of stress. I also feel that so many people will be dead by next November, what kind of society would be left?

Of course, all those who have fallen out with me will live without my 'Neptune' I.e. Magick, that kind of follows me everywhere. Life will become dull and monotonous.

(All signs are that the Western governments are going to fall soon. China is dumping US treasuries and some countries may dump FX reserves.)

The big trial.

Sometimes people in the new age think about 'forgiving' these 'cabal' types.

I think, the people who have been oppressed and kiled by them i.e. perhaps those living in Gaza. I think these people have the right to 'revenge' and/ or 'justice'. They at least deserve to be in a position of power over their oppressors.

Any discussion of letting the 'cabal' off the hook neglects the rights and emotional realities of such people. That could very easily decide to forgive once in a position of power, but they firstly deserve that position of power over their oppressors and with that, the right to, within reasonable limits, express their views in real terms even if they are deemed 'negative'.

General thoughts:

A) In the EU they're having this problem with asylum seekers from Libya flowing into Greece and then into Europe.

Pretty nasty this. Just letting boats sink and people die. I think the world is ready for this whole game to change a little

B) Stocks not up to much. Rallied, but they always do in crashes. 666 turned up again and apparently it's a number that shows up far too often for some traders to be comfortable. (The 666's turned up before and during rallies!)

C) Retained lower energies. Not only am I not releasing those energies but I have managed to move my way out of even THINKING sexual thoughts. Partly because my 'spirit' is a little uncomfortable. Prioritising 'love' in encounters really helps here because it's different from the 'dark' vibration of sexuality for me.

Anyway, there is a concrete benefit. I am feeling more grounded and able to deal with the world. The benefit I get from this is a testament to how little energy naturally flows that way for me anyway. If I was 'switched on' spirit wise, it might be more.

D) Lovely dream tonight. Played music and met a girl, went home with her, love was there but not completely acknowledged. I theorise my dreams do this to me (and being in romantic love is the strongest repetitive dream I have, and the most intense) I figure my dreams exercise that part of my energy in the dream since it is neglected in real life.

When I am walking about in the day I'm in a stuck and unpleasant place heart chakra wise. This isn't 'unforgiving', there are friendships; but I'm basically uncomfortable.

E) I have increased my 'prep' somewhat after all the recent 'hijinx'. Damian McBride said enough 'food and water for one month without leaving the house'. I'm not really near that level for two people but I am getting a bit more stuff. Bear in mind that  I'm not using that much space so it actually probably isn't that much. (I don't have a 'store cupboard' for this stuff). I have mentioned it a few times to many, many others but people are not listening so... Either way really.

If they came to me in such an event after not 'prepping' I would be pretty pissed, I'd have to work out how to deal with that. Because emotional manipulation would be rife.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Do I know this fact?

I was thinking about the situation I've been through with the actors I have outlined a minute ago.

Thinking a fact that I apprently 'know' about someone then I thought... Do I know this fact?

Realisations always starts with a question and I realised that I probably don't know the fact in question. It could have been a lie. As many things I have been told.

Whenever I intuitively get information on these people it is opposite the information that I am agressively presented with.

So... To me... 100%. Assuming the soulmate thing and the metaphysics I have been outlining is roughly true, they would've been fine if I had entered a MENTAL INSTITUTION with all the suffering involved in order to keep their world easy, and they would probably, not definitely, but probably, have let me die too. If that was on the cards.

The pattern of negative polarity is that it will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, obviously including others suffering or death, in order to not get caught, for what it's true intents and actions have been, and how much damage they knowingly did.

One pattern I have seen with negative polarity is it always goes so deep. It is always quite a lot worse than you take it in to be at first glance. As the negative unravels we will see this as a society. We will see this also... Holistically obviously... In our personal lives too.

Psychicly I said something about the 'Buddhist centre' (the place I volunteered) on facebook, and opened up psychicly and the pain is quite bad. The connection with the people involved, psychic suspicions and realisations of the unfairness. However, I got a good synchronicity the moment I felt my mind psychicly close (as in 'close' door, not distance) to them. Which means I am essentially safe atm.
(WOW, VERY strong guidance to say this. Also, it is my impression, that as this continues the people involved will be at some pains to 're- commit' to the positive polarity.)
And I am getting a lot of VERY STRONG left ear ringing recently. As I have throughout this whole post. Something doesn't like what I am doing of late.
My thoughts, that I will share with you, are that in the future, in several years perhaps, I suspect about three years, the suffering will be gone or much reduced. I don't know what I'm going to have to endure in the mean time, but at some point in the FAR future, I will not have the same unpleasant pressure I have now.
(Also, another blog I had on here was definitely bothered by electricity outing of my laptop. That was a negative force, I know that now because I realise what I was trying to say.)

Another dream tidbit.

Blairs fortune has been declared today by the newspapers.

It is EXTREMELY close to a number I dreamed that it was. That dream also explained that when the rich are not taking the resources, everyone's path can fold out as it should.

Back to basics.

Dreams, I have had a dream with a girl that was essentially right wing.

