Sunday, 23 August 2015

What the 'crash' is is a correction of Karma.

Wow, just going through the spiritual books I am attempting to debunk and it is easier than I thought:

Page 27: For most of our previous lives we have remained at the bottom of the ocean of Samsara, in the three lower levels, - the animal, hungry ghost and hell realms – surfacing only once in every three thousand years or so as a human being.

Also, having to do these things on Sunday even though I try and take Sunday off, I basically have to otherwise my anxiety grows too strong. But I had not got on with this and feel pushed to do so.


Anyway, what I am thinking at the moment is about karma, since i am writing about it, inadvertantly becoming a bit of a 'teacher' of that area, although to be fair, that's probably what I am anyway. 

I've figured out why oil price is so important, or more correctly, ZH produced articles and I read them, it was dead easy, like someone cooking a meal for you.

The reason the oil price is so important is because of the 'petrodollar'. Obviously when people aren't trading petrol in dollars as they used to exclusively, it is another leg of 'dollar' hegemony. So the Crude price is not going down in any meaningful way price wise it is just not getting traded in dollars. If fiat is not supported neither is US. So the whole thing is in view. Chinese currency devaluation, releasing of gold holdings and dropping of crude levels, it is all about the USD!

What the negative polarity does is though it's own 'force of will', through insincerity and force, they stop karma working properly. That is why they are so determined to destroy white magick symbology, if they can get rid of all positive 'creator' life force that allows karma to work properly, and peoples natural anger at negative behaviour/ infringement to stop expressing itself, they can continue on their path of polarity, and do nasty stuff.

We are starting to see the lifting of this now. With 'document dumps', because the truth is the first part always, then comes enforcing ethics based on that truth through greater power than the negative force. Also through things such as Ashley Madison and even popular information.

The 'preppers' and conspiracy nuts who have been saying all this stuff for years can produce information unequivocably proving the pro establishment side is wrong as the DOW plummets -500 points, and LOADS of other things. So like I said before, Saturn is doing it's work!

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