Sunday, 23 August 2015


I have been writing my 'review of Modern Buddhism', and put it on a website. I haven't finished it but have gotten over halfway through.

But I realise no one is going to read it. I can update it with news on 'cabal', economics and global warming, I would still be surprised if I got any readers.

It gives me an insight.

I see my debunking of 'Modern Buddhism' as karma of the way the local cafe that goes by those teachings has for treating me badly. They have stopped all communication and won't even allow me to talk to them.

But, perhaps karma STILL cannot act until after the stock crash and information is easier and energy actually flows to positively polarised sources in abundance (at which point I may become more famous).

Ehh. It's getting boring.

Anyway, still sticking at my website though. Gotta update it with more than just 'review of Modern Buddhism' now.

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