And thinking of my own situation with the girl, I realise some 'employment tendencies' would probably put her on the right.

Obviously, since it is an issue to me, I try and work out on what basis she puts me down in her mind, or I don't work it out this time it has been presented to me.

To what end? I don't know, if there is an inner 'magnet' and feeling of positive entity approval and connectedness that leads me in that direction it is hardly going to switch off. However, it is perhaps the only way I can function with Pluto in the seventh house (to have insights into others darkness).

Perhaps even a Conservative voter. If you don't acknowledge negative forces and put down others on a 'law of attraction' basis then you can justify that sort of thing.

(Although my inability to get a job is not helped by not being able to positively polarise. If I relax into polarity I get the strong intuitions to contact or call her. I have played very little music, not meditated and done less astrology because of this problem.)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Explaining Synchronicity.

The stock market closed at 15,666 tonight.

To me that means that the stock market crash isn't precisely planned by higher positive forces. 666 is when someone goes off what their 'higher self' wants for them, and into their own desires.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Article on website. Basics of collapse.

I have taken some time to start a website (it is very unfurnished) and to describe some facts of the stock market, with the information of those in the know in the new age/ conspiracy community added in.

So it explains how a stock market crash may happen, facts about debt etc. and what may happen next.

Wow it was hard work; not real hard work. But I definitely had to stop to pull up facts and things from my mind at certain points.

Here it is:

Sunday, 23 August 2015


I have been writing my 'review of Modern Buddhism', and put it on a website. I haven't finished it but have gotten over halfway through.

But I realise no one is going to read it. I can update it with news on 'cabal', economics and global warming, I would still be surprised if I got any readers.

It gives me an insight.

I see my debunking of 'Modern Buddhism' as karma of the way the local cafe that goes by those teachings has for treating me badly. They have stopped all communication and won't even allow me to talk to them.

But, perhaps karma STILL cannot act until after the stock crash and information is easier and energy actually flows to positively polarised sources in abundance (at which point I may become more famous).

Ehh. It's getting boring.

Anyway, still sticking at my website though. Gotta update it with more than just 'review of Modern Buddhism' now.

Strange list.

I do wonder, as a purely theoretical idea I could add Buddha to my record of 'lives'. It would make sense, although it is not really that interesting or useful to me. These are all very impressive lives but the force going through me could easily have achieved any of them.

Buddha, leaves home and ascends... Adam Smith... Does the OPPOSITE. He is rich and tries to apply his wisdom to the mainstream (as though the emotion he had over from wanting to stay at home surfaced in that life). Shelley (whose poetry predicts in small ways the LoO), Gogh... Then with his problems probs with a fifth density girl probs chooses a sixth in his next life.

It is not definitely true, in fact, it is unlikely to be true, it's just an idea that came up.

(This is an interesting correlation but not true. I need the clarity of just this life atm.)

What the 'crash' is is a correction of Karma.

Wow, just going through the spiritual books I am attempting to debunk and it is easier than I thought:

Page 27: For most of our previous lives we have remained at the bottom of the ocean of Samsara, in the three lower levels, - the animal, hungry ghost and hell realms – surfacing only once in every three thousand years or so as a human being.

Also, having to do these things on Sunday even though I try and take Sunday off, I basically have to otherwise my anxiety grows too strong. But I had not got on with this and feel pushed to do so.


Anyway, what I am thinking at the moment is about karma, since i am writing about it, inadvertantly becoming a bit of a 'teacher' of that area, although to be fair, that's probably what I am anyway. 

I've figured out why oil price is so important, or more correctly, ZH produced articles and I read them, it was dead easy, like someone cooking a meal for you.

The reason the oil price is so important is because of the 'petrodollar'. Obviously when people aren't trading petrol in dollars as they used to exclusively, it is another leg of 'dollar' hegemony. So the Crude price is not going down in any meaningful way price wise it is just not getting traded in dollars. If fiat is not supported neither is US. So the whole thing is in view. Chinese currency devaluation, releasing of gold holdings and dropping of crude levels, it is all about the USD!

What the negative polarity does is though it's own 'force of will', through insincerity and force, they stop karma working properly. That is why they are so determined to destroy white magick symbology, if they can get rid of all positive 'creator' life force that allows karma to work properly, and peoples natural anger at negative behaviour/ infringement to stop expressing itself, they can continue on their path of polarity, and do nasty stuff.

We are starting to see the lifting of this now. With 'document dumps', because the truth is the first part always, then comes enforcing ethics based on that truth through greater power than the negative force. Also through things such as Ashley Madison and even popular information.

The 'preppers' and conspiracy nuts who have been saying all this stuff for years can produce information unequivocably proving the pro establishment side is wrong as the DOW plummets -500 points, and LOADS of other things. So like I said before, Saturn is doing it's work!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bad vibes from unwise behaviours.

After 'leaking' my lower energies. I feel VERY VERY bad. I can't describe the unpleasant ungrounded feeling I feel right now.

I can't do that again.

Synchronicity, unpleasant one. Positive or negative?

I don't know if this is even relevant. It is a nasty event and could be a full on neg. synchronicity to increase the level of fear. Or it could, very much just as likely, or even more likely, be a random negative event.

