Friday, 14 August 2015

And the surprise late entry goes to...

Corey Goode, has said some thing on his last blog that I decided to pick up on. 

I have mostly avoided this guy, since there was a facebook conversation recently where I said the lightest criticism that I withdrew in the same sentence, to be met with a post about 'silly rants on facebook' when everyone else on the thread was being absolutely unfailing positive.

So I flat out avoided his facebook and checked his sphere beings site only to have it updated with all his facebook posts.

So let's have a look. It's public information, we can comment; and of course I don't allow people commenting on my blog. Mostly because no one ever does and it somehow feels wrong. Ha ha.

First this, since every comment, even evidence based seems to be taken as an attack: 

If you do not want to believe what I and others are saying, if it goes against your years of building up an esoteric belief system (Or Ufo Religions) that is fine, but don't be a hypocrite. If you feel the need to lash out and attack in a very spiritually devolved way because you disagree that only reflects on your own spiritual journey. I'm not saying if you disagree w/me you are spiritually in a lower vibratory rut. I am saying the manner in which one rebuts what they disagree with... their agenda and polarity certainly DO show how evolved/devolved they are mentally and spiritually.
So that person is simply unevolved spiritually but not in a 'rut'.

The way I am choosing to 'potentially' disagree is with economic number and evidence. I am not talking about belief systems or religion. Just, 'oh, this guy says this and is one of those in the know, what do I think about this'.

This is the line that I found interesting, not incorrect but interesting:

'The odds of getting to November w/no FULL disclosure are 100% IMHO' (A good time to be a cabal defector or whistleblower, accessed 13rd August 19:34.)

OK, now I am not saying this isn't true, but from what I understand the situation is quite volatile and the term '100%' is quite the statement. 

No graphs on facebook but I'll just summarise the volatility of the situation and the evidence that I understand (I also have little real status in this regard, and would certainly not declare something with any kind of dogmatism (thinking of a friend here) so can assume my humbleness is assured. I am simply putting together facts that I see. I work 'truth down'. I start with what's real and leave it at that, and hold truth above 'service to others' atm):

So, the Chinese recently devalued the Yuan. This caused the USD to crumble in two days which seems to me the end point of their empire. It caused gold to raise, if only minutely since it's still fixed. The US got so angry at this that (I suspect) they bombed Tianjins port to stop said exports. Of course everything was fine the next day, the dollar has stabilised at a lower level. As though nothing had even happened. However, the currency war is effecting real things and many many emerging economies have hit a low recently.

The WTI crude has hit $42. If it continues to fall it will offset derivatives contracts and people seem frightened of this eventuality (look at THIS chart on a 5 year timeline: ) Oil is the Rockerfeller/ Bush empire remember.

Shemitah and the blood moon people have pegged as a potential date for it all going down. These are in September.

Greece is by no means fixed. Although it is not a recipe for mental health to watch Greece too closely. They have no one in work, absolute poverty based chaos. And a bunch of different countries have to agree to a bailout plan that is not 'sensible' by the normal definition of the term, IMO. No one is paying taxes because they are not employed, banks are clearly insolvent, and everything the Troika do leads to more poverty. So will they make their payment August 20th? Probably, if history is any judge but keeping the whole thing together is not going to be easy, this is just waiting for a 'black swan' event, which could be anything. Bad debt, protests (Greeks using other currencies) bank failure, political rebellion, scandal, (including African Migrant based or hospitals)

The auto industry looks exactly like the subprime mortgage crisis. Cheap loans sometimes not even checking the credit rating and loads of 'influence' to make people buy debt they can't afford.

So to me, the whole economy is teetering on the edge. The fires keep going off. There must be a little hit team that goes about looking at each crisis and applying hard influence to make sure that this or that fuse get's 'cut off' from the main bomb. But how long can you fraudulently float such a complex sinking ship? The negative powers are afraid for a reason.

Anyway, Lord Janner's trial is today, this is in the mainstream and may even make some people whom didn't realise it aware that something fishy is going on.

So maybe he knows something that is going on that makes November the earliest date for Disclosure. But if David Wilcocks post is anything to go by (and I have previously suspected on this blog that it was misleading information by the alliance but now it seems likely fairly possible) crash, leads to bail ins, leads to 'Illuminati Tribunals'.

Until next time folks!
(Note: Two thing, one is that Janner is showing up for his hearing, not the trial itself. And second is that I have no hard facts on the $40 Crude, in fact that bit is quite unresearched.)

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