Although before when I came on here saying both A) That lightning had hit the One World Trade Centre, the bubble clearly has burst from it's 183 high a few days later and B) My astrology from the other day seems to have aligned pretty much quite well. I casually mentioned 21st August more than once.

However, just a few miles from me there has been a disturbingly nasty plane crash. A jet was flying in mid air and hurtled down to the ground, exploding, killing seven people and trapping a few more in vehicles (video on tForce_Lightning Twitter).

Then I went on zero hedge. This seems to have the 'magick' of synchronicities to it, here was the headline:

Is It Time To Get Into Crash Positions Or Will The Market Just Enter A Glide Rather Than A Tailspin:

That wording was completely random. The guy lives in America and likely has no idea that a 'Shoreham Airshow' even exists.

Also, another little personal tidbit... I went to finish buying a self defensive weapon today, and the lighter where the flame doesn't get extinguished by the aerosol is called a 'jet fuel' lighter. Or Blue flame. This was when I was told about the Shoreham crash.

Even though there could be some case made that it was after all a violent, defensive desire that drew me to this information. It does not seem to me that the negative forces would go through this trouble, and then it would all come together so neatly like this. The negs work on a more grounded level than this. All this for Loosh???

The Jet killed Seven people reported so far. It's been seven years since the last crash.

Potentially, it happened from the pilot trying to do a 'trick' in the sky, perhaps that is metaphorical for traders trying to do a 'trick' to the FED, (to stop them raising rates and get them to QE), but it getting out of hand. The plane landed on a wedding limousine, the death of neo liberalism, of the feeling of everything being romantic and 'cultured' but actually being enslaved.

So... It's coming...

One for the google blog.

Man, I've taken a micro step back, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I 'released' my lower energy.

Definitely not in such a good place, but it tends to be worse energetic- draining wise if I 'deliberately' release.

This is the thought process:

A) Watched porn, release, figure don't watch porn.
B) Decide can't watch porn videos, view pictures... Appetite increases and sometimes go back to videos or get obsessed with pictures.
C) Don't look at pictures but engage in thoughts with a little physical stuff. Not supposed to be much.

The only way to truly stop is... Not A, B, or C!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Props to China. (and 3,333rd tweet)

They had a mini nuclear explosion in their country and they carried on. This is why we have -500 DOW...


I for one am thankful and appreciate it.

In other Joe news, lighter doesn't work with deodorant because flame goes out. Need a zippo.

This was my surprising 3,333rd tweet: Just wrote a blog. If I'm not already on some intelligence services list... I will be now!

An interesting path.

I had a job interview a few hours ago. It went well :).

During my problems (that I am UNABLE to let go, I have focused on my 'life path' my entire life, not wanting anything else. Now that it was so close and has slipped through my hands, by deception and agressive actions of others, it is too much of a cruel blow for me to be able to let it go.)

So I have looked a little bit into the place I was volunteering when this all went down. Essentially the place I was volunteering at took the girls side over mine and threw me to the wolves. This is karma, when someone does something negative and it is not fixed. (Not only have the people that run the place disowned and refused to communicate with me but also friends of friends that were there, covering up something I wonder? Or they just don't like me!)

So, to settle feelings inside myself that will not rest, I have started going through their Buddhist teaching, and it seems to me there is plenty for me to work with if I were to start a website on them, and they have many powerful detractors that would pick it up but my priority would be those in my hometown. Here is an excerpt:

Page 5… Many people are engaged in fighting, criminal actions, and even warfare; all these actions arise from their strong attachment to the fulfilment of their own wishes.

There are many other passages like this that. In this instance the 'fulfillment of their own wishes' is 'freedom' ... That is not at all unreasonable. Perhaps some case studies would be good here!

If someone was to follow these teachings to the letter they would be absolutely without compassion.

(On a side not the DOW and dollar are performing as usual. Always time for a market change. But DOW has started off -140 points! :).)


Added onto my last post.

Every time that girl (the one in my last post) even saw me she had a choice between being compassionate for me, when I was obviously crazy about her, or continuing her 'revenge' and agressively bullying me with the help of her friend.

She, every single time, chose the latter. When I would try and talk to her it would not work.

So when, every time you deal with someone they chose the negative polarity over the positive. The only choice is to withdraw from them so they don't take the opportunity for positive polarity and shove it in your face.

Obviously though, you still have non positive feelings against this person, so if you are at a vibration where you have to express things, somehow or other, you may need/ want to express these. This is where a kind of 'problem solving' about situations comes in. Insights etc. and the campaign to change something about the situation, and stand up for yourself.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The relentless past.

One of the first girls I was into came with the following story: 
  • I really liked her and asked her out.
  • She said no, but really laid on the flirting/ it could've been classed almost as stalking and I was 'whipped'.
  • I asked her out a few more times eventually getting frustrated and told her (paraphrased) to f' off
  • In my 'sense' psychically she had slept with someone else. This was apparent since there was a 'physical change' in her. 
  • She played off this immensely by having a muscly guy around and changing her clothing. It was kind of a bizarro teasing.
I have no answers on this. After this went on for a while, I got a dream that I have previously described explaining my 'past life', and she left the building. I saw her once after several days of Reiki.
Question; Would the 'service to others polarity' have created this experience for me? One targeted to re- create such painful circumstances only to reveal a past life doo- dab?
Probably not in my understanding. That's not how they role. So:
Could this have re-created something positive and gotten extra attention from the negative. (i.e. genuine past life).
... Why?
It makes no sense. Another question could be: Were the dreams a creation of blockages and are there still unmet feelings for this girl? This would make more sense soulmate wise since this girl really was obsessed with me and liked me a lot, (the feelings were mutual if 'f'd up'):
This girl was the stalker that time (about 2 years), I have been accused of the stalking this time... Is this karma?
Is this blogpost an attempt to move back into a heart chakra based neo liberalism so that I do not have to face the more recent challenge?
I have to confide, it really feels like I am being tormented or no clear reason.

It's a dark world I am describing.

The world seems to me to have become kind of dark, I don't need to describe why this is but there never seems to be growth. only a kind of degradation.

So, the DOW was very low today, down -358 if you follow markets. Crude is down (I don't know what this effects, possibly Middle Eastern markets.) The other day I read an article that says 23 countries were hitting lows on their markets because of China. Everyone has gone dark. David Wilcock has been greeted. Corey is on holiday, ditto on Benjamin Fulford.

When I look at what the 'cabal' are up to in the UK there is a grassroots effort for a politician that all of the establishment, the 'who's who of political s******s,' to repeat a tweet, are opposing. Obviously. It is very in your face obvious moment. If this guy is the real deal and there is little to suggest otherwise (there are photos of him being thrown out of protests at the South American Embassy when he is young) the 'cabal' are losing their touch. There is no artistic manipulation. It is all in your face, like a child screaming in the wind.

Here I am and I have been making sure I have weapons (got another one now, lighter plus deodorant, mini flame thrower I also did competition fighting in karate so despite lack of muscular strength could get a good hit in). I am concerned (I'm not actually concerned, I imagine) that during a time of difficulty people that have shown a lack of respect for me in the past will have that behaviour escalated during a crisis and want to bring me around to their 'superior wisdom and judgement' of giving stuff to them if they haven't prepared. (Also obviously, would I want to give them stuff? I may not like them.)

Regardless, it felt useless collecting food if it could be easily taken away from me.

That is a dark world I am descibing. Where there is violence and having to turn people away at the door and fight. To eat in the dark and not be sure of your survival. Am I correct?

Well, if we are to assume these are real people then I may be. Stock markets have changed peoples lives with no warnings in the past. The stock market is going to crash at some point. Whenever I have doubts at prepping I remind myself how relaxed Greece was about its survival.

Sun- Saturn square tomorrow.

The stock market crash is starting to happen. I mean, this is not a doomsday scenario but fact atm. The DOW is so far down it'll soon be time to rescue stocks from the sewers. (FTSE down, Crude CTD, and USD kind of normal, Gold up)...(Correction. USD is now lower than it was in it's drop that was 'rescued' by the Tianjin explosion).

BUT I also wanted to void an astrological statement I said that would indicate precisely that, here:

OK, you know that stock market crash, yeah, that thing that's been happening for a while and no one's really noticed. Well, try not noticing it now. Also, how can we function when the judicial system is wreaking havoc with our politics. It's all starting to feel more real now (21 August)

I based this on it being Jupiter - Saturn on 21st of August (I think). It's not Jupiter Saturn it's Sun Saturn and is a little different and could be the government 'disciplining' something or it could be that the 'discipline' comes from a kind of energetic force (uncontrollable and diffuse, like the stock market, expressing the 'retribution' for the 'abuse of power)

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Keeping 'tuned'.

I went off my dietary habits the other day (yesterday).

Popcorn and decaf- soya- lattes.

I will have to not do it again.

My energy is correcting itself and raising since my diet has improved.

Ashley Madison astrology.

Uranus is 20 deg Aries Trine Venus retrograde at 20 deg Leo.

Well this was certainly not expressed correctly, seems I'm a little off on my Venus:

Wow, the 'revolution' actually influences real every day events. Individually this new information just makes me feel 'better' or have more clarity. (19th August).

The Uranus- Venus retrograde I was describing expressed itself as revolutionary (Uranus) being the hackers and cheating being the target. Venus retrograde (Venus being our heart chakras that are seeking to see clearly, things that get in the way of that coming out on the retrograde).

Also, there's this I didn't notice from the Chiron influence:

Humanity is wounded though and that is the real underlying message of this problem (19th August).

Venus seems to me a more grounded normal love, and the whole transexual/ metrosexual kind of ideas is probably Neptune.

Monday, 17 August 2015

We are close

We are close.

Or are we?

The first hedge fund is liquidating.

A horrifying insight.

The girl I have been talking about, there is only one explanation I can come up with.
she must have consciously known it all. Known the soulmate stuff was true, and the pain it was causing, all of it. Right from the getgo, the first moments when things were going wrong.

It is the only explanation. And while I was trying to stay attached to my inner self and positive entities, she was freely turning against hers without compromise (she had a lot of contact with UFO's.)

So when I previously made ideas that she was into black magick to try and explain things, it was probably me recieving the positive energy now converted negative, i.e. not white magick, that she was psychicly sending.

There is no other explanation.

Plus that it would be good for her if I died somehow.

The LoO specified that when an entity is polarised service to self by another, they gain sts polarity through the desire to get back at the person that originally 'enslaved' them. (I am not specifying anything illegal here, especially a Libran seventh house).

Any service to self 'crutches' to avoid things will have to fall apart at some point in the future.

I seriously feel sick.

(With Pluto in the seventh insights about 'the other' are the way to go. Just a couple more like this.)
Another one my intuition insisted on was that she has probably read every blog. Either karma doesn't exist or she is in for a world of pain.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Crisis, and escalation.

Does anyone remember what it was to be happy? Anybody.
I remember the psychic/ emotional atmosphere when I was young and was watching Jurassic Park. The economy and government couldn't be further from people's mind and the world was an exciting place.
For many young people today the world isn't an exciting place. It is a place of a weird unplacable oppression and of expanding and growing, but only within very strict confines.

This is the world post- 2008- crash.
But things are moving, like I have say when I blog about 'prep'.

I wondered about the Chinese motivation behind wanting to create a new 'Babylonian' system, and this is all complete speculation; but I wonder whether we in the Western world look at that as a continuation of previous Western governments policies but if it does in fact come from a slightly different place. The Asian culture puts different empasis on 'respect' then we in the Western world do, and I wonder if China wants to create a kind of 'Chinese Hollywood', being angry at the US for being considered second class and a kind of 'vassal' or 'slave' state.

If this is the motivation, then they will not stop. Now they have started gold holdings, currency devaluation etc. They will not stop because their pride is on the line. Even if that was not the case, they probably stil wouldn't stop now the cat is out of the bag.

The stage that people will go through when they 'awaken' from their slumber, (although these may be a little less that need 'awakening' than we might assume. DW was no. 1 on youtube a few years ago.) However, regardless, when people are experiencing stress and are in crisis, 'escalation' may occur. That means behaviour that are already there will take on a new intensity.

This is where the problems might come in. So a man who would do anything for his 'wife' might turn violent since he is unprepared, that was already there, it just didn't have a chance to express itself. A lot of people may shut down from being overwhelmed. Some might believe things they are told by 'the establishment' even though those things are not sensible.

Although, to be fair there is a lack of any violent behaviour in my area. And walking late at night I even meet extreme love and positivity from strangers. Perhaps the 'violence' thing is a long shot but I have still prepared for it.

If you think about how many PEOPLE there are in the world. When I get on a train or go on a car journey I am struck by how many people I pass. People in houses, people in cars. When ALL of these people start to think differently, and that will happen once it all reaches the mainstream, then we will start to see fireworks, then the world that we know will change so completely that we will scarcely be able to remember the 'past' (or we will remember it in more vivid detail with extra info. I suspect there was something dodgy in my primary school, it's just a sense, and interesting mentioned info. from someone whom seemed to know an awful lot about the Masons.) With extra insights into people the past may be easier to remember. With 'depth' and 'energy'.

Regardless. I also had an insight while I was down the beach today, that the thoughts I have now, the thoughts that peruse my mind without difficulty are very different to what they used to be. It is not unusual for me to think what it would be like if there was a cloaked spaceship, perhaps a huge one, in front of me on the sea, that thought wasn't there before and the opening of the mind to those possibilities is obviously part of the DW and Corey disclosure effects.

And when it's allowed in it is allowed to manifest. So here we are modifying the 'Law of attraction' idea to more of a 'thought goes towards truth and that energy is important'... idea

Basics in prep.

(Started as a facebook note):
The facebook crowd who will see this are probably not as into grand economic pronouncements and conspiracy theories as those on twitter. However, essentially, if you have seen my facebook you probably know that I think a grand crash is on the way so these are some (very basic) preparatory measures.

How long are you prepping for? Who knows. If the stock market crashes, there are 'bail ins'. People don't have money, water, electricity and whatever else. It's not an exact science predicting the future. Here are some basic ideas if you do decide to prep a little (I guess about three days, my prep would last longer):

1) Personal medications and things. Probably not needed for 90% of people but important for the occasional diabetic or asthmatic (I have a lot of ginger beer for hypoglycemia)

2) Water, if electricity goes off, water is important. We can survive about three days without water. You can drink rainwater and you can drink your own urine (sometimes people have survived on this last method when others in the same situation have died)

3) The most important food requirement is carbohydrate for energy. How much will we be able to cook? That is an important question. Nevertheless, rice, potatoes (possibly tinned), oats, dried milk?

4) Tinned fruit and vegetables. Matching it to your own diet is important. So I have a lot of tinned fish for protein that is a dietary requirement.

5) Salt, sugar, matches.

6) Basic sanitation like tissues and babywipes.

7) Light. Torches that don't break easily. Heat if you live in a cold area.

8) Weapons in case it gets bad.

Also, if there are 'bail ins' and the government takes money from citizens accounts to save itself. You may want to keep most of your cash outside that account.

Friday, 14 August 2015

I've been perusing more positive ideas of how the 'crash' etc. could go down.

I've been perusing more positive ideas of how the 'crash' etc. could go down.

Perhaps people won't lose their heads like I heard on a youtube video, perhaps they will form together into communities to help the weak. (Plenty of Labourites in my area.)

DW's idea was that there would be 'document dumps'. So for me it might go... Stuff starts happening. (Now or later, remember, despite my earlier ideas, the markets will not be open tomorrow.) I download loads of info. over the internet about ET's and crimes against humanity. Then to stop this the internet goes down. People form together and resources are shared, so people are basically OK, whether I have to share my stash is unknown, but I have a lot of time on my own to read through all of this stuff and then I can explain to everyone else all these new secrets for humanity.

Also, it strikes me that if the blackouts and problems are only 3 days, I have enough stores for three days so that means A) Sharing possibly B) having enough available for energy expenditure. If people can eat properly they can do the necessary work to help the community (I.e. running around, lifting stuff/ people etc.

The Mad Hatter.

I'm in an interesting position. Everything seems thoroughly guided, even for a fifth density entity I don't seem to have a lot of freedom to seperate from a kind of 'channeled' wisdom. Perhaps channeled is the wrong word. 'Authentic' perhaps.

I have no reputation when I'm on here. Nothing I say will ever come back to me in terms of lost revenue, and it is with this in mind I say this.

I am irrelevant. Really.

But this is my experience. For the last few days I've been a bit drowsy and tired. Today, I was pushing my energy up since I felt a bit stuck and realised it is time to go and buy that baseball bat (for protection in case of any coming crash). I'll also need a knife as well.

Now is this a case of me backing up my own ideas with feelings, or is it something else. Regardless, I brought a decaf latte (decaf soya venti Latte, with 3 brown sugars, 2 non aspartame sweeteners, vanilla and cinnamon, lol. There is something good about neoliberalism). Anyway, I knew this crash is going to happen soon. I just knew. I can't describe it exactly. Other than I knew.

It all worked very in tune with my energy field even though I thought protection even in the face of legitimate attack was neg polarised. Either there are positive adaptions or that was not quite correct.

Regardless. It all makes sense, me and this message. I have outlined how session 69 and to a lesser extent Martin Luther Kings story has had an impact on my theories of how sometimes negative polarity is necessary in a bad situation. This all seems rather inevitable, in a negatively polarised environment (not harshly but definitely a bit when you move to higher concerns) positive polarity is not always completely possible. These are adaptions, and the FEEL right.

I wonder, if this crash does happen like I think it's going to (I will confess I feel it to be tomorrow but obviously am not stating that as a fact) then a lot of people after this will have had to stare fear and death in the face. A lot of communities and people will have been pulled together in times of need (like the second world war). That I think, when there is positivity about, Will be a gift; it will make people appreciate life more! :).

(The drama from yesterday is not quite understood I don't think. It could have destroyed America, turned it's political system to the equivalent of an autistic child walking circles.)

And the surprise late entry goes to...

Corey Goode, has said some thing on his last blog that I decided to pick up on. 

I have mostly avoided this guy, since there was a facebook conversation recently where I said the lightest criticism that I withdrew in the same sentence, to be met with a post about 'silly rants on facebook' when everyone else on the thread was being absolutely unfailing positive.

So I flat out avoided his facebook and checked his sphere beings site only to have it updated with all his facebook posts.

So let's have a look. It's public information, we can comment; and of course I don't allow people commenting on my blog. Mostly because no one ever does and it somehow feels wrong. Ha ha.

First this, since every comment, even evidence based seems to be taken as an attack: 

If you do not want to believe what I and others are saying, if it goes against your years of building up an esoteric belief system (Or Ufo Religions) that is fine, but don't be a hypocrite. If you feel the need to lash out and attack in a very spiritually devolved way because you disagree that only reflects on your own spiritual journey. I'm not saying if you disagree w/me you are spiritually in a lower vibratory rut. I am saying the manner in which one rebuts what they disagree with... their agenda and polarity certainly DO show how evolved/devolved they are mentally and spiritually.
So that person is simply unevolved spiritually but not in a 'rut'.

The way I am choosing to 'potentially' disagree is with economic number and evidence. I am not talking about belief systems or religion. Just, 'oh, this guy says this and is one of those in the know, what do I think about this'.

This is the line that I found interesting, not incorrect but interesting:

'The odds of getting to November w/no FULL disclosure are 100% IMHO' (A good time to be a cabal defector or whistleblower, accessed 13rd August 19:34.)

OK, now I am not saying this isn't true, but from what I understand the situation is quite volatile and the term '100%' is quite the statement. 

No graphs on facebook but I'll just summarise the volatility of the situation and the evidence that I understand (I also have little real status in this regard, and would certainly not declare something with any kind of dogmatism (thinking of a friend here) so can assume my humbleness is assured. I am simply putting together facts that I see. I work 'truth down'. I start with what's real and leave it at that, and hold truth above 'service to others' atm):

So, the Chinese recently devalued the Yuan. This caused the USD to crumble in two days which seems to me the end point of their empire. It caused gold to raise, if only minutely since it's still fixed. The US got so angry at this that (I suspect) they bombed Tianjins port to stop said exports. Of course everything was fine the next day, the dollar has stabilised at a lower level. As though nothing had even happened. However, the currency war is effecting real things and many many emerging economies have hit a low recently.

The WTI crude has hit $42. If it continues to fall it will offset derivatives contracts and people seem frightened of this eventuality (look at THIS chart on a 5 year timeline: ) Oil is the Rockerfeller/ Bush empire remember.

Shemitah and the blood moon people have pegged as a potential date for it all going down. These are in September.

Greece is by no means fixed. Although it is not a recipe for mental health to watch Greece too closely. They have no one in work, absolute poverty based chaos. And a bunch of different countries have to agree to a bailout plan that is not 'sensible' by the normal definition of the term, IMO. No one is paying taxes because they are not employed, banks are clearly insolvent, and everything the Troika do leads to more poverty. So will they make their payment August 20th? Probably, if history is any judge but keeping the whole thing together is not going to be easy, this is just waiting for a 'black swan' event, which could be anything. Bad debt, protests (Greeks using other currencies) bank failure, political rebellion, scandal, (including African Migrant based or hospitals)

The auto industry looks exactly like the subprime mortgage crisis. Cheap loans sometimes not even checking the credit rating and loads of 'influence' to make people buy debt they can't afford.

So to me, the whole economy is teetering on the edge. The fires keep going off. There must be a little hit team that goes about looking at each crisis and applying hard influence to make sure that this or that fuse get's 'cut off' from the main bomb. But how long can you fraudulently float such a complex sinking ship? The negative powers are afraid for a reason.

Anyway, Lord Janner's trial is today, this is in the mainstream and may even make some people whom didn't realise it aware that something fishy is going on.

So maybe he knows something that is going on that makes November the earliest date for Disclosure. But if David Wilcocks post is anything to go by (and I have previously suspected on this blog that it was misleading information by the alliance but now it seems likely fairly possible) crash, leads to bail ins, leads to 'Illuminati Tribunals'.

Until next time folks!
(Note: Two thing, one is that Janner is showing up for his hearing, not the trial itself. And second is that I have no hard facts on the $40 Crude, in fact that bit is quite unresearched.)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A dream reposted.

I previously wrote this dream up here and took it down. The reason was because I was worried it was giving me bad advice. (I have today got a physical sign of something to do with neg greeting however this could just be coincidence. It turned up once before at an opportune moment.)

But I just had a thought. As with my other dreams, perhaps when something negative happens in a dream it is not because that dream is negative but that it is passing comment on negative events that have/ are happening. This is where truth and polarity get confused. Because if something bad is happening and you talk about it truthfully from a 3D perspective you are being unloving. But, you are also being truthful. (This is simplistic).

So here was the dream:

  • Trying to transport myself to a crystal by a kind of entering it in as a URL in real life process
  • With a group of people, some of them under a duvet, when the meat gets around to me it is filthy and I don't want to clean it up. It is clear however, that everyone else expects me to, but I feel I had no part in creating it. The interaction ends after that.
  • Girl next to me whom we decide are each others soulmates, she is a little overweight. When we leave it becomes obvious to me that we aren't.
  • David Icke and a little suggested George Galloway saying it is important they stay on Twitter since they are still waking people up
So, here goes, this is commenting upon and not extrapolating advice as before:
  • One of these friends in this group with the duvet was a facebook friend, it is perhaps pointing to the fact these people are 'asleep' and simply that, the comment.
  • The meat represents karma. And the karma is a kind of animalism like meat. I was expected to clear it up because that's what people expect of me and have a sense of entitlement as though it is just obvious I should clean it up, to suggest it should be them isn't in their mindset.
  • The girl, several things: This girl I'm talking about with a layer of fat as in animalism, and a link to a previous girl I felt was a soulmate but decided wasn't. This girl whom was 6D, was OK at a level of vibration a bit lower for me 'Christianity' (not necessarily because Christianity is implicitly lower but it is a get-out-of-wisdom-free-card for me), however, even during those times in times of real healing it became obvious something was mismatched.
  • There was a thought in the dream that it was selfish to go with this girl if my mind was involved with another girl. Like I couldn't 'give' of myself.
  • David Icke and Twitter I'm not sure about, it was similar to how I commented to someone young on George Gallways twitter about Tianjin. (I feel a little alarm when speaking with the young since they think they know so much but usually don't have a breadth of knowledge and end up saying cultish and stupid things) Perhaps again, just a comment.
This process to me is one that is not connected with my higher self much, it did not FEEL amazing, only that it included a lot of other people and probably accurate guidance. I feel at some point I have been 'scooped out' a little and now my dreams pick up other peoples stuff easily. Although this was always the case a little, I would always get dreams with others like this.

Another thing, during this dream I was with a girl and it didn't go well. If you meet someone who is actually meant for you but there is a lack of forgiveness you can genuinely feel the person has noting to do with you. As has been the case before for me. Another thing the dream was highlighting perhaps. (IMO Not meeting a person under that circumstance is preferable to meeting and there being an increased blockage from the encounter.)

A dream.

I had a dream up here and it all made a great deal of intellectual sense and seemed to have a lot of truth in it.

But when I decoded something else the advice seemed a little poisonous so I will not be taking it as advice!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Consider the coincidence.

IMF refuses to allow China into reserve currency pool.

China devalues Yuan which in theory increases their exports. Chinese devaluation has effect of the putting the dollar on a downward slide which could end US domination in a short space of time. Increasing gold market minutely in it's incredibly rigged place it can be.

As an amazing coincidence. China has an explosion in one of their ports, meaning... I guess there won't be so many exports after all.

There is a point it gets stupid. I always wondered if I had been in the place of Benjamin Fulford would I have allowed the anti cabal forces to simply take out the cabal if the situation came up. Just kill them. It is the greatest good. Their lives are not worth more than the poor people they are killing everyday.

Innocent until proven guilty? Psychopathic behaviour, psychopathic behaviour... What are the chances that is suddenly going to stop when they are intensely infringed upon.

Simpler mind.

Wow, as per the blog 'right now' I'm feeling quite ill again.

Nausea is the worst bit. Regardless, not what I was going to blog about.

I wonder if people don't like the prepping mindset, for the same reason they don't look like a lot of things. A lot of people exist at a relative place where only things below a certain vibration in SOME LINKAGE are acknowledged. These things are: Naomi Clein Shock Doctrine. Man made global warming. Rejection of 5th density figures in general who are challenging the system. Some indulgent spirtuality such as the Law of Attraction (morally indulgent, not materially LoO is a 'winner and loser' mentality, people who are complaining in any way are not 'attracting well enough'), intellectual relativism (well, I will never understand, I.e. shock doctrine, desire not to look deeper) and spiritual relativism. (Things have to be balanced internally and 'let go'. Against the LoO that says if things are apparently 'let go' they are held onto to be balanced at a later date.)

Prepping, and any movement to. Is the recognition that this very vague thought process is not true, and having to face the fact that a 'negative force' is nearby somewhere. (Another form of indulgent spirituality is that there are no negative forces, therefore, anything that is done is somehow guided and part of a positive plan and doesn't need to be morally examined and corrected in any way.)

Of course when this all goes down and is revealed, those whom have assaulted the fifth density in some way, (I.e. David Wilcocks and Benjamin Fulfords detractors, members of 'Unite Against Fascism' that attacked Nigel Farage). Will basically have to admit in some way they are wrong, even if only to themselves. (But it will be incredibly obvious to everyone though.)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Everyone is saying the same thing, it's going to happen, probably soon.

Benjamin fulford, this was a day late without any explanation when he normally takes the time to explain, who knows the significance of that, perhaps he was waiting on information that is even more important that didn't materialise. However, summary; banks are holding millionaires money and not allowing them to withdraw:

Benjamin Fulford. More arrests needed as Western Megabanks are now stealing depositors money:

Zero hedge, An economic earthquake is rumbling:

Warning Alt Energy Insider - The Elite Are in a PANIC.

Also, David Wilcock stated that the last part of this global endgame is banks stealing money from citizens as a part of a global 'reset', (I can't find this at the moment David's blog seems to take a long time to load). And Corey Goode has recently advised people to make sure they have enough water etc.

So, well there's what the commentators are saying. Also, noting my astrology when I said that today would be the day when the 'relevance or otherwise of doomsday scenarios.' If it is mostly me backing up my own astrological theories (which it probably is not considering ZH and BF), anyway, the strict relevance of it is not definitively defined yet, but future events were pegged as more intense, so we only have to wait and see!  

Monday, 10 August 2015

Record on certain ET groups.

For the record I think the blue avians are fifth density. 

Blue = fifth density. Avian = As per LoO birds were used as signs.

I think that the LoO as a higher being related to us on earth, the 'everyday man' and that the negative forces that think they are so important were deliberately not related with so as not to justify the idea of them being first.

I personally think the LoO contact is hidden away and not relating to real people since if that happened, if they were to meet people and those people first would recieve a kind of 'irradiated' love. And second would have to act in accordance with their higher will and would be unable to in our environment, and haven't sought it with their own free will enough.

And with negative greeting actually meeting the LoO contact would make what happened to Don pleasant in comparison to what could happen if the teachings of the LoO contact were perverted after having met them face- to- face.

Also, if you listen to the lessons the Blue Avians teach. It's all about how to direct your 'will power', similar teaching to the Seth Material.

Update on 'voiding unfortunate'.

(Later update: I got a dream it was the blocked desire to call the girl. I am not well. I have this strange headache, incredible stress, dizziness and nausea. although not serious nausea.

I understand that people have a desire to help but they cannot, and that often people actually believe me.)